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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 20, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaIndependent and Star news aps february .20, 51 10 in Rimmie i i Hel wilted bet Bullocks Pasadena i is interviewing for positions As ass Slang to managers in the following sections sportswear children s Home furnishings Candy gourmet also experienced salesperson in Fine jewelry apply personnel office to 30 daily 401 s. Brothers removed. Rob Bush cleared. Dirt removed. Top Roll Del free Ejli Matej. fixtures oni 45 it. Plywood fix 4 nil Clit. Helves in each Blac velvet in Back of fixture indirect lighter o it Tuwa a move. it pot Ubl Trail Ethel Vonc in it Stelni Mic Tim so wifi Micklitz used sewing machines acquainted specials a Complete electric portable electric console first 10 purchasers receive Bonus value centers Joulis 11 . To 7 . Sat. 11 . To 1-30 for Sale 50 radio to mall Apt bldg. 10 yrs exp. Lion. 9271 Index. Star work wan Lei in. Blend Motorola to Coin conch in. So -7aw Home Man. Exc. R Beautiful spacious 1 a 2 bedroom air conf. Around roofed. Crpld., to Rev. Patio rms. Usable materials Murlun sacks for Sand bars 1 folks 53 50 or 1rass nails. 35c la. Wood Filer 10e . 1 Flo aluminium . 30c in Stokl trash uru ils. 42. M a. Cast Iron soil Fine 4" Luckl Pullman so non it kill alien Ritz ill j21. 05 fi.95 a Raijon a waste i Wijn k co. So. Aiu oyo Only. No a Moxine 1s4a it. Mountain a cooked ship it to Ihrk stooges . Lias two hrs us at tie Bax office for Rippli a j1111 s30 of read Pasadena Al the Arlist flow Ilo jul Vil. Re Frig a for rent Bri to n Lake pleasant Lioom prix lady. 329 s. Marengo. Rwm Brand luxury custom finished sales. I 1 bus. Up free util. No lease had. Pool Lush Patio 1030w. Hunting Ondr Arcadia u Onnel Rancho shod Elnel a so 320 s. Sierra Madre near Colorado saw Arcadia a hot. I r-33s5 Iii 7-3305 oven Fri Milre Ranie Kenmore ape etl River. be . Ass a. A Mberwa. Dr., s. Pas. Lovely spac., Homelike 2 a 3 i1r. Ziph. 2 Baths. Pm. Frplc., , desp reason blk Kent Apt. I we. Lunches to tar. -137 s. Los Rosiles. Kanee Erl Jille lop. Exc court. Pm. 2 cil 1. Filble. Ito or. Siw. Ill 7-Osop i room for you n it sine men. Rulx Nis scandinavian domestics Avail for Parr Narant . Scandal Agency n. So Heaters 10-vr. Guar 30-Ealjnn. 10 or. Ruar. Ifin.i.0 20-Jtallon sa5.5c the Bull. 1-yr. Kuar. 42c Calvan led plot i3c it. A Civ Allied pipe i7e it. Complete plumbing Gupp Lei Economy plumbing 3536 e. Colo. Rel rec. Weitien. 550 in s6s k. Washington dlr. So 4-Olbi eld Tirla . Pm. 1st. Floor. Heal food. 1 2 . Apts. Caiu ets no asks stuck it hkkr1g. Allt Cund. 1117 w. Duarte . I Moil error. Like we Minkhouse 21" to tee Orrl player combo Blond k tuning pm. Al oily 1 t. Ort , living pm. Set Clark of blood color set. Oci Akon antique cof Tei table s2p. Antl ii postal la Liny Julio Oiler Misc. Hems. Stolf Kenmore a wins machine no. Madison men a staid Enlil. Plenty food to. Pee. Pleas. Cluse Walh. . I Ove re Loren. Or Carf Semi invalid. Ref. Stay or to. Iliili Isher. Go like Neu. Lilo priv. Rome for in ttys Par disk. Brasil 1 Nel. Rurant Lovely furn Allied. Ant. In let let appliances Spicci cml cd . U Ulk North of Colorado St., sea 3 locations 124 n. .micm1qax 13j n. ib7 n. Allen thai. So. So a soil Atmos Piliere 3-55j 78 Manila runs Best Gabriel Mission urea. New 2 Rhu. In is. Thru Olla. Custom Imp a kit alien. Xiras air Coral. Assemblers immediate openings of skilled assemblers with .1 3 yrs. Exp. In Fine wiring soldering. Additional openings for assembler with transformer exp. Call for appt. Ende co corp. 16 e. Calif. 5-0271 an of portus Fly family so Iris. House keeping Cooke re. For one Sale All Pink talked clot Lim 2 for Trie Price of 1. Several imm in tried nil re Ducal in Clear Lily save. Vets stub hols. Job. Kkt terms. C. Taylor so vice Cente 101 no Haven Manor kor Luslie Home for senior Ell Zens. Have opening for 1 Anu Tor lady or sent. Very Nee to. 304 in. Canyon i. I 2-3130 in Home exp furnished Pool air Coril honed. Al Nave Complete Kllc Man Hill los Ivall to Wall won carpet Lar just shampooed a. I to Center lady i slips he rework May. quite Row ii Juo. Kelv Nalor excellent both for or Small tote or kit Nood Cook local so it. Cro Ler. Client Type. Freezer exc. Cd clerk typists exc. Opportunity i Tor Advance with electronic firm. Of enters in sales them. To Tlell Lurenl Perls with 1-2 or Ken l office or acute. Exp. Ntxo typing shorthand hot Tolu Call for Appl. Ende co corp. 161 . 5-0271 an Kauai on Pepen liable Imp work. Al ref a. Re al7-e for Only 10. 3-j3 i. Wooi Bury 7-9110 15 j4 or. Nth sinc garb for Luerl Lai ifs Gentl Kikm spa Crol s Onounda Esre Lent Iteana. Jet Mit this first 499 n. Los Robles furnished 1-rr a 1ieatkp Pool air conditioned drapes built in r 4 0 disc. Orange Grove luxurious Isoo it 2 lir. 2 in. Str Al fir Centre cowl., ratio. Pool frplc., cats. Finis. , elec Cookler. 1 hone unit. One 6-fl. Been to for unit. 3 t a Lea Bool ii. I liar stools. Giving up of freeway. J12qo, de Elk. Hack Simiu Sis. Polaroid "700 Letl hit to tape Silio. Drill press Lihn Mylor. 375. 1 he spite Alt run a Ert Eye . 1125. I 7-1073 Ailer 7 deluxe Range. Nearly . A nit. Oven with removable. Ruth Lillon Contro s22.v irml1x Washer Ort Init at making dral is Aherin 7-7670-kv White. So 7-s6w work treasure Hunt Shoppe come see 51 5 n. A alte. 47 faint note Luck co u Keke it is Range. 5th Burner. Hec Lilc Eyt to or Lite make offer ill free placements great Homes. A test Loniea an sanitarium All Wrens. Kate per month and 2-3 . 2tbalha. Air cond. Al rape. 76.1 Arcadia ii Twil at Home. . In secy. , flite. A Ftp. Lox 926s Irnel. Money for yur used furniture Aiu i inces and rile n Brno f011 an Call 2-1134 Lyon Vax it roast if tie clip one inn. Lady for Beautiful com Orlah ionic like atmosphere. Wiiest location modern 1-Br apis. Attractively furnished Heater Pool Rao. Cats. 288 s. Sierra Madre or. Colorado St dial mar. Rinke. Exc. L Ond at Kves 1 2 Bdrm. Of no. Michigan s10s work. Many tra. Top. In med. Pietil so cleaner. 56. Dale hoi sir lip it Matt. Sefl sync or Berl. Complete. Chair Cler. Cooker a it Fryer. Misc. electric con i halon. 4tj. A fl-61 1 j make so Cut i Home. Attract k .ttirroiirhlir.fif, exc Ellen fond nurse. Tkv Rully i april carnal i Hull Ena a pro Var Pallos. Foster admin Lect sect to ores Sterit or. Sales coordinator till Pir would be i rained in Pool spot rapid Jil Vangemen Elln lop co. I. P. Inter so ins Jolt Mill variety so you won1 or to rpt. Accurate to Mac i73. 3 or. Warranty. Kex terms. . Taylor service Home for elderly Good fowl a Cire. Of Francisco re refer Clatl service rep 533 nor Dusl John r Foster age nov i a Sauna k pay cake 6 weeks a us . A Tafjen a. So for Rejis Ami r. Colorado. So musical Millsw. Us. Cd Fri m. Lire at 4 of him Cut St Hoff 600 e. Calif. Upper. Medical Dictaphone or. Ortho Crile ppr. Beau to fill offices. Well a Roinett trl knee parking. Fee paid car Nee. State mop. 3v c-11dg. Alhambra l 2 Contd Conj. Adulla. Pels of. Nor payroll to 110jkie-Day nurse he or la 7 pm. Licensed1. houses to be furn. To. Appliances most ii a hauling. pall Nncy. Sc4 k. Colo Railo 11 cd. It Pricr loot Ullh Autonio ail ice in aver. __5 Iso. Or 0-s203 . 10 eur. It. Al 5-7 he Ohio Lechl 1-Aik 1075 to. f-n7l to apartments ice tables so 9-5.1s s3 for aut6. Junk radiators Krstan five s. Ksor near Lake j 1 bad i 1 Vou to train on the 3300 machine if you have a raid nov Roll backed ton to. Offers i in Best in Beautiful Flea Etc Helen Tallet Al Sil employment raid positions Avail also miss Wahner so b-8411 research r. Homes 2 Bas., Edwd. Firs immediately. Double stroller for twins. wantet1 Lorl jewelry China glassware. Silver. 6-s79s aft. Go nerd 6-sj61 49 pianos Kirifi Laike. S23 3-is34 sewing Michini rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Al. Air conditioned private Patio near Golf course restaurants a freeway 372 Monterey Road South Pasadena near Indiana ask area upper single Apt. Newly furnished 136 s. Michigan 7133 n. at 7-mm typist Young group. S325. ska j fax to play you Ara invite re to Folk Lola class to Organ playing evenings it 7 r30. Von to ill have fun and you really will to play. No for tie course. Rental Ava Unble. It spec enl rates for those take or Cintree. Visit Orrin i aria Inglr re Torlay for More information Hammond Organ Slu Dlos of Pasadena 2499 e Colo. if in a or ref lir. 2-li_n Madison sir it la Ftp girl 18-25 full time no exp. Necessary window service foods for interview Cau cd 2 Bdrm. Duplex Lany Homes to choose from for. Better Homes Call consolidated House Kuiee Asti mates. Us fold machines from ?10. 311 x. Lake. Jones he Lineer. 35mm to 4x5 plus dark pm. Nuzio 5 so. After Beauty 1 Norm. A m. Exquisitely film. He Brand cant. Draperies it fun Liucc. Firn Puli Mottol Nln Alnette Italy Tiowell .m. Projector. Recent Model. Al 5-Omfl for Al the. 515 consoles Sasa. Skw1mo machine of. I27 e. Colo i-g3w 1-611. Lovely t . New Prev. Pailo. Urn pea. In dry. F oar. Stove a ref rep Avail 5s1 n. Molina Pii inv so Pasadena in l 18-24, n at l co. Has pc nine in Clef. Ror Clr Lii free to this Stop looking 1 bedroom reasonable rent Pool Patio i i air conditioned 550 n. Carolina All trans Fitin. 5if50 to. Guar i a rents Welcome at interview see in t hotel 11 am a stucco on foundation to be moved Call 232 w. Hunt Pion. Furniture on at a it Colon of us original Croce. 5 looms Maple 7-pc. Early american Llyl not room. 9x12 tote in Rue Manle do inc pm. 2 Marie Folkl rials o Keefe Rante a Many extras. Orr. Prore Losi. Only j5ss. Pav if Welt free Tlell Verv Stak furniture 80 k. Kay mind. 6pen Cinelly 9 . To 6 . Open Monde is a Frt Tavs til 9. Open san inv it . To 5 . Free 1-Nrklnc at rear of store. Rooms of Felcht rat once washers Iloo Oil rec Orical c. Taylor service Center. 401 no. So deluxe 1-Bdrm. Neil la Caronel. Adults no nets. Trans. 9-7108 wit "s7 s 1 aka a f Teller like banker s heirs n be Rem. Position in Al Mannle to Burr Sensi bom exp. Nice Pasadena lot at Eon to Skrak act ency it ass. Heart nurse it n "1 Orradre Sal. Be civil Sef Vlco . Anole personnel a face. Her Lar Hosp. Ulm w. is. Tor ran re. Spruce Ilott to your lot 1, j . Honiff fun laced at Lilly co. Ltons.1 movers. At 0-4173 organs in Mont spinet Vii bluer up. Piano electric dryer. The 5125 also birr Slit deep or Keck. it heated Pool furn hit . 50 a in. Ute la 27b s Sierra Madre f or go l borm., Eroid floor Jean turn. Modern hath a j50. 2-0107 55 office bedroom 570 very att Active utter no. i Fidalg Rthomas chord Coley Pnno it is poring organs from ? name Youh tkkm3 Berry Grassmueck Pasadena 927 e. St 5-ss41 . He w. Main at Ideal for bachelors . Amp lord con plus i supermarket 1 Rwjr Short walk to wet Parkin apts. Annex excellent Mma. See Ihm in Apt 106 297 s Lor Market rest Arr company Hka Teil to so. Rasa to Mier Lenrel in Corr leis 5 la 1 1st Teal in Post. Ism Elf. Houm to Many Gui Krilla dimes. Per Nio. Call r Murn s 20 or. 40 speakers. 3 re verb unit Kruger of furl on for of super Conn Call i 3-5537 Afler 9 . Or weekends after 9 . 3 6 d i Carfl s Sale used do fling Tab Len i Stool special while ther last files. Cites. I Kusti Ial ovf1ce Supply Calu Orla at Karl Oaks Excel. Location Sci. On bus a per school a a . 434 a his. Pfail a or. Sears 1 Birm. Pirn per. E. It and Olhs Iii 7-r7 m Apt. Lull Pil. Ira Iii or. Colo 71 so. Ai Errn mini arc pasa., 2 . A 590 . Or. Tram. 0-6155 medical credit collections Trufer Cert it exp. Musi will a use Uei Aphone. Have personality poise to talk about Bills position of future. Car be r. No. Sat s375 miss warn Ersy 11 employment research h70 e. Walnut Applin Nipa Psi a week. Cru Iid inc Uiles elect re refer or with Reezer o Keer . Henri x a Asher. Free stat1 fur Luire he lbs room tables. Jam i. Runs anal part. 2 Bedro Orn sets. 7-Plrce Dan tar room vacuum cleaner radio. Iron toaster. F n n. Raymond Pasic Teni. Open Dally 9 . To 6 . Open mondays it frays ill 9. Open sundays 11 . O 5 . Free pail nyc at rear of differential .1-11 u-7 shifts iosp1tal it sax Gabriel at ext jewelry. Dlr he. Etc. Studio Blip. Sell. Tarti. H s. Fair last the All transistor Thomas Organ begins at put in Ireaker system. Bench 5-jrr. Guarantee. See it a it today. Barker bros., Pasadena Lake at Del mar .v5101 sail a cooked ship pc theeb meet Hercules the . Sur neum has reserved two tickets Al the office for revert Harker. Is it. Dr., Lurlena. The ten Larrt theatre Foft k Colorado hlvd., . I Tene Roll inc of right Here 400 s. Marengo am carpets. Dp.apk3 built in n 1, 0. Disc. Dial 1 Bdrm. Inc. Pool or. So. A 2-Nsss. no pets. U Asri. Allen 167314 . 7-16ij Eves it Sun. Of 3 Beautiful Stone marlins like . Half Nelv Ali. A til rim. I 4 talks. Electric Bulloni. Melva i Polios Closa in Monrovia lion. Si3s . Al 8-0078 Girt unit control work. Some . Gooc shop 217 w. Al Martin sole. Woin 6 Umeju. At 2-0710 every u Kenti. Downtown 1 Amin Terrace anti. A View Fuin 3s.1. A Tyml or Carnie electric Washer dryer. Near Catholic Church. Is in. Klec Lilc air Umbra at a do office worker Niverjr fled with know ledge o Bokhee Plenc. Typing. General of flee procedure. Auto experience preferred. Salary commensurate with Exner Enre. Call Roberta French at hurray 2-7s33 for Lewis Bdrm. Apt. , after 6. 552 Apt. 1 n. Women s coals. Dressm. Etc. Reas. Satis so 6-3wh alterations i exp. Reas a Cav Ollney bowl to child of. 2 Imam. Apt., carpets stoves. Air . 5110 clerk for sates office. Type 60-60 Wpm accurately on manual. Position some experience stooges meet Hercules this . Stur a tvs a ser til iwo tickets Al the Bax office fur go l. Hem rom. .m7 or. At the i Motril theatre in . Trolo Railo blvd. . Warehouse pianos Jfe used pianos famous Marks do tact to Vou Sav Lairg Lyon Van storage co. M s. , Pas. Upen Fri. Call of so executive exec. 12 n. Moilen he i 6 attractive if 1 2 . Pika Ted afr null i Range a oven a Btu. Or. Treewit. Wiur Libit. Pasa. Halt mgr. . Uh1e. New furniture a Utvik and. Proc ton Lor. To we us apt3. 3 Al Mono St 3-Br, 1 Bas. Chill run cd. Close o in Host car . Real. Ill it Sun j Asa. Itam sirens. A Kin c alterations so . Mod. 3 pm. . To pets. A cup. 1 Bdrm Mancle f operator. A mover sewing pm Chine Ope Calor. Exp d or May train. Tiik Xijiu Ivan i dry h a i s. Sulls. Exp. Men s . Alt Patjon s in homr Elk. A while min. A Lay grown rear ill. Lirajr n. Craig 1-nit. Cart. sir tvs. Busy medical office Neverta refined Early. Res. For nor. In Ronli receivable a cashier Point pm. Hours 9-fi, i Dav week. Shoo snarl. Reply Erp. It 1h012 a 1 the japanese Rohi i ladles clothing. 4-sl m o a alterations a . Teis. So 40 mice Juneous for Din. Rm., Bdrm. Aeu refer ii. As Lew cd Stock Ilin Laizure f of lies Stiver special 1-hr., kit. Dent Ltd turn ii furn. 5so a 1 a n. Greenwood Tasa. Cd Myrtt. Aldrach i 1r. Duplex. Adults. Ill a Dumoul. 0-7s6s 40% on Tike Hammond Organ full connote Home Model full Price Only or terms. Titis Organ female. 2 mov acc Tec. At at 340 n. Los Robies , Oil tart time travel 276t k. blvd. Poly in person Clr. No furniture Soi blvd must reason ?.y 4-oho so crw Ker Shep Chitren. Free. So utilities pm. Apt. 3-2si.1 Hon Cut apis utile View apts. S. Pasa. 2 s. So. Children of. Or. Nil. -ns5 i 5ic9 operator steady work French hand laundry 60s s. Adena agencies straight Cook lop local re Eren Rej have other help in so. Los Rov Lei Belt special Schifano Auto is w. Live . Arcadia i set Brantl fill a Norm. 5et. Exira tons lied Etc. With Ives e a Host e. Colorado for Hison Organ , 7-7211 rets into free. A wifi Dachshund he . Cut Anllo. To tin. N. T inf close in Lam. Deluxe a nth Fum lure Ite. Elo Fli. Pool. I 10. Met. Bar. Ajun. Oakland so Artel tar 2-sch1 Huv he or Rah or. , it re Lar in like. Us Ujj. Pil. 103 n. Willion at ibs. Near in Elf. Attn Calva 1-Br Apt. Firt place 1 person. Carafe stove refile. Stay sbnd15 if deluxe 1 . Office 44 e. Holly niach., 22" Mil trailer 10 x 6. Girls 7. Mac. Kill or in Rte any for Troxil for or tilt Ortan to Cannini 20lh. Sio for 10 lessons of Kkt practice studios Valley music Supply 319 1iun-tint.ton 1 . Clean n. re furniture san Marino homr Mah. Nun an a life Dinne pm yellow at Call Eniy . Puppy we Berli the. furnished retell. Air 1-Brlnn. Am . Pasa Jin a is so. Pasa. Pool Patio furn Una non. Dix. 1 it 7-b p. N. Pm. Air a cd her Toen. Cravello. So Washington mar 2 pm. Bun Raki Apt to r re it Nlle Man. Us h Rvl a an l a 2 . He. Doo air Washer Ernst. 7h Hoiu Holew operators experienced Sec m no Drc air cond. Hani vacations Bonus ack i kit Mac. Cd no. Palmund ask fa.t4ri.tna. i cocktail waitress ?5ho. In hate per tired. Pipe a supp Fol Oaks sold Brej for be Aiila j i cerament s f.ij_7-3b.i Kiln r. Jal floor. Prev Patio. Etc. Ss5. I2m Plant is. Spar Torrs l nil. Pm. Finisher Toffi. 2-7252 chiropractor Oas trash Blu 5 is Stew Dre Corner cupboard . Chris. Aew Mach. Hollywood rollaway. Maisie re Raj. Mowers. 7-7is. A11menjj_k.irnjliire. 1072 n. A rare to clock. . In 7-fl77o w in. R oot liw. Male female plat., Sliver Ciamp. Jurei . Ski. Jisoo up 01 pref. feet. Single Vic Lilly Crove. inc. To Iranon Srtatton chops fee a mfr. A n. Aim. 1 nil Ait Cloie to a Irani. P8x-receptionist Tyne it Fiji be. Must have experience on ism elec. Iype. . Call or. A her or Mcallister Oval Sass Frissi e. 26th St. A. Ch1m in Arri Cal Eves or when res. Ill pro vie Schoof. E. Pis Arteni 11 to i . So to live 1a Tot a Coutts. 10j2 a fair olits. Syfl-415s Mil 1 i of. Ils Iron Copper Brasi radiators a Ripe. Ree pickup on rent Nier irs. Wash. Mach. Set Al. 6-1n. J3.s. Pm form Rocker. 520. Waffle Iron. J2. Mahos. Coffee table. I. La duller. Is. T a v tag Aniio demonstrators. New spinel. I As i of n 5 Gould music co. E. It acc. 17 to Olik a Tao acc re petered. A 7-di77 modern with Pool spurious 1 2-Brj. 8v 117r hust1ngton or s. Lor 6 mks. Jwo. I 7-wm Bach Klok Apt. Gar leks. Tit. tue it Houie. Lull. And. 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 toy min. Allver. Ako Chi trip i Ocic healthy. Lovable. Al. Of mrs Ana free wave Telephone sect. New diff Flea. Area. L a. Ein preferred but a i train chirp rat exc. . Fail or tin Rit tall Al s.1s37 6 a. Chili Enie in exch Nze for room Board it salary. Uve in. . To is Ripper. Sold Silver. Any . Lincoln pennies to fore 1933. Merrill Chrome ton stove with i 11 5 or. Nine Kitchen All in very com. S17s Foi . Green weave in runs Dirp Fon Truc. Treated with baby grand axe. New Lyon Van i storage self or Only Quitty. Champ. Red blk. A Brwn min. Of -7875 jew nyc so 6-ww3 in Garden court ss5. Mar. 1231 k. Apart meals Unfer. Irrl . Inn. Patio. Rear Dpi sex work Home. make a tits a Ive shop Smith . A reos. Otic Vking 770 k. Walnut re it ski Bolk strought immediate Cash paid or. Moore a movable. Exc. For children s Bui after 5rw i pm kit for 307 pc. s-5sf Omarr 2-bh Prev. Flyer a adults. stenographer Good Telephone voice. If War non sek Jet rim 11. . A a Melv. Or. 7-170.1 Witik willed us Bachko do nuns t pm. S 1. Firm jew. 4s Inch moult in table Jio. Al in a Organ Oil Hancock music to. 731 k. Cold Sarto . Dluhy while. T was. Oil. Sio re or. Hillcrest apts. n-Ewt decor. Larck Apt s . Cq1.0rado, 10t a. . 2-rr Rel Infra. . J125 to. Adults dlr. 2-Br, Edwd it tile he. It Kitchen. Oriental j15co. Molte male rancher err _f1ne watch Coz. Free. Syst mis Thorois Keijo hot id acts. Rec. Typist for 200-bed Cap cml Day shut Mon thru f re. Good Handyman Bijick f Ritro. Kun Belsh so up. Japanese mod meter 470. 3-5413 it Couch. J50 Metal Pool Frame f j he r a Pool v a cd urn . St s-i60s aft. 5. Kouo Dan no room table it pad. 10 Buffet. China Culb net. 9-ssm i k Burnek Raj Ranee. A Lite. Your piano 3ould music co. 8-s181 a organs Nutter old lot Poirie 5-7s6i toy Amie. Re in Tiff 3tock, terms to 3-1 electric. Alas Mara. J 70 per Cinn. Ult ii. Njume a Ell. Paved Park Ini i a 2-Br, a pts. Drapes. Bill lab furn. Avill. Tar cond. Pool. Toll . Jar bul Al 9-8119 at Cumia deluxe 1-b.n. Apt. Ground fkr. Air cond., Carp. Ctr at on blouses sports Wear 30 w. Green. J4ve in. 5 we. Weever la o or. Pm a love Lor 41.50 or 25 s. Osk care week Cromli. 2-h7f rkpr1g. 7-fl. Good cowl. Wren re Turpe waiver. Pm cond. Auto Washer Ai is 1armony guitar j45. So . Or weekend. 1 so. Yes. Carpet pad Good Taz. Lakes. A radio do word. Ini cod i Nir a used Oriental rugs 2 3-1713 1x9 Rue. Pirn. Era. Couch Shadow hox Mirror. Jav j re part kit of tire excl Lenl con Hillon. So s-iij7. Mir with Exira Eti Orr attachment. Jew. c. Top font. Fri. In hts m. Child of. Tile i. R-.926i Shan rentals or Home with 4 so want Larty to 1. I. Surj i Jjo a rum it in. Key at filet a. 285 n. Los Robles a Uio. Pool a Tojo. S Bdrm. Etc Roomi. Will to ora1vgk Al mount Kerr real. Built ins. New 1 Imam. Fly r.o94j Nash. 741 a read Cullom extras i 3t Gardener 2 Yri. 5pm experienced Painter Rich orow i pm. Cond 1175. 3 bon1 Slais front China Neadis oho. Curtains Dranes. Cl5-2fi29 mute Metal Cabinet link perfect so contemporary Gnu anal Allyl do Etc cond Uirl no St b Kotb Pho. A Tala "1 6 . _ Tipri gift piano Jisoo con Dillon. Al. Man 27, wishes boons for real in 0 , rub. A or. A Cut. 319 Remon a. choke i Dan at.1. Fern Slurf. At full. So and floor. of 2-Br air con a but in Klicin. Is 25. Adults. 103 k. Miller is an Loul to help you Ullh real. Estate classified ads Gardener White car rat los furniture Al Low some Antic sea. Tkv Fuji com Tom or. Adt. Wanted to Liiv of and and. X171. To Rattan. St 3-1477 Navajo 1 Bdrm in. Llanina. at 2-17m. j Stets. Ion cleared. 7.73it3 in wolfed 5 pal. S3.9s Jojart. 5-940o Olid . Table. 4 Grant. A tar. Trp owner. Ijuin pm. A toss n. So cell 1 acres j lust Odilan hip. 100. St it. It or. In jr6pham id in tip. Avail . Ren. St f or. Or contract. 7-128.1. T of 8y7.035s typewriter. Like .1 is3. Lull 449-1k7i i t. Haltli Foo Kwatt Tel. China silverware Sac. Wic . So _ 2-39s4 a Iii to i i i rent to Retro. 3m e or Culet advil to. Or n Klov 1-Bfcdraks. Sis n. Axil futile i ii air Nrec Ipa Conui for vow self. Sy7-mi7 3-. A Gilldren Welcome water pall. Col. Sit almost Fern. Balv or 0-3903 i i hot water pm. Jess spacious clean 1 Bdrm. 513 Chapman 3-22m attractive St i form .137.v n Ink syr aass r j in ire. Lottel 1-Fer Zwir. Iso m. Freer. Wood. Dutu is 10758. Or a Nob a trove. it or air Coad. 81

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