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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaFriiss Jahrand As i see it i wonder what Ever happened to the fellow who was inventing the Beer can that you could throw out of a car where upon it would sprout into a clump Flowers. It worked something like this the Beer can was not really n can but a Plas tic material. Tho plastic material was made up of inorganic fertilizer in which wild Flower seeds had been imbedded. When the Beer can was tossed out nut ural moisture like Dew or rain reduced it to a clump of which nurtured the wildflower seeds. In Southern California with our Balmy climate wildflower seeds could sprout almost any time of the year. And with the frequent Deposit of Beer cans along our highways the chances of a year around crop of Are Good. A fellow i think he lived in South Pasa Dena was working on this. I Don t know what happened to him. I wish him Well How Ever the project is going. When Beer cans first came out they were quite Quick to rust As i remember. But even a Rusty can hangs around for a while. If you Don t think so Lake a look ill some of the old mine dumps. Up at pan mint City the ions of old tin cans Here which have Iwen exposed to rain and Snow since the 3s70s, Are still solid and substantial even though they have rusted badly. This raises the possibility of putting Beer in Copper cans so that Tho weather would turn the can prettier color than Bright metallic along the Highway. Instead of that new cans Are lending More toward aluminium which neither tar it secs nor rusts nor decomposes. A Well made aluminium can should be Good for years and years along the Highway Wink ing its Blind Eye in the headlight s gleam emmy Lou at night and generally debasing lie scan try by Day. I to compound the felony these some a could invented a throwaway ctr bottle and it whole and has added to the Gross disfiguring of the. Roadside 1c you Ever find yourself crawling Alotto the Edge of a country byway watch out for this broken Glass More than you watch out for Black widow spiders or sidewinders. Glass is More permanent than aluminium. They Are still finding bottles that the egyptians threw into trash heaps Back in the dynasty Days. And while the weather May have curled the labels off them the bottles arc sound As a new Dollar. The Beer Barons need not get All the credit for this general Messing up of the landscape. The soft drink people have been known to put out bottle in re cent years and there arc some soft drink companies who use tin cans for their watery confections. Now you might argue that Tho Beer and the soft drink people Are ride to blame Here. No More than the people who make kleenex which goes into the mailing of ugly kleenex Bushes along the highways. The Public you will insist Are the guilty ones. I maintain that a Beer can along the Road is a poor advertisement for the Beer manufacturers they have failed in educating their buying Public. They could within Rea son devote half the advertising space on a can of Beer to an Echo Lalion against litter ing. Advertising on a can o Beer is without Merit anyway. People have already bought the Beer when they see Tho Label in most cases. Lot me Tell you some time what i think of billboards. Peter j. Steincrohn . By iritis and Calcium dear or. Steincrohn i went to a doctor for my bursitis. He made the cure sound simple. He said that to could remove the Calcium deposits in my shoulder Johnl simply by prescribing a Medicine. He said there s no harm in taking it. Is there a medi Cine that will dissolve Calcium or. T. Comment i have heard of various medi Cines that arc supposed to do the Job but i Don t think there s proof that any arc really a Octive. For example some think that am Montury Chloride causes dramatic disappear Ance of Calcium deposits during the painful episodes of bursitis. Perhaps it docs. But How can we Tell when we know that some times Calcium deposits will Disep Cav in some patients without any medical mint the Best treatment for bursitis is Early treatment. Trouble often comes when he patient has allowed too much time to pass weeks or months before getting expert help. By that time to May have an immovable joint and Calcium deposits. If you go to your doctor Early he has a Choice of therapy heat applications moderate exer Cise a Ray treatments injection of Hydro cortisone into the Bursa Diathermy or Ultra sound. Too tired to live dear or. Steincrohn i just feel hopeless at this moment. I went to the doctor be cause i Felt so very tired and nervous All the time. I Felt i could t stand it any longer. The doctor found nothing physically wrong and said the tiredness was caused by nerves. He gave me some Medicine which has t helped any and told me i would have to work out my nervous condition by myself. Virginia Kay just in the family girls he is 26-and very dear Virginia Kay the reason for this letter is that although i have friends i m very lonesome. I need someone to take an interest in me As i fall continually with no one to love or show appreciation. I want a Home life with a family but i can t seem to do any Good for myself. I had All these things at one time but they did t last. I m 26 years old and have nothing. Do you think you could help me i want to meet a girl single or divorced with or with out family so i can help myself by imposing responsibility. Not boasting hut i m told i m Nice look ing and dress quite Well. I m a person who enjoys Good times and Good music. Job Wise Haven t one. However i m quite Able for Many positions due o a College Back ground and experience by the Way i do not have an automobile. Your column is the first thing i turn to and it makes me feel Good to know i m not the Only one with troubles. But i m an exception i make All my own problems. You May print this. One thing though please Don t print name and address. They May write to you for it. Thank you. Triple l., Altadena dear triple a i Hope that they remember to enclose stamped envelopes when they write for your name and address. Dear Virginia i would like to invite the Noik dint 1 to 1m1 i get so nervous i just can t stand it and now i Don t know where to turn. I have a Good husband and three Sweet children. 1 can t care for them the Way i d like be cause of the Way i feel. I am 29 and have been dragging around most of my married life and i just can t take it any longer i have Felt like ending it All but i know it in t the thing to do be cause i am a Good x. Comment your letter is one example which shows where inc expression tired to Deal i comes from if it will help you Bear your misery you must know that you have hundreds of thousands of company in the United slates. So Many people Are so tired. Sometimes they or through life this Way without seek ing help. Others like yourself go to inc doctor and All they hear is that the cause is unfortunately nerves emotional illness is a common cause of fatigue. But the condition should never be brushed aside. If it is due to nerves then inc doctor should use every possible Aid to overcome it. The patient can t always work it out by himself. If in t duo o emotional upset of some kind then the doctor should seek carefully to find a physical cause. The tired to a teach patient deserves All the sympathy end care the doctor can give. Or. Sci Crohn s leaflet Choia to manage your will be mailed to you on receipt of a stamped envelope and 10 cents in Coin for handling. Address your request to or. Steincrohn this newspaper. Bell Syndicate Alvon fixed your car this afternoon dad and he even ended up with one part left overt Dennis the menace your lonely readers to join us at Lake Avenue congregational Church 393 n. Lake in Pasadena where we have classes for All Ages meeting at . And . At a recent meeting of the 30 to 40 age group our pastor spoke on the subject privileges and problems of the i know that Hollywood presbyterian Church also has a similar program. Mrs f. Post Pasadena dear Virginia my first time writing into Tho column but have read it for years. Would like to find a couple of lonely women to 50 years old to live in my Home the purpose of going places and doing things together in spare time. I live in E.S. Pasadena area and can be reached at Sycamore 3-3374. E.s., E.S. Pasadena we have a Rule no rentals but perhaps this comes under a different category anyway this seems to be a Day for the "lonely1 friends again. Good Luck. Virginia Kay if you were a Man you would have gotten the insinuation in Dale Minton s letter and i am quite sure it would not have appeared in your column. Read Matthew is your face Rod respt., Pasadena dear sorry my face is us Normal color As i still Haven t the least idea what you mean. The expression is leftover1 potatoes net Hal Boyle women Are luckier so stick to them whats right with women men who usually feel inferior in the presence of Superior beings spend considerable Lime knocking women and saying what s wrong with them. The usual Wail is women arc illogical capricious and unreasonable. They Are too demanding. They act like the world was made just for them. They Don t have any real brains and if they did they would t know what to do with there is it must be admitted some Validity to these criticisms however tinged they May be with masculine vanity and downright envy. It is probably True also that most women Lack what men Cal Plain Ordinary common horse on the other hand Why do they need horse sense what is the Fate of even the most sensible horse in this world compared to that of the average woman if a Man is honest enough to drop his prejudices to has no trouble piercing the so called mystery of women. To has no trouble figuring out Why women outlive men get to spend most of the Money men earn and generally Are better adjusted to life and its problems. Bill Sumner Washington report there is a test one should put to such a phenomenon As the apparently spontaneous political combustion which has pro Ducco George Homcy politician. Republican White Hope candidate for the presidency. The late great writer John Lardner once in the Days when there was a baseball team known As the St. Louis Browns looked into his shaving Mirror and thought about buy ing the Browns. It was then Hie current Vogue in sports literature to report that this or that Perr fun was thinking about buying the Browns this was before Bill Recck actually bought the Browns and gave a midget a time at Bat and before the Browns were bought again and moved to be called the Baltimore orioles. Anyway Lardner reported that he looked into his Mirror for several mornings and thought about buying the Browns. And he made an interesting discovery. Although to had thought about buying the Browns As much As the next Man his thoughts Gener ated no publicity. There were no reports to the effect that Lardner was thinking about buying Hie Browns. In fact it was in his old Newsweek column that the world first heard about it. Well All of this has some application to or. Romney s present situation. He As you know decided to run As Republican candidate for governor of Michigan just a few Days ago. The decision followed 24 hours of spiritual agony which would be obvious bad Lasic to dwell upon. Interestingly enough however lie be came the candidate of several of the commentators some months ago and of the Luce publications time life Etc within Tho past few weeks. There have been full Page spreads about the Man in the newspapers. Letters to Tite editor men like Barry Goldwater Nelson Feller and even the president have been asked to comment on him. Al of this of course before he decided to run for anything. We Are led to think Hen that one in the fall just As the leaves Romney began to think about., running for governor and to consider Republican convention of 10c4. The thought being made and re-., Poa cd Over several mornings it then be came natural that it should be picked up by various reporters on the National scene. L you Don t believe this is possible you Don to believe in America. Well it goes without saying that the Landner test has been applied before on Scult matters. More than one fellow has awakened in the morning and decided to become a senator. Why not is i think the expression that goes with it. Or. Loyd Wright a los Angeles attorney i. Thought to give a specific example about become a . Senator. One would have to note that there was t a line written about the chaps who merely thought about it. No one knew that Wright was going to enter the California Republican primary for . Senator until he called a press conference to make the announcement. The Reader is going to have to be left with his own decision on this subject How Ever. Ii Homney s Public relations depart Mon began planting rumours about him supplying biographical material it is thing we can neither affirm nor deny. Many of us however believe in there Are enough who do at any rate. Reader s Foru m the answer is simple women Are born believe in Luck All their Days. Men Don t. It is this magic difference that makes men doubt them selves and Wilt under the buffets of Lime. Hardship May Bend a woman but they rarely break her. For she dwells in Sublime great expectations. She knows her Natal gift of Good Luck will surely change the situation for the better. Luck is illogical capricious unpredictable and unreason Able. That is Why women arc Loo. And it is their Blind be Lief in their Luck that gives them the supreme self Confidence which men mistake for arrogance. It in t their intuition that saves them. It s just that unfair advantage of having been born Lucky. Any Man who has had any experience at All with women can if he looks Back find Many instances to prove this theory. A Man is crazy to look for a wife who is merely Intelli gent Clever or blatantly Beautiful. The thing to do is to look around and marry the one who has the Best Knack of beating the Laws of Chance. Then Trust to associated Preia quotes from the news Niagara Falls. N. Y. Gov. Nelson a. Rocke Feller attacking the civil rights record of the Kennedy administration this record must constitute one of the most cynical exploitations of minority aspirations that has Ever occurred in the history of american Jackson miss. State rep. Jesse Chaffin defend ing the Mississippi Law which decrees life imprisonment or deals As the penalty for rape right now we have the Best Law on rape there is in the country. It was formed by the men who wore the tattered Gray uniform for the Protection of their wives and mothers and daughters. Must not break the dam which protects our Cape Illinois congressman roman c. Pucinski praising . Space officials Lor exercising caution before sending astronaut John Glenn into orbit Many people throughout the world Are going to respect us for the fact that we re not going to risk this Man just for the Sake of meeting a if Rockford Iii. Verne Hanson a 51.Man-hour paint mixer who turned Down a position be cause he can t recall his former identity when he was a research chemist what Tould i do to earn that kind of Money i can t transform myself into someone i am not and i Sec no valid reason to do otherwise than i am doing right brie letters stand the Best Chance of publication. The editor reserves the right to trim those that Are too Long. Every letter including any signed with a pseudonym Mist carry the name and address of the writer. End of the world the astrologers predicted global disaster on feb. 3. They based their prediction on scientific fact that there would be a conjunction of planets. However their interpretation of tills fact is sheer superstition nonsense and a desire for Kelt importance by making amazing predictions. This orgy of superstition is not Peculiar to astrologers. This is the same Type of gloom and doom predicted for the United Stales and the world if we were to end our foreign Aid program and our Dole to the United nations organization the astrologers in our state department Congress churches Anil schools Are Guilly of indulging in the Sarne superstition nonsense and desire for self importance. I do not condemn them for wanting to be does. Perhaps if i had a government position i would push foreign All there might be a Nice junket to Europe or Asia in it for me. If the United states would Stop its for eign Aid program and if the United nations organization should cease to exist because All members do not pay their share of its costs the world would continue to exist. Moreover belter solutions would be found for the preservation and improvement of Mankind for there is Energy and decency in human beings far beyond that granted them by the social planners. Anthony j. Andres Tives have disowned Birch ors As your obvious fallacies 1. Just because various personalities have been spoken against Lor following socialistic and oddly Liberal tendencies does not mean that the Birch society is not in the Middle of the political it is definitely to right of the criticized individuals. 2. Avowed conservatives who disown Birch society May quite possibly a. Know nothing at All about he society except what they read in the headlines or b. Approve of the society s objectives wish to escape smears by the vocal is tic columnists and opinion makers. I the Birch society advocates no actions is chartered As an educational group and Hopes to maintain our Republic. Kiddson j. Kidd Loma Bridge free Economy socialists Are people who like to tinker with political Economy. Socialists fail to recognize the unchangeable Law of human nature. Human beings All react in the same manner they arc individualistic in respect to their kinds of desires but everyone will try to satisfy his desire with the least Effort on his own part. People Are created to be free. Only in a free Economy can the individual Progress according to his personal abilities intensity of his desire for attainments and without exploiting labor. People who have compassion for their fellow beings and the sufferings of the poor should not turn to socialism As a solution for grevious social conditions but use their ability to think. A free Economy with equal Freedom of Access to the use of land and Freedom from taxation on production is the Only sure de sense against communism. A really free peo ple should be our goal in the .a. A Reader John Birch society i do not believe that c. R. Brammer s defense of the John Birch society is valid. He says that the american people demand the Birch program and then says the Birch ers should not be judged on what will impress the most docs to mean to imply that the american people vote against their own demands i am against the John Birch society not because of their Point of View but because they claim to be patriotic americans. And yet they smear most of our presidents courts and legislators. They Are against democracy. They insist on imposing their own Peculiar interpretation of the Constitution on All of us. What kind of patriotism is this Alfred Larson Temple City in your editor s note following a letter published concerning the John Birch society you draw an obviously false conclusion which is erroneously based upon several undistributed terms. Specific example denunciations of prominent democrats and republicans alike hardly leave room Lor it in inc Middle and Many avowed conserva let s forget Pasadena Beautiful and West Pasadena residents association in Gard to the Loma Bridge. This link be tween E.S. and West should be of vital Impi porn acc to every merchant in the proximity of California Street every person who walks across the Bridge to or from the bus at California and Arroyo. And every truck Driver who uses this truck does he City Council think it is the residents of the san Rafael District by keeping Pasadena proper As accessible As South Pasadena Highland Park or Eagle Roult i Don t think so. Why not a Pasadena practical association whose chief concern would be maintenance of City buildings and at the lowest possible Cost it would by most interesting to know the estimated Cost of repairs now compared to years ago the attitude of the City Council in regard id the Bridge should be the concern of every resident and taxpayer of Pasadena before it reflects on other Public my compliments to the Street department for their excellent Job in keeping the Street and sidewalk Clear of fallen Concrete. Or is it falling Frances Parker san Fernando bombings regarding your editorial feb. 8, another construction of the threats against the Blue Book Reading Over a pfc could be that while not 100 per cent acceptable this Public airing of the thoughts of Welch and Tho Bircher a went far to dispel the idea to Huff they arc All Lunatic Hale mongers and somites Etc. This Reading to me at least was a repudiation to the currently too wide-1 by accepted anti anti communist smear Campaign against the Birch society. Could the communists have been so Clever As to have had a hand in All these. Recent acts which have been so readily Laid. At the Bircher door As i recall Welch made mention in readings of the debilitating effect on our society of books such As Peyton yet on another Page of your paper we find the Rev. John Baker whose pre conviction of the. Bircher you so much concur in going out of his Way to Lead his name in support of Tropic of this is not the Funda mentalist Church certainly. Richard w. Rich i am not a John Birch member. I am right of the far left guess this makes me one of those dangerous Radical rights of which you spoke in your editorial on t h e bombings. Come now what makes a person so dangerous who opposes the dangerous lot have you Over heard of a right Winger aking the fifth amendment i was under the impression that America a person was innocent until i h o court proved him guilty. It seems you Aro eager to accept the accusations of thu two Liberal ministers is to who is guilty of bombings. I suggest you ask Chick Parker to feels it was not political. Mrs. John Faro Sierra

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