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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 17, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaAsk operator for toll free Zenith 2330" from Monrovia Covina Elmonte Buliss t Indi Sulila Tiki Tat Etti upper Piu Deai u South 111 Don t hid less c1ikkky Kitch do -2v4 by Nefus a o1 fix up a Williams by february 1uve out Kkt to jul you budget. From name u dial 449-170 dirt Cheapo a bargain Tvr 1 1000 your 3 one come ail buyers or not open 2-5 today500 col East Howard a skeet Mccann properties by real Lora my 1.0-Itn ii rift Viii Barnes contemporary 3-8r convert. Den in. Open 2-5 1270 Crest maven or. Ave. By. So. Al j Loren Jim Dickson by 5-5054 Kennel of Bower of Ern on lot. 3 i0l 2 con Lem urary Wishor any open 2-5 s Al Sun 3238 it. Curve just listed your Tor a tunic fall by 3 by. A Den i in rape. Rented Chi Kak Talman by 3-mw Canada Hills builder closeout for Sale or lease with option to but 6 new 3 1 . Ndah boyhood adjacent to new Roll Curac. In a . Modern in every Way. monthly allowance on option to buy. 5147 Crown ave. La Canada j. W. Dawson co. 3438 n. Veri Luio i cell 0. 61174 8v Sab girl cd Villey Saa Gibree Lvi by mom Howa v a cont. Land open sat., Sun. 2-5 Cartwright if Patch i. Smith re 2.01h so face with a heart of Gold Locatell in the hear of of Olf Dora i Fleit areas Star tool anti Fine Home Twerdi Ihori ton tue ton ranch a in one Trees Lundigan ire. On the lot. Nell Rev fenced Sioss with hich. Untre Block Wall fun Chr. He Jar room Lane Kitchen extend full in Toh of Home n Ullh us auldus family i Linfitt area darn Lar to bit lot a Lih twin. Warm Tori. Wood a natural 3 bed room Eliseu. Beam decorate inc but a Fuli once s12.0co no Down a vent except in lure 31 re month incl ring urfa Copal a icle Xem. No not Niit deed. Saddle up Parv Lonc Well built Home on it 15 it. Lot on the Edee of the a floors of Foo Fuh l tre s scorn to ral old Smoothie older 3 Itono Home. With Over 10 it. Living fret. 3 Borms. Full pm. Ida Soui it Van to pm Ullh 15x15 Den. A Dirato break fast pm. Nii Vroom crave la or Rajab Al tilt it. Lot an Ideal Home for Larto a mlle. Croce of Colv Stuart Marquis Devine Al 8-1844 an w. Foothill Richfield i Oil corp. Service stations ease in area. Location partial financing dealer training for inform Nallen Call 3-13. It., 60x160 of. Or. Trana a will Trade. Mar. At a Refl by 3-Den Rue at Hoiaas. location. Jilsson 3y Bohms. Batha. Cen Ltd Hall i in. Realtor. Us 2-hs1 real let tit other excki.i.f1nt floor plan for my link. Kor the Voicik in i eat a 3-Hft. In ill j he hat irks in an or Hiir Ihla for our Pool. Dining Rorr. Orvn Fralc. All elec. Kitchen. Very Lake Khy Lovely a must be Solu ask Ross Baymiller realtors multiple listing 103s Kooi Hill blvd. By 0-1101 Eves a 0-16m by Alhambra 2-b.r. Salucco. Trpic. Late. Pm. Fenced Yard double karate. R-3 kit. Marearet realty cd Good buys o family pm in Hale area. Or. Bin "sa1i, a crooked shop Anil three Stooks 1iekt _ he hulks Independent. Star news a reserved two tickets Al by. Office for Alice o a Lonnell. 2ft Monrovia is Ine in let the Taler fifi Kiwi Colo Olvil. Paar Tajib. Al Leaa brine clan Nanc " plus s7s a month i Roine from room Parl atm. Mattson 1307 n. Altadena by 1-1ki1 jux 5-2md for the Money 4 bdrrt.3 2 Fuh xxi los of storage. Pm. I a r c e a cheerful. Cert no Pleli Hryck a fixer upper. You Aak j1s.500 Johnnie l. Ross realtor 540 foothill by Eves. I g-36 is 5y mar Vista open daily til sold a Lovely 2 air. 3 Lin. To colonial for Only p50 terms. pm. Sep. Pm. in -N.K. . Toms Tolki Landous value or. Self luvs by King Robey co. N. Realtors r3 Minitti Trulite Home or. Coin i pm. Dlr. Nil. Quell is. O Burney o n. Allen Imi Alirna Nui 4in-Ioio so b.r., Den maid s Rad. English traditional h it k e moms. Ove 3600 it. Eliot. Mj3 cd idiom a Jolt Guerrant so realtor by Esh realty Arcadia Siv icim 3 ice. 3u a. To ice. Comben Cov. Gallo. A but 527. W estate Type approx. Acre suit. Tor Lior ses itts a deluxe 3 1x1 uni. Tours All by Luis earn. Corteous a Damper at s37.500 heat fall Viand inc. F Ami it Home 3 . For income Roo. But units owner s movers North All rented. Must Mil or in Nelp Kumil your Deal. I a re anxious 435.0c-0 Coix Niah 3 warm. A Den. 2-Storv dins l by. Rental 2 Baths 513.960 by filtered Pool now the Tomt to the Lynx of your summer outdoor lev inc this i Coj ale l Home is on a Larce int de Riched ratio dress my. A 16x35 roof. The House Caro. Drapes. Rare lao. Dan inc urea 2-Rar ear Arp. Fenced Etc. Priced to fell at of is 500. Kort beaut Monrovia Ray Kelder realty 228 k. Foothill. Monrovia Al s-2531 b.7im supper club fint. Intimate in Coli a tavern in area -.ul5ine. Ample pall liar. Att tac Llvell prime. Call Lealh. Dial Al. Molly so 4-7330 John e. Buys this adorable 3-Bedrm. Homo on a 65x120 level lot. Sprinkler front a. Rear. i1tu air cond Lori Ine. A drapes. Excellent area. Nothing to do but move in. I Marc. k oui. Owners real Rorr to Apt. Shown Jim Nappi Don l Mas. It won t last Call now. Roger aver Assoc. 739 foothill my 3 Larce . Plus family pm. L Baths the builder Tua had to of Pojawa them for various a majoris Aid u Willtry Aall them up the Low. In Payne int or Only Sjoo. Yon est Quick maa Maton. Have Only 3 of them have Bull Lna. Sliu Iota of Ili to Wall s1h-inr to the opens us a new world of outdoor a new school will be opening up soon within walking distance and these Homes Are close to shopping. Glendora properties to 3-1637 19264 Acosta evf3. By s-d2g9 or Al offering Beal to Fiir. Marshall pcs 4 bedrooms Den All newly . Unn Ain Culli ettral Selling he. Rm., in Wil Flora. A Lovely new a melt in Lullen. A i Iii pm Riffia by 2.4555 Cummings by 5.d2i5 realtor it n. By 332 s. Santa Down move right in .1 Lull. A july or misery 1 i Huntha 4 extras Len Miltun. Wilson. P11h Quick no loan Matlue Coon by s-r.101 Hallor by 785 Hamilton . Pm. Din. Uni. Ketch. Break fait pm. Service porch. Brno. -2 . a in acc 1n basement. A Var 1100 it. Kun Tuff. Axil Tii fio. A Lumi m screen new Jialiu. Neat As a pin t1 in Rii Coltury available. C til no Back Kim. Open Sun. 2-5 or any Oiler Lime by toy store new in Paa i. Shop Teof set w1 ear. Must sell Trade for Loim or what live yen reply Pasadena s the word for 3 or 2 in Lime n Usu much Beverly Way area. a Almit Nin Elpel us fisc run Corner fireplace a set done class doors to a Bennie rail Javed covered iia Llo. Al Treen contains All elec fasl Bre Jolt Bank s res. By s-25s7 21h n. so 2 to 5 .588-596 e. Wapello buyer s Choice modern or provincial. 2 new contemporaries Florence me Cue re ill fir by multiple growing pains 1 1 ere1 1 your n is we r. We Don know else you will it -im., family pm. Living pm Baths Over it. J Lark 5.tecl in n orcs a Rex a the a Price of 3xlhj l dealt Fiji Over into ulna if u fill lower 1 Thomas Cox 21co Hun line san Mir left at g-62fir Chevron Sta for lease pc Fivi Walton. High . Area hit area. Call a Primett. My it frontage Lovely 3 or 2 a conv. Den. Full fining in. Baths. Fireplace walled Roar Yard coveted Patio room lights 3 . Family a Luceo Luces ice. Liv. Pm. W it Milr. Bdrm. 12x17 am us in. Of Valler elect a. W. Heat. Extra ire. Lot Rameh fas. Fruit , value Al 523.500. Tenant Ocee piece please Call for Pangborn Al 5-0201 wanted you make of enl for us in kor work in hip my full ices go enl Shade. Curtis co. Ilka tors multiple listing by 6-0295 1043 e. Ranch House will desk Ned for foursome in n. Arcadia. Cell int Hall plan. 2 ii arms. Liv. Pm. Dplc., bookshelves Donl nyc Alcove of Patio a pit Tiv Karpfen. Staple 4-milk doll House. Apr loudly for sate at s22.500. W. T. Beckwith a Ltd. 107 w. He Aurlon. Arcarola. I 6-61 1 1 my bks Aurant with liter it wine. U i Trade Hurt or fies tji ? j. Pain Dena. Lor. Lot 3 bedrooms full Dan lip or. B. Villa. fill pro of. 51000 blown Lou mor my t Ray Nicu. Mattson x. by 1-1d31 by Kim. Handy location Only to . Freeway Liua a Nick Ioor. White 11 Vine Noin 2x24 it. Dial re pm. A Jinn. Laufs. Here i Elf Iii tie noted hint. Davis Baker co. San Inci k. On a lot 1017-lf-Llr Navarro run. will car re Hal front in. Stucco rent 3-ur 2-Balii. 2 lot ii a fill Felt 51wio from stucco . Pic Vulk st. 1q26. Very her. Terms. 4-10 n first k. Of like. 3 a arms. Family pm. Kaily american Mchall Kin it Clien. Kordeil nor 531.950. Hal unifier jul 1-40g2 Whipple so 82s e. Sun. 1-5 600 n. Pennsylvania on ?1 acre Al of old Wiora s Ftnat Kilry Enolal area. Isoo an. It. Of Frac Tim plus i Coni Plutt with Iii Kitchen. Beautiful a round with vault la of Planls-4 a hubs. I Seft Stanldy elms. Home Letoe is ton t wreck s3 so. Grand o a Priori to medallion Home open sat., Sun. 1-5 w. Ii Andiew so Drin. Family pm. Hch., Nat. Ulrch cab., it Ba., Nylon carpets fenced. S21700. In. Builder. Al 5-0037. So. Ahcan la Sufea Rno. Plus Nore cd. Imbs. Omer Ime Mhz to rens. At_6.-s69 1 fees ii Loperl. Vor rent. Sloo Iroy 12 e. Foothill it Kves. Pkg offering 3 brs., Liv. Rm., Din. Fm., carpet. Kit. By isl. Area. Lot 50x170. Be sold on a wide shallow lot in Mechtl it Nola i irk this rumble inc Lio if has 3 by 5 and Unai Lviv dry 2 car Miachel it ,1 race owner la leave or the urea and Tims it Verlo ulv for into i Tamyln lir 160 Hastings ranch re. Tur 2 _ 2 claims. Came Ling a Tuare i i Eire for splice. Newly ten Wales Mush Only Ken Smith 012.1 i. 2000 to. L. 3 . In he Dutiful Karrien of sex estate. Trees. Views. On a lots 7fixl51. Lot sepi rally scalable. Al b-2s62 Beauty Salon Hood occur agora eve Down. J. F. Drive by 3485 Mcnally pee thai Attric Mac 2 by Home Garden. Alia school. Asking s 17.0 do. by Kinq Robey. Family to fam Uve looks Pallo and cat Den. Iff Clit mar a Hitchcock realty 51scv Klimt Lincton. Or. San Marino by 2-4924 daytime at 9-3784 Day or Union station for in . Or Rill sat. To Sun 1 5 967 Athens 3 modern. Bal is. A inv View. A heat. Jul Csc us Tiv Jane Gahrn Whipple so s-0527 2 or. In. 363 to. A arc 2 a fam. Pm. Edwd. Firs Nallo. to. Beauty operator take Over Ahon on rent or in recent. Cd -556.1. Eves cd equity to newer 1-Br 2-Hrlh 1r arca Hana payment on or will a first . In in. J72 in. A Harp 10 or Lorl 2 bed pm Edwd. Lira., dbl. Par. Al t 2-Story. 2 Coin in. 3t Sacii. .1 dry do Grove Lake area duplex while cod with Lim or Tinita. room in of Leaf floor is 30 t. Oni with Bra Mufu Jia Ijo. Emnell lot Las l unas open 2 to 5 a enav. A racism . Lye ii v. Pm. In ten. Woo Call Hetty Farkell. Svs Ign j. F. Stinson Ifni e. So proc Rolfa it Monterey City Coin s700 space Spanish fast of , 3 . Family room. Pool. Whipple by 5-0527 92s k. Altar Una or specialising in Beautiful Homes open sat. Pasq Salilo ave. One Story. I bedrooms. 3 Hall. Kitchen with Bull ins. Tical Irful Irma scanned lot. Franz associates 2115 Hukill Nylon or. San Marino by 3-1 101 my transferred East priced to sell 10% Down three berth coma. 2j t. room with do nor area 22-fi. Hitche n. With r Jarre windows overlooking Brick Patio 220 we ring. Close to or hoopla on clean neat Street. 4029 Alessandro Are. Temple City at 7-00 53. Attractive jt5 by. Newly dec Ora led. New Ash Kitchen built Las. A do double rear rental a Carport excellent for employed Penon. Or House. Close to 3 Jieh Oali. Flosso no. Oak. Pm Lviv her. Res Laukant Foti Sale across Norert trom new . I or Al 2-Nrmxt. A Den Down "2 . Full Din. Pm. Frol. Guest House with Bali. Owner will take Mcneil Secor Rollor 4130 live Oak at 9th acc data i Bali. S22 950. Of Nep at location Tvr Euln bji3. Over Jana so wow 103 own your own Potter so s-33uii is Pasadena snot Tea 5 2-Bilrm. Ilcyn Home. Laj . School. A meal at dial ii Uri r. Nibs by John e. Is audious pm. 173 so. It. Beautiful Dacuk Sears Allstate 2 Balrin. Irn l annl. Yard 30 or Cha loan Onvall. . Arms wait. So s-93s9 asking 60or of i 00 loan by 562 of Cotita or. 2 dims. 2 Bains Billt in 8drm. Down they 5 pm. Home a vacant Teady for occupancy attached karate Alt. Lot. Nay la of Odly . Vine. Asking Only the Lyn Oaks new rom capt 1n mar Iron do tar for the first ume ins come to area ill a fun let o Trie hair list of curl Ifica Tif Corners hive been Cut. Jive it in your future. 471 w. Duarte re Arcadia i Rio Grande 80x277. Clean. Liveable 7 pm. House with no Viliy heat. Now Reneil 5300 to. Owner wants to Cash oui. Inspect a Mac oltt.-. K. P. Edell by 2-2450 by first offering o Choice n. 3-Dan. Sep. Dan inc pm. 1 Baths. . Dushna slur. Elc in in. A Nook Rosa. Or country club a bus. Proc Fol at Nyrhe by n Sion Liston shown by appointment Park like grounds 2 bus. Den 100 it. Wide kit run. To. Exc inv Almont. R Nice Gifford to Arnitor by by 21x3? pm. Dose ii. Sin Nso i Plaza Del Arroyo 2 by. 2 pm. Ant. Of Arron it Mia. Hirw it iof Ilsan i ask Leal Home 3-Br. Fam. Pm. 2 the Pool m a Alvah. At Willard Wilson in Deco Raltie. Rion is r. A thu . Sven a crooked ship and three it oozes meet the . Star new has reserved two Al the Box for a. Noll. Fil2 Cin or Hirv sin . Al the to chert Arll Sla Thaier 6cr Rast Colorado Pasadena. Brine clan none of 2 by Home unlit in bpm. On usually novels Yaj with beam if or. Out of this world 3 or. Old luxury Home 70.000 Only Dou a in Buky 3 App. Bdrms., Plin convert Rien 3 full Bathi. Beautiful draperies 24 it. Sectional. Deluxe thru oui. Y acre View. Xiv try . Pool full Irtys. Jet late Road. K. A. Dam Ell Iti 6-3i2i 12-4, sat., Sun. Sifi Rio grand owner make lilt. 2 . Floor Furnace. Closed Vard. Near or lrar.5. No 1-Jrin . J. Cook. W. Gale anger Rhy. I 3 a arms. La Upu. Vew 2-Br.i. 757 it Calif. My to fast 1-1175 Karl so 2-rfi2i Coshun Tion a location. A run. Hon sir trouble oat Lionil by 7-1301 John Grech Tor with on Loti to a fam pm. Fralc. Carpels a prices. J2i.950. Itt Chr. Up Peil Rancho. 7 run. 3 has. Pool. 1 acre. In 7.mi1 in Meadows Sisofo d j Feenstra open 2 to 770 n. Chester Excel. Family 1iomr-i1a.o.w 3-Tvtl. Den Liv. Pm Rtin. In Arn. Jhenry by Emily Stedfield by s-b5s3 realtor so -5 sat., Sun. 947 n. Los Robles. 4 on r-3 very for kure or Kneat i jsl7e i wis Fri a ski 3-Uath ii Oak Ina. A Mil r room. It. I Iafet in Home r income for lady 1y by very neat 2 in plus real Rccrea-1 on pm. Sink Pool table. Kha approval. Or. T in n to dial Lillund by 7-1301 John e. At 116 w. Aha. Eft Zinsme to set Sun. From 12 to 5 first offering country club area 3-Br., Den. Firer lace. Sen Dan int pm. 1s Bath. Kex. Court. Lovely Yard. By 1-1211 a Vickon Al 7-s651 at 7-at23 Hux dats deluxe 3-bedroom North fan cab Tel 3 Burnu. 1 family rna Nook Kitchen with latest bit ins. With private e. A. Co. At 7-Oftsi on Sun at Soo i n. I aka st j. Inca of Beauty o t Topmost x s secluded sit. Springs Harf. On up 3-3483 de 9-5372 Evte for Sale new 2500 so. It. House acre lot. 4 . An cetus pm. With connect tank dining area. Raquel floors and fireplace in a mlle room. Carn Ellenp throughout. Baths with Marble pull Ninf. View it no for horse and Pool. All for Only Kirk co. 120 e. Huntington Arcadia i 6-6139 by 5450 Down Sll w. Howard Berra. By 3-. To 1 Block to shop i Lair. Ditroi nirl a Rochill . By. 10.500 s 2 Noo Dean Dill is us John e. R-3, r-4 lots -51j.soo 532.000 st. st 3-297v Stanford co. St 3-8713 on . A a 3 or . Din. Pm. S17v10 it Lar. By Marino 3 b.r., i Baths extra urte rooms. Screened Palfi with fireplace Bullman bbl. Under owner 470 Rubio or. At Down full Price c2s.w. 2-tt.r. N a nil. Bal. Rest fanta be . So n. Marsero Alurac. 5 blooms by 2. Cams a. Slushe. So state Muil sell at Sac acres of Oaks a s10.000. , 13soo Ci. by 4hc57 by Down full Price shown by Appl. Cheaper st. 2 nil . Ottly i7s.50 . Santa Vuk 3y Curyk Vlf. A Arnott. K. Union. By 6 hh4 Arilon Fred Sci i Mac. Stucco. Coral. 3 car ear. I i Ftp Corner Lof. 1 blk. To Unwin i Fri Era. In kit. A bus. Prices for Hisle 51000 in. Or in Blu Crown City to find a one Ivory 4 by. 3 Bath a Den in san Marl no. Under j 50, 000. We have a Clem 42.01x1 san Marino Homes at a Ellini at stucco a Redwood exterior ice. Lot a attached Tarace Iff. Ilver pm. A area Earp ded. Oak Par aunt Al ref tiled Bath. Pirmes. About j5s.07 . Princ. A int. After a close or costs we need Monr Nola up arts for your lot st 5-sm7 important. R-3. Corner of at he first on this duplex Larch a Aviole lot. Fall for reasonable woo Down. Stickl full Price 1 . Pool. A Turtle owner by 6-242.7 Rafael area n flu Fri , Jhel str. 3 by. 2 Larre Bolhs a powder to. Lot in Tiro. Xiv h Trade Stefl. 104a Annandale Linda Vista Down is Lane like rent. 2 by. Tile hath. Of replace. Floor Fern. Dos pm. Patio. 2 car nicely indic ipod. Or Ceil Way ruler to . By 6-30s5 Iii 11 or afire g Ruh really by l06 font Ridge la top. Close in location. Berge at adjacent to vow development . To 1-71s7 Hastings ranch owner ,1220 Al 5-2819 3 1 3j carpets. Den. Ice. Liv pm. A fun. Rm., 1 a serv. Porch. Screened Patio Edwd. F3n. 516.750. Owner Etalia Are. S3.9m. Florence Mccur 3y 3-8137 Sitira Sartre r-3 50x192 room by 3-5595 st 7-4415 Rej Art Alcott Rose Hilli. Ortr. Cull Nufler s . De s-4.ui of Ullh t View will 3 lir. Family pm. In Annar Staile urea. A Ailis. Normandy area. 30 living rm., 20 Dir. Hurma. 3 balls 30 rumpus rm., wlm Mutik Pool. Of Taft Lyjak Jar Ounita. For Appl Call la Canada Valley by Lota of Trees. Miknel Lelent j19.0m. 192 Hau Icom or. Cd. We tin to Moit lot out. Free consultation up Glenn z. Shaw Attr. Hunt Lincton. Monr Al 8-0161 Eves Al. 7-2as it. Al 3-5c97 Price 500 1 Burma. A Glen. 3 Omha. An s31 son r. Cov Jha Down or Trade for income or Tofas 3-Br. Invt. Fen Sun fruit Furrh or Al 2 to 5 3073 Lane real wisc l 2-rr. 4 Den. 3 pod. Attract Velv Rel cart ,6 terms Gladys Miltos by Rury Harbison by of Krin o. Ran Marino Schoola. Modern Ink huh. 3 bed looms. Lana.1. Kaufmann co. St Down to. Int. A prln.-s13.rixl f. P. 3 Cru. 1 t rlrv.re414fl-262fl or pm n. E. Altadena a i is too _ Flajs la go 6r. Gro i i i realtor. 3y 2-2453 income Mountain View Opton Woods i fat buy. 2 us. Jul too. Lire Warren. I Molnr Fly Home. Privacy View rear Sybl Rolf cock Rise 4 Uri. Dan Lynx pm. Neal. La Vlaj hot rvs fall y pm. A Nha peo All rooms open Inlo Garden pm. 150.500. . Realtor 4 paroled Den 701 Charier by 9-1570 cpt., water discord filly Trouve Force Sac Lukei a mrm Home family pm. F quipped Fralc . A Ink. Cur Hutul attn inhere for a Loun ctn in Nurl. Also California 5x 34 Pool. Owner rate act of fail of dared to Lerr Lilc Barcan Price of Only s2.000 in. A. alien realty 333 w. Foothill. Monr. Al buy on rental basis 3 by i stiff it inf. A reduced o s12.09a it i5p5 Fly p it Ilam Kis own Home fire pure. Unique family pm of Only is n.9.1 d. I hone for Appl. Ufler Kri Kwlly it. 1 he . 3 .4 int. Loc. New s5i.800 Anki tart realty j5y wet ii ask ofifekv00 David Thompson we e. Doud co. 9y.v3i35 Sil 2 Bath open sot., Sun. 11-5 . owner urea Pool. Sale needed wa1.twk by Hale pcs shools. 2 or. He run Cal Alnela. In Miller Hes. So Otto realty by by owner 12-yr-Olrt, 3-11.11. Center Liall plan. Lireet. Fenced Micely shaped. Car rotted a Draper. Mint Nulek asking ror ice a mlle to by. 4m-Ba. Den. A let null 3. Temple City 10 old. 15.3ft return. broker. M owner 2 1 . Lot ii Oziri. for 1 Sis 000 Elf up jltl_153. If. 2 Story 3 Hli Oen by 2-s7si Cliff do. 3 a. Family pm Pool-h5.300. Reaford b. Blaney. So suite 1350 in it. Rouart Kir. Air part Lair. Am xxx Altum. If 2-37flt Sion on. S70 to. Or. Fain Oaks a Otakak clan 17-yr. Liwra. By neck. Not. Mit Rafael Helnn with View of Joni it. Vallur. Hpht5 1 hurl Ronot. Down Codei Seitle Quail Ltd Knuth fit Anni Vilare Golf Clugh. Sun entry rear to Tnp room. 3 2 Haloj. Freih Nelums. a Ftp lab. Klement Arv so two. S500 Down. In vent j03. Into. Orinc. Int. Taxes of .v73a9 evra. To r-4 lot. 76x50 a rom Lurco a. 1 blk. Colo. 5y or Rinde Karl m. Turria Muiir. In miss out Chatt Nikci 3-. Rancid. 2 a . 1ieat. Carpets. Reat Toh by 0-1125 Den unit 12t.500 Harble rally. By 9-1 its Sodalh tit tint sophisticated modern ranch has one of Thoie rear Liv. Rooms Ullh frolic. Beji Merl eel a ice. Window. Own Monrovia realty Mart w. Fri Twil Monr. Al b-5ji1 605 e Al i by crib ice fixer upper into 8y clean 2 by. Home. Be n tuft cd a trots st re it f r of of Hal school Down us Tymu. Owner will 150 nor nays cd Molnr. Or family Home. 5 in. Family nn., 2 , Pilto. 120.000. 2401 Catheline lid. Owner. 7-44s3 want a Rood buy i to 4 sat., sunday 1j05 Oneonta Knou h blk. S. Of Blunt Lincton. G. Irom Fremont 3 berms. Family room Bath., a Lilac Retro Dan Lar run. Built in Range a oven Byrrh Rab Fenerd Pool play Iea a Nullo. Walk 11 to. A Nardena Ichona. Ii old or Orick ii ale. 13e.3to. Terra. Fiak sys build c. Trask a Ltd. 6y unlit he pm. If Lar Skwiva now fab Vou to Liq 1o sell family Llama a Mcculty Mcfarlane by my Liat with flick a 4uick 170 k. Warnol Sty 3-Br, 2-Ba., Tiv. Pm. But Lna ram. Rm., Al replace. Kitchen to Scollon. Sjo ranch 3-b.r. T try or Nijiu Are. Al s-m31 pupi.e34. 2-Br. A. E. Trade for n-3 lot. Bar. Rev a fibrils. In w mme lot. Iij.7m Al Faller. By b-76s7 have buyers waiting for 1 it 3 her Nam Nomra by Villa ataur Annie half club. 4 mama. 3 Bali. Up 3 . Haina. Iid try blown. 1iux6 Tim pull pm. Open. In harm Lynx. Pitlo. 3 car Sec Hanneli by 7-m06 in rail Wooin a . Yra. Ill lot a Julio 8mau in. By owner. By 1j604. Still. Ranck 5 Bra. Pm. Bill Lna. Pool. Estate blk. Newer Homer inlay his. It Era to f of ruin. Ranch vheh., Utility Era s.rdrnai., 3 sat i. Darth pm 17 Frau Tran. Oak irn 3 Morrab his a lick pm. Tar. Custom Brykk walk.1. Stul Jwj k. Sonar wan Tel to fell 2. M r-2 lot 3x175. Bolh vacant. Vat formerly re need to. Soffit Nln Kwh Slavi i my it Atka of err. Al. Or Ulnic. K. P. Yoeu 8y by Wii. . Down Lncoln nil. New 3-Hh. 2-tt. Ichill. U in her. . N. . By of i jigs. 81f my hawaiian. 4-Br. Fam 1 Fly by twi Iii svs wit , j huh five room by div Vii Wallic or 1 fill Wiir if Stoity raft. Rna Refl it , in. Lieut i Tiv nor. Re lot Enki it Wolnllr-4 . 110.000. Asl. We tajik ii sit 4 , by Fly i. A. A. Liv. Rni., a fax rom pm ll4.sivi. Jew Rizya Krui 7u 8v tie. Pull Sii Nili Termi bed Lut Toyal a Fol Alo Norli tort put Jjo us. Allf j

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