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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 15, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaFast Cash for your car through an Independent and Star news classified and fallout at new cars running out of our ears must unload Haven t got the space. The customer is King write your own ticket Low As 99 delivers any new 62 Ford 62 Falcon to. I 51767 i Down 2222 2-door to. Ullh Norma 62 Ford a ton pickup to. With Normal Down 62 Galax. 2-dr. Fly. Hdfp., to. Ivha Down Price 50 Low As Ali Ionuti full Tower delivers any used car 57 Chev v-8 4-door, automatic 59 Ford is radio healer. Aulo. A f 59 Ford Sll 500 club Victoria v h v automatic radio la racer a Rotter St Erin 59 to Bird Hardtop 60 Ford fully equipped 56 Pontiac Calalina Hardtop m 59 Ford station Wagon in s loader with 57 Renault runs like a 62 30 Mallrs to if 57 Ford 4-dr. Country Sedan automatic radio. Lea Sci Chrys. New yorker Hardtop 4-dr. Country Sedon automatic Heater 2-tone nine and Buckel seals. Full i nivre. Full a dream boat 61 Ford Lolion Wagon Ridlon Heater i Ailin Mylic 61 Ford Fairlane 2-dr. Radio Heater overdrive sales tax and Mcwenie. Tith Normal Down Bilane of Down payment Ina contract financed on approved credit. Bill Kellas Ford of 10 s. Arroyo Parkway Pasadena by 5-0484 my 1-3441 my 1-2511 february 15, 1962 wagons k big selection k Low prices 61 Lancer 4-dr. Station Wagon judo it Rater Josh sultor. Auto is tic t Jar be on j Iblis l Blue like new every was 60 valiant station Wagon Halo healer Fleer i Iii Button idiomatic Fllori Beautiful Robin s Ega i11 Kim Tjia it like new v-8 custom Wagon factory air conditioning automatic re Rel jn.1 Heater. Ponce a Fine Aulii Diblle 58 Chev. 9-passenger Wagon had in. Homer automatic trans Beauty 59 Chev. 9-passenger, Wagon like gorgeous in every detail lots o e 59 4-dr. V-8 Wagon radio automatic iranjn.15 rower Beer lip Power Bra tots of Dodge station Wagon Harllon Heater nah butori aim malic transmission Power steer ing Power brakes. Ford j custom ranch Wagon i radio Heater alack shift. 58 Chev. Nomad Wagon Virlio a Heater automatic trans Lusion. Power ii crier rakes. See. Str compare. Dodge 6-Cyl. Station Wagon radio healer. 55 Ford v-8 i station Wagon radio healed. Stick shift. Plymouth station Wagon a Natlo healer automatic 60 Ford 6-Cyl. Station Wagon radio h Rater automatic trans. 59 Chev. V-8 6-passenger Wagon part Fri Heater Power steer inc automatic transmission. Lite rms Are no problem since carry our own con races is we que motors or tee and trucks 1040 e. Colorado St 2-Filiri of proc 7 at org to. Take old car equity at 7-96si. Or. Chevrolet Chevrolet Al Camino 59 Kadlo f. Ileater Tower a mlle Lull Vinyl Inte Colliau Fici l Kadlo f. Ileater stick shift. Tower All while mlle Lull Vinyl Interior. Chevrolet can or. Coosa. Nir. Mit Many Transi or Tatios car. To Chuse from. All 1n Cood Elf i cowl. Krum itto to s395. Johnny Nolan cnlnrano_______5x. For Sale imported cars Renault Toi Sale imported cars Renault Chev. Is ski. Aib a Ftp. Iii. Pay 5m on a we . Air amok i its. A Mii leaving ror Kirin be. Luat a acre Hardtop of invt full Power Iran. In perfect . At -2.1il7 n if. . Or five Chov. Is Rita key 61. Ramr 4 . Only it Fol Miles on 371 cd. In. Trip Istl k. Loward. Does it again Brand new 1962 Renault Caravell conv. Only 2 left 1962 Renault Dauphine White top by 5-2611. Hal. Beaul. To nil. New tired. St5 town. N75 y. . By i Chov. 57" he cock. Re inf. Tnz., new Nylon close ratio my. Musi nil. This Cir per feet. Verv Cood tires orc Echt Prev very Nice . 5275 Al. Camino new motor Slick so Ltd clean. Cd 3-1111 l ii a lilo., clean the. I . Lowi him win. Temple City 11 Chov m 2 dlr. Soj. Rarallo is. Nelv nov after s93i5 at Sis to. Tare of car few 1-9b5i. Nir. C Llev. Auto trans. Pain. R h ele. Real clean Citko. Kip Speer real Olorf cond. I by Nir. I Cilev Auto new taint. Verv a Bur cd 0-7372 c11e v is. Make offer stick at i inv m Impala conv. A Hartr. Mii to Down tax License Trade for any car motorcycle or bicycle Milne Bros 2000 e. Colorado by s-9785 Halls Oldsmobile you judge the appearance we guarantee the Condilis value whal Bylue Well. It s not merely a in used car. It must live mechanical act whom Leal Tram Portal ton. Tie fall . We have exactly values in stir wide 5elfdlon or Flor used cum. Inv if you to raid lest Liny one of Thi 55 Ford 1 door is Meek Lea Ltd. Arete inter. Hum Lor thai. Kld765 55 Olds sup. 88 Holiday Sedan Beaul. Lom fun Isle. By Virji. T healer 56 Olds 88 2 or. Custom full Vinyl Mack incr Lar. Custom Tnp Nellc finish a Lyrta. Radio lira scr. Wow. Save to Dav. Wud301j. 57 bu1ck Riv. . Power diet Rurik a brakes. Mariln a Heater Irish lmjiw3si a real Aleal Chev Bel air 4 Fin. Is. Auto to. Waw. 2-tor.e int. 58 Ford convert. Full Power inel. A Nikon. Windows it Lent. Korrol. A. Tyllo. Henter. Flawless Black Fin Sii while full Vinyl int. Kla03-2 of 59 plym. Fury a us o. Iran. Raillo i Rater 57 Landau . An to trans., Pou i a Alee rank a . A endows a Seal. Hydra., radio Heater wow stunning Rucks or finish Matcine full a rather in err. Thl is a Ikon s in Neil 59 rambler Cust. Slick . Heeler w5w. Blue. Till is snm665j. 60 Chev. Impala Hardtop Alpine u-hl1r Fin. Lib. Pirr be Erly it irnns., radio Heniff wow. In Foo. Halls Oldsmobile 5420 n. F1gueroa cd 7-4326. Garage 10 Dawlie 4-dr. Ill Auto Irani us Wilcon 2-door. Al 005. Johnny Nolan Colern by Ord 56 of Alnola Cluj 1 13 n s. Laili i ii in Powei while Walls. Of Neil full Price. At _ _ a Eilder a Ernecl compact car. 2 tone i Interior. Renckly to fid. Only is i Ahtman at a i 701 k. Main a1.iiambha brakes x steer inc tire a. Yours for Over 9 remaining a. At j76 Mosy s-53m eve. _ fort sit ils Nikop is. Auto. I1. Sleer., Sharp White Foj Nesli. Most. Can carry our own Contr Al. S-25a7 act. Per. Or. T Cudo. Jet la perfect come. Pm. Pay i j1-t1is Fairlane private Narv. Ill 7-Sidl or Ite it 6i3j n1. Temple Colv it we will arrange per non. Imit n. Fair Oaks. Aluir a for by Moraila. Ford is 2 ill. 6 Good tires. I Rev. Ply. J100. My 2-in j2 Ford in. U96 at 51s to take Oil car _ or at 7-Ufisl. Tler. For d a tar. Ford. Bair 51364 at to. Old car _ Tor _ Foft s9 4 if. Vijto trans. 11 to. .000 my. Go. S1050. Ramiv new Seal covers to Ulrea. Very cd 3-j7s1 Interior Chrome a Mixell re . Trar.i., per. To Ftp Sac. Q-s7s7 aft. O3td 6v galax1f. .r7h. Per. Air. At Brakea. Auto trans Ntoni _jj2.000 . Ford 59 Sedan r transp notation its up s 210g e. Colorado relic ill end lie. Fonn so s cd Nick . To i _ Syb a Koran convert late. New too private pts. At h. Jim. Or. Ply. By 9-Yai Ford 1010 j3co. 2is3 n. Yoko 55 4 or. Slick. Rand. _ _ 55 conv. Auto mir.-. Tim Rel n. Sya-m71 m3 Lincoln Lincoln Continental 1961 no Cash involved except License. Takeover Bank of America pants. Is 89 month for 33 Mot private Call after 6 . Or 2-4948 reprocessed Coll rental 60 4-ilr. Full Power take Over a i. Payments of semimonthly with approved Eola ertl. Ask credit mfr. Valley Aulo storage. Of w. At 9-3731 s2ii 7 Al car 7-Ssgi. Or Uno. T60 f Rem. Hal Al Moom car u y a t 7-96si. Dlr. Mar curve. Door Sar Rafiee s1550. By 0-261fi Sil. Me Coit Wetty. Min. A Suritt bal Flat it Rao. Taki Ca i o r a ult dlr Al dip. A amt of i a. I cup. Augun by Vilski to Lumo o ear for Nulty. At dlr. Kro. A3 Voll in metiomlit4h Lite is 5m 3s1 w. Atenci. Monza Speed kilo. Healer uth. Leon Kingsley 3 k. Colorado 3-3151 . I take Over Pav Benu. Or a.003? Ous Moisiu reprocessed. F-85 Odds Tea nirm Fawn my l in Rotor Wolti ital Klyr Interior full iilua1 Sciver Beer rank it in Raki take Over Paymen a of weekly Ion Ullh Normal Down. Cal credit slur. Monterey storage e. Harvey Monterey i ask i at 0-9451 factory air Croudu Koneci. _ _ brakes win Down. Aulo Liin Jpn radio Excel cond. Kit 8-7iao interested car. 9-s3 to 9-s3s1 Dav or kve3. K any dam Auto Tana. Hladk Heater Sharp a Low Elleace s109d full Price. At Imp Lorec. Power of Ikea. Iii Al i 01.ds i76. E. Nl7 Olds is Khmer eni Talpt air cd till 5125. Cd Rofi-.9s. Full Dower. R la exc cond. 13eil olfet_atjrb773 Packard Packard Coli k Good cond _ _ i 7-1039 Kves i a cd.3g Clamp a 120 sed. Re stored. G Clamp a Plymouth bil17mkad Plymouth count House. 220 so san Coli blvd . Ply. Pontiac v 60 Pontiac Bonneville conv. Leon Kingsley ins n. Cry Londin by 3-.1 of Lac icon veh rumble Orul Nal comp Ete. Semi restored offer. Don ton. 1 Call i. So your dealer Pontiac a tempest Ner font Lac 270 n. My ihsi6 .13. 1-Jr. Al comi Cali. See or. Zymm Errann or Murry Apt a. 110 v. Oreen. Pon t Ftp conv tove1 luxury rur Only s169-f la aim f6nti-vc in Hutn. Ply. At 7-170 i Pontiac 55 Ham top s3 a sail ms7 no 130 inn. Take fill car for est tyly a i 7-Ugfil, dlr. Legaj advertising guarantee you la get a ten guarantee on a late Model car. Our 31 year reputation has been built on a conscientious pro Gram of reconditioning our Good used cars. 61 rambler classic or. Station a Hladlo Heftler automatic 5 Cal. 100% written guarantee 60 Chev. Tiki. Ain Hullo. Healer. Tito Milec a Power Iti. 100% written guarantee 60 valiant 4-Nnort. Ridlon. Hlr., ill Inlang. 100% written guarantee 59 Ford. Retractable convert. In Len. Utom Nolc it Power in 58 Ford 4-Dooil. No Rollo Heater. 100% written guarantee 56 55 station i agon jail to or. Aulo. Orrin Fox and Limo truck to Khz a 2345 e. Colorado by 5-8851 my 1-424ij open Kves. Sunday Studebaker sail a Chook to ship and Hitke too Cibb meet he hulks the to Ierien Ilent. I two Tuckel. At the hox office for Frank Only Iralli. Sj2 i intr. Arcadia. At the United artist a theatre 606 ens color Ildri blvd. Pasar Leni. Pleass bring clipping of i i u0b floor sed with healer Auto trans. Hray finish while Wall Lutes Etc. A. Al Only 30s Lull Price. Etc Tom Sherlock motors tue Beaker Lark mercedies i3enz jiu.1 main St. Alhambra port r5r fat gel Climpton healer 5160 _ ___cilj_3 3g_7_ft Hawk. Anto Rah Tower. Consil or Trade. Ill 6-5760 Ower. Tav s5olull Barranca to fit your Hurt ret. Or. Helget Tower my 1-2su thunderbird 130? w. Bi-vd., a m Bra at a Wrt full nor. Air in nil. Black leather a Liol. Beat fiffer. Pray. Party. My valiant miss Smith will be glad to assist you with any Legal advertising including filing with county recorder front counter 525 e. Colorado blvd for Sale Oldsmobile for Salt Oldsmobile Chrysler 61 Chrysler 300-g nil. Hardtop original thru out . Interior am Power features air Only for Thi Man who the Lees Chry. 60 Niy. Sed. Lukl new lit e. Alia Ali St r. Lai Tunis t 7.87h Chrysler Imperial Coupe fully factors Condillo Nln in Leon Kingsley e. Plat Otler luxury exl Rax. A or oily s16v9. Kat Lauaki Max Lily fld Cir a o 55 Ladart. Aulo., Rah. K an Ort Lizul one. Owner Cir. Can ferry our own conf Flcik clearance All usen and new 1961 Olds Loas fully equipped full Price f-85s 885 super 881 98i Many Ullh Hydra Matic Power steering radio Power brakes Heater Power seats Rill Many factory air conditioning f-83-Slock no. Iso Low Low prices fair Trade in allowances Halls Oldsmobile 2 locations -5420 n. Figueroa cd a to ave. 3i 2 blocks to a. F1gueroa and 5100 n. Figueroa cd 5-5164 1 valiant set. Cps. Auto Matic radio Lily. Bar. I Jet new. Pay j50 on Oki. We Wii. A Rancik pets. To kit your budget. Nir. My 1o511 Anlo mobiles for Sale Henderson 1962 Oldsmobile ratable is top Trade in allowances big discounts Tocash buyers shop around and before you do buy any new car. At Henderson motors 333e.huntingtondf. In Arcadia 5 blk East of Santa Anita race track on Hunting Lon or in Arcadia 0-5201 rambler i 6-5209 used car Dpi. I 6-5207 1st in service

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