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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 15, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaBirthday a variety of truly delectable Rudy part foods fresh daily from our immaculate 1 1 f kitchens salads Bof i Gelatin and mixed types. Dips pizza i Spaghetti enchiladas and a world of cheeses and cold cuts unconditionally guaranteed the other 7 i Golden own i Premium Matso fresh bakery Tomou Var or tt7 r farm huh Novin Savici. Are., Adauf foods j a Nooci own Saul act pizza 3 i health Cole Slaw Macaroni for with Chothi 1 with Sale fall Iii one of i the nol Anjou to shop at farm fresh produce pears 10 fresh firm my f cabbage 4 Florida Ruby red of Grapefruit 10. Shop at finest Frozen foods tto Sarita Frozen mexican foods cocktail combination plate 5.oi. 39f beef enchilada dinner 6r mexican dinner tuna pie Chicken of fish Sticks .4.fishermen. Frozen ice Cream Ralphs coid in i ilium Wei to Youir rim Veniua ice chum with Maraschino Chealit health and Beauty aids buffering Jergens lotion to shop at Macaroni cheese sliced Sandwich . No. Cooked Wisconsin cheddarcheese5v _ in Pillsbury 2 Blue Bonnet grand taste Salami chubs 49 Kraft sliced cheese Ameil Cah. Hytmo chef n icon Loz. To shop at our own fresh bakery Lemon custard Gold cake figure 8 Date Oatmeal Coffee cake 3s bread household needs kleenex on Fulvina 900 liquid food supplement vani1ia 01 Cho Coiar i-01. 4 pack facial tissue 5 Wax paper Kitchen Charm. Towt in 2 33 12 toilet tissue . Three 4 Roll packs i cat food Chice chopped kidney 2 add tax to taxable items. Prices effective thursday thru sunday february 15, 16, 17 18 e. Foothill blvd. Open 9-10 daily Sun san Gabriel Oak Santa Anita or. Open 9-10 daily Sun la foothill blvd. Open 9-10 9-9 Sun i Toay. Tiru Aviv 14. My Thi . Thursday rib Kahy i i i ducks really dog ged Dpi photo he s no French 13, looks on As her Dachshund Tina a pair of Young ducks named Joe Ond Josephine. Tina adopted the ducks when they were brought to the fre Nch House in Topeka kan., recently As Pels. The Dachshund which in t much bigger than they Are supervises All the ducks activities and keeps them out of trouble. Romney bid stirs citizenship Issue automaker s Birllie in Mexico Clouds presidential question Washington two Brj Var Dof input words in the . Constitution Are coming up for increasing discussion As he name of George w. Romney figures in presidential talk or 1961. The Constitution requires a resident to he a natural Orn citizen of this country. Docs automaker Romney who Vas born in Mexico of Amer can parents fill this Bill Romney himself says he Oes not know. Some of the Iest constitutional authorities eel that if the people should elect Romney president no of government would raise any Issue about it. Romney h a s been Moncri a dvrs such Republican former president Dwight d. Eisenhower and ormer vice president Richard Nixon As a Likely Prospect or the cop presidential Nom nation in 1964. to Mexico Romney s grandparents i Rater from the United states o Mexico in j886 to escape that they considered political persecution of themselves and thurs of their mormon Faith. Heir son Gaskell was i l at he time of the migration. George Romney was born Ulys 1909, in Chihuahua to Gaskell and his wife the for Mer Anna Pratt. She like Gas Tell had been bom in the United states. In 1914, the Pancho Villa forced the Romney and other mormon colonists Back to the United slates. Article to of the . Con dilution contains a paragraph aying no person except a natural born citizen or a Citi in of the United slates at the Ime of the adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible o the office of president neither shall any person be Eli Gible to that office who shall lot have attained to the age if 35 years and been 14 years resident within the United Sestie never decided just what docs natural Lorn mean tie courts have never said. The federalist papers which often throw ight on what the founding athers had in mind Are icly in this regard. It is certain that a foreign citizen is not eligible for the residency. It also is certain hat a person born abroad of foreign parents but later naturalized is also ineligible. But Many hold that a person born abroad of american parents is a natural born . Citizen. Since the courts have never ruled the Justice department Las no comment. But officials Here Call attention to a pass age in a Book the president a Fife and by prof Edward s. Corwin. He writes that if the Ameri can people Ever should choose Lor president a person born abroad of american parents it is highly improbable Ilia any other constitutional Agency would venture to Challenge their belief sup ported by Tho fact that i Hoover s title to the preside no. Was not challenger although he had not Hcan 14 years it resident of United state immediately preceding his asumption of residence unquestioned Herbert Hoover had been out f the country on International Olief work much of the time during world War i and the postwar years. To 1928, the exact mean no of the 14-year residence requirement had been a matter if dispute. However the 1028 election is widely considered to Lave settled that it docs not mean a Man must have lived n this country continuously tiring the 14 years prior to aking office. The natural born ques Ion has come up before. Itas raised in 1949 when upon tie election of Franklin d. Roosevelt jr., to the House Here was some talk that he Light one Day follow his Ather s footsteps to the White Louse. For Tho younger was in Campobello n c w Brunswick while his parents Ere vacationing there. Scout Hunt advocated by Ribicoff new welfare Secretary Abraham a. Ribicoff Las called on the boy scout movement to seek out the Chil run of families on Relief and it them into scouting. He spoke at the annual boy scout construction Industry we have encouraged the tates to give these children and their mothers the where Vithal to buy scout uniforms r to pay warfare to scout meetings or the special fees ceded to enjoy the fun of camping and Ribicoff Aid. We have done this because c know that boys and girls need to go to ish and play and learn with thers. Now you must reach out into the slums and deprived areas of this and other cities and find the children who need you. This is your of. Find these boys and girls. Search them out eagerly. Help us renew their spirits help us open the doors of Opportunity. Rid them of at least part of the terrible deprive ions of the slums. See that hey have the Chance to Par take so 47.7 million pupils in schools of . Washington up a record 47.7 million americans were enrolled in schools of All Levels last autumn. The census Bureau reported rial counting persons 5 to 34 years old this enrolment was up 21 per cent from Tho 30.4 million in

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