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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 13, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaOpinion Page the Independent february 13, 1958, Page 18 officer arrest him tried to pay his Way in the land of the free Load the Man who wants to pay his Way is wicked. Of All the strange fancies flickering across the television screen none is As strange As the real life performance now being put on by the Industry itself. Television weeping for itself in Washington wrings its hands Over what it Calls the threat of Competition. It is asking Protection against those wicked toll television people who have the Gall w suggest charging Money for the service they perform. This fee is almost in american were told. This could be a dangerous blow against private Enterprise. For the first time in the history of this nation congressmen Are considering a Law to forbid a direct charge for a direct service. And for the first time in history an Industry with a product for which it makes no direct charge is frightened of a potential competitor who plans to charge a fair Price for the product. This is an upside Down situation and the longer you study it the stranger it gets. The people now producing free to say they Are very sure that the Public prefers their free product but in the same breath they beg for a Law that will prevent the pub lic from even trying a competing product. They want Congress to forbid a trial run to Sample Public opinion. They ask this despite the fact that polls on the subject have indicated the Public would at least like to have a look at pay to. In the los Angeles area 52.2 per cent of those questioned said they would pay a fee to see new movies and other Box office features and Only 33.7 per cent indicated they would not be willing to pay. The pay to people say they can sell the Public the kind it has always been willing to pay for at the Box movies major sports events top Broadway musicals and plays and Good musical comic and dramatic Talent. The free to people claim this is dangerous that it might disrupt their Industry that the Public does t really want it anyway and that there ought to be a Law to keep the Public from trying it. Only an Industry fearful that its product is shabby would ask Congress to outlaw a potential competitor. It is frightening to think that Congress right now is actually considering such no pay legislation. Are we approaching the time when it will be criminal to pay for what you want our own coins Are ready for the Slot ready to give the new idea a whirl. What comes out is Only the same old Western with the same old Commer Cial Well look for another Slot. The ballot Box is the world s Best device to get a direct democratic answer. Another democratic device is the Box office. Mark s report inside w4shington Mili ciry pay increase studied Robert s. Allen Washington. The administration s Bill in increase military pay is going to be extensively rewritten in Congress. That appears definitely indicated by backstage developments. A particularly significant instance was the private meeting of the House armed services subcommittee which is handling this Long pending legislation. During a discussion of plans for its consideration committeemen voiced Sharp dissatisfaction with major provisions of the administration s measure. Especially important was the critical attitude of Paul Kilday d., chairman of this key group. The san Antonio Veteran is a leading congressional authority on military pay. He tarries much weight with ills colleagues on this matter. Publicly lie has refrained from commenting on the administration s Bill. But Al this closed door conference Kilday made no secret of his disapproval of it. At one Point he said flatly no Bill with provisions of that kind is going to be reported out by this com Mittee. For one Ranson Tho House would never stand for none of the other committeemen disagreed with Kilday. Following Are principal changes contemplated by ii powerful lawmaker a Rost of living raise if at least 6 per cent for All Active and retired military personnel. The administration measure would give this increase Only to Active personnel after two years service and exclude entirely All retirees. Slash a proposed salary of around for the head of the joint chiefs of staff and other sizable hikes for top ranking commanders. Give Junior officers a bigger pay boost than is in the administration Bill. Under it certain second lieu tenants would receive a raise of less than s1. Junk the administration s far reaching 20-year retirement provision. Under representative Kilday s plans his subcommittee will launch hearings next monday with the aim of pelting the pay Hill before the House by March 15. By sending this Bill to the Senate Well before april 1." Kilday told his colleagues thai should appreciably cup Chile ii consideration there. We want to do everything we can to make certain this pay raise is enacted by Congress this year. It s been hanging fire Long Kilday s views and plans Are authoritatively under stood to be Appi overt by three top democratic leaders of the Sam Rayburn. Tex., floor Leader John Mcconnach. Mass., and Carl Vinson ga., chairman of the full armed services committee. Palaeontologists Don t know Why reptiles took to the Road that turned them into mammals and eventually into science note. Maybe they decided there was t much future in being reptiles. Good will to All we should i slow but at this Type we Halk those who attend a picture show and talk and talk and talk. Ii is probable by ing5 a few people will be saying the Moon is All Rii lit for visiting hut i would t live there if they d give me the ii is rare thai a person listens closely to some one who is telling him is usually thinking up an other joke to retaliate with. Milady s Gonna look like a shaggy vegetable How s the As i see 17---- amused Reader the recent articles in this column in which some readers had attempted to undermine the beliefs of or. Skelley were very amusing to me. Some people and very pos Sibly or. Skelley need this belief in a deity and you can choose your own definition. Whether these people Are fool ing themselves or not is he Side the Point. The Point is these beliefs at present help keep individuals in one piece More than they hinder Prog Ress. Name withheld los Angeles Over production Over production fills our warehouses and leaves the consumer out of work. Why blame big business for Over production they could t Over produce if labor did t willingly let them. The average labourer wants overtime piece work and takes Pride in seeing if he or she can t do their work faster than their fellow workers. And they work themselves out of a Job. Ernest Mineon South Pasadena got up and left i am glad at last to see someone on your paper is Tell ing Pasadena How slow and unconcerned they have been about this bus strike. What is wrong Are people afraid of these unions i have seen Only two complaints in the Independent outside of the articles by your reporter. I am leaving this place and going somewhere where they have some get up and go. A Kearns Pasadena bouquets for series i wish to compliment you on the articles by Ray Dun ran regarding the bus strike. How about putting them on the front Page anything this vital should be where it catches the Eye. F hate to Tell you this but a int of people never get Pasi the front Page. 1 spoke to several people who never saw the articles. Foot sore Pasadena Skelley is. Presley n regard to c. L. Skelley s item re Darrow is. Why does t he gel Back to his bibles and books and leave Presley alone Skelley is Al ways writing things in that column. Some Good and some Lousy. Why Don t you give other people a Chance afraid to . Altadena editorial bouquets congratulations on your editorial concerning censor ship in this morning s edition publicity is an indispensable weapon in the defense of our Freedom. Please keep an Eagle Eye Oil such mailers in Pasadena too especially in the movie Field. Reader Pasadena report on red globes Given Russ Leadabrand sincerely George w. Dunton anybody want to argue from Paris France that i wish it were Paris Kentucky. Your fugitive from Vogue Magazine has left the delights of Spain and the flesh spots of London to per form his occasional duty to the Good ladies of America on what is new in High style and i have a word for you. If you go along with the newest in haul couture from this town you Are going to look so silly that the British expression bloody can be construed As a compliment. The Young have inherited the Earth since the Good Messieurs dior and Jacques Fath joined the feathered choir and they have reverted to 1928, Well before they were born. A Nipper of 22 named Yves St. Laurent re placed dior and there s another child around named Pierre Cardin and another named Rency and what they Are going to do to the matrons i Don t like to think about. For me it s just like being a kid myself for the new stuff seems to Combine equal parts of Clara Bow Early Myrna Loy and space Cadet. I had forgotten How silly extremely Short skirts look on a Dame acid the Dames Are cursing while wearing. A lady who Calls herself a lady can t get out of a Low Slung car without making a spectacle of herself and even the simple chore of sitting on a sofa leaves very Little of the lower Structure to the imagination. This will be known As the Era of the in crossed knee or the legion of decency will Burn a flaming Cross once More. When Milady is standing up straight the skirt hits her right on the dimple of her knee. Being generally tightly gathered around her she might As Well fare Forth in her Girdle unadorned by extras. But if the leg men Are going to have a Field Day the upstairs admirers will silently Slink away. From the hips up Mademoiselle emerges from what seems to be a balloon above an area of one Square mile entered a Block or so South of Huntington drive about Midway Between san Gabriel and Rosemead the objects seemed to be rising slightly and on a Compass heading from North quotes West to Southeast. Plotting the distance on a music map gave us about feet line of sight from our in Europe music is a Trade Telescope. The observed an an Ember which people Gular velocity was 2.3 min on Flom time to time utes of arc per second which which is always glowing. In yields a velocity of 12 feet Amma music is a Bonfire per second at the estimated Francescatti. Distance of feet. Robert Ruark secured to the lady by a Belt under her behind. All around this nonsense is a flock buttons and Bow. The hats remind you of the Early Myrna Loy ice age or at least an awning because they come Down to the shoulders unless they Are a bad copy of a Man s fishing hat. The hair do is All Over the place and i swear on the memory of Hattie Carnegie i never saw such a conglomeration of mess in my born Days. The shoes still have nine Inch heels in the Middle of the sole and ice pick toes. The bunion is Back again in full Flower and i can imagine that the Blue Jay Corn plaster people Are celebrating wildly. As for the dresses there is enough space in the Back of most to accommodate twin Papoose. If the sack is dying perhaps but it is dying hard and Only the fact that the legs emerge can possibly identify the wearer As a woman. You can t see the face for sheep dog hair and you can t see the head for the hat and you can t see the figure for the sack and you get the Odd impression that this is a shaggy vegetable which has Sud Denly sprouted legs. I think we Are in for another reign of horror As the Young gentlemen take Over the old reins and i think that this time the. Ladies themselves will do the screaming. They have grown accustomed to display ing some aspects of the upper form which proclaim them to be girls and also crossing their Knees in Comfort. In advice to the Auto Industry. I will Send a warning. Re design your cars gentlemen and bring Back the old High line with the running Board or you will lose the female customer which you prize so highly. Because a lady cannot get either in or out of a car in the Mode of tomorrow unless the Lap Robe suddenly becomes fashionable again As an adjunct to decorum. News note Reader s recess some of you that saw the red globes of january a 1958 Aren t going to be too Happy with this report by George w. Dunton. But Dunton went to a lot of trouble to compile this in formation and a lot of it came from you. So you re entitled to the news. Brace yourselves. Around 5 knots. The wind dear sir velocity at feet was a few weeks ago i wrote less than 15 knots which is you seeking information con less than 25 feet per second Kerning two red blinking of so we could expect bal jets sighted Over Sierra loons to be Drifting with a Madre on january 8, 195s. Velocity of from 9 feet to 25 your readers have supplied feet per second. The wind me with the information for headings were consistent with which i m grateful to you the Northwest to Southeast and your friends. This info progression of the objects mation was pooled with ours the observed and timed and a Man skilled in this Speed of the objects through Field evaluated it. Here Are the Telescope 12 feet per our conclusions second Are also consistent the simultaneous sighting with this analysis of these two blinking red the action of the red lights objects by groups Here in bore similarities to those Sierra Madre and or. S. On emergency flares seen along South Orange Grove and the highways during Emer Bele Fontayne contain enough agencies. Since the red lights information to locate these As seen through the Iele with reasonable a scope had no appreciable Curacy and to determine the diameter a reasonable guess velocity of the one that cannot be attempted. This passed through our Telescope evaluation seems to be the Field of View. Most reasonable of this Par by triangulation a mini titular sighting mum and maximum Altitude however i do sincerely be was established placing Lieve there Are mane vering these objects Between the Craft of a High order of de two viewing Points. Allow sign and using principles ing for error in estimating Only guessed at in our skies angles this placed the of i further believe these Are jets at soon or 9000 a extra terrestrial in origin proximate Elevation. At about and t am highly in favor of p.m., it is reasonable an open Senate hearing of to assume the objects were the facts. Good old Daze coming Back Lyle w. Nash 1-13 Here s list of possible new tax sources in the order of who will squawk Back when do you really Long for the Good old Days would you like to see Sam and Henry Back on the radio would you enjoy a silent movie again would you like Organ music with your new cinemas would you like to own a car As economical and Long lasting As the Mode a or the Model to would you like to work for 50 cents an hour and yet not trained developed since have a s10.000 mortgage on the october sputnik launch your Home it would be interesting to a know How America really civilization is making feels about the Good old Days inroads in darkest Africa so often mentioned. The Bantu natives it seems Are no longer burdening their one Man in the great offspring with such names As Southwest is doing something the Roll of now about testing the Public s de they Are proudly bestowing sire for a look at an event of civilized names such As 30 years ago. He s Wilbur camera and Clark of the desert inn and if Vou Don t know where that i can t understand the is the whole town of Las be youngster. Christo s will not like you. On feb. Pher von Braun from our file 1938 feb. 13 charging graft and corruption which it is promised will be disclosed by sworn testimo7iy contained in los Angeles Superior court records the citizens protective league representing be tween 800 and 900 san Gabriel residents has started circulation of recall petitions against mayor Albert May and councilman Harold Lange. 1948 feb. Or. John a. Sex son superintendent of Pasa Dena City schools has been named to receive the Arthur Noble medal As the Community s outstanding citizen for the year 19-17. 25 Clark is opening musical stage show newcomers of 192s." yes 192s. A new called Nephew of the army missile scientist wanted to accompany his Uncle on the first space ship to the Moon. There s no prestige in going the very same stars of on the second the original Broadway show Paul Whiteman fill Dorsay Harry Richman. Rudy Valle and Buster be featured. The same costumes thoughts the Man who does not music and jokes Are to be read Good Hooks has no and employed in the 30-year-old Vantage Over the Man who production. If this and the desert gambling spa has been a Leader in sensing what the fun Loving Public can t read them. Twain there Are three things Dif will nation May be ficut to keep a secret to in for a run of old musicals. Suffer an injury to use Lei it is possible to make one these results it is that equal reasonable to assume that destructive these were flares earned Homes dropped h a h along on balloons. From the Ige rents in world War it. It velocity and Compass head Pould leave poisonous Psi. My of the winds at that Al due that would make life in Titue thai night this seems possible on the face of the like a reasonable asumption. Earth. God did not put us Here the velocity of winds at for that purpose. War must 7.00n Pel were reported at be prevented about s.5 feet per second or John w. Bricker. When god wants an important thing done in this world or a wrong righted. He goes about it in a roundabout fashion. He never lets Loose thunderbolts nor stirs up earthquakes. He simply has a tiny baby an Mcgarth publisher Bernard j. Ridder editor m. Merriman associate editor a. G. Sumner Mana inc editor Arnold Huss business manager h. Williams advertising mar. S. L. Hayward wire services untied press inter National news service. Uni fax photos. Associated press a War photo. City news service. National advert Sec rent Csenka Tulve bidder Johns. Inc. Los an Eeles. San fran Loco new York. Chicaro. Detroit. Minneapolis. St Paul. This trend might not be totally bad. Many a Good old movie has made the rounds several times great books vie never Lack readers old today s trends in fashions return from time to time the sack Dressi. And old personal pos sessions seem to grow in esteem As the years Roll on. Talk random thoughts Don t you think it May be rather pathetic that our nation s prestige May rest on our being the first to Send a Man to the Moon a Cor respondent Points out that an Eastern Pat group is work ing on a life and death prob Lem of unwrapped balloons on store counters sen. Chas. K. Potter a Mich says Why appropriate Money 10 train scientists when we already have 96 senators and representatives who con Sider themselves scientific one of them better health child convulsions not necessarily dangerous by or. C. A. Dean it is a terrifying thing for a Parent to witness his child having a convulsive seizure sometimes called a the appearance of such a spell gives the impression that damage to the child s brain or another Organ such As heart must be happening. It is important for every Parent to know the Cance. Of convulsions in Case his child becomes a victim. Many years ago it was Felt thai convulsions being dra malic As they Are must cause brain damage but in re cent years the general Opin Ion has changed. It was found that most convulsive seizures end spontaneously and leave no defect. If any serious damage is found in the child it is prob ably due to the cause of the convulsion and not to the convulsion itself. Recent work has shown a possible exception to this Rule namely that if a convulsion is Al Lowed to persist for a Long Lime some damage might re sult. The causes of convulsions in children Are Many. The most frequent cause in the latter part of infancy and in Early childhood is an acute infection especially one associated with a High fever. If no infection or fever is present shortly before the at tack disorders such As head injury poisoning with some drug or agent such As allergy epilepsy Low blood sugar and Letany Are consid ered. Wilh convulsions due to infection and High fever the usual treatment prescribed by the family doctor is Seda Tion and lowering of the elevated body temperature. If a child suffers a convulsive seizure for the first time a Parent has the right to be upset momentarily. After the family doctor or paediatrician examines and observes the child a while to usually finds that no damage has occurred to the child in any Way kor or. De jugs new Hui. Page medical Hook Senri 25 cents in Coin do stumps care of this newspaper. George m. I am always interested in Reading details of the great races run by the athletes who have competed at the olym Pic games. In any race training and condition count. The unfit have to quit. No Road is smooth All the Way. Every contest Lias its hardships. The Clouds must compete with the Sun fire with water health with sick with failure. But if you Are determined of the Battle is already won. Just remember that every Effort of will and work Means Progress. I awoke one morning last summer in my tent on the shores of a Beautiful Lake. It was cold and dark. The Clouds covered every Inch of the sky. But soon a Little Blue spot peeped from parting Vapours and before Many hours All the sky was Clear and the Day was one of perfect Beauty. That is the Way of the world. Tears do not flow for Ever. Dawn and darkness work in relays. You cannot appreciate winning until you have thoroughly experienced failure. If you re alive the Conlest is never Over. There Are Al ways fresh trim plus for you in some some time

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