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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaTuesday. Hike at 11. Just in the family women three snacks a Day on teen menu hot Coffee cools feminine feuds Virginia Kay Don t you Lave it when 10. I should think by now readers jump in with warm she d know what j am allowed hearted response to another s to do or not allowed to. But she never gets Iver trying. This makes me feel bad inv aim makes of me then when 1 can do just what she wants. She says my folks Are too strict problem bore is a grand Mother with some Fine advice for1 a temper was making her in popular with neighbors. Dearest Friend. Vir Ginia can a grandmother have a soy in this matter to dear unpopular i can in and i la never anywhere the Way 1 do things. I m afraid we can t be de stand this Young woman s chums much longer this Way. And. This can become Slit says i could go to the a serious matter unless at tended to right away. It Ere i is n feeling of being unwanted which is a Root of to behind this hot temper is a person. 1 am sure she says sometimes and not and As for the children they let them know please ans movies sometimes and pre tend to my mom and dad that i m out with her and her parents or grown sister. If my mom and dad Are being too strict am 1 wrong if i do As All fight and that will Al work out if she will is Oil uni --.hi-, Riu Rinir a to a t Sie c. Obert head Public breakfast and them who mid morn l to 3 b the w health department. Thuv mkt at drug stores to snack and they go to Uri veins after movie dates and consume soft drinks cookies and Candy. To snacks the nutritionists say with a Are yet another Side of the problem. The whole conclusion is that the Quality of snacks May a critical role in determining the nutritive value of the percentage Wise this kind of thing works out to 5s per cent undesirable snacks at College level. Junior High and senior High students included in the boys and girls tabulated Are pretty evenly balanced with 51 per cent and 19 per cent totalled on the Black and White sides of the Ledger for the sub teens and the reverse percentages in the older group. Sign iric Axt sidelight was that it did t seem to matter a bit whether the adolescents had gotten up in _ time for breakfast so far As their snack pattern went. In dedication of a nurses a sex dial study of lounge will take place Friday Schoot pupils 60 had no at methodist Hospital in a them Fla curing a Tea to beheld compensated with mid morn pm. By the worn ing nibbles. On the other in s auxiliary which provided hand 231 ate breakfast and. Furnishings for the new lounge. Or of them had Charles Trowbrdge snacks too. Just no account a silent of the woman s so ing for tastes and their of Christian frequency apparently. Doughnuts and pie were will Ohio Date at lne the two top favourites named indication by the Junior High crowd Walier Flo Effill or i while senior High and col lege students preferred cof administrator mrs Hoefflin and mrs. Gerald Kennedy wife j j fee and ple and and the Bishop of the methodist j. Doughnuts respect ively. Overall Leader As favorite Between meal food was Rich baked goods edging out milk and milk pro ducts. Church will be among honoured tests. Delta Gamma juniors election meeting will be held by Delta Gamma Junior Between mean piecing at o clock at the averaged out to three snack of mrs in arcs Paimer Over the usual three j1970 Rosemont ave. Square meals provided by parents. High schooners managed to make that three and a half extra meals a Day. A figure that won t Surprise mothers who be looked in vain in the i refrigerator for something j they expected to have for supper. Difficulties. And ask neighbors if ill the future when a mis understanding comes up will each come Awny to the one involved Antl have it out. A you know they say that men make most of their big deals with hard customers Over a cup of Coffee or meal. So do the same with a Tanto if you allow it. Voter neighbors. Make cookies Why not try to be ii Ito. Or what she might Lead the Flowers and hearts on frocks and in baskets spell san Gabriel woman s club juniors annual fashion show wednesday to Forrest Taylor left and William Gough chairman of event. Proceeds from Benefit which will be held at 8 . In clubhouse will go to Lincoln school for special training classes in san Gabriel. South Pasadena juniors schedule husbands night boys Republic auxiliary to Honor associates children hosts and have your children pass stronger member of your lit them out to the meanest kids what you can to. In the Block. 1 did not want make her see that your Way South Pasadena woman a charge of the pot Luck supper Pone that word meanest to sound so is the right one. It you can t club juniors will hold its an is my k Richard Fowler and Vic Ivy a a Juliu plump succeed you will know that in charge of decorations mrs hard. But i mean ones that make trouble. If this does t work i la go Back to my knitting. Vir Ginia. But i la bet she will have More bees b u z around for More of that cof fee and cookies All my love to you Virginia and May in popular become grandma of d hard As it will seem to Vou Nual husbands night party. The time has come to of arts at the Host Friend Bond Arul t o clock at the clubhouse. I move on of find friends who Jil s William Denston club Ben Partch. I at Tea today i Board of trustees. Boys Nanri j girls Aid society will give an non members and friends speakers will be Frank a annual Tea from to 6 . Who assisted Pasadena director of boys at five Alta hrs does heat Iblis at i talk cur Dena. Mel annual sales1 rent developments at the the children who have in semiannual Trimma e sates q their respective teachers., this past year will be c Comisi trustee and principals sunday school trained today at 2 . At juvenile court and ministers to the open meeting and Tea in topic is a new wil1 8reet the guests Marino woman s club. Jat old "p0" arrival. Pouring will be Mes. Charles h. Hermann jr., president of the Board of trus uses Edgar t. Howes Edward s. Grahamjr. And Richard the Heimann. Mrs. Harold c. Sim-1 pastries and of cookies ? j fund raising projects and plans for helping handicapped new officers of group elected with mrs. Is general chairman. Bakery 780 l Colorado by 6-9119 foothill Rosemead cent i Al 5-3353 will be More in with your ideals. I to sympathy in drama chairman and chair i Man of he evening announces that the program will music problems want include live posed re product Ime Oti a record by an a Lions of four famous paintings live grandmother who has with some of the husbands Nice records brought he reaching As subjects. Walter from the East but no player Askin Alta Kilts Suzanna for them. She offers to use Guevara Mueller and Harold which irs. E. ,1. O. Paloma hem to entertain some of lie Vaughn South Pasadena Art Burcet was anxious to Start grandmothers if she can of its will exhibit some of their of. Women Between -10-Po. Tain record Call by paintings. Art work by my must be rolling by now i be 4.9136. Husbands nil been Man log out the Paloma wanted information about Iron win also he on address like mad. Happy play any Small Eroll o Acrivi Amateur musicians. A Datigh-1 Usta in s and today s pattern that Bridge club ing ladies night a was Means project is under the direction of mrs. John Forman ways and Means chairman. Co chairmen in escrow panel due Ter is anxious to find such a dear miss Kay i m 14 Little organization for the Sake and my girl chum is the same of her lonely father age. We have gone to school for together since we were in 5th note to mrs. Mrs. Grade and have always Lieen Powell has. Turned Over Cus i Best friends Todia ship of the column. The trouble is she s allow wheelchair Pool to the won a cart to do things i m not. She ens auxiliary of the voter can go to the movies Oil Fri ans of the purple we Day or saturday nights with will print details As soon as1 r out a grown up. She can Wear we receive them. In the mean Louise Crew assistant any make up she wants to. Time you can Telephone and escrow manager at and she can have a steady Flaucher. President of the or boy Friend. A animation. For a loan of one company Pasadena Mam of she is always wanting me of the chairs. Better clip and Elf c we he Moderator for a to do something or go some save mrs. Flaucher s Tele workshop panel program on where that i m not allowed phone 4-g921. Challenges of the escrow business at the bimonthly. Ime Eling of National Asencia a k pm q Tion of Bank women. The event o la Kink Jis set for saturday at by Elizabeth at hotel Statler. Also Artic Patin workers at Goodwill industries son Are or. R. I Lula Morrison will be discussed today corresponding Secre members of service mines. A. A. Boeke vice woman s auxiliary to Eugene Mcfaden Goodwill industries meet Secretary Harry noon in the Home of mrs. Har Griffon treasurer Barbara Ivey e. Tyler 930 Roxbury or Schultz executive Secretary i Ian i Harvey Tyler Junior past i f Dent mis Elmer t. Will preside at her first meet Jing when plans for 1958 will be outlined. Invest in Eye Comfort mrs. Oren a. Smith Guild president mrs. Elmer j conducts meeting to preside 3 on the panel will be Margaret Smyser escrow officer. Colorado Vir Yginia office first Western and Trust co. Bertha b. Jones Trust first Western Bank and Trust co., Pasadena is Southern is East Hiltl Fob at Statler fornia group , its also the tonal association women. Dac state meeting slated California state 9136 i of 36-48 fun to sew daughters of american Colon Lucky Mother this printed i its 2sth state Assembly will Flintridge Guild children s Hospital will meet for lunch i Eon tomorrow at . At ithe Home of mrs. John h. Dougherty. 814 Berkshire ave. Hostess will be mrs. William Mackenzie Brown. Mrs. Oren a. Smith newly elected president will conduct meeting. Her Board in. Before ordering glasses make sure you Are in vesting in Eye Comfort and not just buying a pair of glasses. At intervals after the original filling your glasses will require straightening and perhaps repairing. Anticipate these needs by pro Viding for the extended dispensing service upon which your continued Eye Comfort will depend. Have your prescription for glasses filled by reliable ophthalmic dispensers. The first step toward correctly designed Cycle ear lies in your Choice of opticians. Pattern 90s2 Chil whose subject be Koerper corresponding s acre a .s2 4 6 8 10 states Robert f s it b. A jul. Jiorle America Nisan and Lurer. I less ladies of Camelot a printed ladies of Camelot auxiliary 51, i to knights of the round table 6 takes 35.jnch will see pictures on lower Cah i Send 50c in con no Stam i forma tomorrow at .-Plcasej in pattern with Raul de Mandek from the Jin the Home of mrs. Raymond address style Consul will deliver an a. Kuh Itchek. 1233 Garfield and Szo address pattern address at the banquet that Java. South Pasadena. Independent Star Icv ening. Augmenting the talk to polish off your skill a in to Cut Down Pasadena cahf., Box Brazil land of the Guild opticians 36 n. Madison ave. Sycamore 6-9177 Ryan 1-7597 parking for patrons air conditioned learn to choose color by weight color scheming make sure o a furnishing make it trip that you know How to choose m or car a color by weight. Color definitely has weight in a room. That is no Darker Light or or pro America old Chelsea station new i York 11. N. Y. For first class mail include Ian extra 5c per pattern. Will be his film brazilian mrs. French b. Harrington is general chairman. And weight is important. Forh Righter than its California s budget will be Fie example a room looks make it seem Large and when unit one end Whon furniture deep Shanes makes a sofa look Higger than Light airy pattern and Plain color to match Walls be sure the contrast pro America holds n study f in. Where the color thursday at ust always be a big in the Home of mrs. .1. H. Fail the ing. 175 Buena Vista ave., Jan Marino. And Plain coir to match wans cuts Down the sofa size even i Jill Jiff Jurist More. A Chest May look Bulky As a Mnmette bin trim As a us blonde against Light or medium Walls. A to Ile May bal Ance a big chair in a dark Fin ish but look too frail in a Light finish and a chair seems the right or wrong size de pending on How much its col or contrasts with color near by. Alhambra woman s club dessert luncheon with cards following will be served v at Alhambra woman s club s open House tomorrow at mrs. Harry p. Davis her committee Are in of the lunch. S try this the new popular Way shirts and dry Are done at Pasa Tlena laundry dry cleaners. 1 Day service at Call office or 3 nay sir Vlco on delivery. Pasadena Law my pry in s. Fair Oaks by fi-3193 your hair is unbecoming you should be coming to us fashion is first Silver bonding tinting hair shaping styling permanent waving us Seuss your 1 Roh lpns with Celeste. Ounce or John u with results to Lynn Beauty shop 674 w. Duarte rd., West Arcadia at Baldwin open thursday evenings i 7-1494 the imported Spanish stuffed olives with Pimento other Star delicacies Almond stuffed olives Anchovy stuffed olives onion stuffed olives bordelaise olives triple stuffed j packed olives free Booklet of 60 selected recipes Home service department a. Giurlani Bro. 537 front St in Francisco calf. Place packed in reusable refrigerator Jar. Its Fum to Len Derize Shemona Lisa Way it s easy. It s fun. It s effective results guaranteed we offer Many types of treatments. We give you a figure analysis to see which of our treatments would Suil your problem the Best. Whether your problem is too much weight for Comfort and peace of mind or too few pounds but with bulges in the wrong places Mona Lisa provides the Safe scientific and pleasant Way to lose. 12 treatments if muscle toning contouring spot reducing steam Baths Mcrevy rollers stauffer tables cd dec in to Molly acquaint you with our my Hod to an a demonstration treatment absolutely free Plocane Coll for an appointment remember hire ii no obligation you must be pleated by 2-1648-Sy 2-8133 june Shumway owner manager ample fre. Parking open evening 81 n. Sania Anita ave., Pasadena

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