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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 10, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaAsk operator for Zenith 2330" from Monrovia Covina Elmonte _ . I to Araon wifi o warm co Rontu k r e r y comm Lince Rentt. Oven Tanh Wuchi. _ Art Calil Neil Arcadia tied Lisor Dri luxury Kiuji Tivy "7f. In Chi aha s of Deitle by Cert a submit Down Paymen Roor. Llo Deitle by Cert at jjs.1m submit Down payment alien realty retired or pen aids by. Tul Lovely Hom will Lut Praia you 16 Rel. By Caln Aita Hen. Very Tea so. Kneed Jiuu up kit tul plea Ian reel a Aruba galore. Clos or inc cent to a tramp. 112. 5s per to. At 2% tale real win at 7.5h professional Man Ile luxe 3-mrm. May Seil As a. Uni kill on _ a Orch ran Gabrlel Immaculat 2 . Conver Liui in. Lot. At 7-h39 _ fenced pc Jeri Of. To schools a trans at 6-2135 s1erba Madre 2 full Dan Lair room Tuvin room. Beau jul Avocado ire shaded lot with Badminton court 2 car Atta Cheil ear not. . A1 Cornel Llonart Ura Aher. Aikin s17.5co. Sub Volt your terms. Mattson St-1-1631 lot so x 2try. A-634 War Lott 81., Alla 32m.____________________a_t_4 -0162 san Marin Mph a. Soxleo1 or 6 Usta Apt. Al n. K. Altadena Paine. By 8-110 Lota. Try coh. He. It. Al hemp. Bar. By1 8-2m, Sierra mad r-3. Or g units. Arl. Al 6-092 very Large Home r 3 lot 17.ico Birch Rabl Atli. Hiitt Lonj. By own e r 01 _3 Temh 2 on ice. Lot rimming conveniences i 1-Br. Real in a plot . Sign ill Down. "thv1 i 7-Sllv s . 4 Man j23. Tujunga it s your move is Init rect la Alitine exit. Covered jul Par. I sj0.9co Lenns Munson land co. Pad. Fl.2-31 Lor s9.000. Heat or. Loll to tit stat nit i rear Btij live tick Ali at the Lio Conlon caller. 4t7 e Mapu ave. At the Uncle a Roiti the four to Kai isted. I 4mdfna. S1ne3.s vacant Mil to foot c-2 lot . Comer Ion next to medical Mil Tor Sami or Oiler ret Kyj Jinmy. Owner a. M. Kilt fill. 149 k. Liar a. Of in ii lot in Meadows 181 a. Lajb by t r. South arced i or Momm i of reason ft.jhs.7-or to a o t a 3 Anty no View r-2, r-3, r-4 its si0.000 in. will sub. T a ii. By but 2 acres of Oaks Elrad Terv . J3wo a i View Lou to. Paiaina. Paved Benet. Bula cent Devetti intent ice. . Aces ii 6.4615 _ i eve Anlla Oakl. A bldg., 1 so. It. Can Divide soot i 4000 it. Fab. Sals pm Lukask Obj Keb i by 3-8109 pm bldg. So. It. 1 Bali properly of St ally Attix 7 owner i icon to it. Alin to Al Ideal hat in Arne Iatros Pallos. Many luxury Arcodia Monrovia realty . At Nilla Iii 7-3s44 10 unit court 7 in. Old urn film. S Nhchelo-3. Urn. Pro Vale , . Carport a. A Cyk top location 21 unit St. Polen Teal. Good inc. Now. 3 bids Plant. Post. _ part a fade. Do luxe sri. I. Ground floor. Fully 7onillllonej. R 1 e n i y parking. Drai pro is on key 2-.173t a. It a area. Or Lam. Home Corner property major Cenkl. Priced recoil. . Sch Lex Sale. 122 e. Fool Lilly. be 7-1107 five stores income x115 . Downtown Cor met i. S-4r.cq Itier. 2 houses on lot 1190 n. Martic 3 Bra. Income to. Or. 5v 4-5739 deluxe 4 units a i 2 ddrmn., yrs. Old St. 1-nue area. Pulce Vaun As. Hur. 3v 6-137 units prop. Per or. Inc. Co by i Nam 0 a coi of full . Or or s97.j500. Bar. By c-02-11 for Nurmi or. Air Kornj i m. 1 2-3737 2 units use 4 vrj., 1 2-Tsit Apt. Caracta. Owner finance. Ukr. Pasa owner a deluxe unit 4 tent Alj. Newer. Loan. Houses on Corner Tot. Thu ror . F. Land House equities y re Oloa even cd s-648s 3.1000 1 n. Colo or. 4 ii irn. Duplex. V-g728. 8-710b. 32725 to. Inc. At 7-c17j___gi 3-69.10 Fco Illi Anderson to bit to Trade up. Bar. 3y 7-c2i3 22 tvs i Vitri i 4 units open Sun. 2-5 362 n. Marengo City Hill St. Andrews. An live 3 Ruia. 8etv p. Pondi Rhonl rear ii Irani. Sluco. Excel n . I rect Rodu eel ilor Sukk Sale. Bob Home would you ilke an con. Temp. Home on lot v twirl do Ero wih men Ziair n-3. Freoni Lac. J3m to. 0 Oriental modern Are Plenc North. Oar. Atique for Miu. Tin. S23.500. One Dolly. Marj pot. Corona de com Waitr no Habte. N Pizz la of the Day by Martha j. De Witt Oliree meet Ifer cutes and . A. It Terreri tickets at Box for a. C. Alterson Arcadia Al i unused to Tater pm eat Colorado blvd. Paw Dana. Please Brenir Clinn ipg of across 1-Coin or letter receiver. 8 Isle of 10 Church Porf. Solution o yes verday s Puzzle 15 belonging o the a run family. 16 Farmer in 17-Kilclicn adjunct. 18 daughter of . J9 kind of meal. 20 24. Bad o 25 Sun 26 away. 29 Small Moon is to and 84 Credo. S6 Caruso. 37 High a ached round. 39 adv go Arch 41 gratify to full. Elal. H genl Lewinn s gentleman. A avenge. 47 talk it Over again. 13 most mature. 51 u old 52 jul mucker. 53 horrified. S6 says again. 60 interrogative. 61 grand Mountain Peak. 83-------of the Golden West. 8-1 up por end of a Glacier. 05 happening. 66 toed sloth. 67 Plant. 83 Tulles. 89 to be Al Down 1 Ami my u p. 2 volcanic out Pill. 3 City on the Oka. 4 card combination. 5 Kitchen gear 6 tons performances. 7 table game 8 Bone. To link creatively. 10 monies sup plied before hand. Ii gent. N shut noisily. 13 cloth Nileas 21 kind of Caterpillar. 23 for fear that. 25 former Russ. Craft society. 28 following. 27 newly cd. 28 kind of Barrier. 2d fragrant Wood. So related on he Mother s Side. 31 memos. 32 1 Lay the Host. 35 at no time. 38 made spherical. 10 reptiles. 43 son of sch. 45 How. 48 enrich. 50 Kuropcak City. 52 make amends. 63 Barley 51 Indian Huller. Posse ass. 56 paragraph. 57 cans. 58 agcy. 59 num 63 Little esl Alf Lous free appraisals is the time to refinance your Home consolidate Deus. Adult Lacni improvement or sell lowest charges Low interest to 7.2% co Home Loans older property a specially free inspkct10n fast service Low co Chester r. Pyle co. Hoo Halliii Wirat i. Including la to Vulku Newport on 11 r lion nip. To. Walk in itch Hittl 1 he Holden bed i lev. In. Tain adn Pak 5. 2 bit Milf r urn. Take inquire Aloyi co. Covered . Cool jul sri. Orlf. A store fut min Billr. Lub a a Jewr. Voiht . Pry. Breakfast Nook Shower l cared Landen St Tel or., Whyl. I. Uip cd 7-600 t in cell. 1921 Dodyk inn Leif Rani Mialon. Air red 21 19. 17 pull Rao Ihre. Come. Ados we need clean used cars Wegge motors sad Abr Ltd Vollay or 0 1040 e. Colorado by 2-o115 open Best Price paid Tor clean used Leon Kingsley 151 to. Colorado by 3-3123 junk cars wanted it Ideal Canh paid. 24hmpird.ii sat. T Sun no Ludd. Of 0-ft3b " Las top truck values 59 Dodge 1297 ton stake 4 Speed transm1se10.v. Exceptional condition he flip cts 1.ovikg Paiik. 60 Ford v-8 pickup Henrlne 1mmai scale. Sohd a ready to work. 58 i ton pickup economical 6 Cylinder extremely clean looks and runs like Are no problem since we carry our own con Racli Wegge and Domdei truck 1040 e. Colorado t open a sunday or. Slick. A. Heavy of prongs. Texas Marron in rout. Incl Dpi Rumper. A steal an Relus Chevrolet 6-70sb Podue 2-ton Cabin class a 120" Ijac Ray Gaskin Survick trucks gift Koo Ihmi 3v j Una. Ton. b.c7 100 fury Rulp for Xue Trail _ tue a 3 i r. Leasi Sec to appreciate. Cabs Bob Knapp Mars 62 Dat Sun 4-dr. 10 he. 35 of. Fullam Cro "1961 simca4-dr. A 60.000 i. Guaranty factory author term Salej Servic Colorado my .037 san Gabriel Valley s sports car Center authorized Gervet Talty ii.g., apr let it Djel. It Loffi so into. In Medlin delivery. Bolc of co Tori a Covina sports cars Austin Bialey Al. Never raced. Io.00 _ _ ii3m. By Austin healed i Otlet 2915 e. Foo Hlll Borgward Ray 6a8kin Dew or. Is. Jon c Colorado dlr. By 2-8228 Rui Fiat 67 f Conversa to camper t. 40-Mptr. In d Bubo Al Aljy. .5 i Cut. Orr owner. 18.000 my. Per led beit offer Over 42700. I 7-1817 wat id ibo. 5it s-1653 h1llmah k1ll1ian convert. Cd 7-8008 i4guab Anouar 55 Hahto pay s5g on All or. 1-251 Anouar 34 conver Luble. Nerti work Nail to of wheels Sion. Call sunday it 4-7774 Jaguar 2.4 liter recently re _bullt_en.6lr.e. . By 2-4ss9 56 my Cape i 7-4976 Karmany ohia57 Karmann Ghia tills car h ulv eau Lopez and in clean Ilinoe bul Kohv c Neau cover. By 7-6272 Mercedes Jenz sales is parts service Lloyd Pearson 2025 e. Colorado y 6-6381 Jay 1-88m 220 Mercedes Benz near Neve Leal i executive re. Executive car. Never licensed to Mllton. Tex it Walli tried Lor _ Tom Sherlock motors Lark Erc ekes t1enz 1060." to appreciate. 53. A ton 24 rates free Esli males. Fast service Homes Apps. Clayton r. Warne 35 years of service Raymond a. Dorn co. By 2-5191_________evey. S7 7-0132 1st ,8, 2nd Loans Pacific mortgage company 880 e. Colorado by 5-0478 Anita mortgage co. Jet 2nd Trust deeds and . Loans i 6-4423 601 r. Fernt by 0-9640 just co 2nd on Homes or Alia make lit Loana on vacant. Inv. Corp. Re 6-7ss9 Cali Bill Settle to Settle your Bills priv. Funds fast no capral. Lee. 8y Soloi. Eve. By 6-4228 Loans on Hoheb by 6-5393 62 hondas tip Fez terms at 0-sm real Good. Ji40. By 3-90si. S-2or .-i-3146 Mph corp de 6so Are parts. Titan. By s-2i64 i a. Sk1-66at. On Cartal reverse Iran Quilon. Wendi held. Covered in Runny in Etc. In Trojan is 800. 7-3s28 Ortr. High it Jil Raller. Sac 3 Del Smit Kil 37s , pack to. Orig. Paint p or. S335 s75 tin. _. _ _. 3s Pickur 2 veda. 48 Ford Fig. -s50o or offer. Al 3-5727 _ _ 35 trucks to choose from Vav. H. 1 v Ford t truck tractor. 3660 b. Truckl truck Colorado k. A p coh porn clean. I r Kiev s6 v-8 pickup. Ulatt. Ky3-s510 Wagon station wagons our specially Washington motors station wagons 1954 to 1957 15 to Chwe irom. P Only cbev5. To sa05. All Ruu it rend to co. Not with Showen terms 07 Irule. 020 k. Colorado dlr. By i-s229 Perea wagons w ply 4 ill m ply v8 full Owr Terc 4 or air Conral Koril is 9 j29 Happy 399 k Vali a its to. Wag Call or. Murray dlr. My 1-2511at.con Bra. Wagon Auto malic radio is. Heater. Chromi Fay 550 on Del it Vii fit your Budok or Cross Dir. My 1-251 57 coun to Ftp Wagon Price we will Arrance pyms 2159 n. Fair Oaks. Allai Tena by 1-1068. Or. Mcgaha 58 4-rlr, 9-Pasa. Custom d-500 per. Jerks. Auto Irani., ii out. Dayi a Sierra. _ steer. Bras. Auto exc. Thibout. Al Ford 55 4-dr. Country sed. Us. Ford. No s75 in ill. So 8-92. Kon. Per brakes a utter. Aulo. Piem. Lures. J2100. Or i y_0-57lw _ Ambler custom 4-dr Bekx. Slot. Cond j Call _ Syj--2425 Chevy 57. 6 Eyl. Exe. Cond. Jul 00. Dahl 144-2i65. Jolt a in skill _ _ 2-Drt, Ford 55. Ranch Forro Malta. 1475._____________ Day. 3y 7-07. 60 Auto trans., tinted Ford As c p.8., country squirt. A to. Offer Teartt. Urn. Mil nil cd 5-rfm ii is. Per. Al end. Slake offer. At 6-42m ctr Tiac 1959 Foj i-2 . St. At. Real a Ami i fall Power. By Ford 51 by 0-2968 Salt in footed cars Tostik to a40. Economy car Only. 1371. 991 e. Woodbury 60 . Wire pay 550 on 1 your Budorf. Call or. Murray. Dlr. My 1-2511 mini cond. New inl., lop. A Jaunt. , . End run rebel la. _s925. . 39. Black at opel porsche 55 porsche the a needler. Oen Lleren. Riillo Black. Malc Linb int is a rally sri Arlit or you re a Burer Vav drive it Vou la it n Artoun t Solook. Mph Century Milne Bros. Has if again que Miffy Purchase permits us to sell you a Brand 1962 Triumph Herald 4 place conv. Full Price Only few Milne Bros open sunday 2000 e. Colorado by 5-9785 a Mitt cams Kusche Hena Ott Renault 59 dauphins 4 door Kli Jundi Black a True care Ful a Lerv Jinai Aulo Malec a Lull Anil in cd cell. Enort. Throughout Colliau Chevrolet must Mac. By 2-7044. Dlr. Fia if is. Excel ljjj35. Cah after 6 . By 9-6361 a Rah. Inv Mill axe. Newly Ovtia Euleil 11550. By 3-1933 Siwica Mca i960 help. Coit 12300 Tor Virtu us or. New car. Tappy qui.399.e. Woodbury Tki Mph 54 Triumph to a str. Clean local car. A rare Hur. Full Price Milne Bros. Mil e. Colorado by 5-p7s5 tr-3 Kuuva flu Towd. Had a lol of lookers of thai one. Now it re like to sell 11 and la i priced rite s1199. 30th Century motors so w Valley Alhambra Volkswagen we buy Volkswagen ipad Juilja 3an gab Lliel cd 3-5100 . 57 sus roof. H7h. Tlrt5. Orr. Jet blk. Bee ado dlr. 8y 2-622 Volkswagen 12 to choose from. 65a to ft2i "605 up. Dean 1 olo. By 2-7041 dlr. 51.375. So 2-5336 9 . It 5 .______________ cos 82 2 or. 2000 lot. Mite Aalo. Elc. Joel. Cams Foi Silt imported cams 1625 w. Main Al. At 4-3211 s. Calif. Headquarters for serfs cars imported econ w omy cars. Imports Austin Kealey my sprite old get tr-3, tr-4, Renault Caravelle put got 403, put got 404, Morris Morris 850, Austin and the sensational Simca Here is certainly one of the automobile world s Olmand inf Valutis la tvs Classy Leindl Custin Economy car will out run out Corner out pull out handle and even out Gas mileage nearly every other so called Economy car in All the world. Its other would Roll an entire Book. These to splendid Little vehicles Are truly dedicated o All the t car buyers left who in a wife moment of decision wait 1 absolute maximum value for their Money above Al else t where is All this value available i of the one and Only pm ported cars Yolks Alt in. Allumi used. Authorized w. Main. Or Call s a Buick 57 conv. 5695 extra Nice car Lull cover Cadilac cad. 56 convertible full if owe rum Rood. New top less than wholesale full Price Milne Bros. Colorado by 5-9785 58 cad. 2-dr. Harp. 58 cad. 4-dr. A Ftp. Boh have. Fac lord air condition emf so cell Ute _ hop Finiw Houreh driven. I err eel cond dark no to by Leen 18so Hotl Bewley Allen a 60 cod. "60" special full Loviei factory All 59 go Laxie club Vic. Our air 57 cod. Cape. Deville full Power a factory a1rl 61 cad. Cape. Deville factory air a full Power 60 thunderbird 60 cad. "62" Sedan factory air a full Power Bewley Allen a authorized Cadillac dealer 501 t. Spain. Alhambra 5y 8-4511______________at 9-821 Cadillac Sedan Deville factory air conditioning 100% fur plent Eil leather Interior. An outstand the cd Lac. Jack Symes Yoiiro Cadillac dealer open sundays 21 Cadillac 60 4-window Sedan Deville factory afr conditioning 300t Power equipped. New Wii Terwall tues. As fresh come. An outa Landler Tuy Jack Symes your author Iod Cali Mac dealer 1d7s e. Colorado by my open sundays Cadillac 53 "75" 9-pas3, limousine . Very very Nice Jack Symes your authorized Milt of dealer j076 e. Colorado i feel Cut Oon 4-dr. Artam help. R Ull per. Fuel air Corm. Al Dorotso Plant exr Culive i pers Kiil car. . Or. Craw. Fora trash s. So 6-0351. Tvs. Chevrolet 57 Harr top Alt excellent in pipe i Jijoo. 1569 Elizabeth. 4-i39t s Iff Lala s in. Dlr. Is. Stick i heft. Cond. Chevrolet 63. Tkv. 57 Orl. Cne. . Impala 58. Per clan 21.600 my. Do Ftp. 4 air. Good Emondt per. S150.________sy 3-6sm 4 a Jin ejan. For. I car. Ji7b. Fit 0-45si. Fri a posted us imported cars 1625 w. Main Al. At 4-3211 the Price of 1299.00 yes i Iii polls fully equipped really no since thai Supply 1 Lam Ltd Art by phone Call at -321l Bud soy i want to my in Simca for . 20th Century imports also a tsp Biry to found on Uick sports cars and Tocoi Rainy cars and we Meak any j where j 59 Volvo 4 Speed dead Thorp 1 195 59 Mega rd5t. One owner 1 195 f 59 Austin Heaney Reol. 58 like 1 195 58 Fiat look like a dream 1095 i 58 Vauxhall 30 Miles to Hie Gal. .495 Goliath 2 the most for least 245 56 Volks 2-dr. Miles left in this one 895 Mercedes Benz 220 4 in i a Mercedes 20lh 10954 remember address 1625 w. Main Al. At 4-3211 open 7 Days a week Milne Bros. Does it again Brand 1962 Renault Caravell conv. Only 2 left 1962 Renault Dauphine Heater s def. Included used car bargains that won t last 60 Renault Dauphine custom spec. Gold . Full a real buy 59 Renault Dauphine Auto Trutie. Special 59 Peugeot 403 one owner. . Special inferior n Trade for any car Bank financing j open sundays a evenings Jug Milne Bros 2000 e. Colorado by

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