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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 9, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaRenters find rentals through the Independent and Star news classified ads beautifully furnished and unfurnished Oak Manor Lovely 1 by. Apis. From Orange Manor Bachers. 1 by apts. From but. N. Oak ave. W. Of by 5-8304 707 e. Orange Grove 1 will . By. 8-7330 Tolati you la living at to 80. Aia Lanoit. Alhambra i boo j-1t Turki us Karl Amer Luln nature. Sauton roofed. Best of All Only the aluan80ii at 4-9202 the Tropicana Brand new luxury custom furnished 1 Bdrm. Free util. No leases had. Pool Lush Patio 11030 w. Huntington or. Arcadia quiet no Pool 2 Foota oar. Above Avail 5s1 n._e1 Jtj Oakland Del mar la Bdrm. Cioper. Sei kit. Inch. If so. Pasadena i off Apt. Or. So b-7iw deluxe Penthouse apis. Overlook mar s. Are 1052 k. Pel mar. Pan. Pitit i e a i . Jyels. W. F Oranee apartment a Juniur. B. Orange of five. Or. Lake 5-Br Riu Tex. Child of. For Colease. . Lev. Pm. Or pc. Clip. Anulli. Eth Milan. Dulje. Pall. Child to j17s. So. A Asaoka 1-Rylrm Raiffe. Refile. Rare. 2 by Apt. A a-71s5 by. Modern so. Paso. Private pails to 111" by s. Area. J93. _ Rolv. Pitlo t a pc. Gar., Buret. Thermo i fir or , Raymond Hill so. Pasa 2-Br. Carpets Ca port. Tolo a. Clean. By 9-sos garage. Vi1u Rowe apis so. Roiled. By Lipsctt a 1-2 lir tsp of Loop Tel a twist of la lip. Or pan in a Barm via lir a Drin. Rurack. Carbrie Oli Poikai no 1315 e Villa. _ tjs.-3j1. Park Huntington 2 from is 1hs Well Hull he ton. Areal deluxe by. . Pitiful cd 1231 a _ so. Pri. of. Max turn 2 fill pm diver. J97.5 k or blvd. 373i e Linn i 11 i by. Anti Jarani map., instr Maclai. Chil Illi of 2 Bdrm. Knolly Pine kill for Enlar. Cacmtp.1, j10 Claremont gardens Donita City of Claremont itis i Dup built let Critis it rant i if rec Toner term Cut heat air coed Ward Carp Tulok a Draper. Dry a Cirp Orl. Lee. Etc reason area Leatart Pool. Adults Bee 1 on Del mar Oak Knoll of Arit on 6 by doom Hou if Excil enl . Milovi and Ittris owner fare nor. Adult. Ploy to. Privacy or Tetli of Tiloi sound Toof 2 Lathi f a lion award All elec. Kutche 100 w. or. I 7-7203 Shari Dolphin apts. Ask Washington la Odrlin Nuki use 1-13h. Kir Den anti carpeting heated Pool. N o required. New 1 2 by. Pant Loust All modern Jeat Urei. Air Courtl cloned. 9x30 nets. Drawl Wol. Aunt Erranton Kara re. Louna drooled. Al. So. Paia. 87 9-0720 r 400 Raymond Alt. Or. So Faaa Ideal location i cd student of user of Bui blot from pc. 2 by. 1ioukk. Wait agr. Adult. No pets. Jul n. Holliston pc 2 a. Of sep. A Kruk. chem of. 15_ e. Pojo. New 2 . 1h bin 1ft. Etowla. Rpt. In l.h., Brt St . Rli-cond., rthp., Oll in oven Range Pri. Pulo. Tils by Al Gaug. Private patios Arcadia epaciou3 1 Bdrm. Rint. 2 furl Ali. 31 w d Antr deluxe 1 2 by. Apts. Carpet a drapes Tomb t Zefria. Air cond. I1j7 w. Iju Artif. I "285 Han mahc08 san Gabriel Mission area. New Brj. Toti. In rout. Custom l. R by 9-j271 unfurnished furnished healed foot. All live Complete he Chieti Dull Lonj to Voll Wool rare cling fun 1 Blic. To Nerr Eli cup new 2 Bdrm. Duplex Oroumi floor. Pallo. Varro. Sta i even to int residential Hirt Gabriel. 2 by doom it Tway reeled. If Cattel 1 Block from Down town location. Children Welcome. Jlc-0 a buy on rental basis sparkling 2-Br Home. Spec Ful 43 n. Euclid u blah n. Of blvd Cost. Screen Sun porch. Kill Bali. Kance. Re tilt. Retire. Or Kuril Cal or by of Offei Fofi new by. 7 enl i. Air cond carp., near Arcarola Hub a hopping. Avail. March 1 2 by 11m it. A Kllc nil Hai 5s5 Wool a rpt. Adoui. Me run by. San Marino. Fine 1 or. At Miri Crula. Rutjes. Stove refer or la Dotal. 5105 to. 2033 Hunt in ctn so. Past. Mar. Ant. 1 at 1-376s. My l-oj4f or off Orff Leask req 1 it. 2 us modern Choice Loea lion. St a up. Hiiri a Only 3 left 637 e. Marla Oak so 1-13qj Arcadia adults. Children or 373fl a of Daje Good Loc. Chi. Past Der. Gar by 3-317 j is. Hot. a Fusso i. S40. Small rear Mir. Part com 10 pc. By a my no.? artistic seeing nicely Fubini Siik 2 by n. Betty Tyner 8y sos 7bif. I islet by Xisra Ortr or Wrork to "-ey-4 1ar j Ijar 2-Br. House newly decor. N a. Arta. Schuls. Washer for is Baths. 1 w. 1 car. Pekko. Hawf ins rally. By 3-317 easy it clean. Near bus. Alsor Raj Honable. . . Loc a big. U l blk col tin is t or c .islsr1 at 2-4m c duplex i Newport Beach area. Hent Ullha a Ciao Santa. Anita. 2 bis., it n anal. Pm. Avail apr. 1 or so 1 or. 3m to. taxi ill it Wryk tails. S Leib ml., distil real Slanco Tucei in Erculei and unde Traler Colv the . Flur Rich to look woled 04 Apt. New listing in san Pasqua Vilta 2 no prom Abart 1 pull tall Shower with tub. Carufo. Drapo a Riff or. A r Conn. We a Tab an reign red to Rica for cruel Rivett. Rom to a o tic Stu it lib Box Ruolo a mlle. 190 w. Ca or Ruo m. Well Gabriel at the Munrud 04 East Reie Fri Well Arllis tie Arr. Rado blvd. Paa bronc do Dominic o weted to Leal Curtis co. Realtors multiple listing by 6-0295 1043 a Green aaa Jena. T Colo Piram the Lyn landlords Iet us sell rent or manage your property runts c ire. Ally Hawkins realty Oil Cen 8v 3-1171 a nerd to Oli ton u . Couple with 6 children ant Vor 4-bcdroom.bouu. Can 12, it. 5-room uni thin or Alt aua4et.ii or Fura. Houck or it tip. Zumr thu in lev. Bit. Thea. In. To. S48. .15f inns trial Ventili Arcadia 2 3, . 2 Baths Idun Vincton do. Siniann new 1st in Arcadia. Carrots cd rapes. Cioka location Conven to Al Lantho cent for. Rimmed. Iasi. From 316.000. Ill evea. I 7-3662 own your own separate Bungalow aph pad oui a by air cond , private Patio. Kocic l chopping Trarup Jim Dickson by 5-5054 is. 2-room suite in of the modern Lux Urlo Ujj office bold inti on so. Laki. J175 per . Bub Lee t to approval of the lessor. Stowe Var this Atud to Purchase of the for my of nce , Drakes St Icik Clit approx. new it. Hullt use d ii Outi t on or in n Al c a to a real my 1-279 Fox Independent excellent building suitable for Kaitie mock with ajanic Poat of fice ample Parl no. From rear Entrance key at 33 n. Vanla. Anita or a.1677 key v 3 houses on a lot jio3kmead blvd. To. A steal san a Douai to Rajcic Loc. Center of Parji Calcany it to. Costs. Spac. Air come asking under 520.000. Lermy. Three Stookes meet Nurt c1iv" the Inksen Emlene. Lia two tick Al 3 the Rex for g. 121? Oaklawn re. Atuaia. At in in lord Annafa theater. Col Kos Colora ceo blvd. Paa Adosia. brine Plaza Del Arroyo 2 by. 2 bal. Ant. Cartel a. It Roe s. of Arrovo it Mejt. To car Neuta Park development r freeing room. Apac Barcelona w a Hill snip rte air Tiu Akob . Cond. Noad. ban air cond. Office space for a neck Pawn room Mcc 4 Ollices. I i retail store or office Lilc. All class front. 2500 or 60m Era Al. Office Busce up Teir a Raj. Cd 5-oi16 _. Blvd. Angeles s125 per i. Benedict. 306 sir. Harbor ecu Post Neaty Carlr mod. Furn. Offices. To. 1 a Jive r t v Utji. Petrk. Tresine 3620 Al. Colo., Paai. 3y new offices Low rent mall. Serv. Pm music. .j3 e. Walnut by 0--2659 to tuft deluxe air Cona. Rur Lilied. Phone Vervlee. Secre tarsal Heln k Ren Ulcej. Hrs. 10 .v30. 6 Days. A Gnu. Ill View offices on Lake ave 10x12. 540. Also idols full sen in. Icmat nor what of so. Is sult Abl sudd i. I Hirr any Type s my 2-3737.__ talk off1ck rentals to til t in. It. 32 so. It. K. Pasa. By .v93cs Dlf Sli space a Rural Are Colorado. Is. Sv_3 Lett oct in. Or lease 17jo a. 21 daily St by office 52s lulls to. Approx by s-783 220 str. It. Aua. In , Sincla. I detest. Centra Oaks a new concept in modern he Lufi Tor Oil now come to Itati Alfill arc Irtha. Built to int Elk Hixi of tit Fol no Cornea let Cut. In your future. 471 w. Duarte re. Arcadia i 0-0708 i rpt. New a for Ian w Tui Lillne Konwood a de so 5-5939 Hornet two on a lot 854-56 n. Holli Ilon both in a Rood area. No. Do 2 basis. Unit heat flreii1i.ce. No. 2 2 bed Ranii. Fireplace. Uble. Enrage. Voi Shoji. Inge of. Shown Tynie by appointment. Bertha exclusive by 3-3103 1766 Wagner of a Tinl built in 3 full Donini co Uleie pull Man bail., Tiht a life Stal Almer. Excellent anal lev am condition Hester Riddle open 1-3 daily Washington Allen area 1230 1232 Dominion 5 in Lam. Line a Lar. A dlr. Pm. Fie place. . i Osife Natl replace in Excel Lent by s-20m terrific buy Dimmoc. 3 Bdrm. If age. Killi. Din. Pm. Tar or. New i school Virginia Skorok so 2-46s Cummings sy5-h215 i Yallof l doll House Darling 1 Bdrm. On Post age stomp Corner of in charming Sierra Madre Only Yunck by 58-0-58 to. Up. So 3-4s Al to 2561 la Lull. So 2-3761. Ill 6-0624 Ian i mod. Furn. Offices to. 00 Bai incs opportunities Auto wrecking Yard for Sale ask for Days so 8-Iiost Kves. By -tc33 be toy store modern in . Shop Alock it Lex Turki 15.000 . J a itself in l year. Must or for or what have you Heple owner Independent Kox 95.14. For a couple i Tea l torpor Tunley. Established Wuh proven Srener Lambli prom. Easy to . Oune Al Linit. Illness. Plot. Write owner. Box tic bib of. Low a flexible. Very runs. Ter cent dec rent. Iriti or Elul Parent a let. Loe. 2 can easily operate. I 6-4293 below. 10 . 2 . Gift shop United slate Tost Orric. Sub station. Shornin cent of Arlel. Inventory plus. S of plier spot Beer a wine. 2 Good Tui Negi. Jc500. .4 Down Beauty Salon Hull Gell immediately the. Insl Nen Hal new Eiula. Air eonn., Lowell Termi. By 4-1775 Slefo p for Sale. Owner retlrfr.f7call at 1033 n. Anti Ali Lrtil for rent. 137 a foothill. Arca i 7-s519 evil. Shop. 1100 Asla. Tafila Ariit variety store heart of shopping Center. Scep croat. 113.000 Hartles. Himl Beauty Salon Good Neath boyhood Loer Alors. By sus Coin Laundrew net to. Do 8-13x6 Union station for lease in his equip Cooj Ajol Jonwll. Hub has Nohrr restaurant . W. Good to Ratlan. Cd nil july owner i 3-mm. Cij-2im no Corr main Kie. 8.f Valley Ofallin Nemo. Pm 12 be kist i for expansion. Naratil. For bet Toaale. Al new offering Young on w acre. I jape Tarn pm. Pi1 sep. Hats. Cur pet inf drapes. Excl. B. K. Stephenson an t associates Mission St. 3an Marla by 0.9111 Best buy in town Leau fitful 3 by fam. Pm Down see "589 cocoon rown 3, Colmery by 7-219 smart buyers Sef. Bill Tyner realty co. 056 n. Lake by 8-0536 East of Lake 1 Bra runs. It Den. Corp clone xcely decorated. Price a ref re with Down payment Hardy realty y 5-9153_________sy 7-m35 1635 san pasqual two Vear old ranch Eon. Limor of cd Iain. 3 3 Baths Coral Tull in. it tic room Indk. Or Lorti Towd Lur it. Trail new 2-Br a a Sarclet Hen Niklaas doors to rear. Carpet 1n he. Pm. Deto lot Walt to. Fila loan. Arnst

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