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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 9, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaWeather today rain again Complete weather Newi on Page 32 in a bunt Flo cents san Gabriel Valley s Only morning Neil paper Telephone All departments by c-0311-Ze 2330-Mu m871 Best in sports Phoenix Goli Palmer s 64 leads Field by 3. Page 26 Friday feb. 9, 1942, pasadena1, calf Elmontie truck Driver has shot and killed Liis estranged wife As she waited for bus police reported. Sterling Irving Jlse was booked of murder Page Buenos has broken diplomatic relations with Cuba the foreign a Jilstry has announced. The break came one week after an armed forces ultimatum that reversed the hands off policy. Top of the news inside san slate Board of education has re viewed 17 pages of suggested revisions to the fifth and eighth Grade Sochul studies textbooks. There were no objections to the proposed changes. Page 5. Special appropriation of is being sought Here by the watershed fire Council of Southern California to Aid in fire Protection in the area s four National forests. Page dances in the civic auditorium have been suspended by the City following numer Ous disorderly conduct arrests complaints from parents. Arrests followed probe by the Independent 25. Assemblymen have organized their own task Force committee to review governor Brown s proposed 1962-63 spending program. Assemblyman Monagan a Tracy is chairman. Page 10. Rains kill 2 300 flee Homes news of the world from wire services bogus million seized More than million in counter cil Bills was seized by secret service agents lust night in a raid on a Brooklyn apartment House. One Man was arrested. Freighter aground a storm buttered freighter remained aground list night off Santa Rosa Island near Santa Barbara lint the const gird said it planned no attempt to Rescue the 49 persons aboard be cause of the risk involved us Long us twin Craft did not appear in imminent danger. Satellite in orbit the. United slates yesler Daf jingled inn orbit a beautifully Pincion Iarj iwo weather satellite. 1 Ltd. Tiro Jav s television cameras and Infra reel sensors alternate in a throughout Daylight and darkness were sending Buck Cloud cover pictures of excellent Viet Nam Aid pushed the United states yester Day set up unique Mill fury command in Saigon under four Star general to direct an intensified Aid Effort in South Viet Nam s War he inst communist guerrillas. Nixon on to show a Nixon lust in Ihl appeared on the Jack purr television show in new in a 50-Minntc taped interview Nixon ran the Gamut of topics from Castro to the John Eircil society to Robert Kennedy s , to his Teclina about muzzling military brass. Twelfth nuclear test the United slates yester Day detonated m nuclear de vice underground Nevada site in the 12th test in the new series. The atomic Energy commission announced the test of Low yield. Communist inspired the world War make the world Safe democracy apparently was coming nil i inspired Stoberl Welch launder of the John Birch society told a Politi Cal conference at River Falls wis. He said the slogan a As used to further the concept of glorifying democracy instead of a re publican form of govern ment and Hus been seized on bit the. Left Ever Auto pact ends strike Studeb Nurr pack Nril corp. Mid the United Anlo work ers Fluva yesterday Recac Lirl agreement on a new contract to end a six week old strike. Walker to Campaign former maj. Gen. Edwin a. Walker yesterday pledged to Campaign against pro jes signal liberals and said believes president Ken Nedy Jils in that category. Walker is a candidate for the democratic nomination for governor of Texas. . After in a warm a Clydess off Rescue yacht at Nassau. Other photos on Page.3. Harrowing Story sobbing Jan tvs terror relate it Nassau Bahamas sobbing and Dis heeled Jayne Mansfield was brought in from a nearby Island yesterday with a harrowing tale an overturned boat and a night on a tiny with the tide lapping . The bosom actress typed in real life As Welt As films As a smart dumb was admitted to a Hospital suffer ing from exposure after her discovery. By a u. S. Coast guard amphibian plane heading a 400-Man air sea res Ford Lauderdale hotel Man Jack Drury at the wheel wednesday afternoon when hit wife took a spill about a mile and one half off an Island. I went Rafiei that Hei leg Hurt. Then. Jack. Her Sharks and hollered at. Us. That s All . To do the turn to Page a column 6 inside the Independent Hal Boyle 23 Bridge 39 classified. 33-38 comics 39 crossword 36 editorial 22 finance Donald Johnson 22 Virginia Kay 23 David Lawrence Russ Leadabrand 23 Doug Mcmann Lee Merriman 22 opinion 23 Rube Samuelsen 26 society 11-15 sports. 26-29 Steincrohn -23 25 Heaters 18 32 travel guide for indoor activities Cue search. Miss Mansfield .28, weightlifter. Hargitay and r Florida hotel with Jayne just mention Iro notion Beer miss ing since wednesday afternoon when they went water skiing off this British resort Colony. Jayne was first missed when she failed to appear at a press conference where she was to announce a new movie she is making somewhat appropriately titled panic 40-22-s3 Fig ure hidden under a Blanket and Blue flannel Robe Over her Blue and while striped bathing suit murmured Only that it awful Shock when brought Here yesterday morn ing on the fishing boat Blades ii with her two companions. But Hargitay told a full and dramatic Story. His voice broke at a press conference Hie had left his wife s Hospital bedside Only b because people were say ing it might All be a publicity stunt. Hargitay said his wife did t need publicity. And any one who would think this up would be very Hargitay said he and Jayne were on water skis behind their 17-foot Motorboat. With disarm meeting sought u.s., Britain Send k bid w a s 111 n g t o Kennedy and British prime minister Harold Macmillan an bounced yesterday a bid to soviet Premier Khrushchev for a foreign ministers meeting on disarmament and hinted at a Summit meet ing to follow. They announced also British u. S. In the air nuclear tests at Christmas is and in the Pacific Ocean and u. S. Permission for a British underground test in Nevada. The announcement made simultaneously at the White Blouse. Arid by Macmillan be Ore the House of commons shaped up As a joint so strategy aimed at 1. Probing soviet intentions once for an on halting the arms race. 2. Focusing world attention on the u. disarmament Effort rather than on their preparations for a new round of nuclear testing. 3. Quieting Domestic critics particularly in Britain of the ice Western atomic tests. . Authorities said that regardless of whether the so vict Union agrees to a foreign ministers get together Ken Nedy would decide soon on be turn to Page 8, column 4.-----staff.pixho by Ben Sewell. Pasadena City struts his stuff to newspaper checked the flooding conditions and the result is pictured above. By this time of the year try. Ing to plan outings against is difficult and discouraging As this is being written the forecast is for rain heavy at times through the weekend. The rain that has Brien fall ing has been warm and As a has and that on hand is being washed away. Thus the ski Outlook is not Good even if it becomes red led mob Battles Paris police 8 die in protest against Oas parts persons including three women were killed in a three hour Bat be last night Between police and a communist led mob of demonstrators protest no against the secret army organization authorities said today. At least 240 persons were re ported injured. The prefecture of Paris police said a 15-year-old boy and a communist party official were among those killed in the clash. It constituted the worst Street rioting since the mme dial postwar years when the communists tried to seize pow. Or in France. The rioting ended at freeway route through Pasa Dena is probable within 60 Days and certain within 90 Days Afler the final Public hearing .0 be held March 27 before the slate Highway commission . Night. Result Little new. Snow fallen in resort areas Clear. Whale watching hiking. Shell digging All suffer somewhat under these weather conditions. The sport car races at Riverside have been postponed to March 3-4. It s a Good time to visit As the Hunting ton. Library the Southwest museum the county museum to take in a Good show or build in the fireplace. There is a Mobile Home and trailer show pan Pacific auditorium this week end but Don to complain if the parking Lotito he auditorium ., Post last while the mob fought police with clubs and paving stones in the working class Section of cast Paris the Oas exploded plastic bombs in other sections. One damaged the offices of the soviet Tass news Agency. The Interior ministry said 83 demonstrators were arrested during and after the rioting in which at least one police Man shot and wounded two members of the mob who were attacking his Paddy Wagon jammed with paving stones. Hundreds of others were hauled away and released later. Red Pool crushed Interior ministry announced yesterday it smashed an intricate communist plot that included hid mappings and laying of Small Vest gated and explained land mines As part of a plan to steal a huge Quantity of raw materials for explosives from a match factory. East West freeway route adoption seen within 90 Days after hearing adoption of the East West Lee , editor of Thi Independent and Star news said yesterday. He addressed members of the multiple Lii str ing service of Pasadena Board of realtors at a meeting in the Owca. Juk clamps secrecy tag on censors names o executive privilege presi Dent Kennedy yesterday Forba de Pentagon or state depart ment witnesses to Tell a Senate who censored specific speeches by. Military men. The senators quickly gave up their demand for thei Only sen. Strom Thurmond . Protested when chair Man John Stennis a miss ruled i am convinced this executive plea applies and the chair sustains however Thurmond did not ask for a subcommittee vote Jon the Rul ing which he could have done. Stennis had been insisting on the senators right Ito the names up to the moment when Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara read to the sub committee Kennedy s letter ordering him not to let Penta gon witnesses provide them. Kennedy cited the doctrine of executive privilege which he the. Commission is to hold the hearing at 2 . March 27 in the. State building at los Angeles and then will allow 30 Days for additional written presentations Mcrriman explained. Such presentations with other facts will to considered by the commission at a meeting in april. The Earli est possible Date at which tie route adoption could be final fixed would be at its May meet ing and if it is not then fully decision could be put Over until the june meet action would be taken he said. Budgeted for the Purchase of right of Way for the East West freeway is of a million in Fis Cal 1952-63 and the state is floods cover Gardena indies fall in Valley by Harvey Scandrett the san Gabriel Valley Lias mostly Ben filled from two Days of heavy rain blamed elsewhere for at least two deaths flooded Lowland areas and forced evacuation of More than 150 Gardena families. Rains averaging More than inches had fallen through out the Valley last night arid the total was expected to pass three inches before the storm clears. Today s forecast for the Pasadena area Calls for partly Cloudy weather with heavy showers at times. A 7-year-old Canoga Park boy Charles Edward Hibbs was drowned when his body was swept Down a drainage Channel near his school in he. Seda. Mrs. Natalie Spritzler wife of a Beverly Hills phys. Cian was killed when a tree on her car. Spots nine j act deep More than 300 Gardena ref uces were evacuated from their Homes by boats As flood Waters As deep As nine feet rain spread Over an area bounded by Vermont and nor Mandie avenues and 174th and Isth streets. _. Floods also were reported in other communities in Southern arts of los Angeles county. Thousands of school children n the area will have a Holiday Oday because of the storm. Gov. Edmund g. Brown alerted units the National guard and the California disaster of ice to stand by to Render any assistance necessary in the flooded communities. Other aftermath of the storm were closed schools Earth slides and said had been established by his predecessors from Georgc anxious to Start at the earliest Washington to Dwight d. Eis possible moment on land acquit in Hewer in keeping with the sit Ion because freeway con separation of the three branches of government. I have concluded that it would be contrary to the pub Lic interest to make available any information which would enable the subcommittee to identify and hold accountable any individual with respect to any particular speech thai he has the president wrote. Both defense and state departments were included in turn to Page 8, column 2 Striction is proceeding so fast that the division is running out of Mcrriman re ported. Construction priority he added will be through Pasa Dena before starting in Arcadia and to the cast. With the adoption of the route the division of High ways and the City of Pasa will negotiate a freeway agreement a process that nor Mally takes eight months to a year during which the freeway turn to Page column 3 quiz of marines 011 reds to be probed Washington us chair. Man John c. Stennis of the ship investigator s briefcase. Subcommittee studying Pinta gon censorship announced amid an outburst of Senate de Bate yesterday that a spot questioning of marines on communism will be fully in during the running word Battle. Sen. Strom Thurmond moved a letter from a censor members in giving marines and airmen a spot quiz on communism. On the other hand sex mar Ines in the Senate joined other members in expressing Shock Over the secret questioning of 32 corps members Here Las week. The military personnel Wen asked 30 questions about a wide Range of sub of two subcommittee staff a acts relating to communism. Thurmond the chief Force behind the muzzling inquiry complained that Marine com mandant Gen. David m. Shoup refused to Tell him who took the letter or citing instructions from the Navy Secretary. Joining the main debate charged that someone Thurmond defender uhe action at Marine Headquarters snarled traffic. A red Cross evacuation Center was set up at the Gar Lena Community Center to shelter families from the flood area. In Wilmington floods threat cd the neighbourhood near he Harbor freeway and Den Nis Street. A lifeguard boat Rew was standing by to evacuate families if the water con inked to Rise. Dories in Hescue lifeguards were also evacuating some residents in Enice area in dories. At port hueneme near Oxnard 24 Resi dents were forced to leave heir Homes because of an overflowing drainage ditch. Flooded streets made driving hazardous in most parts of the Aan Gabriel Valley and Many turn to Page 8, column s rainfall table City Alhambra Altadena Arcadia Azusa Duarte Al Monte Glendora la Canada Monrovia Pisa Dana san Gabriel san Marino Sierra Madre 2.64 so. Pasadena 2.10 to Storni Date year 2.88 10.79 5.32 11.01 12.13 11.70 10.20 33.31 11.83 11.73 12.51 12.20 11.10 10.63 11.18 11.41 a is 2.38 2.51 2.56 2.78 2.52 3.18 2.58 2.64 2.6t, 2.11 2.82 2.43 3.26 3.73 6.18 4.53 4.87 4.81 6.10 7.77 4.90 s.87 5.91 these figures Are As o -1 . Yesterday the final readings of the Day

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