California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1962, Page 43

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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 8, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaAsk operator for toll free Zenith 2330" from m o Novi a co Vina Al Monte Al Dew Sii a Kilt Villef Sigil Tell Villor Temple Ndem or cirit. Monte 3-hr., 4 exam from j1bj50 to Loti Jar vhf my february 8, Early american farmhouse Thumin tar no Rob Hai Back Riri Patci. Fan Liy room Xvi Al Nln room Oft nit Uril Wood Kitchen. Two bad room. Of Tahr Quilly Wilmo Stu ctr mar pm Tom dry Pirim included. Only kit. By 7-jsi3 the Wilt Lam Wilson co since Alladina office ,1340 e. Altadena or. Sylo year old. A in main lol. 2m1 Ruth Benner Marino realty co. Run. Kuchta if to Milf pm. And Tai Flo open daily 2775 c of Kinli. Pasadena Elrand 3-b.jl plus family pm. B1l-Jri air 3 in., Carpela 1ii-k1 in rough out. My by cov1na it adj. 5 bedrooms 1 a win on Wylli rail feral or Btu Btl i 2 taxi Ranj ii of m. 2 m Kachra it reverie lev. Era. To a roofed a Flor. J copy Rife Rofcal estate k. Arrow ii Way. A2.usa cd j-01m jul serious seller 3 Den i kind of Horny you dreamed perfectly Loc on a quiet Al tit Inui of p i Appareti everywhere ii it in it Mac. Rend. At coot timid a Cutie. Runny Mir uni. In Iriski. Re. Dan link pm. 16 it. One 3 Ivor bar this. Of mice convert. Ilen Cin Ellric a is Ileal or cd int it tiny Ted k matter Bdrm. Ulit Efi Cunt convenient xktch., jul Parb Lam Cap be with loads or Brck Plait Frol i a int i this Home a Well Worth feel no if Oruci it it Tern can ii arranged. Call now Sandford Zelkowitz 36 yrar5 in Monrovia 302 in. Koo film. Mcyr. Al 8-im9 Elel Al to find no. Allen Beautiful Home a jars inc rental in rear. Lot. Ului enl Ranci from to a Vlf you Kama of nym to build Mort think the terms Eoj. So j.7ft91 Cor 54, you helping i How Umpir d new Unhul. Of Coli to Olevy Reil , close to Ritorti c lurch a school. Fot trailer or Call owner he Allm it Klmle Price paid for clean car lean Al Giley 2101 e. Colorado by s-31j Canada Hills builder closeout for Sale or lease with option to Huv e new 1 t 1 Mimi. Kind Lenl Adla cent to Golf course. Winjes. In Tyeray Uay. Cene Roua monthly allowance on option la tur 5147 Crown ave. La Canada j. W. Co re 3 fan have jii.6w in 4 Unilla plus trial to Trade Lor 4-5 Mil. Tromp. by 7-421 121 real estate Madison r-3 Jet 101200. Refior to Date los. Marshau0 Anderson 1ot in . Cars wanted jul fatal with path bit. Sun. . 147 Tiarks . a allot. Nor Cocci. In. Kim. So 8 at Home you can a Moil Sinai a Traci Cal Hrubi this err oui in Loti a. To e ionic Tow Elui Lej Hirv. Mooij a attn com e us ornamental Al rubs whle. W la d or trailer. Of i Al in room we mural 3 Are i Meier Al Crien tic hey in eff room new every Thler if Mimbu full 116 Only tia Nivenis on Badela 1s502 k. Pool i it to july Lovely Jur Rourl us Tom in Lull tha5. Diving deck Sourdi. Holland n by 3-Mft Altadena drives warm. Family Home on or. Lev. Era Iep Din pm. Ivinno Kitchen. Shari walk to Duon school. Owner level or ask int i 2 my. 1-ow in. To reliable fatty Lar. my Moore Bulger co by of realtor. Multiple rustic ranch i mix a Lovely. Ii Ivy roof. 2soo in. Al. By Trnini. Conv. Ilen. Ularce ram Lar room ult Bra 20x30 to Hhd rear Vil. Salni coi Ift. View Ixl. Johnnie l. Ross realtor re Altos. Multiple t.tst1ng foothill blvd. So . By 0-7s.v 3v Loc. Quiet it. By c-317u broker by Wii on nearly new a glory is. 16cw it. Tuilio aul v Weil Home a warm -1 Chili Are furn. Curette re decor Alec. Yearly pc qts near 2 ution Pijem so Only Bill Williams realtor appraisals now is the time to refinance your Home add Lithona or Sel lowest charges Low interest rates 5vt to 7.2% Joh Moa invest. Cosy us nmn 53 Csc truck e. Up. My Evvon professional Man Braml new e use 3-hrtrm., 2 Uay l used e. A. Danilli 1-Tox stake. Rekassy a trip 11. 1 Qualti plus excl. Ennd. Must sell. At by Highland love y Patkus. Lye lip. Jj20. So s-om5 Rei. It i real estate. Other View Homes i be to Lew Deslyn 3 Ber rooms out late car Nils Wall Al overlooking Vtilpil rally r melt run be Low payment critic Man. To flow noun l a. Off or joint Eilevf blvd. Call Lealer St realty Jarc 13 units a Nick to Selli 1117.500. Gross annual inc. 51 6. 3so. H ill consider i Ririe. Princ Only. At it Macu Ite. By North Sar Gabrlel. Mini Rullie property. 2 re. A co Verlid Den. No. At 7-t23b a Paltos. Fenced pc Fand a Capet. At 7-1 . New units no Vic Bow so. Of culo. Blvd. Is ill Belld tors Ului Rourl Ivule Aitel Erranton camels Pool. 1 or bout. R3 o p.4 ims or other Clear in . Price 7x Rhrou or. Javk Bekker Nevells Nebeker 5h pickup 6-Cvl. Stick. Or. Clean. Gie Xii ass half ten Over live. Slation wagons new moderns High in i. A Canada on n. View irn. Brand 3-mrm. Fun-1.r room Itoline Btl Chen. 2 , on Pellet a loll n a Rovney. Shooni Tor a Wittol. Priced Al Roger aver Assoc. "39 foothill by my resale 47. Loan Choice i year of rustic. 3 by. 1 i Birli. Built Lonj. Tilt Lare corp Milne. . Ratrten. Ail no 520. 33.000 foun. Mig fit Trade for Pasa. Lime r. Jack Redford by s-7sh realtor Al s-1105 san is Biel Loans older property a specially Frky inspection fast a Cost Chester r. Pyle co sin cd 1901 41 x. Arrovo Parkway by 2-2h 24 Low rates free Esli males. Fast service buy build refinance Homes apts. Cha Yon r. Warne 35 year3 of service Raymond a. Dorn co. Pacific mortgage company 880 e. Colorado by 5-0478 Anita mortgage co. 1st 2nd try St deed3 Van . Loans i 6-4423 my s. If big selection Low prices 61 Lancer 4-dr. Station Wagon Rnrico Hiuer. P ish Buzon a raft Matloc . Oroceo a licit Blue. Line Niv every 60 valiant station Wagon ramp Heater. Steel or Iii Aulo matk lira Alful Roton i Wue. A Kisless ilk throughout. 59 plym. V-8 custom Wagon factory air conditioning automatic rata Heater. Power a Autoro Ballf 58 Chev. 9-passenger Wagon i flan. Licater mls Bunn real Beauty. 59 Chev. 9-passenger Wagon go Peoin in every detail Loti of accessories new 59 plym. 4-dr. V-8 Wagon i Ower aide Litif. Power lots of "soojita.11 56 Dodge station Wagon Hawillo r. Auto-56 custom ranch Wagon a Riillo. Heater a tick 58 Chev. Nomad Wagon a Heater Atil Omally Irani Mislon Power flattering Power unites. See a compare. 54 Dodge v-8 station Wagon . Healer aul Omalle , Good mechanically 54 Dodge 5-Cyl. Station Wagon Kabiljo find Heater. 55 Ford v-8 station Wagon healer tikk thin. 57 Plymouth station Wagon , tits err. Automatic . 60 Ford 5-Cyl. Station Wagon radio Heater automatic Iran. 59 Chev. V-8 6-passenger Wagon i Milln. Healer. To Vita att Eilif Trana Masslon. Erms Ore no problem carry our own contract Wegle motors anal hoops 1040 e. Colorado St 2-61.5 open t Suir Lar Golf course modern built in Kitchen 3h-rt. Lev link pm. Vul Klasi a Tonia to Pool. V in Over coi up from Al Cheji 2 k Den. Guerrant pm Heitor so e. Ojua bus Bldr. Jirack 1000 it. To . On sleep lot. 3 23.500 Kex relent unan conk for buyer. Or. Boyd ranch style 10 or. Old. 3 Sham pins Den. Balij. carpet in a heal Batuta Sooil Klichan. Large cover i Dmeo. Fenced Rwjr lot 81x130. Section. 226.500 loan Able Harry a. Lange i 5-71sg 8 1 Sierra it plus duplex duplex with 2 balls 2 by Lincis 2 Lio Usaj a Louie Raicev. A let rental history Sierra Murre re re. Maure agent. Napier Al luxury hosta built in 195fl As As Down Julio Al mice lot 110x110 3 car far Ayr a ixlrma., 3 Sui by Hie Ilen formal 2 Bea wilful r. E. Johnson i a Jimpz key. Be 6-2219 us Lis Leil this or Fin Tuiai will Muny in i on a i. A a Center plan. Litre Helnn room Oinling room. Wilh Aldier. rni.1l in Appl Nefs. 3 in or on ims 2 bal lib n into ii Kline nut i a 1 to hurry. 33uho i Lel Tiltz. 7fi3 pc Nellilu Home locate in on Scenic rive n new t a up 3 this pm Nacu not am Ilen Home a or Voa Rio want tote , Ebay ins vowing. U a i Xii Ira oven. Reault fill Wall to wan ear link. And n Ircul la rat Rwjr laths. A heat. Too to 1 you Muarl Stuart Marquis Devine Al 8-1844 foot tul elks. Al. 9-h61 or Al s-5dh Middle aged retired jeers in idea 2 Bdrm. Biome in Choice n. Arced a it s away from tie Hub bub of Busy Erthle. V i in easy walking a Hiance to a trans Bdrm Apar ii i a Kellch Ludu of fun re roof. Nicely inn a reaped Alimus a full Trees. End. Or a lock Vail. J14.dao a. alien location 21 unit or. Potential Pool . Now. 3 Ulys to new Partl. How. Low in. Or part go a nose for value attention speculators Well built 2-mrm, Nih. Den. Urn Ink pm. Stucco sex Learlor a Ood Root . Firs cram for in Larch or thin is Over Aren Home with Iti vacant. M u a i he Aow. To Beckwith. A Ltd. 107 w. Himlin Kenn. Arct la i 6-61 1 1 my 160.000 buys these income 2.1 in sly 2 Avail. Price j21s.003 eath. Owner. Cli unusual Home on the wit i Fly in jump Flor locution Llumi of 5 in n Shourt please Mist in compact modern ,1-Bfilrm. Tilths plus Small Flerl Ulen redo Al Trees. Unrien s30.wo. Count re Cluj area. Belty Melchior by 7-0763 Sherman by a Yum to in the Pink Apple order. Beautiful decor. 3 a on. Carpet a Cape i1 Bathi. New he fish school Whipple by 6-0527 925 k. Juadena or. Speciall tons in Beautiful for a King a 4 Bodilis Ullh King s1x.f mistier Roll Robin anal Bolh. A Joyal sunken la vans Ullh a double Flor Rilance in the is lip pm. a mlle pm. Queen n Zta will nil Sil a View irom every i Milnw a heat. 2 Baths m Ruble us real for ii Ergo. Al. Kirk co. I 6-6139 Al 9-s11s by hoist. 2 Bdrm tits. fenced Yard. I. Stores income jo5 to. Oor Iier Ino Illon. Kab 3-4560 rur , 8-7m2 evf5 2 houses on lot 119n k. Marenaro 3 t. Income 5230 to. Or. S2s.5qo Call by deluxe units Best s. A Adena location. All two Din inc . Tirb. Plan. Manv rim . Clone to Mack Eli trans. Boultt Jio too in. Owner will balance Cri full Prefre. Ask for or. Sweetheart. 3-Br. Up si6.-Ftoo. Vac. Owner 450 a Highland. Tie but is .000 Down. 2-Btt. New Forcel air a at . Canada Home Trifu Ftfe by the hug det Kiriti Fot air Lacy i . Turpe men a i up. Tell Nln pm. Owners for and Renao Imle Otter. Sorriel Lanverman for js2i foothill by Nursery 2-Alpry 2 by. Family pm. Thl isme is of Avert in the a jul Monrovia Hou Dir . Just North of Duarte. Re. T to it a Dutiful de luxe. Ranch style Home with carpet drapes. A heal Ranee a oven Lilich Cali Nels 4 Many other Price is of Dutiful Lime on a Al. Ray Kelder realty 226 a foothill. Monhov1a Stael s-0577 or Trade Home thin so torn Al 5-3p33 units income Cummings so 6-0213 a tellor n 2t yeah upper Frame n . Near schools a Bhoop . Ept. Iti living in lol. Full Pulca s3, 600. To Cru. Munson land co. 6si5 foothill blvd. I 2-3121 re junk famous tiea1th_spot to flee Stooks Hercules and underwater. City the Imle pendent Blar news has ieserve.1 two at the Box office for we. C. Ullrich 1127 w. Haven. Arraiza re Law United the calf. C06 k. Colorado . of. 3 Beri Rooma. 2v, Baths. Carpels a i grapes. Nicer than new. Franz Asi Ciales 2445 or. San unit court 7 yrs old Prev. Patios. Sooj brim bar. By hot Tab Voutil Bills 2nrl a , so 4-si1-s we a try Trust Deeha inv Melatt or. By 5-9751 i in. Funds past to no plane fee. By 6-6105. Eve. So farm housed custom p Jolt 3 by. 3h . All in Toner b1lltynkii Ralty. _ by 2-tj.h. Apts. Arcaroli. B years new ail nor make offer. . Realtor by on a lot z Bdrm. Each run. Income. Pc Irene Coad so by units inc. Owner. By 3-4109. Thin. On Homes invest men by 6-s393 131 Money to fasl 2ml Loans on limes or apis. Also or note Lai Loans on Varnal. Brawl inv. Corp. Ill is of machinery gardens 3 lxlrir.5., . Ramr to cell lip a Viii i. Willi Hure Kllc Lien us nil. Liu. A Nev Imp it rm., carpets Anil Emily rarity Fane Lypa 3-Jjrdrpi. Home plus 1-Bedrm. Ala i 3ot. 2 More rent la May Law a or More informal ton Call or. Bovi by a k. by 4-7176 business miss out select this Sharp a Hearm. Home to s my s nil ale condition. Pink pc Linen with Ulrch . Brick it Pic. In striking Liv Tnp pm. Pallo a set Lull on a. Fenced lot. 135 Al. Deep. Just Andersen Glass Ralty. Ago s. First ave., arc aha i 6-3194 office suite. I2ao in. O round fir. Air Coral. Parkine. Pas. Oca Ilert. My . Braut. Koch in. . Lev inc rm., 1 . Realtor so under unusual rear Norm. Tit inf Glass to fuck. Umlor a part tree elite yer it for children Lee Shade irk so real .1 Bdrm a . Heat oversize h Reh fall Nels. By lilt Orji. I1s.900 by owner i carpels. No Coil. Owner finance. Blur. Cd raw. Prejs. A Cutty no Nutret Jtj s-ds76 motorcycles level lol. Flyr Oll 3 . Rear my. Km., Fani. Pm. Fireplace. town tier. Realtor by Pasa owner s deluxe la in. Traile up. 1386-88 n. Allen spacious duplex. 1150 so. It. Each Apt. With 2 bdrms., Jep. Dining Fralc. Immaculate. Priced to sell. Call Bftts Farrell by s-46so j. F. Stinson of is right Ivi is this Poi Lovely 3 by in run 112 Over or. A St. Monroe a 5300 business a zone 2-Br. Office Yilth v . 2220 n. Fair fact pcs i a cylk ii Gill by 3-1sw 62 hondas up Elk terms Trelz Only Jown age 3 Fiill s , Oll or Lite 1 acres View Rolv Load. Or Rotl Fijoj . Caf eur Coli of nil t. A. co. At 7-9gj. I 7-021.1 suit Ajayi swi Clous 2 imams. 1 Bolhs. Conv. Den sep. Din. Pm. Screened Lanzl asking j37.500 ask for Batty Toner Bill Tyser . By fi-0536 1wb n. Lake realtors. Multiple Xii it Toioi 23 Temple. St 21 Viront cheer. 27 Springs .1 Berra. Neir Jill or a a in Verf Itie than j or. Of oily .s16.500. Crestline who icel. Will Trade for Home in area Low Down. Culwell Assoc. X. Lake by t-1223 the o Teller Down i Anc talk run 1 by. We Balli. Of replies. Moor furn. N r. Alien 1-bp, a Lowr Payr enl. Jct Hei so Parsons by Best buy s2i7950 Oaks , s Beis. 1 t lol. At d n. Tin. Veer. Longley sch. Dial. Sivler 130.000. husry by r tar Piti Chui Rilles 3n 201. It feb by Jed 3, a Rajter 47xto ft., Jarl cd inc space in he Dutiful Newport Marina Park on Bay front. To. Walk in 1 by in in run. Comp. Us. Get Pilaf. Of. Al 5-5as7 camper " 60 luxe Model. Tol Al. Butani a stave. 4 too. At dry Din. Rm., 2 i 7-5111 amps Franchy Nowd. A a Luceo by frplc., tvs. At Tell 125. By 0-1s73

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