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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 8, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaWednesday february 7. In empt nonet. Thursday february i. 1112 nutrition hits diet faddish by Dorothy Reynolds nutritionist Anil instructor for Pasadena City College and Ruth Shirlev consultant dietitian a Why Don t you listen on Hie radio to the program by or. Carlton Fredericks pair win prizes two Pasadena residents have learned1 they were win ners in the 555 prize in the Home Giveaway 1 conducted by the National up Gas Council. The Council reported that More than persons registered in the nationwide draw ing for modern automatic appliances that operate on Lique fied Petroleum Gas the versa tile fuel from backyard Gas Well storage tanks. Mrs. J. L. Roberts 610 Elizabeth st., and o. J. Dartsup 795 n. Marengo ave., each won a country Cook Book that contains nearly 100 pages of Trade talk. By Stan Schater Selling fast convenient six packs of Bull bog malt liquor have been a big Factor in the products soaring sales according to e. D. Lamoreaux vice president in charge of Beer and wine sales for Bohemian distributing company. The slogan beats Beer for what you want gets people to try Bull dog then find ing the slogan True they re Back Lor at least a six pack. New discovery the new discovery from Betty Crocker is noodles Rogant hot dish and in just 12 in Fen minutes and Are they minutes. All you add is milk delicious so Zuly Brown on the outside tender and Juicy with in. Full of the flavor you get and a bit of butter to the ten Der egg noodles which Are in a blend of sour Cream sauce Fred Crick s program you might be interested to know that the United states food and drug administration Lias announced number of copies of his diet Book eat live and be have been sized bythe United Stales government on charges that the Federal Law prohibiting false Labelling food and drugs was being violated. The action challenges use of the Book along with other printed mat Ter to make false claims of the medical value of vitamins and Mineral food supplements. One of the statements that the to be false and misleading was the one on the front cover of the Book referring to or. Frede Ricks As America s Foremost q. Why is it that fruits and vegetables grown i Southern California Don t taste like Hose grown Buck Home a. There Are probably a number of reasons for your feeling this Way people in other parts of the United states also often feel that Way about the fruit Back Home it is a fact that the foods of our youth did taste better. Our sense of taste grows less keen As the years Advance and foods taste less and less delicious. This May be of some Comfort to wives whose husbands con stantly remind them of How Good Mother s cooking was in the old Days. Those of us who have experienced picking and eating fruit fresh from the lice and at the Peak of perfection May find it difficult to adjust to Market fruit which May be Over or under Ripe. Certainly we All remember the sweetness of Corn and peas fresh from the Field. In these vegetables the sugar starts changing to starch after picking so Natu rally the sweetness that we love decreases this change in Points the taste buds it does not affect the nutritional value of the product. Another Factor that often causes us to Long for the fruit we used to cat is the fact that very often our favorite flav ored varieties Are too perish Able for shipping so that we find Only the other hardier varieties on the markets. Q. A Friend of mine is con suming1 Large quantities of fats in order to get what she Calls fatty nolds into her diet since she u Al ready overweight is this n Good idea a. Your Friend is probably concerned with the Chlor Sterol Content of her diet. K the added fats cause her caloric in take be such that she will gain additional weight she is defeating her purpose and might wind up with an increase rather than a decrease in blood Chlor Sterol. Q. Why to n t fats carry labels telling the amount of poly nasal pirated fatty acids in them a. With the relatively Little that is now known about the whole question of fats in the diet it is Felt that such state ments would be misleading and might cause the individual to believe the product would cure or prevent atherosclerotic heart disease. Because of this such statements Are not Al Lowed by Law. Dont forget this thursday evening nutrition in growth and development is the topic at the Pasadena City College lecture in Sexson auditorium. Time 8 . You won t want to miss this one Toast Wiches arc delicious you la find these Toast Wiches so Quick to prepare. The delicious dried beef sauce can be heated in minutes while the buns Are toasting in the oven. Be sure to prepare plenty for a Call for seconds is most Likely. Dried beef cheese Toast Wiches u Pound dried beef 1 can 10w ounces condensed mushroom soup it Clove garlic minced Teaspoon Pepper Pound Cheddar cheese grated 3 buns split and toasted butter or Margarine shred dried beef. Heat soup with garlic and add Pepper cheese and dried beef. Cook slowly until cheese is melted. B Uri halves which have been spread with butter or 6 serv Ings. Country style main dish Sert and salad recipes. Was developed by Betty Crock or because of the immense response general Mills received on their Cookbook recipes on noodles Romanoff. Now you lies can fix noodles Romanoff with Ler. The hostess Handl Plo is a delicious Apple pie in a leak proof crust that just melts in your Mouth. No drip no mess and no Wash up. Excellent for lunches and delicious anytime for a snack. No toll no loll to Broil when you pick Lamb rib chops. Nothing else so Good that Cooks so easily. Lamb rib chops Broil Manoff. Tills delicious recipe herbs and aged Cheddar cheese. Apple Fie invention hostess has come up with a new delicious Apple pie in Candy bar and eats like a out a recipe for ,1 really Cle Candy bar but is infinitely bet Only with this Young fresh lasting meat. And Lamb is one of the richest sources of High Quality protein. A cruise you can take a cruise of eur every one u a package adventure touch of Europe in it. And the adventure Only Knorr gives soups. Try them All and you la serve them often under pressure if 9vo Vork and tension put your stomach Oft balance take turns for fast soothing Relief. There is a world of peace and quiet in a Little Roll i turns nothing works like turns. Convertible Only Packard Bell offers you the Choice of one of two wire less Roto remo the controls optional at any. Time now or later. Combined with hand wired Chassis Ning Cabin Els Packard Bell a cation that s shaped like a rope with the seven new Knorr soups. There Are seven Knorr soups to cruise through and that costs no More. For to s brightest clearest picture be sure to see Packard Bell and compare. Co Timit fudge fun. _ o. 3 cups granulated sugar a 14 Teaspoon Salt m cup Light Cream f 2 tbsp. Right Coin syrup 1 cup milk -2 tbsp. Quality instant or instant decaffeinated Coffee 3 i bps. Butter or Margarine. Vanilla extract 1 cup flaked Coconut cup coarsely chopped candied cherries Combine sugar Salt Cream Corn syrup and milk in sauce pan. , stirring constantly. Continue boiling without a Small fers you custom Quality to amount of mixture forms a Spears in a French dressing soft Ball in cold water or to a temperature of 234 degrees add Coffee stirring j u is chill Ami serve on lettuce Gar be Dougli to blend. Continue no shed with Cato strips temperature remove from a Cazadd Bulter and but do not Cool to lukewarm Grecs p tuns begins to thick cd Yund loses its add Coconut. Spread in ii lightly greased then Sprinkle with a cup coarsely chopped candied cherries. When cold Cut into pieces. Makes -111 pounds or 36 pieces. Parly make this colourful salad Lor your next company dinner. Marinate canned asparagus mixture using a Little instant minced onion and dried Dill. Grain fed steer beef Pride fully cooked canned to Boner porterhouse save flavorful pork shoulder 319 w each save 36c Boneless v9q. Save lie in 4fe4fc top sirloin. Lib. Cube steaks.985. 6-lb. Can save 9c in a Fly save 3u Boneless 4t0% filet mignon. Lib. B Wolst 98 c in luncheon meats super right sliced Olive loaf 6.ot pimiento loaf or Bologna save 4c 25 save 6c super right ail meat met Obj or run Iusi i a mean 4fe my Franks. 49ib Large shrimp. Save 20c Leo fresh Pacific sole fillets. Tomato sauce save 16c-on 15-oz. Can 7 for 1.00 tomatoes save solid pack 14v4-oz. Cans Tomato juice Tomato paste Tiger Vinyl Garden Hose 6-dz cans 50-foot to Inch size fully guaranteed Tomato Catsup 6 save 14-oz. Btl. Peaches sliced or halves save 29-or. Cans Beautiful Swiss watches by Herlin 95 plus Federal tax and in Cash Register tapes excluding Beer wine liquors and fluid milk products each watch carries a two year service certificate. Many style from which to choose. Frozen save 50c Orange juice 0 1 12-01. Con 3 for j 1.00 f 3 25c liquid Gerber baby food 18c Pillsbury or Ballard biscuits 6c off it red Salmon Weber bread save 4 All Garden fresh produced Mumm save 28c . No. L russet m _ potatoes 10 351 1 5100 cans i save in fancy Navel 15-or. Standard loaf re0. 4c Junior 611-ot. Can 2 for23c save 4c detergent for automat la k9 Whitehouse milk 15avc id a mint in vol 25 i oranges 2 291 save 39 10 b save 8 i club red delicious 5 apples 2 29 5 Vandekamp bakeries specials 2sc chocolates heart boxes Presto charcoal 29c mushroom n4wml Rosarita ferried Beans Bonner Slack plus Mission Northern toilet 29-or. Can 3 4 i00 Northern facial Sunshine i to crackers Chicken of sea Tun a chunk 5300-0. Al pv9. Campbell s soups 2 2 Tomato soups vegetable base soups All meat base soups l01s.or. Carts Ilok or Cam 10v5-01. Cant 33 Birdseye from div foods meat pies4-. I00 beef Turkey s Chicken. Buckeye peas turnip greens whole okra Mustard greens 410-oz, si00 pros. Slut foothill at Woodbury re. Las Tunas at Rosemead Atlo Robles Baldwin Pasadena Altadena Arcadia prices effective thuas., fttl., sat. T sun., feb. 8, 9, 10 t it r Fiat of great Atlantic Papirio Tea

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