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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 8, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaNew York stocks Dow Jones Lut Shi Oil 42 iss i Pil. 19 60% m i w l a u of 4 28 1 Luot 12 Isth 4 or prod it 7ft 7s 4 food fair 28 46? 5 dry 0 32 j 32 be fo04 each s 42? 1 file Low Lut Chi-1 Ulmo Hawo in 15 i .50 5s Fojud 6 10% Monarch 11 i on or. Sales Hibib Low last 55 61 cd i i do of 10% Sale h1ia Low Hal Chi 15 5 5 1.00 7s 73 7s i 15 is by 2 "71 Basic pm 2 17 in London Fei s tar l-1 today a 161.1 Oil 1.0 beat Fri 4 m j Amir can Stock Solitt be aunt m 27 131. i in 2m arc c. 3hi 3lc Bela hem 2 11 Odd lot air 11 1 -. Ivy. 1. Hell a Law 9 Short Benilis a 4s Fin 15 21 t m i Ren Fronz 1c 2s i 3 171 _ i i i at Paihr i5 5641 351 City l h 23s 23s i sat Clio 33 _ do of ind _ Sou n Gaa 5.1 a t a. 620.964 or 1 ims to Dale. In Bank in of a Benuel 7 gift today. Co 3 to loks 4 Var to utter. Beat Wall earned in Lull. A Giuili i i race crib acini sex Start Fie Duc Ala killed kid Allied lab r 16s .60 Orvila do i Grum air 4 33 16-, if oui Oil Miti f Sta it 00 Sochiu kills 1.s Lio .1u 1 Tio i 1.111 Ukla okla n arts Login main 7j soil Var cd 3 i x 1.10 3f l j7. It p c lid 102 55 me am a do of to Houi Ieli Fin flu ,12 ?3 ulu30l he to it l i to of 1u Ifird Bov m 4i Muhuri ads do i x tis Filev of l to r a Fieh 1 Ciak 9 1-w Fin is Jujj if in i Pic Mills 1 22 22 9.0u Khz i i i do of .10 135 a Pac to 10 5 4 u i an a x 47 i4h 13 panh Cpl 7 42 Param Pel 218 Ujj 30 i 29 a a b2 Penn Dix lit i a Tex 21 i j i u j Tio p is 14 ii it .90 100 . 4l Ryti Dpi a Dru l t is 23 _ i cola .3 i Holt 1 -Vlmi-01 up 6 1 Pfeiffer by Fil i weft co 20 Sylv eld 12 Bym would 9 Talcott 4 Texas co 154 to tag pm Tex g sul 40 Tex ins p Cao 14 Fex Ftp by s 45 4 Tex ural 4 text Ron 41 12 121t thatch 10 nil do of 1.00 55 58 the Mold 3 13 i 131 to Tromp pm 30 47 i Tiri Wal 01 22 22 do of x 2 24 i la to inc p.3 29 35 i Tish real 4 19 i to Rio de 35 13 i 13 Thi India moist 1 tic. My tic. My us tra co a. 209 Rar 171 Tri cont 6t Truax Tri i Tung sol s do of x l went pm 37 to in City i Tivon Coah 31 la 4, Tio 41 .20 Dylite 2 in Ash r 2 in bag up re tin car bldg 53 or Alec 19 in Oil Cal 41 do of 5 tank c s in twist d 11 unit air l 50 unit air 52 Lio 1956 of 2 in artists 13 unit disc s 1 nit by Etc _ 11 Jun Carbon 13 _ Carr f a United up 20 to Fly via video airborne to lets Jet pilots see their exact location Over the ground on the 5-Inch screen of this new closed circuit to set just unveiled at the air Force symposium at Dayton o. The new 45-Pound elec tronic system automatically correlates navigational computer information and presents a to picture in the form of a map. Iron curtains free world steel output tops communist 3-to-1 a. Herald Tribune Nuj service new York. Free world j a part of most new countries out produced the so plants in the user Viet Union and her satellites Russia is thinking mainly Stock Mart in third straight dip new York. Ins stocks retreated for a third straight session yesterday ending with widespread losses ranging from fractions to about two dollars. Prices were lower from the outset and deficits mounted until mid afternoon when an optimistic statement n the economic Outlook and lie firing of an Atlas missile tailed the decline and brought slight rebound in issues. The Dow Jones Industrial verage closed with a loss of 4.37 to bring the loss since mid week to about ten dollars. Rails in a fairly substantial decline lost s1.52. Utilities backed Down 27 cents in their first loss this week. Slow Start the pre weekend session started slow but volume picked up As prices slipped and Urno Vor for the Day reached shares a slight gain Over thursday. Steel shipbuilding rail non ferrous Metal Oil and Auto issues All were depressed. . Steel dropped and Youmg town was off 1% in the steels. Kennicott and magma lost Vire than a Dollar among coppers and Dupont and american Cyan amid had similar deficits in the chemical list. Shipbuilding shares under pressure on reports that new orders Are lagging because of dwindling foreign Trade showed a loss of about two dollars in Newport news and half As much in Bath Iron works. Chrysler and general motors lost i each and Ford dropped it but there was Little Selling pressure resulting from testimony by american motors president George Romney that steel the big three of Detroit should be split up. In steel by More than three to one in 1957, or in got tons to . Out put of tons was Jin processes Lor special steels. Open Hearth productivity is 401, 40 u Ray 9 a Long Ranu 21h i do of 6i1 -l3. In lipid in cd mater Ali or t i i 3 Al i 31 16 rip of i 00 3.t am it i 4t 1.t1 am Tob 16 Sis sign v r6x 32 1.1 pal up to 4, Jim Phil l51 j. Vanh t u Pill by Mills 3 u paper air 4 pit Cost c 2 con 31 4 Lvi 1 7 Uail fruit 115 Kun if j Cas up u Jet 991? la h in Gas i in 1 a Jujj ooi3 in up 30 14 4i i to i i i us for e 7 lit Frt the in i 5 pm us-i-ffi., i i jus lines i in 151 in s Hli Eif 23 s Pena 3 Miti Good hut still below that in general the United states. Tie reds Are going in for larger furnaces. They have 500-ton furnaces already in sue of Iron while the non communist world still holds a big Edge Over the reds in total output i h the latter Are closing the Gap in steel technology it is Point 10 heed out. Metallurgy is the no in l technical study in Russia an 5 3fe 1 in Leach year Russia n one Fornaro Eoutz "2 the United states. I i i Barlum Sll 66 observations brought Back i from a tour of Russia by am on is Morris Cohen professor offset Fin metallurgy at the setts Institute of 31 and or. Dennis j. Carney. Stercl Lut from Atlas the missile aircraft group ended generally lower but dynamics loss of about was Cut by two thirds after the Atlas test. Prudential insurance co. Pres ident Carrol Shanks forecast operation and plan to build an upturn in some depressed More i industries starting in March. American stocks sales close chg. Metallurgists to 2 i rap Muter co sat Bell not pet n Idria m v1 j Zinc Clow Chi. 3 t 4 1 i i Ogden cd e got do _ do of a do of Pac pet Ltd pet. Al a Philllps so Tipitt Milf of do wbk pot Ai i 13 j 13 19 a Churins 3fi Schick 9 13 i Scott 43 a i do of x so is i Scoull of 1 it seab Arr 33 do or i ind 7 Winn 11 i Kip is t Fps 9 i 2f i i 41 i Uii of Ift _ Lukens sri Fil Fin sales Al shop of a Jet Bolsa cd Ca Oil .10.1 Exeter Oil a Fri Pirn Diana. Sir s Disney pm 33 Pir seac Zivco inv 31 Chr Pepper 4 Dennir my 11 air fid Dover o i Dow chem m Occidental Pelt Clay Otlia 1000 100 Noo Figo Flo 1000 Noii 2fl i Nim u ind i 4 2.s 1st if 1 109 is Citrus Exchange to or 2. 3 7 2 17 int a offs map 3 Fallu ne5i pen Lei is Day porn Perm White St about steady mfr Jetco part Dos Stop Al Autt 4 Ivy 109 37 i 2b k 2 25 v of. Shirt i nil n March a nor 1 1 i my a 15 to r 1 Oil a i pm s 19n n m1, ii s u Lio it s9ij wrap lev 2 ski i m t Lizt Nellh 15 131 us Mutual funds Arlen farms l do of Ariz pub ser 2 the reds also train the w j slalom in rolling hath Conoll Abate m4d str fix Macco corp Macmillan pet Ket Bakel Marlin Howe in 3s w l Maason i 6fi my Jolon april 24 3 mor Knudsen 30 i it fuel sup ?5 i Nau prop p 21 i 21 i Natl Suisi in ques. They do less a toning of ingots and i Nev Najj rns new Enz Gas a orals 13 and is 0 4 Stipac to i i Inlet i it 3ji is m 33 bid a sic warn a 2lii Warren Bros 40- i Wash g 14 Weber 574 Western Oil fid 1h 3 a Western part cup 14 16 i Wirra boats m l4 Yuba cons g 5 i stocks by ask Aetna. 61 acini lift 1s9 19x Equit 30 33 ins 24 i Amir surety Bini Stefl lift it Conn general 277 cont air 1 is 124 _ to fid Fin off if i Martin co c 1 77 _ til May n str s in Star u mccror1 .10 my 5 h i St 12 12% a i Sli j Stock 7.2s 20.7s steel 7.41 fund 15.74 tobacco Fis fl.c7, Broad St lev 20.49 22.15 or int hrs 13.40 Bill cwt Funti 12.26 Mut 3s.17 Rulif Pena fi.71 7.33 Hamill cd hc7 3.07 Jonnada Genfi 11.ho 11.59 a null cd hda 3.h2 a Ian Bond pref St income sick Crow Tii .79 10.70 it. 40 5.90 3.24 3.3s 7.5s to .1.47 5. Is retirement told by Union Consi re it 12 j defers in m 12 i Dehli Tny o 12 prod 2-i Mrtin Lyl 50% Hun a Brisart 31 Eli Lilly 4 50 Pacific Mutual prov Wash is fim 4b i Sec title ins s spa flt Famiie 4s it Accident 46. Thu or try 19-% 21 i tulle 27f, 29s 30 rankers Trust 61 75? 5% chm manhat 47 chem c is b 43 cent 111 no c b first n s cd 32r 3h first Nat o b 60h i guard nov test 7 he pfc. Pm r to of a Tapa 35 4 ii Ralpf 3 j i i Bank i a 3 no 4 i kor a 27s 33 .17% Firat Western a

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