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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 7, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaIndie Hent. Wednesday Kab. 7, i76z new York Bonds corporation 3 Ahene 5i so. Alice j u i Evsi. 2 it i auth sin cd ii is. 17 Alcoa 53 20 Rio 61 2 fuss am cd St., 30 am t Fli 2030. 25 c5 f k t v us to Ftp "s3. It 1051do 39 99u am Tat do so am too 3s 62 a 71. 12 of 2 is Apo Oil a Alnico kit Armour do i 3 alchl5cn 95 at cell 4vis it. Ail cd Iii St. Do 79 Auto act cd is Avo of eve 5s 79 bait cd 4lia 7t. Bao cd 2010. Id cd 4s 301qa. Do 4s do 70 kelp St cd maj a. Cd t a so. Hurro-.icli3 cd is is. A in Puc 4s Fern. 71. St. 79. Ilo cd 17 237 3 111 11 71s 50 7li, 37 1 i Iso i 1-m Colo k cd hit 77. Colum Oak is do 5i 00 90 or. H-s5 3s 79 01 91. 3. Is Sll cd 7 a. T rut 3j set. ? i 75. Del a Iii 4s c3. 4s-61 20j2 air cd i i news info cd 77 51 c. A i til 2000g Tai. 1 a Mot Ace 5s 77. Lar Iaron Sll a is _ to s3 i to do 2-1, j sin to Tel cd p77. .1 la 71 do cd i 90s 7lxw. Chan p cd St. Do 4 62 reel i pm is Down. To Ca 4vis sou., i in pm 272 70 pm hip 93. 10 73 cd tin us 63-. To 93m. Cd he so 33 77 4 Cut Prexl cd 5s s2. I ccc5i 2 73 1 Cut 111 70. 5 s9s in cd i l 1 h .7. I Chat its St. Lenni avg. Miner cd 65j77 int cd id is. Tat eve s3. Inter cd is. It cd s2. 4h.i 71. In h Vaj of pin 2 St. Ms1 is a s4v, la i c us ctr 4 us ss-., to of 7s do of 85 of 3j 71 3i 73 Doit 3i 7 a 2tii am a j my 5-i Iii in i i to it is do or 3 is Eola a k s 90 my 77 my Al 2sis 67 of 81 Hilco is Uch Futej a 53 toy Irit 77 St t so 61 1 Sqq l Scott j up 3i 71 hears Joe 1 3 s 53 Shell Oil 4 so Shell i n 71 Jln Clair 56 to Lell it 3s 79 to fac flip s3 p 63 10 of Gaii Fet. 2 33 Olsn i 127 s ii u i 11 Iso 6.s 3 03 i splat Jorr 61 is i o pm s to. N o 3tl3 70 in Ilo 71 in of cull in air l Fis 1o r 5 i kit a so 7s Saki i Mich Mith so Rio of a. 5ji3 7t Jan Dev is 76 do of gvi3 61 r Pon Tat 61 10 Leasa. 75 its o 71 Tokyo Al. 6a so at Fth 13 o it 6s read classified t 1 american r t Troin too no Jim i up i g As 77. T Alico 11 1 i Cambisi Oil 31 Fli am tic Iron u Cut am Marc Ark m a Fly 21 39v Atlas co it i limit i i a Ronli Ifill l m i hard 4 51 i ten 3 43. V 3 ii o i. Urn Brown co ,.1 a icel 3 15 i. Hint Itell 3 4 i can Javillo 4 in u can Marc it 5 Carnation .1 tilt a in 4 at Charier Oil by 14 v i cinerama to Clary up j 91 if to i 1 1 in Kink Waller w. Ciu or late of j900 Rupert line la Canada moved father o Patricia j. Douglas Grandfather of Kelley Jean Douglas both of la Canada brother 01 mrs. Alice e. Lowe mrs. Clara Wilson and mrs. Francis or All of Omaha Nebraska Rosary will be recited Thuis Lay s . In the St. Bede s Catholic Church i Canada. Requiem mass Friday 9 in St. Lice s Catholic Church. Interment san Fernando Mission cemetery Glendale mortuary 511 South Central ave., Glendale of a t.2s 2 u a i to Oil i l pm ii Phillipa c3 Hll la be 2 n3 l Rio Aljron 1 9 Nio or to a 8 o p i i sturrs rain i la Ghat 3 be daughter mrs. Patricia Learnan of Pasadena and one son Robert de Pas Hovy of Alamitos and three grandchildren. Services will be held Friday february 9 at 10 . At he Lamb funeral Home 415 East Orange Grove blvd. Inter ment private. Hawkins Mary Grace Hawkins of 237 North Madison a native o jell Way. She had been a resident of Pasadena 56 years. She is survived by two sons j. Allen Hawkins and maj. Reginald Hawkins both of Pasadena nine grandchildren and her sister Minnie la May of Force nil the air pollution control District predicts Piliere will to no Eye irritation from smog in the los Angeles Basin today. S o u t i 1 n n in considerable cloudiness today and Tomor rom. Scattered night uni morning sprinkles and West portion. Little temperature change. I Usi Idena stud Var Lilly considerable cloudiness today and tomorrow. Occasional night and morning sprinkles. La lilo temperature change. High to Day c2. Siisi Lornt and in. Rab f r nud. Ness today Ami tomorrow. Be Alerci till to i Turnini Irma twalure cons nit f 3 hit clo i la Russ Anil Luehl no pal annl Horn bal Lav Ami it not Row. Louie dinner w ii upper Valt Buji i to 0 lower i ult to i Onnig West to loony . T Toi Najj. Nicht lure Jrex lilt Eloi Nunna i my t a1111 Harj Nalej. Jinn priv area no Cal Ami moral or i use Chi acc. Jildeh trav is. Jhm tall and most Lar funny Ullh lift i and Lont Orrow. Chance. Huh Ira lev 7.5 to Sij Itron Arillo Valley to Jay Lorrie a Row Sam i a i rink Tea. Nile Ulsh Loray san 1 Van Anil Valley Clouds Tinl onion Riv seme san mine in oct Futomi in non i Kli Harli none Nicpon. A. not 1 he t 1i Lowarl the another of the fires i nine uni Low finl hip Psi ,-iv.l it inn will Csir Tnp Stu Rrt Tonj not i is 11 in. Oregon roil Latt to Tav. The or thiere a Lii from Kimii Ntim to Ifie sin Dixon is Isom Sll c n i uni tar iss Vern Liujie y to Tater if g for it per i 7 he s in c in n do i n 2 j v of hah lamp u b Theca m 9 i i 4 i con 35-5 1 Richway to 37 of 1 ally jeer 17 co a 31 is tev s mtg i Ujj i i of Irv Ftp 23 us i i h am 25 93 c jul Ltd oils 43 kit Lar ind 91 9 _ 14 k1rby 5 he i Kalur a "51? x if real 31 "2 i am 22o .1 Iii i s it is 1 Al la 3-Ju up .37 i i a ans tars i Jorin 1.50 in .t1, i1. So j Murray Oil 2 l l Musk or no i jo7 i co .371 i i Natl Roll m .3o in Ruji. 111. Nat Trana .20k 3 _ i. N mrla m j n n ale i a a 13 i inn ctn oils n i am pm u Cacir tent ret 45 Jik _ Clay 1.20 t tji i insurance Man lauded Pasadena insurance coast Stock by his company Mutual life at special in tile downtown Angeles Headquarters. At a luncheon in his Honor Pearlstein 2516 Kenilworth ave., received the congratulations of t. S. Bur Icett company president an outstanding first Vear Vith Pacific Mutual. On pro 1. Vail jr., assistant Strance company at Pasadena s attending a a Jocia training course at the Home office of the Alna life insurance company in Hartford Conn. The four week course covers 1 study of Aetna life s estate co Istrol Nunn i of a is 63 selected Closa american Cement 100 Ili Elt mom Mold cor.3 ,.5000 .55 Iro Adwir Hau stores 100 Bullock s inc 100 Calir. 3ne, 50 2is pc Cook 1000 win quiz Oil Ileal Recal Prokl -100 2a Mpr. Can ii cams dairies 100 Lolini Eon 5j.a t of Imperial westerns on co Ruyi Lerr Liali Prtrt 1 so Jim it m Oil 1 .0 a it it 3 1 j on cd. be Eryb Oil Gas 2300 Pinal n in 27 unset 100 t1 Venules Paiml 3100 Mutual funds new York. Feb. 6 Assn. Rules dealers. Aberdeen cd Sisera Frt Ilu led cd bus 5hm inv d am mul Fri a Moo cd to atom phys Ca or uni Ireton fund a fund r silk Axt Tern can n is 2.i3. 9.15 4.i7 is. 32 1s.12 9.61 10.m 1.6s ski 5.61 6.12 of mfr fund of am fur sent inv general Jen inv to see Jip c rth com Stock fully a rim s.7l 10.12 11.42 Man in files it.26 is.rtlii.s1 12 93 ind Sara 22.03 22 mul 22.6-1 22 51 grow til 7.65 Ului inv cd Muu Ifil do twist a.77 cd s 03 i Zumft 13.-j do Iida 5.s3 i 10.61 Lea Dock f. 2-j 55 Al 12.57 Cap 9.13l.ijjlnc found Fri 2.7fi 302 clo Hoa s 16 916 Kail invest 16j3 11.76 5.6rt 6-Lfl bid asked is 2.1 33.m 25.49 1i.95 17.24 3.3 i la Tox belly Lawton Ocoin Lcarl special Aucul for the 119 so. Berkeley pass Agency of Hie porn away feb. 5, 9c2 at a local Lethial Pitisi Francc co manager Hospital. A native of Nova Robert j. Stanslow Lias report Scotia she had been a Resi Dent of this Vicinity the our current annual rate of 4.6% gives you High earnings on your savings payable four times a year while insured to by the Federal savings and loan insurance corporation. All transactions May be easily handled by mail or if you prefer to drop in personally you will find our adjacent free parking most convenient. Savings received by the Juth of any month earn from the 1st of that month. B1 rate payable months 2246 ave., altar shia Calif. Branch office 1845 e. Washington blvd., Pasadena Calif. Sri More 4-1161 Murray 1-5691 is unit chat1tkkkd and Tkv Oft i in Trad state Soovik mint nce snare do investors s. 15 Penn Siaw 12.00 13.12 peonies Secor 11.70 la conf i in inv i 5t i fund Brand s in Bullock cd fund can Gen Frt Canadian foil Mfd o Row hid income cd cml f invest Ciamei do to bos i fit Siroun Colonia do prov no omit la inc in. To cd comp bae cd Fil inv to com Groh cd corp 21.01 s.14 pm Delaware cd 12.s u in Vinesl s b.5s 10 so 10.3.1 17.76 20.23 21.93 s.s1 fl.6l 1 1.70 20.75 2. .2.1 7.3 j t.17 7.50 s.21 h.13 11.09 13.10 17.70 19.31 l 2.190 i 13.3i 1k5s fiduciary Mut 19.5i 2l12 . k Crowle i .15 do growth mul Frt 12.79 no pre silk Incorr-4 Stock grow Ali new enc f. s Puritan Fusil Putnam Grood do Groh Frt 3uart nil Revere Fil 6.2c1 9.02 9.a2 10.40 11.m 12.43 iv4i 11.31 15.11 1s.3i 11.32 12.11 12.05 21 13.01 n.14 10.02 l i.33 j5.45 s. 51 9.33 1ft. 37 is 01 9.5-1 10.93 7.3, s.21 13.57 11.75 11.11 y a Vit Al years. Surv Vcci by her Bro California. Ii ails from Fresno. Ther a. Leslie Griffin of Jhc Atli idol schools in Pasa South Sim Gabriel. One Nelv Ciena and Chii Nucal his Cauca cd Wallace Griffin one at hip a Sarina Junior mrs. Mildred Everett of Santa College studying . Ana. Sic was a member of i Ionia null Baptist Church of Stuart c. Ferris c.l.u., gift i Pasadena. Private thursday feb. Set the Lamb funeral Home. la 10 i Seisu Clark 20. Do com pts i Loidl i0 i Lof i fowc5t invest 9.12 Klest Ftp 33. So 33. So s.fi7 c1.4fi in 32.1f u 29 on Grin 9.31 lfu7 r us fund Ace urn fill 16 4f Cotmil Funi 7.7s s a fit n.11 Sci Rnea Fri 7.62 s i in Canada 1s.61 2023 j a Ahir Une 5. 7 7 07 Rio income cd n in so in Al inv 1q.7s Majth my 12 31 5 Well Natan l a l-i.73 is.22 i Fusil 1x22 16 1 Frt 1.1 52 win fled a Jill Fil 7.37 7.9g Over the counter rrb Nia the Rollo Witni and Wjk arc Obs inc but i rail intent Van Dong 35 a Aak Stelt corp 3l i l us Jur Tensen Groc 11% Kafir steel Vance pose to n Ami j Rake Hhan fid elect rec 1-." Mthm l a Amer c 11 i 51 am it inc it 21 Anar luf try 2s play is i the a Niue 11 v i1- of s2 it. In 7 Ariz min corp 30 10 Viz a cd 6k e l Alec Ken Ricky Lillis h7lb kinetics corp 11 Cream if 11 51 lira me r Amer in a dip c 12u vol Shan Iii Liu 2s to lift heed 13 i js1 Warren Broi 1-i i Wash Nat Gaa 31 s j t King 12-j Wayne co 10 Del k Wuhl. 15" no oa1 h Dena. Services 10 thurs Day at the Chapel of Turner Stevens co., 05 North Marengo ave. Interment Vlna cemetery. Al o u n t a i n Nielah Cal of the offic of Iii Sonal life insurance programs. Pasadena resident Itic Lenl ii. Vun do Voorn Lins been led. Van de veere a native All i i us " i services Agency vice president occur ajl life and Accident com East or Pany Denver Colorado. Shulhof Rul Vrr Cliv w 12 h re lint 79 oni Irli. T .2 7a t Fil Law la. J err too i t a Al Al .jr., -1 Al Pri h Vale Lorville Cut i in Renej 40 .15 is the m m 5 i mini Siffri a it pm so Uhli. W m is on in if announce a Cir scr of Pasadena qualified Jas a member of the Security Murdock lox club. Ange Grove blvd. To he con ducted by Rev. N. W. Jennings. My Kunzik. Ander Mcke Ruic Lor Marly of those who qualified Are men 081 Elizabeth St., Pasadena who have had a Superior be passed away feb. 5. 1962 in Cord of production. This club Glasgow Scoll Nanri. He leaves is open to Only full Lime repro free Brothers and four Sisters Senna tips of Security dim friends who wish May makeover and is one of the of clubs to cancel. Security and Accident i company. 12 6 Colv 20 map donations Pix ale of the a r Chora .i. N l Wilh i ill Mann 11 i a 20 zip r or if its if ii Nic Limmel 12 "12 53 a w to sell 27 12 s h its -20 m Sruti. Tit 22 St ennui 0 5 7.% h of i cur 3i n Wir Iii 5o re Nufi 2 21 11 Sij it stations Wal few Sorl Rel Tel 32 1 i 1-1 33 in. Nevada nor i5 j oct Anarum Ine 12-i Ort Ida sinc 151? Orlton 311, punic brew 4s a Fly afr motive 4 Pac coast prop Isis tac Haw 25 c Mceniry 7 court Trarlu s l Pac via Man up i Myronn of neral in 12 i icon Assur 192 14% Tont 97 101 15 Ducin Afam 17 i o i Fri .1, so . 10u 11v 19 . Ill x 1.19 pm Iso 201 Falls a station s ?3 vex 7 s2 Sec task Force probing Public relations firms pc dal Security and Kex Elmange commission Sec Las k Force is trying to find out if Public relations firms arc taking a behind die scenes role in the fast Rise of hot new issues of Rock. Tie Ovorn mint invest Iii tors have not contacted Public relations directly. But to nearly 1.000 asking them for information on the role of Public relations firms in the fast Price sunup of new Slock issues. 4 a 185 Mary Larmel Cas 47i t w mls Slowi exult 20 . N Al Union a a 44 471 u Jii a Plov 27 Lac in Lemn Pac Mutual 11 121 e rot Sec Fla 71 inn 1st 1 aul k 110 till l in ii i 3i17 across i Ronal jul 2 Worrils. 8 out. 15 More hirsute 16 on who property. 17 swears. 18 and Knob Natlo. In . 20 Mineral 1 Springs. Al the seven sol Union of yrs relay s Cap in in f Fri sunup m i 3t Romolt 2n my i 2fi 17 i its corp r n rotator path

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