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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 6, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaCity finds Legal Way to bypass bus franchise can the City of Pasadena legally operate a Munici pal bus service in the Light of present franchise obligations what Are the problems of financing a City owned bus line Many readers have asked this news paper to answer these questions. The following article explores these problems and gives the Best answers now editor. By Ken Lewis what s the status of the franchise under which Pasadena City lines buses operate or Don t operate As the City the 20-year-old franchise was issued in 1949. It has until october 1969, to run. It cannot be revoked because the company fails to provide service during a labor dispute such As the cur rent 2-months-old strike by the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen. The terms Are specific on this Point. So Long As the mostly sunny and slightly warmer today with High near 69. Bain possibility 10% today. Yesterday 65 47. Partly sunny tomorrow. More weather on Page 2-a. Company maintains a representative in the City authorized to negotiate the dispute its obligation is discharged. The franchise appears to be an ironclad Docu ment in every respect it provides that no franchise shall be issued to a competing company during us duration. However City atty. Frank Kostlan said yesterday after two weeks of studying the matter at the request of City directors there appears to be a Legal Avenue which would permit the City to operate its own bus system Here u directors so he said he could t divulge what this Avenue might be until he had presented his full report to directors at their meeting next tuesday. There appears to Law no precedent for lie said pointing out that other municipally owned transit systems such As the Santa Monica City lines had been based on City Purchase of an existing private company with the franchise being part of the Purchase. How then can these two apparently contradictory statements be reconciled 1 that the franchise is Iron Clad and 2 that there appears to be a Legal Way for the City to Start its own bus company anyway if it decides to do so can this mean that the City can operate a bus line Here so Long As it does not Issue a franchise for it certainly such a franchise would not be necessary. The municipal Light Power dept., for instance does not have a City franchise. None is needed since it is a City owned company. Only Kostlan himself can give the answer. And he in t talking until next tuesday. But suppose City directors do find the Way Clear legally and decide to put the City into the transportation business How could such a venture be financed could the City float a Bond Issue to cover the system s expenses without first submitting the Issue to the voters the the answer to this is no. In 1954 voters approved an ordinance which empowers the municipal Light Power Bept to Issue Revenue Bonds subject Only to the. Approval of the City manager and City directors. This ordinance applies to the Light department Only. Could the City Transfer sufficient Money from1 ils general funds o Purchase the necessary equip ment and hire Drivers the answer Here is yes. The general fund could then be replenished from bus fare revenues. Or the City tax rate could be raised to help pay for the opera Tion. The latter while legally possible would probably be extremely unpopular however with property owning taxpayers who do not ride the buses. It s doubtful if directors would advocate it. Best bet if the City does decide to Start its own transit system is that it would be placed on a pay As you go basis. 10 cents 56 pages classified by 6-0311-All other 5-6811-Ry 1-8183-Ze 2330-hi 6-4671 Home edition City and county engineers will meet tomorrow to develop plan for spurring lag ging1 flood control projects. Story Page a-6. Pasadena cat., thursday feb. 6, 1958 on nationwide scale Southland Gas dealers join Cut Rale Many Southland gasoline dealers following a nationwide trend slashed prices As much As 2 cents a gallon yesterday. The slash was a new step in a Price War that began locally in the san Gabriel Valley six weeks ago and later spread through City drives today for strike end a do or Dic session to end Pasadena s 2-month-old bus strike will be held today at tended by bus company and Union officials and City Man Ager Don Mcmillan. This meeting the third his week will begin at 10 . In the Pasadena. City Hall. J both sides something Mcmil a South Ern California. Meanwhile Cut rate bar gains in gasoline were apparent at service stations in such widely separated areas As Springfield mass. Hartford Conn. Providence . Dal Las Detroit Philadelphia St. Louis and along the puget sound. Surplus blamed the epidemic in Price Cut Ting from coast to coast was blamed on a huge buildup of Supply and lower than expected demand. Union Oil co. Dealers in downtown los Angeles Cut Saccom pushed Grade gasoline to 25.9. Standard Oil co. Ian told the Independent last t h u Mont i i a spokesman for Union Oil issues narrow the Pasadena area said he company and Union repro expected a new slash in Gas Senta Tives were reported Only prices soon at Union s stations 3 cents an hour apart in their in the san Gabriel Valley negotiations toward settlement East prices Cut of the wage Issue for a new contract. Other issues which stalled negotiations in the past Jean drive up to a service Sta were close to being settled and i Tion and fill your tank with Mcmillan said he hoped that a 120 Gallons of gasoline for less tentative proposal could at the moment the War is More serious in other areas have in Boston for example you Mcelroy top Boss of space projects agreed upon today and be presented to the Drivers for a vote by the end of this week. Further delay even if an agreement was reached today it would be next week before the buses could be put Back into opera Tion it was reported. Bulletin March air Force base. In an air Force b-47 Strat Jet with three men aboard is missing on a flight from the san fran Cisco Bay area to March air Force base. . Officials said the plane was last Hernrd from us it flew Over the Santa Barbara . The radio re port lid trouble. Units of he lib air Force search and Rescue squad Ron at Hamilton air Force base near san Francisco and . Coast guard planes started an immediate search of the area off the coast of Santa Barbara. The retail cents a Svi cents in state and Federal taxes. Normally you d pay about 30 cents. Oil company officials Are worried. In localities where Price War conditions Are keen major companies sell gasoline to their dealers at prices substantially below Cost. A new York marketing pert surveying then Battlefield concluded people Are watching their pennies. They re not driving around As much As they would if times were planting in Honor of heroic officer. Temple City fete Flower festival to Honor slain Deputy sheriff Ike hints tax slash As weapon by Douglas b. Cornell presi Dent Eisenhower said yester Day a tax Cut could be a re serve weapon to give business a shot in the . But he gave no indication whatever of recommending a education at this time. Instead Eisenhower stood by this prediction that business should pick up around the mid Idle of the year. Cut forecast in a voice hoarse from a cold the president told a news conference that if things got to the Point where it was necessary a tax Cut would have a very real great stimulus on the but he cautioned against going too far with trying to fool with your Economy and getting something else i he put in a reminder How we were always talking about inflation a year ago. Variety of subjects in spite of his Hus Kiness Eisenhower kept going for the full half hour he allots to news conferences touching on such Kathy Crosby announced yesterday she will have a baby. Secret out that she s expecting by Lodella o. Parsons ins motion picture editor copyright 1958 by yesterday in Honor of sheriff s Dynes special Deputy from aides As Sherman Adams and she and Bing expect a visit Deputy Harold s. Blevins who supervisor Legg s capt Harold e. Stassen. Died in a pistol Duel in an East Pasadena night club oct. 12. 1957. Blaze causes damage a House fire spitting names not indicate any that reached 100 feet in height last night caused considerable damage to the Structure at grand View avc., estimates placed the r. M. Chandler of the Temple City station , presi Dent of the Temple City Cham a the chief executive did t comment nor was he asked to on the Navy s second failure the ceremonies were held at ber of Commerce Carl Clark Early yesterday to get a Van soon at chairman and the into orbit. Tyrar old festival King. Cheryl and their Royal court Martia set from the Stork in mid August they were married in october of last year at a sur prise ceremony at St. Ann s Lee. Gary the oldest is in Germany the twins Dennis Philip have just come out of the army and Lindsey goes very soon. The Crosby Are making their Home in Palm desert outside of Palm Springs and recently Bing was elected mayor of the Small Community in the Shadow Mountain re Gion. President supports Secretary Washington. Ftp presi Dent Eisenhower reinforcing. Secretary of defense Mcelroy s authority in the outer space program said yesterday Mcelroy is the Boss of All work being done at the Penta gon. The defense Secretary will push ahead with the present missile and satellite projects Eisenhower told his news con Ference while a scientific group works out a broader program of outer space achievement at the same time. Sen. Lyn Don . Asked the Senate to set up a temporary outer space study group and consider establishing a. Permanent body similar to the Senate House atomic Energy committee. Far there is Little that we know about outer space except that it is to dominate the affairs of John son said. He is the Senate s 3emocratic Leader. Eisenhower underlined my Elroy s authority when asked whether any consideration was being Given to bringing the 4ir Force into the Earth Satel Lite project. Kathy told me group tabs Quinn rival Russell l. Hardy a South 3ate City councilman last night was named As the Citi Church in Las vegas Kathy was Radiant when she a must go Telephone Zens committee for fair Taxa told me her news and Mother in Texas. I candidate to oppose coun he Anci Bing Are delighted. I told her my Good qty assessor John Quinn in a re sked her if she would like a works 110 Nadia. Early damage near More than 400 spectators watched the fire which destroyed the roof and attic. The House was believed unoccupied. Shopping Bonanza Pasadena Dollar Days tomorrow saturday Iii first stage progeny. The plants have Boon do Casablanca. Kathy has been comin rated by local civic and serv ins the . Air Force an a or a to be twice a week to work at Tate appraiser called for Aioli Call election into Hardy a 41-year-old real is. Ice clubs. Mrs. J. J. Franklin a bounced yesterday that it. Just the is of the Temple City Junior j Wood f. 30. Of Hono woman s club has made the Ulii would be court Martiale four sons Cape ins the Navy said yester Day the failure of the second Vanguard satellite rocket resulted from trouble in the first stage engine control system which swerved the huge mis Sile off course. New attempts will be made by the Navy to fire a Man a made Moon into orbit but officials said the tests will be Plant a camellia week Fla Range ments. Queen of Angels Hospital sheltion of the 600 special dept has been working under an ties who Cost the county other name but recently a year to visit Homes the theft of material valued Bing has four sons by his was recognized while she was to obtain information to Evalu at from two air marriage to Dixie helping in an operation Roommate personal property. Pasadena Post office can t obey Pentagon old time Cusp Dors ordered shelved but not planters by Ray Dux can i i be seen More improve Pasadena Post office has an ments and streamlining in the t 3s Asi i held up until additional details order from Washington that it past 5 years than i saw in the Lare obtained from the ill fated can Obe a directed to he said shaking Vanguard ii. Co Timie the use of All Cusp his head in astonished Admira parts of the doomed the Here reported Tion. Which split in two and was that it has non to the reason we had Cusp 1 by Colorado St merchants set for Tomor for further study of the Acci ing during the noon and Early Dent which caused disappoint Row and saturday today s a hours. They will get ment both in Washington and years. They Veall . When the no smoking per features Many of the better opportunities for Selec at Cape canaveral. Lar Days bargains offered alld help spread us through he Day the work of this will be the and special sales merchants. Tion of month. Of planning o stocking the newest in Mer Chandise and tagging at Rock in waiting on the tens of thousands who take advantage of the great values offer Bottom prices Well below thei regular Cost of each us n Jack f. Behrendt manager of Story on the j. C. Penney inc., store in Pasadena and chairman of the Colorado St. Merchants said yesterday. Almost All of our Colorado St. Merchants have handed gather for this event offered Semi a Ami Billy business de on the two Dollar South Pasadena Dollar Days in midair Early the use of. Are being Reco Vered m. E. Herrick chief Countant said we smoking on duty so a them Here for several lot of our workers took to idols Here he said that there was a Rule people must have carried them Pule was abolished we did t the naval research they use them for lamp need the Cusp Dors anymore. Tory said that two More when i first came Here we guard test firings Are sched behind him on top of a Fil were required by regulation to Fulcd before a Cabinet sat a Cuspid or with have hitching posts out front rented satellite is sent growing out of it neatly you would t think it but spokesman said he converted to a polished building has a Coal Chute i t want to guess when the directive from it regulations. Never had any use for Coal Here or any but a would t the next launching attempt ton went like this will be made. Inside today s Independent and several others arc joining us to make it a City wide Sale of tremendous values. We wish particularly Page 12 Kay. 12 la Jahrand c-6. Living As the result of various experiments and favourable com ments the use of Cusp Dors in All postal installations is Dis continued. This is in the in plans to Burn Coal but every Post office had to have a Chute. Like to see he led the Way Down into1 the basement past lumber and Ruark comics.c-13 Nash of employee welfare and dead mail boxes and there was by says you 12 morals improved working and a Coal Chute very clean. .12 Shafor c-1 Lious keeping conditions and always he said by attendant had a gain in re i 12 it s All part of the Mode uni seipts last year. In the matter .12 tv-radio.c-5 nation said. The removal of the Cusp Connolly Al obituaries.c-7 women .a-4 Rick who has been in the Pasa to health .12 opinion 12 your stars c-13 Dana office for 37 years. Dors we wore years ahead of mail clerk Shaw impacts forbidden furniture

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