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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 5, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaMonday. I. I it Brown budget proposes 2 smog programs legislature to receive list today record billion proposal expected Sacramento up1 California s legislature opens an election year session today featuring gov. Edmund g. Brown s expected record 52.8 billion budget for fiscal 1962 63. Although details of the Bud get won t be Public until it 13 delivered to the legislature the governor has been re leasing portions of the giant expenditure for Days. Brown offered the latest peek at his proposed budget yesterday when he announced two new smog research pro Grams. One costing would relieve the Las Angeles air pollution control District of various motor Velu Cle emis studies. The effect of vehicle pollutants on the air also would be investigated. The other program for would establish an air monitoring network to Meas ure motor vehicle pollution in other state areas particularly cities. In health measure the two new smog pro Grams were contained in a pro posed Public health budget which would Cost state tax payers million some million More than this year. Also in that Public health budget is for Crip pled children services a Mil lion Dollar increase Over cur rent spending to pro vide organized Public health services in Parsley Popup acc Glenn and Lassen counties governor Brown smog program come need from ont it Erward Joel Fisher of Ala Meda county conceded by mov no a unanimous vote be cast or Sullivan. Sullivan s nomination by pcs Gregory of los Angeles brought guffaws from the Dele Gates not because of what lie Aid but because the Way in said it. As a speaker lie was a dead ringer for democratic resident John f. Kennedy an incongruity in such a gather no. The Ultra conservatives scored again in the race for Secretary electing Nancy Nix of los Angeles a negro and again in electing Sharon Rog 3 injured in separate accidents three persons were injured in separate traffic accidents i Pasadena yesterday. Most seriously injured a Joe d. Sims 33, 2344 Gran Deur st., Altadena. He sustained a fracture leg in an automobile acc Dan at Delmonte Street and Fai Oaks Avenue Pasadena Early yesterday. He was reported in Good condition last night i Kaiser Hospital in los Angeles Ralph Wright 42, of 193 Al Sereno st., Pasadena e caped with facial and Han cuts and multiple bruises an abrasions when he was Struc by a car driven by Louis Ace Vedo 32, of 3787 Al Scheiv about . Police said n recommend lion for a citation against Acevedo for driving on the wrong Side of the Street would be recommended. Gop conference us past duo obligations and budget. That the . Should Purchase g. That communists and sub Only As Many Bonds As the ver Sives be denied Public of russians do. If ice or employment or prop and for operation of a Wright was struck As he coordinating Council for Handi blood beside his automobile in capped children. Front of his Home when police Brown was to deliver acc Edo swerved to the budget which he promised Toi Wrons Side of the Street when a child walked off the curb on his Side of the Street. Raleigh Floyd 39, o 735 Worcester st., Pasadena suffered multiple facial cuts when he went through the wind shield of a car driven by Doug Las Griffith g2, of 3572 Al Sereno st., when the car struck a tree at Gloriela and Sunset streets last night. Both Floyd and Wright were treated at Hsinti Ngou memo rial Hospital. Balance for the fourth consecutive year to the Assembly and Senate both dominated by members of his own party. The Assembly is would gain three More senators. Brown aides recently Sale they had so logical requests for special session topics. But the governor has been urged to limit special session items for fear they would be come embroiled in Campaign year oratory. And members running for re election want to get Home to Campaign any Way. Sex wife from Hughes and returning him to the Kdonian Home. After Hughes was jailed on investigation of charges of i assault with a deadly weapon i his former wife told police he had told her a stole the watch and gun from a Denver school i teacher and had a Shotgun hid Den in a bus terminal. So police added the charge of robbery of investigation against Hughes and started trying to match a locker Type key to lockers in bus terminals in Southern California. Mrs. Kdonian later telephoned the Jailer to report that two Telephone Calls Hughes sup Posedly made from the jail to an attorney had been to his former wife at the Kdonian Home yesterday telling her he would kill her u he Ever gets out of jail. Cedric Hardwicke resting Well sir Cedric Hardwicke hospitalized with a respiratory ail ment was reported resting comfortably yesterday at Dars of Lebanon Hollywood. Hospital in Hardwicke 68, entered the Hospital saturday night. Attendants said the Veteran English born performer spent a Good night and was in fair condition. Was expected to remain hospitalized for Sev Era Days ers o Anaheim As assistant Secretary. A Clories Tor right other rightist victories were he election of John Clow o Marin county As treasurer Bill Davis of los Angeles As assistant treasurer and Terry Johnson of Santa Barbara county As chaplain. Moderate successes were scored in the balloting for a Lional committeeman John Tyler of Orange county National committe woman Nancy Ham Ilton of san Genera counsel Don Lindberg of san Diego and sergeant at arms Harry l. Thomas of los an Eles. Regional vice presidents were elected in one ballot As a Compromise they Are John Gromola Humboldt county sue Cran Dall Contra Cosla county Bob ill Man Sacramento county Jack Willoughby Ala Meda county Chuck Frankel san Francisco Ron alien Fresno John pry or. Kern county Roland Attenborough Monterey county Gordon red Man Orange county Ron Gar Var los Angeles county gallon s Campaign manager and Pat suit san Diego county. Generally the balloting was very close for All offices. Vote strategy was apparent in Sev eral of the races when key blocks of votes were switches at strategic moments to creat band Wagon surges for the winning candidates. The consensus among a num bei1 of delegates checked was that the right Wing of the or s had jailed to put together the effective Type of Organiza Lioi which 7swept Gaston and Ai Ultra conservative slate of of flyers into Power in the los Angeles county plugged tie holes Phile pm ran past president who was succeeded by Gaston commented to the Moder ates All the mistakes we made in the county elec Tion and tried to plug up Al the holes in this statewide Cam while regretting the loss 01 six offices Curran was please at the moderates Success in 2. That the . Invoke he tax exemption that teach. Monroe doctrine to and employees of every vestige of communism Public institutions be required from Castro Cuba and to answer congressional and Stablish a stable Republic there los Stative committee inquiries concerning communist Affili oppose Urban department lion and subversion and that 3. That the or s oppose the impos6d proposed Cabinet level Federal department of Urban affairs. P 4. That California Institute a a11 foreign Aid to competitive bidding system on communist regimes be Discon ext Book publication and Elim Lull Cal Nale the text Book operations 8. That the Young Republic f the state printing of California in Light of and Itiat this Issue be placed the recent bombings of the personal and business income. Notorious new York boiler room la brokerage firm which Sells stocks through High pressure Long distance Telephone campaigns did not report income from operations in dubious Canadian stocks. This investigation has involved a study of the books of 20 corporations mul a Bank and is being conducted in co operation with Canadian authorities. Securities underwriter deducted Large amounts for expenses a did not incur. Fraud continued Krom Paat Only solve allegations that Wall Street lawyers filed no income tax returns Al though they had Large earn key figures in two Stock manipulations did not re port exorbitant profits realized through their swindles. Broker failed to pay taxes on a sizable amount of stopping what they feared might be an Ultra conservative sweep. Gaston shed some Light yes Teit Lay on the strategic failure that lost the presidential elec ton for his forces. Keaton was one vote from Victory a the end of the third ballot sat urday evening Wilh Gaston candidate Mike Hudson o just n few vote behind when the this Angele. Delegation threw a Block of 2r votes to the third and wakes candidate. James Keyes of la Ukia Beach. As Gaston explained it. Trio several brokers claimed planned strategy was to Star fictitious travel and entertain a band Wagon for i eyes. An ment deductions. Youth from he was trudging Rosin said. After gelling Richard Home and getting him in the Bath tub his father said. He s in pretty Good shape. Dick would have enjoyed it a Little More if he did t have to get off the Road for traffic so Many times.1 Horn was offered two rides by passing motorists but turned them both Down. He stopped for hot chocolate along the Way changed his socks. And drank grape juice ate sliced oranges and Iron polls he even gave directions to a lost truck Driver looking for Madison. We Kew he d make it. He s just the kind of a Guy that said Rudolph m. Tis Dale jr., of Milwaukee the loser of the bet with Horn. Crash fran one not immediately available. The two doctors were re ported to be specialists in Bio chemistry. The four were vacationing in Amazon River areas of Peru. The plane carried 15 Passyn ers and three Crew members. Expeditions sent to the scene of the wreckage reported to Ima that All bodies were bad y burned other smaller Block of votes was switched to the lag Nan when one Monterey county Delegate threw a Monkey wrench into the machinery a switching a single winning vol to Keaton. We just got our wires Gaston commented. The convention s Resolution committee presented eight resolutions committee presented eight resolutions which wer not acted upon but Are expected to he treated by the executive committee soon in Sacramento. They Are j. That tha United states Purchase United nations Bond Only if and after Russia pays Snow dims Hope for missing fliers Tehran Hope of finding two men missing in the Jan. 27 plane crash on it Marduk a in Southwest Iran be Gan to fade yesterday As fur ther heavy snowfalls blanketed the area. All Rescue operations have come to a halt be cause of the weather. . Officials Here said res Cue teams at Ilie crash site report the two missing Amer leans col. Walter r. Johnson of Baldwin n.y., and Cap Daniel Knotts of Atlanta a. May not have survived the bitterly cold weather without proper food. Rescue work however will continue until the men or their bodies Are found the officials n special Call by gov. Cd fund g. Brown at the 3962 Homes of two ministers in los Angeles do condemn the per budget session of the Legisla Lee tractors of this crime and British cont nuts from they scheduled a Midnight service to cover the exact moment of the conjunction. This is when the Sun Moon Earth and five other planets appeared from the Earth to lie in a straight line. It Nan t happened before in 800 years and some astrologer s thought it would touch off a catastrophe perhaps even the end of the Earth. Later in London society Secretary Keith Robertson said there is not necessarily going to be anything though there was a slight possibility the Earth could flip this would be due to the interplay Between what lie called the conflict of magnetic emanations from the conjunct 5. That the tax Load slate Lier by unequivocally re state fion and those set up by human their a Horance of the use Ide be reduced by cutting of violence in any form for 11 superfluous and frivolous the purpose of imposing one s pending from the governor s will on evil. A big flip he said would put the Earth through a 90 degree turn. The finest Frozen foods Pasadena s outstanding food and beverage store urge enough to accommodate. Small enough to appreciate Hines 780 l Colorida by by cwt 6-9241 1 tonight s a Good night to see a when it corns 16 come to tree the pears in heavy syrup 29-oz, can 25 dependable Quality Low prices and guaranteed satisfaction add up to real value and Market Basket is the Home of value. Rely on Market Basket to make All your food shopping economical and pleasant As Well. Price includes 25c off Rinso King size pkg. Loaded with soap . Pads pkg. Of 10 Armour luncheon meat Greet 12s 23 Low Sud sing detergent dash 51-oz. Pm Price includes 13c off 32-oz. Bot. 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Bettt Crocker Angel food cake mix 15-01 pkg. 19 39 Central american i Kal Amtull Ain bananas 2 fresh Long gre6n cucumbers Flito Economy size 59c giant size 49c urge size. 25e Wil offs fair lady 25c value pus 2-25 rubber Tiffoe brio we or Buck Frozen. Birds Eye meat pies no Cal file concentrated sweetener Squibb s Sweeta two drops Supply us sweetness of one Lump w a teaspoonful of sugar 69 Morton s Corn Blueberry pkg 3 25 stores throughout the san Gabriel Valley

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