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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 2, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaAsk operator for toll free Zenith 2330" from Monrovia vina7 Al Monte e4-Friday, sin Gibriel Valley Valley Al cad Cibit Simelka ii Ibi Ucic Itil Tutt Fiji vim Muziii Small pm bldg. On Colorado Lvi two lot 15 lol Nood Brick a Jit Donje with ally in sch. Come year tar hic at s3000 Down eve. By 7-6930 Parker Towle Thompson attractive 10 units no vacancies Choice s. Al so Leno in Ile All. Bull uni. St Hawkins dream estate must sell 4 units in a Nelma Monrovia Kex. Jun u we w. Of Mirtl. Ave. Arc unlit print or an Imo Irh of too or month bul with re Modeller. This Coukis a Aalst be Lanil value la mrs leu Early the a Kirk Pike. Doit cer lain la will Man Lomel Milnic it. You to Check this inc Laloi i Sandford Zelkowitz 30 years in Monrovia 202 Vav. Booth Lar Iloner. Al s-1569 Al s-9c39 appraisals now is the time to refinance your Home charges by Low interest rates .5% to 7.2% m. 4 in Cabin Nauli by m839 stube. 43 pm Skup family Home in Choice area 4 bedrooms 3 balls separate dining room Large Den with fireplace plus Lanai Willi Fralc neighbors d 3-hditm., irn. Baths. Al replace heal rare or. Laree cover rail . Fully feint a loll him Lange Al 5-7196 Sima re blvd custom built ranch on big Rah. Chat Finler s Rooni 7 Balij. 10 Wau car prone. too f 1 Franz t 2095 hunlirigton1 drive a by 3-1101 flail ride u own associates san Marino my t attn. He Ira. Lori. Der. Al 930 John j l. Curio. Temple now rates free estimates. Fast service buy build refinance Homes apts. Clayton r. Warne 35 years or service Raymond a. Dorn . By 2-s1si evil by wagons our specially Washington motors by 111 Hacienda Ond you will want to this outstanding 2 bedroom guest room Den Home. The top in Quality Ond location. Call to see Franz associates Hunting Lon drive san Morino by 3-Ilol my new of a. . Ceramic Walls or. W. Arcadia 9s32k at 6-017 you use to. Extra inc.? Stikl i this s unit bul Lillvik will net you payments a allowance for vacancy i maintenance it s n rare Opportunity Only 115.000 Down. If you plan to buy property for lie of Hattte san 131 Woney prestige i j. Convenience r3 conv. Den Ami Atily. A Aulkh hit Che a that has convenience almost Ihnn fit Lor heir. Enclosed ratio flit erect Pool. J5s.xhj l open 12 to 4 . Saturday and sunday 4131 Dover Road Ujj cell. Holes s 7-1tc? Mccann properties j builders closeout for Sale or lease 1 with option to Luff it Rew Hoff to a 1 mrm i excellent to new coif Homes Molein in i every nay. Generous Willou Ante on option to i us i. 5147 Crown ave. La Canada i j. W. Dawson . .3u6 Verdico Olen Lale cell 5-6674 by 0-71? spacious 2-Sty. English 6 Bdrm. Plus a Lump pm. Family pm. Sepa Jraige Dan lip room i off the Hupci room. In All 4.000 to. Al. Of Ideal live no urea of smurfs of Numero i to mention. Ill Iliev a Cluder a ?0.x10 heated filter Eil Pool it outdoor . For Dop run. Many Beautiful Trees. This 2-Slory Home is priced at Roger aver time 1956 Suwon s Eyl. La full. At tact Lornt much. Co Dujon. Wegge Monrovia 139 w. Hunt Nylon or. Al 8-2557 i 6-7105 Home u Ell decorated. Viall to Wal carpet err in Laded. Arl Lilly Llumi room a Rill no room. I bed rooms 1 it surf Rev. In closed Utikal. Knicl turn hair Hon Wlllie urea. Convenient to the h it Lector k act Mooij. . Hitchcock realty dr., ban Marino by 2-4924 daytime at 9-3784 Day or duplex pc and 3 houses p with 2 Bill my it 3-tn pm. Of his . A raft i. Rental Lili Lory Slorra Al 5-91 it now Burm. Ungela in exc. Cond. Centra location. to. Yrs. Sizoo Jown Munson land . 6m.1 Bahij Al 2-315. lil a it wis lie Allf. Lots Tor 2nd Loans on Homes or a i. Also Mike Lai Loam on vacant inv. Corp my 134 Wenli Only re i1e rat inc. Anlla. He Phil in is vacant. Owner knee 4 Den. F rules. Alove Dii Jiwa her inc. Jot under sprinkler a Jinn. Drive Dille . Completely Fence. Make Okker. New a owner1 1 into an it. it Cal Hame j350 Al a a Rel Galloi. Manv luxury Laluces Arcadia Monrovia realty 218 s. Ursa Arcanin Al Devil at a o clock and loss of innocence tie Independent. Teser Vej at die Rex Lor hell k. Fullmer. -100 Duarte Arcadia at tie l nltf.1 a lists theatre 606 Kail Colorado blvd. A Maitena. Ploit by Lar of ail 139 Meto Reyelts lax and insurance. Com. Mercoal Volkswagen station Wagon 9 pass. 9 pass. Actual to to trans Ocean motors open sundays 2161 e. Colorado by 5-s5s1 11u 1-7331 3 in Stuart Marquis Devine Al 8-1844 . Of ves. Al 9-hj1 or Al lots Beautiful Kellogg Park no Taino unit streets new Homes of distinction Trofi covered i Etc eur to Only 5 lots Hul ctr Leas Coni lildred Davis Baker . Beano Martens so . 2-5 334-36 Ventura 2 j House j17.kx . Rented income 1267 Clark lot 4 apts. Income j1co to. 2762 k. Colo 124 business Famlin pm. With n Jue. 3-Lxtrm. Family pm. Only 3 Tyx. Bit in ran Kab oven Bill in Nir Condl Toner earn. 2 balls Lov. Pitlo. Yard owner 119.750. Esh realty Marino realty . Contemporary with r View. 3-Br d in Den Falt in Krhen 1 i Haku new. Ivel a Vlcej at Open reduced 5 stores East Colorado blvd. In. 5tk. Kvick so 7-6467 Williamson go. 760 e. Oren Tkv 62 hondas 5245 up Fez terms it Kim i sons at 0-fi24i 417 k. Harvcy. Monterey houses on r-4 lot 3" Scooter seat new lire. Real Good. Jho St 3-ws2 or lives. By 60 4 or. Country Sedan Aulo trans radio and heir Clay Chevrolet Ford m is "2 or ranch a Tuk a tatar. Alack of Tell in his pm. Ivill Dolce j193. I5z terms. Tom Sherlock motors Knoll in Ford 1311 main 6t. Irani Pirllo. Caier Over ill or. I a on Dkl. We Call my. Muh hav Lar my 55" Grots in Meadows d. J. Feenstra 21-sl Ake Tkv Llerve i to beautify i iome 1n a u Hai Zitur Klinc Edwd. Firs., Fralc. Ice. . K family pm. Pat o a in to Sest a enl. Call Ray Kelder tril pm third Milel. Cond. Trade Cash or . Trans. . 5s w. Hochland Sierra sat and Sun. 1-5 2067 Elkins place Coiner at. Caroli Coil excl Tislove area in Highland. Oaks. In living room ill table flyer Lacr. Bdrm p. Him Larri ily pm. View Jeliou s t. Ii. Terms to you. The Kirk . Ill of re irix fees. Bldg., so. It. Can Divide Kwh it 4000 it. Central Pas. Sale of Ulcy Lufi . Johns Dick Elk 3-Iji ulna family pm. By in mfr cond lored 5 i a Anu throughout. By us vol at 1 o clock and loss of in Smocknck the Star news a res Rrvel Iivo in Kreis it the Wax office for k. Gilliam. Jav Oil ave. Monrova. Al the in lied artists theatre Moo us. It in p. Co. Sol Esfi Altadena almost level View of Gox Sis on a 11.1 Maria. S12.0co owner. So titter g . Iiom1- 31 acre Arlo Grad Burn ss5.000 ast. 6-Inul. M. Cilk Valjer by merc. Lowe Reil boat. Iii Tom trailer 1.700. By 2-0160 h it. Car Labod oui Boarer wih 2s 11. Even tide eel or by 7 storybook Home very random roof. staircases. Endes1 a. Stalney. Gus Blini own. Talk a entry 32 Al. Living room. If nine room. 4 Bornn. Up. 1 Bdrm. Den Down 4 Bdrm. Guest suite. In trek setting on lever lol Johnnie l. Ross realtor realtors multiple sell 12 yrs. Young. Stucco 2 bit pm. 1 for out modern k Chen Ith flu for sek t0 h i l top in heart of s. Nur no aches. 2-Bil Hie. 2 Rov Patina Pius l1 Luis Call for adm. To ill Eves a .337-027 Oneonta 6 unit court a Annila in comp s3.9fx3 Williamson properties we have several so Lect Beach prune rules Hmil for in the j Iena area. Tat. On to a. . Trans Ril look it Mill buy 11 i Rord to to Lily Yetke Taij. Will a ivies Auto in. Sterol not. All Orr lunar a will sunday Tryr. Nee its Riecl Iti miss Outi select Hilj Shirr 3-Bedrrn. Lime in Corll Gllnn. I Kitchen with Birch . Used Hryck or. Blk Ilni lev Ihk rm., covered it a cult k a rape. on a fenced fru. It. Deep. Just 51v950 Anderson Glass Ralty. 400 s. First ask. Arcadia i 6-3194 Arcadia 13 units j Rick to sell vx1 Cross Jimia inc. Win consider Trade. Print re i pin Coil. 5, 3 All Mileti Foj Rueoa. Ill Niland Park Kopting 1033 blvd. By m1u7 Eves Cut an. A to. Heal direct. Owner. 3y 5-9351-s-2c47 219 Beach ml., Devil at 1 o clock and loss of 1nnocknck" tie in Ilc pendent. Star news trs Creej two Lack Eta it office for Jaa. P. Fellom. 20w k. or. . No unite in artist 9 theatre. Kutsi Colorado blvd. I . Of lox-15 built Kolta itome 2 of Fol. Era. Cost . Will sell for s32w. Wotli s750 Vagabond trailer Park fert. Butane Rel rat a stove. Toilet ?300. Owner. At in. Pym. Balance at f 11.1 per. Rno. To bit. Oliver Home. Freshly in out. Basis new in Kitchen. Vacant. 1572 Crft heart of Arcilla. Days rarity yet 3-Hfdrm. Home plus 3 1-Wrtrm. Rentals on lol. More rentals May be Ai Gilfil. Mil. Bovi Fiill Lake nov condition. Atli Jii Al vacant Home Ullh 3 re Tom. Large living room Willi fireplace. Turpe level lot Slih Trees it Badminton court. . Sacrifice new 4 2 1 a is. Never in. Roomi a Clos la. He Racli wave in rate of. Begaii Alful a Lex. Wal sell Caile or raw. so Dan l. 1 Lles so 7-t-Jk 3 Bdrm. I fwd. Has in. Al. Birch natural Wood in my. Cov Ermerl Diatlo. Go lot Cost to Schils. A Mayflower Vul professional Man View lot. So. . Pavri ferret. Aitla enl new development. A i 700__0viner. To 1-7. R7 Sale in Arlo re. S a of. Tkv res act mos. Of Roxlo. Prov. 1 by. A Minum Awn new listing 5 units run Laue 1 acres Cabin. Elec. Water reel. . Eloc. Spacious on a Acra. In . By 60 american Enron 1 owner spot Lei i Camri. Auto. my. Al b-32w 61 Rwy. Leer. Brakes. Pal. Ply go b-6s71 location 2 unit Motel j3g.coo or. Prexl 1r.r. 3 of new Lefens Plant. Poas. state. 7-13. R. Alum ass n., cooler. I3esl offer by fl-2177 , to sum Lay Ift so Coronet deluxe Feal. Awn. Shull. Ill Aita Canapa Home sheltered by Hie blur for a privacy a seclusion. 1 bits. Of Baths. Turf a keep. Ali tip pm. Owners if Velnp soon open for any reasonable offer. Harriet , realtor s30 foothill by d-1131 107 san Marine. Story Wal Ltd coot Oak Arfeal san Marine Illchen. 3 . Be darn. Fat Fly i Bath sep. Oln. Jan. I year old 5 0503 i.iw5oh ref. Iff 7-Lml by . . Center Hall plan. Itta Tor. Muli is a. A Arcadia Loc. 9s3u20. Drive by 510 . In not do Tsirli Ucucu giants. Kero Iisley for me. J. He Teli inc 3-h.lrm. 1 a Nils. May be used As office. K. A., to. T 7 9 m i Sun a t 7 0 .1 2 a Den. Fri c., Carp. Draft per 2 . Kenneit it 5 units close 10 o. I i . -5 vis Voltl a older rear House. P3lfnt1.Il incomes Ujj to. A Lorn to by Ri-6l 70 . Keavy so Vii Only completely Remot 3 a Parthia n Ley. I limit your Hardy realty by s-9iss set bus heal estate Exchange new 2 us. Honie Del Mur. 2 blocks from for 2 or 3 units san or Civ Callop. _ or or new Moon trailer. 46 it. 2 Bdrm. Al Tim Peete by .1-9014 parts 53 Jlar. Iva con. Aulon Tram coot Maher. To my 1 Oanfa merc. Or. Win. Like Nui Kiihr Earl fwd. Yrs Lluc until Tunna 3anoab. Vej a Fine Chrysler wabbit in Wplf Buhil coi Lulon. Set set. Sun. By 7-1222 rent free in modern n plex. 1 ill each unit. R-3 lol. in care. . It i or Egurin in Ruey ranch equip a Tinta a year. 45710 a Lix Harli Kuril inc Lii. In real a stroked tie in Park. Two 2 ir-hnrptors. Win Fjeld Cam. 10 unit court s2 4-Wlieel in rave. A new paint Good Coral. Call Only Simoun Balaf nut Niiya s 3 7 ii on s 1 4 .000 n 4 ice. N full hrs. Old deluxe u tilt Mim Luu to Cleiv Nelv. Rosil. Home of Beauty 13 a Joy for Kukk split level 4 Den Cusi. Qual contemn., 15x27 lev. Pm. Ilii run. Wco a Frejik. Nal. Koch. . Heal Kavull Tiiu bin 1 Kro Simla. I k Pool. L Lanai 1 Rofi Slon of s truly a of a Pangborn Al stores income Sima Ino. Nor location ill go a iritis Kller. Al. Stg 2 3 Baeli Elors. Turn. I Rev Are Ulvi. Autume a terms s. A priv Buh by units. My Wocl 134 .000 lots a income. Lucerne Valley noses by. 2t7.-h.i f i Musli Ejon k acre. W 111 in e . A or is my Liziie Ini a null. 21m i Harlp Al fl-1211 Anlos vile. Ply j750. I 7 -747 it 17 Chr. Enron. G Cyl. O Lyrl vat real clean. Oliverr Rar in in Rule at 7-6ing a. Co. At 7-Ogril at 7-os23 Erois per year. Certified net s Ike u 6-sri2c. At or Trade Al Rurert. Busicco units s29 Edo . Lii Al uti Nuil Laht Small or. Lloyn. So 5-s9g7 Kos my inc. -4 51 000 7 Jolls 1 or . Leal ring on a Artoun Otto off of of far by -1-1173 two on lot newer so. Kr., 1 1 by. Istre Ces. Need clean used cars Wegge motors Sec Liz san Gabriel Valler far 0 year 1040 e. Colorado by 2-61 15 open comm offer. Tarty. Call toll 50. Top con. Lake Orsett .110 w. . Alan. Fly 1-Ifim pariah. Skanke roof. 3 in nov. Bertrm. Ill Deti s3.1.t50 or n 111 Al Tel 53uo month. Shepard Morgan t31q Blunt Lorton or. Sun Star no by 5-7728 Day or night Brand new Good location among come Lyhle Hornet 3 Mann. A Lovely in mlle pm. Birch Kellch. Hit 1 Hall. . Heat oils la priced Milsht it s31.coo w. T. Beckwith a Ltd. 10. Jun Lincton. Arcadia i 6-61 1 1 my 1 poo time 3s any Ltd in it. Healed Hilj Lively n . 1 it Ivonie a t Orch i it in a urea. Re Nighta in. Tool Stone rpm in Wall bks. . Only offer Jour inn a copy rite real units o 12 inc of nah. So 3-4409. . Dandy ?-R.R Linnae on my Loti 60 4-or. Loathed. Many sex iras. 6-ss3s Al. I . I lays 51 agon Sony. 5300. Fl-0570 Rasa. Owner s deluxe in i 5. Newit. I i loan Anderia . C l by cn1tp. Ate yrs. 1 2-Br apis. C.irp., nor con.1 owner . Her. Cd 10 new units a onto fully Renli every . 51.1.200 or. Or. M7.wd tar by . Studio room Wotli fire Vilare. I ins room a enclose l room 1.mj3 soft. Ier Raceil and in life privacy 5 tcrrr.3 to still. Al chosen Monk the Ilo Flern ?00fl St. Fun 3 Borni. Houses on Corner lot. For . S. Land eau Liefl. By 6-g10s lot . A Lillic. For in. Dip t on or is in Mil. Ill 7-6061 .Kar land k. Colorado. Dlr. By 2-673fl 1-dr" Power Aleer. At 4238 Koril m or. Ewe Conr. I3s5. Private Narv. Tit 1424 Van. Dyke aur Active 4-Fnll Bath off beat uni. Rear pm. With fireplace. Formal attn lie pm. Cherry Chen. Ion o Hie. 220 a lilt if. A arced heat 70-ft. Lot. Mclellan . Realtors bit 6-6395 my open Sun 2 wanted Transf Rorm 7mmncnlatr 3 2 Bath Home on a Kiel Street of newer Homes Iii Luibil smile Toom a built in Sutcli. Cheer Fol Kitchen to left u. Beach Al j-.v171 2 Ilii. Den ice. Hi1 pm. With frolic. Din nor pm. Service Oor Cli. Screened Edwd fir.-. _ oco Il-1191 West Covina Zarden of imm. Views. On 2 lots each film. Liml lot lot on f bar Elev ave. So so 4-271s tit Tex or. Erarte up. Her. So ire. A pts. Accawi. Cirs . Order . Realtor by s. 1st. Album Era at we Trade Bai Xiet to Dick by Price paid Foit .Kan used Calis Leon antique cars Dkl to Xian Orick Nal. Solh l 1 twirl or. I Romnus Lurf. 1 Sedan. Sell nil or for Cal 7-0133 a vat. Anniema weekend.1. Automobiles for Sale Al. C-3. 2 by it car. Sibilo in. S14.000. Ukr. Svs lift i 6-77r5 15 us it i me. Csc. Return. By 5-9590 Day by 7.4.415 Eulale for imm Riatt Turc i ask Btl car 1300 Euli Mil 5y 6-8363. Al 5-1c17 junk cars wanted Cash paid or or Ray. Sal. Sun. Irolli la. So Cape cod i70f it. Of Elepar. in . 2 hat Lis. A dwt tlra., wow Carp., a Weott Vasilij pm. Too. Slim lev pm. To a Kurt yrs. A n fee Lor n lion it Musl Bill Only assume 4 of bal. About 51 of the Day by Samuel Norman by King Robey cars Monterey Road comp Elev Rede. . 4lurtz Cony. Ten. Bath with 3 i Horeis. Dan inc pm l Nln i floor Olan. You must see to Jirs Melvedt by e. O. Anders . Cd 6-4110 by must see modern ranch -1 excellent cond. 1 Yil. Old 3 by runs. Panelled a mlle room 2 Halls. Beau Ifon Ulrch Kuchen 2 snarl Nehlers nor . S3s.hoo 136 w Sanic Antto Terrace Al cad la Jii 6 j9 11 12 130s k. Colo. Sys Liis want 57 or 5s Mercury Walton. Al. 0-2s21 Knapp Mars. Balks hop. Jio. Flat a Llllian. Tit. Sir Era. Vivo. New 4 used 57 Anglia 2 or. 56 Hellman husky 58 Lancia v-6 Speed 20 1 22 Kvil at 4 o clock and loss of the in Ritner rent. Star Newa has licked Al the Box office for f. J. Raskin. 556 in. Of. No truck values 59 Dodge v8 stake 1 Sikko transmission. Sex Pronai. He Al kits id Vinyl Cark. 59stude Vij pickup radio Heater motor . Top Raki clean and a Fine running unit. 58 Dodge pickup economical 6 Cyan Dot. Knoing clean. Ano runs nerf terms Are no problem since we carry our own contracts Wegge Dodi and Dodici trucks 1040 e. Colorado St 2-6i1s open Verj. To for a family attractive 1-Slory Cal Oneal m Central 1 Rooma. 2 halh5, Aon Cinns Dpi m room in Lerir Yard is an excellent to a Yonne family Sjo pc m. Bliss Kee Ler 25co Hull Neton or. No Arlo at Gem and priv family Rooni High 10 Cam ill Beach style Home fenced in lot Trees . P Achi Fin own k ii Aktak r. . 1 2e a 30 8 j4 artists theatre. 6cfi col Oraton Olvil. Hinr Rutn none , City Norelli of Tunas. A nth then. Lleve Walulik 310.000 or. Davis Al Emu Bob Jones real or by Dat Sun -4-dr. 60 35 full a 50.0ci i. Our anti fair torn , a sen it. 2fis k. I-037t bedrooms 1 Bath to o lox it fenced Yard. 5h l30i so. Leroderick. . Open sat. It Sun. 1 to a x a. Urea. Wirron by by fan Marino. . 3 by. It . Pm. Sen. Cuts Iarj. Pill Din. Try. Rum 911 j uni. A Thomas . 31po 1iuntixgton prick at 9-6262 the upper a 3 by. 1 lunch homr. Latuff i mlle pm. Orons to lans. Lively viewer a mat Era . in ire a iraides. To close estate. Al House sa7. It to Tom if 17 in the per Roxani Tolch 11 j or Sierra Mahre. Kent with option to but s4000 in. By 4-Gsih . Water want Gabriel Valley s sports car Center Kalei service it Jitt a walk to Brick a in intr Flor with Earpe living a with. Cli no o Mitnic entire House Bulit a uncut in or Urr Lali 10 Isope Sci a wikis car. Be 2 a Isiha. Kalis close la family vat Chen Ullh j20.000 1st t. D. Will pay inter Al. To Complete r free Milt of. Alia Correo a Rizier 5s Lorg Wariti spi. Cotune oa3kin mis f. Fool lir by by 6-0311 inventor Wim Ancien wants 1st 2 across sol Ilion of Ysl Crilly s Zylo 21 disturbance of 1 it R.R Iorii is nil. Or 129 Trust deeds Foi berge1 at Arcadia Loc. W e i r o s i or it d Pivo 11 Ini. Re . 5-yr. Rlue tafe. Win Tell for j Buhal Anthony St new 2 fam. Pm. Near huh Frothrs hit-in.1" owner. 2 by. 2 pm. Or turd. Firs. Recently re rec. a r-3 lot for n pro. If l u n Elm 1 5-b.r. Cd s-i1s3 at 7-0741 tins deeds Thap Xan Ali . 3 Bdrm 3 let Jutten. Pool. I acre lot. 2 fireplaces. 2 to Farino Jtj St 3 in Ludrof. A Malvo Homes at time r u a h h of f 29 compounds. Is buy . A Imam . Planned . Ill 62 Ford pickup Ford truck Headquarters Robert loud Ford 1365 e. Colorado Cor Iii. I by 3-j1m. Jiu or Larce or contemporary see Bart Hurt sect Kin no san a Duma a Hahut pm. Deep lot. . Coo.1 by air la cited filtered Pool. Good aka. , in s. Plenty of Pwll thru Oil Atea Creej to Tuce put i a Bip. Feifei rear Yang. Jul Rwjr on .f full j12.500. In v.a., Lotnel monthly Only 569.03. Annc Insl a no in Jil died. Delaney air in the i i-7ssi i . Very Lovely 3 Berra. Bashi. It 5-317 opes s22 f St 5-9m5 my Bdrm. W w Dromi pal o. Ideal Loans older property a specially free inspection fast service a Low Cost Chester r. Pyle . Since 19011 41 Arroyo Parkway by 2-2 Fth e Alt Spac Fli Unju i Wom . A heat. I of j 119. Remark. P Gene x to is Clark Wila your re jute pack oct real estate classified ads for Sale of Nero. Possess. Ekr at ibltlrl5hdrlmrlfilerllri s a Reno Richli j23.500 by s161. Cha . Ayni lil i t-10m Eves Al in. To. Hifp of 2 . Coon. Bah. A peril 1 r. Process. M 2 harem Roones. 42 traffic sign of. Chair rail s 51 mind Deil. Air Hole 41 pc psf. Krona Paw. 4s equal for. 36 Anent so shines. 4iaclhlj. 47 grenades. 37 revoke Law. Fil false 5 something 49 s9 poem. "2 French River. Studied. Spa 40 portent 65 b spleen. 52 june. 41 Congo cos faithful. 7 forefront. S3 Kiir. River. 67 a Man. 8 to be 43 mall liar a. Is Al 57 Metal. 11 Law. S rays. 10 a count is huh. 15 i a Lifrant resin. Poc s maker. So Corner. 10 Jris ii forms. 71 Rei nire. J i for malt fio transmit. 48 Orr Neal Dom a no rename. M a incr Procter. 1 animation. 13 Small weight. Fri Compass Chev. I Ion pickup. my. 6xs Bodt 2 Lone Nunom no. By 9-097 or 1701 f. Ainu ii i. I s in Frol. Rvs. Rare. At Rita. Fat 3-Bfc. 1 i Yjih. Ti5.500r trade1 for cite by 5-5555 pm hic. Or str Rifle Liiv i13.aoo. Geo. Htu Kunj de 5-o.vh clot to Citrus j. C. Kor to Loans Pacific mortgage company 880 e. Colorado by 59 pick up stick. 1 Malta. Termi Avail. Dlr. By 8-56sj m. Of fled Vooht uru. Out. Traller hitch. 8y Tistl 37 4 Ion Nick. Is custom radio 1755 trucks to c1ioo3k from w. R. Iro Wund Iva list . Trl clan no nor idol for la Irenea. Delivery _ . By of incl. 1375, 33 a to. Atn j a 1 1375 or , . Al pm up crag. At m Lei. Older 1 Nam. 2-ir to High a Sec Pinr my Al or pay refit of err. Al , f of irr.. Fnn.1 or per Carn. A St 1i.ikk i town a to Impsen rooms. 1 Haiha. In 1121 Royal Oaks Jit. .12 Wal. Ill 7-Viu 2 by. In a Bris. I 7i2i Tor new s 7-Smi. . Home. R Ani. Mortgage . 1st 2nd Trust and . Loans i 6-4423 St buy Trust a fill it Vici. Or. Laun. Flt mct41tto St Shaw Chr. Al

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