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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 1, 1962, Pasadena, California-thuirt., up. Inoff indent for Barbers came. She the act. Photo. Real Cal cutters tha Only shortcut for a pedestrian on sidewalks of Calcutta is he gets from the Barber like this one who s clipping a customer. The Indian government seeks legislation that would pro Hibit this Barberic custom of cutting hair and shaving customers 100 Yard or so on Calcutta s main streets saying that it created pedestrian congestion. The pavement Barbers Union held a Public meeting to resist government interference and keep open counties of state hold legislature key Rural representation greater than elsewhere study shows san gives its cow coun rules greater representation in legislature than any other state two political scientists have reported. Almost every Way the professors looked at the inequality of the Urban and suburban vote in Tia nation s 50 state Legislatures they mentioned California As a bad example. The scientists Are profs Paul t. David and Kalph Elsenberg of the University of Virginia. They detail their findings in a 68 Page statistical study. The professors were e corned primarily with the in creasing Over representative of Rural counties in state Legisla Tures. Seven. Stated in i960, before Reapp Ortlon ment or redistrict Long tha most extreme instances of Over representation existed in califor Nia Arizona and Jive Eastern states tha professors said. They noted that the 1961 reapportionment reshuffled representation in Only one chamber and the changes appear to have been California s 40 member sen Nile is the primary cause of the state s unfavourable stalls tical picture. Most in repro called it. The professors their analysis arrived Here a a special California Senate reapportionment commission was preparing to do something Ebony it. The commission will recommend a constitutional amendment to give los Ange Les county four senators in Stead of one. Increasing the number of senators to 43. Most populous the professors said los an Geles county where Over 6 million persons Are represented by a single California state senator is by far the most populous slate legislative District in the nation. The commission s proposed change could give California the four most populous legislative districts with each Angeles senator representing 3.509.692 residents. Next big Gest is in Harris county. Houston Texas. California senators represent an average of 392.030 people today. The Ranore is from Angeles to in the 28th Mono and Inyo counties. The professors said this was the fourth worst ratio for any legislative House in the nation. The analysis uses census Fig ures rather than registered voters. Proportions Are approximately the same. Average California s 80 assemblymen. 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Marengo ave., Pasadena 495 n. Altadena Villa 575 w. Altadena dr., at 845 e. California at Lake Orange Grove at los Robles shopping Center 2249 e. Huntington dr., at it. Olive Duarte 1350 no. Altadena dr., at Washington 1315 fair Oaks South Pasadena the pantry Boorman a Orange Grove fair Oaks Pasadena 24 hours a Day 925 w. Duarte re. At 5th men arc shopping Center Polo. Going to the dogs Aii set to get one jump ahead of his Conine chums Tudor a 5-year-old Golden lab Rador wears his Parachute proudly at the Royal army medical corps training Center in Alc Jershov England. Trained by the medics Tudor is scheduled to dropped soon from a plane for Mountain Rescue work. Man y survived to scandals most . S went on to better jobs in video or broach Ray new the television scandals of 195s knocked the Hig quiz shows off the air but Many who worked on tha programs apparently came through without any lasting harm. The producers found the go ing roughest and some of them i Sluwe faded completely from insight. In for the quizmaster and of ceremony who Al ways insist Cal knowledge of they the had no rigging i things were easier. Many arc still in television or Allied Fields. One former i. C. Became a pleading Man on the stage and is now appearing in Brand Way play. At Milit club another returned to night club comedy work. A network official who re signed in the midst of the scan dal now has a University Post. Although 18 contestants Ivere charged with perjury in the rigging criminal charges in Ere brought against Only one employee the shows. All of the contestants pleaded guilty to falsely denying to a grand jury that they received Advance help in answer ing questions and All were freed Wilh suspended sentences. The Only program employee indicted was Albert Kriedman an associate producer of the show he was accused of lying in denying to a grand jury that the slow was rigged. Lie went to Mexico saying lie was unable to get to work in new York and was last re ported working there As a to producer. His Case has t been called for trial. Aromatic Jack Barry former quiz Mas Tor for Twenty one and one time part owner of the show left television for a period to become executive vice presi Dent of fragrance process co., specialists in aromatic Adver Tising. Later he did a children s show called kidding around on a new York City television station but mononucleosis forced him to move to Florida. Barry who never was called is a witness in the rigging asps now is president and Sii Icil song manager of radio station agma in Hollywood la. He has in preparation a to show called Hole in which he describes As a game show based on Golf. Barry the show would be taped n Miami and syndicated. Ifill Elfter tie scandals caused great he says but he Hinks now the world is right no he says he is still very bitter about the stand by some network exec hives and the advertising Fra of was released recently. He plans to Start film ing idyll in England this Spring. Mert Koplin in ass Clatt producer of the ques Tion and the Chal is Back in television As producer of a. M. Syndicated taped show. The network official who quit in 1959 was Louis Conn heart of the Columbia Broad casting system s television operations. Forced out he said then that is waa forced out because of in Nocent association with tha which he originated Asah Independent to producer Benfort went with the network. Cowan now is director of tha Brandeis University communications research Center in Massachusetts. Jack Narz former quizmaster for Dot now is , for seven a weekday audience participation show put on by the american broadcasting co. The last quizmaster of the Challenge was Ralph Story. He is currently doing a daily five minute Hollywood commentary show for lbs. Sonny Fox also a quizmaster on ithe Chal Lenge for a period has two children s shows on local new Yolk City to station. Another ., George de Wilt has returned to the nightclub comedy work he did before getting to into Tele vision. Dewitt who was an . For name still occasional to appearances. Irradiation of fresh food tested Davis University of California scientists bom Barding fresh fruit prod uce with radiation in an Effort to find ways of commercially treating agriculture products to retard spoilage. At the University s Davis Campus scientists Are working with an it foot deep tank of water holding 140 Metal tubes containing radioactive Cobalt. The equipment is capable of irradiating full boxes of fruit with uniform doses of Gamma rays. Gamma rays can kill living fastened the blame on who were just doing their Hal March onetime 1i.c. For the has become a actor on the legitimate stage and is currently appearing in the Broadway pro Luction of come blow your Dan in right Barry s former partner in to production work and also one time supervising producer of tic tac now is in the film production business. His full length feature blast Ilia enough dose and scientists cipo they can increase shelf Lime of farm products by kill no spoilage Micro organisms. The killing rays can pasteurized and sterilize without heat and without radioactive contamination of food project officials say. A spokesman said Fradla lion will never replace in rom refrigeration but used in combination with it May eventually to the shelf of fresh

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