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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 1, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaFill v. Comments on column concerning the vol i 05 Dorothy Matle Davudc Alicd to on saturday morning fog blanketed the boat pier Plant Landing people handed out rain checks Jbf another ride. That after Iho fog lifted Ami the people on the Ira cd to uncommon View of Pilot whales feeding. The. Whales were docile and the boat had no trouble moving in among them. Passengers wore Able to take pictures until they ran out of film. To arc not always so fortunate in pick ing to go items. Letters in the morning mail sir you recently used my word in your column. 1 have been using the word for 30 years and in the time have never heard it used in speech and until your column have never seen it. In print. The word Snurr cannot be found in a dictionary where did you gel it t. J. Muir i cant Tell you where i got it. I just picked it up somewhere along the Stony path of word collecting. 1 seem to remember that it was originally described As that Little Hall of. Lint dial collects in men s pockets. I be not been a Purist and i have called those puffball a of dust in Corners of rooms Snurr and the dust that accumulates in dust drawers As Well. Hie stuff that accumulates in our clothes dryer is More than just lint to m e it s Snurr. There is a character in the office Here thai argues that there is no such word. He says that the stuff that sve have been talk ing about is and that utterly ridiculous if you ask me. Dear Russ Leadabrand v we were. In the. Noun kilns on sunday up on the Angeles Crest about i . When most people were going Home. Was bumper to bumper All the Way from Charlton Flat to foothill Boulevard. At Charlton Flat you could1 Tell when the line of cars moved ahead a Little thai1 the signal Light Al foothill Boulevard had turned Green. I d. I1., la Canada dear Russ Leadabrand we just got Back from a couple of Days in Borrego. Achl with the Auto caravan look one of the naturalist s hikes attended a campfire program bought Horace Parker s Book drove Oul to font s Point and in us far As the prehistoric footprints in fish Creek Wash. also visited the Vallecito Galley Side the old stage station which has been re stored in a rather Mountain Palms Bow Willow and Agu a Callante. bought soda pop at the store there. have been going to for years hut find that Borrego is Alf you advertised. It is nig colourful and fun for All of the family. To saw a Fox crossing the Road one evening and several Ocotillo that arc beginning to Bloom. The Ranger thai after the last rain they expect a bumper crop of wildflowers. Thanks for introducing us to a new Corner of Southern California. Mrs. Don Linder Alla Dena no. 1, we Richard Starnes Peter j. Steincrohn . Glaucoma diagnosis dear or. Steincrohn i am a 42 year old businessman who always prided myself on taking Good care of myself. I be always gone in for a yearly physical examination. At my last Check up about a year ago my doctor said i was All right but suggested thai i to pc an to Rule tout glaucoma. Although i had no symptoms he wanted me to do it As a precautionary measure. Veil. I off because i thought it was unnecessary. Eventually i went in for the Eye because i was having headaches. T suppose you be guessed the answer an Eye that i have glaucoma. Fortunately with drops and other realm Cut my vision will be saved. But suppose i had gone on for months disregarding the headaches and the earlier advice of my family doctor i might he half Blind by now. I Hope you print this to help other m. Comment you re a Lucky Man. But it in t really Good sense. If you had t followed through you might be walking the Gigli trope Oscr an abyss called to Ijlal blindness. I Glau Curria stands right be Hind cataracts a a c Ause of blindness in the United slates. In persons past Are about cases of glaucoma. The part of it is that Only about one half of these people arc aware that they have it. Everyone past 40" should have a Tono Meler test to determine the Eye pressure. It is simple and painless. No physical examination is Complete without ii and Don t wait for headaches blurring of vision especially of Side Visalon and Eye fatigue to bring you to the Eye doctor. It May be too late. Fluoridation dear or. Steincrohn i have heard so Many pros and cons about the value and dangers of fluoridation that i m confused. How do you feel about v. Comment i am Happy to say that Dur ing the past year or two fluoridation of water to protect against dental decay is be ing accepted by More and More communities. Let me put it Short and to the Point it has great value and no danger. With few exceptions doctors and dentists Are in favor. Why. Be influenced by the nays of unprofessional persons who Are less qualified to judge for mrs. A your doctor is not being silly in recommending that your 7-year-old son have a rays to Rule out peptic ulcer of the stomach. Any child who has recurring attacks of stomach discomfort that Don t seem to fit into any diagnostic picture should have the Benefit of a rays. More and More we Are seeing children Between 5 and 12 who have such ulcers. For mrs. A it seems to be the opinion of dermatologists Hal premature aging of the skin can be caused by taking excessive doses of sunlight. It May he fashionable to have a deep Tan but Don t take the Sun without concern. Like everything else Good a Steak for instance sunbathing can he overdone. For or. To t agree that acne is a Dis Tressing problem and that the bad. Case exerts awful psychological pressures upon the youngster. I also agree that chocolate had better be left out of the diet. But i Don t agree that All sugars should he deleted. The fact is thai dietary restrictions Are of questionable value in treating acne. Bell Syndicate Keal Urc Virginia Ray just in the family dear miss Kay the Man from san Marino who complained about his wife bring too perfect in her housekeeping must have a Hole in his head. My poor brother would envy him i bet. My brother married a girl from the wrong Side of the tracks and she did t know anything about keeping up her Lovely her Fly that he moved her into. She docs keep herself looking but that House i d Tell the san Marino Man to be thankful for a Well kept Home. And i wish i could give my hints without hurting her feelings. Sara Alhambra dear Sara Moth a your husband is Happy As dear Virginia Kay i read with in Terest the letter from male Reader san Marino. I have been unable to work for several months because of an Accident. My wife has taken charge of paying the Bills Ever since we have been married. She thinks no one can do Well anything in the . Yard. When i have tried anything it is always wrong. can t do anything together. I know How the male Reader feels to have a spotless House at he expense of his wife s health. J. R. W., another male Reader Dearest Virginia Many men will wish some of the perfectionism of male Reader s wife could rub off on their wives i am sure you Are receiving a flood of let ters in answer to his in your column. What makes r a Perfec i have Given a great Deal of time to reasons and others. Most of us Are Horn that Way. inherit a love of cleanliness and to dryness. allow it to grow until it becomes an obsession. As a child i always wanted to please peo ple by doing my Best in every Way. My Mother always paid what is Worth doing is doing i believed her and following her pattern always gave my All. I was a Fine student and when married i Felt Happy in having the Home so clean and tidy it scarcely looked lived in. I succeeded but that was not what my Darling husband wanted. He wanted it to look lived in and still docs. A drive to perfection even if not selfish does not bring perfect happiness to a Home and husbands want to be Able to relax and at Home. As male Reader states a Man wants companionship he wants to find a fresh Radiant wife even if the House has some dust and the children have dirty faces to break the perfectionist habit is most difficult but a Happy Loving husband and better health is More important than a perfectly spotless House. I Don t mind if you use my name. Lovingly Marion Caspar Arcadia wonder How Many years it is Don t answer that Marion has been writing to this column. Nice to hear from you again Marion. Dear Virginia sometime when the male eyes have the seeing a woman who is Beautiful enough for heaven in the male s estimation the human male is in a state of condemnation. Agree Dale Minton 1955 n. Garfield Pasadena Urban affairs fight last night. I tried counting boys jumping Over a Fence but then i could t go to sleep at Dennis the menace is Iho Only City i know of where it is possible to climb into a taxi growl old to the do incr and not get a split lip. Instead hell haul you to one of the Senate office buildings and Lull serve you right. It is also a where streetcars have vanished to the last hat wheel and Only a few sir caches of track s remain to show they Ever existed at All. Taxis Are More plentiful than Ever however and the fares Are Low enough even to make the Drivers Small town Garru Lity tolerable. But the biggest changes in Washington Are not in its quaint transport or even in the fulminating growth of sterile Public buildings which 1 suppose Are the we Ltd Seoul chars of our declining civilization. The biggest transformation and one that is Felt rather than seen is a Subtle but very nearly total change in the very Ralson d eat excuse the state has for being. Washington today seems almost wholly preoccupied with Busy sort of meaningless easy tasks that schoolteachers give pupils who cannot Cope with the real work of learning. A Good example is tic empty Contro Versy Over the proposed department of Urban affairs and mousing. The House rules committee still a stronghold of Cranky conservatism in Spile of president Kennedy s widely celebrated Victory Over it last year turned Down Utah just in time for the president to spit fire and Brimstone Over it at his press conference last week under the reorganization act of 1049 a bad Law which makes it almost impossible to end Tho malignant growth of bureaucracy the president can still get his new department in spite of the rules committee a Good guess is Tinl there will be a noisy fight Between the White House and con Gross in which both sides will be armed with swords and no one will get Hurt and that thereupon Utah will come into being. The truth is however that it won t make a is Allelo of difference whether we have n ministry of Urban affairs or not. It will Cost the taxpayers a Little More and it will make the great infected tentacles of bureaucracy a Little less manageable but it will not fundamentally affect the condition of Man under this government. In the. Meantime the visitor is As sailed with the despairing conviction that Washington is wading through an endless Nightmare sea of treacle and tranquil liners. One thing for example seems Clear from the wreckage of Punta Del Este and that is that cuban communism has been accepted As an unshakable fact of life by most of the people in this hemisphere. If this is a fact it is also a fact that russian Bland Ness has obscured it from the people this City. It May be a defeat of the Magni tude of the Wall but nobody talks about either unpleasant episode Here. It is almost As if they were Hick town scandals so earthy that Nice people just can t discuss them. have already seen How the synthetic and grossly tasteless controversy Over the Cosmos club gun Oraleta a great Deal of excitement by funny coincidence just in time to mask the administration s decision to Rock the boat on the great Issue of Dis Graceful ghetto housing. For further example i found no one Here who really expects this country to seize the tremendous Challenge offered by the european common Market. The Brave lassitude that is the current mood of Washington is exemplified in the tacit under standing Hal for All the urgent Good sense it contains or. Kennedy s proposed. Trade expansion act will fall far Short of Realiza Tion. This is a City full of artisans busily con struck my artful facades. But at least one visitor is leaving with the nagging doubt that much of anything real is going on behind the papier mache stage sets. L no Ltd Ann Norman Lazy Days afloat they re As clean As 1 could get pm without wasting a Lolla soap an Hal Boyle dental problems Are big in Nigeria things a columnist might never know if he did t open his mail Eastern Nigeria Meisl be the world s worst place to get a Toothache. It has Only five dentists among its nine million people. Sounds reasonable the subway in Athens Greece has special cars Lor smokers and now a group is demanding i special car be added for greeks who insist on munching garlic. Royal High hat one of the russian czars once decreed no one in his Domain could Wear a Beret. Frigid Consolation no matter How much lower the Mercury Falls than 40 below Zero you Don t feel any colder. That is the Point Al which your skin nerves Stop distinguishing difference in temperature. Tired of being crowded then go to Alaska it has Only one person to every Square Miles compared with the . National average of 40.4 per Square mile. Our quotable notables a woman will some times confess her sins but 1 never knew one to confess her Billings. Bet you did t know this the Cherry peach Strawberry Apple Blackberry Apricot Plum Raspberry and Pear All Are members of the Rose family. Speaking of Large families on the human level they often produce geniuses. George Washington was one of 11 children Alfred Tennyson one of 12 Eon Franklin one of 17, and Johann Sebastian Bach one of 20. The size of the average american family today has increased to 3.6s persons. How they got started Joan Crawford was a to. Edgar Hoover a lawyer movie magnate Spyros Skouras a Boot Lack. Quips from our contemporaries the Catholic dig Cal re ports this sign in a Minneapolis car Wash special today. Car Wash compact cars dipped and Towel dried 50 Odd legislation in Nebraska a Law was passed under which you could be fined if your clock showed any Liing but Standard time. United pitas International science at work Mosquito talk presently starring at a Laboratory partially supported by the Lockheed California company in tub Ingen Germany is the common Mosquito. Why because in seems one mos Quito can talk to another Mosquito As much As Iso feet away with Complete indifference to All interfering noises that nature and the scientists can devise. And interference is a prime problem in Man s Ever lengthening the sea in the air in outer space. How docs the Mosquito manage this nobody knows. Neither wind nor Thunder nor raucous sirens can Cut through the hum a Mosquito generates by vibrating its wings. If and when the specialists figure it out Lockheed May be Able to apply it to communications systems in to Day s missiles satellites air planes and submarines. Sorry but i Don t get it or. Minion. Tips for ironing dear Virginia does anyone have a baby stroller they no longer need i have a deserving neighbor with a six months old baby. She has to carry him up and Down High stairs and i. Believe she has had polio at one time. She hoped to get one with Blue Chip Stamps but i explained that she needed several books for that. I could Piti one up if any Reader has one for her. Mrs. A Steen by. 8-1685 your Bethany Church note paper is most attractive mrs Stycn. The following tips can make ironing easier the ironing Board High enough to reach its Back cd go without bending and Low enough so that the Elbow does t have to be lifted. An ironing session to hours. Tests have proved efficiency drops after that and More Energy is needed to Iron each additional piece. The proper Iron. Weight has Little or no effect on ironing ability so choose a Light one. An Iron with a Large sole plate is hell for Flat work. Smaller Irons with pointed tips Are Best for ruffles and sleeves. To music while ironing. This rends off bore Dom which builds up irritation and fatigue. The tips from a Home appliance manufacturer Are based on research i Art two of n. Series a aboard the s. S. Acapulco. Some where at sea. The main occupation of the passengers on this ship is eating and having a Good and the variety of both at your fingertips is bewildering. The looks of the mob assembled outside the main dining room when the dinner Bell sounded at the first night led one to believe that every one aboard had been on a fast for a week in preparation for the trip. By now most of them Are Well filled and beginning to taper off which is understandable when you realize they have been eating five meals a Day. Sei Ved at ., but obtainable until at eleven a Clear hot consomme with crackers is served poolside on the upper deck. At the Call Rocs out that luncheon is being and Down everyone goes but More slowly As the Days go by. Dinner is at ., and that is All until when a lavish Buffet is set up in the veranda room off the deck and lounge. Of course Coffee and pastries Are available at 4 . For those who can t make it from lunch to dinner. The cuisine is Spanish and american with considerable variety offered in each. Breakfast is conventional in each language eggs meat juices Toast cereals Etc. Lunch starts with Lions Douvros then Bolli hoi and cold specialities of infinite variety. Dinner is More of the same but with larger variety and larger portions. It was great for a while and there was a great smacking of lips and much kidding about individual consumption. But it took Only two Days to fill up the Hungriest and portions Are getting smaller As appetites dwindle. The fun though seems to gather Momen Tum As More and More people get to know each other and to relax under these Beautiful Southern skies. It Only takes a Day to form a lifelong Friendship at sea and since the people aboard seem unusually congenial Many such friendships Are being formed. Latest addition to our group Are the Milo Flemings of Alhambra. She is the assistant auditor and director of the budget of that City and he is in plastics. It is difficult to understand Why certain people Are attracted to each other and Why they Are comfortable and relaxed together but a ship is the greatest place in the world to do research on this fascinating subject. But to get Back to the recreation we have been enjoying in the past three Days Horn ing hours Are spent swimming in the two pools on the upper deck. In the Stern there is always a group of Skief shooters. Just at the Edge of the Pool under the boat deck we have horse racing. Xot like at Santa Anita for these Are fair human fillies. A caller throws the Dice and Calls six and or whatever number comes up. Ami the identically numbered filly Steps out one Square. It takes a double to go out or win the race and the Winner is paid Accord ing to Iho number of players. One of All games of Chance on this ship is that the House wins nothing. Each night at there is a Bingo game in the main lounge. Three games Are played and the winners Are paid the amount of Money collected from the players. First game pays fifteen dollars second game pays Twenty or Twenty five dollars and the Winner of the third game gets the rest approximately forty five dollars the night we watched. One night by popular demand they played a fourth game called which meant that a player had to fill his entire card and the Winner of that game pocketed seventy one dollars. Every morning at eleven Spanish Les sons Are Given in the main auditorium. The professor is from the University of Mexico and i suspect that the faithful will be doing quite Well by the Lime we Dock Back in los Angeles. In the same auditorium there is a first run feature length movie every after noon at five. American movies Are dubbed in Spanish and the one Spanish movie shown thus far was dubbed in English. passed up a film Starr or Marilyn Monroe but did catch the magnificent Star ring enl Brynner and found the scenery on the wide screen most interesting. Nights Are taken up with dancing which lasts until 2 With a contest scheduled for each night. The contests follow Bingo and precede the dancing. One unscheduled contest took the passengers by storm. It was a dance contest to see which couple was Best at the twist. Since this dance seems to be just catching on in Mexico there weren t too Many experts. But it certainly is taking hold with a vengeance. The girl who won had a trick or two up her sleeve. She danced in her Bare feet which seemed to give her a better grip on the floor and after you practice a while drying yourself in the Shower fake off your shoes and you Are ready to do the twist. Last night there was a crazy hat con test won . Movie Tamblyn. And the. Winning was and up because airs. Tamblyn took plants from the Bamboo room twined them attractively on a tray added toy Black rat and called the creation cat on a hat tin Don t ask me How she kept it on her head but she did Long enough to win the prize which was another stuffed animal. Tonight which is our last right aboard on the Down leg of the cruise we scheduled a cocktail party in the Captain s quarters the second since we came aboard the cantata s dinner which is held in. The main dining room and to which All Passen Gers Are invited a contest to select miss Acapulco with Jim Hamilton he s mayor. Sam Yorty s official representative on the cruise and a West Covina one of the judges and a costume parly. And so it goes Day after Day with Thust Fine ship smoothly sailing on a sea of Glass we see an occasional Turtle Riding the top of the Waves and an occasional Bird diving for fish. In the distance Are Tho mountains since we Are following the coastline not More than five Miles off Shore. Tonight we reach Acapulco then follow hectic Days one spent in Acapulco a trip to Taco and a night there then on la Cuernavaca and Mexico City. A gala Wel come for Jim Hamilton a bullfight a spot of sightseeing then Back to Acapulco and our Mother ship. More Lazy Day at sea then Home. But Well be telling you All about Manana. To be continued your lawmakers q. S. Senators Tomn h. Kuthel 110 e. Kob Ltd ave pm Dana. Sift Ali trial

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