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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 29, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaPh0ne today your Independent and Star news classified and can run Hirist Giitl value wily 110-sw Triplex. 129a_trlll breath taking panoramic View. Now under construction f or in Frati Alt Over 20mmi. Com Law. A vat or of Ita Valley and Ocean thai i Only Lew Ramu Iri a Clajon. Ret Only Lew from South ave. Choc Pinr. 3 Jerk tout bedroom vol Tamly room or-1 Eta Ana Camuy Rocco 3ft Bothi. Luxury throughout including air Conille Tononi. Cd none com Htu color. Me Curt. Tin Len and out. Ith value 133.000, an to top tonal 6uv at . Only 16000 Down. Thi buyer will love Thea ont. Tr1 City realty 1177 be. Colorado pa8aden. Fer 3-7191 my 1-0010 practical Paradise Nell Khufu Livlin in Colum in 2 Tum. Ofui Char Mana Eull i Wpm for in Lawi or rental. H fut Wop did 0l, could to do vhf it j3vwm Down a Fentri Wil carry loan 2856 Santa Anita open Fri. 2 to 4 Call Keith Moore by 7-j03 Toetu Utler in. Beautiful 2985 Bargen Way open sat. 1 30 to 3 ixlrm., i Bali. I. With Al Inanc l. Minji breakfast liar. I Ivel Ihla l won t list and Lam Den. Ina Laud. . Heal Yard . Hitchcock Jiso Blun Lennon or. Jar pro by daytime at 9-3748 Day or night. 3 Baths family pm or do Nenje pm. Top . Large and Small loll financing. Priced from and cam1no Quork Arcadia o. M. Knutsen building co. Inc ii 7-2138 go 8-8505 2 Bdrm Vacanti lit jul Cut Poi Mitlon of this pm. Iff. Yard Down in Ell a lilt 2 today Birdwood Al. La Lorri Bardy. Manor one Conley Norare. 3 bed rooms. 2 Batu. Dan Liz room Odua room to covered Zatlo. Orc anal owner. Franz associates 2005 Sun Lonrlon or. San a Irlma by 3-1101 my 1-6709 swimming Pool Park like View. 3 fam sly pm. 2 to ufos. Whipple a k. Aha Denar. Specula Zinc immediate Possession 2 Tvlrmr-4 and healed filmed in. Lor Santa Anita Oaks no of race track swimming Jet . Tennit court. Fenced Cor Rel arable for 2 harm. 33x34 panelled built a pm billiard table. Window cupboards. On til Apt. a. Italy colonial 2 Rory Home cooler in Atlle. 4 br., 3 Down stain Haa 14x30 lev uni pm. He Jet a lint in. Pan fled a c lost i. Beautifully Ile Cortte. C of Plettl car if Ltd draped. On huge 170 x 300 it. Y car Par. A car port. 2 driveway. 40 Calif 01x1. Muhr 470.cxw. Jack Roscoe of Lake. Ixa Ltd or. Shoppe no mis. Baby terms Lou in Kuck Frank fuck by 7-bw1 by 3-8181 940 Chevron it. Paso open 2-4 sat. Sun. Hon if Birma. It conv. Rien rafts Lead to ratio Pool. Lac. In Clos try Yarrut sprinkler Vilem. A axing 7ianben realty so 3 bedrooms Pool North san Gabriel sunnis i it 1 ionic in local Lon. Liente-1 i Addock . Lard Woolf floors. Sep. Rate Tell Nln room. Natural Cal jnet3. Rullet in Range. Oven sliding Mia Hoon 10 area. Juit it to Herbert Hawkins co. 6710 . . At 7-9911 instantly appealing a prominent Arr Tecl has aug 30 or. Available Lor flix appraisal 110. 3-Bdrms. Fralc. Thai h4urd. In. Fralc. Be. Loti Dale Del. Need Tull bul Thea taken into Moulde Raylon in the Pike non Thor 470 . Annc. In int. Delightful 3-Bdrm. Thea one 1. decor Nilde Cut about 1030 in. It. Al area. In this parquet Rigour cd. 3 Bdrm. Tream Lime ice. Tiled lev. Im., Donl nyc pm. It half Itu pfc Dale. Al no Money Down on a Down s harm. Ilii co old. Of Eimler to not it Alia did uni run. A heal Cav Tia. Rustic ranch immediate Possession fcl.1 Attr Rutili. 3 Bdrm. A filly pm 2 Bull in Ajitu a Ort. Natural Kitchen Cable Tea. War int a itty Rte acc roof. Al muted for Quick Idle . Will Kandler 22 deluxe units custom built stir Bah Abr Ltd count or club area. Or. 33 Unildo it Monrovia Sun Gabriel san Marino of Job of Nur 1n Choice area. 2-Iiy colonial. By. A Nevis a Rtin. Pm. Are. Pm. Plus new Pool. Now Price to in sell. Call Lex Lay. Thomas co. Real estate Mari Arila Ino 210fl slim Linclon or. San 7a5 a Cortez Lute. Arn at 9-6262 it 6-7171 to. Newer a n rans Orel ask inc s2300 in. You can submit Francis Dean by 1.7168 John e. Grech huge workshop newer. Low Dow 2 Den. In. Slfi.r.00. V a i v m a or Eurl Ember full nudge u Canada Ces fully combined the Weir Mali of a ranch Lyra Home Ullh Ern convenience n thai Brand new int fully Imi. In Ith Shako r-70f. Ably a enl in Intino. Joe e. Earll realtor and associates i 7-5408 Brand new 3 Sirms. Anvi been by r Rit Alliy Home builder you name it it. Add relies of will Nexion in a Mon Vii he red. Jin it in nose Eire. Dl5p. . Amu i Loon Ami do ii Illch. Cab balls plenty of Cloviel a pics family pm. De quite Donl Nof , Deli. Aluc til a Riffi jumbo Thake roof. Brah school dial i Mil nyc too. E 1.1 Mil Low Down payment or ii aisle. Glenn z. Shaw a Ltd nor w. Mon. Al s-016i Post War ranch Home centri.1 san Merino Cui Rte 3 Fly. Or arms. 2 balls my. Pm. A Iep ill. Pm. Deep lol. Pow Easlon. 537.000. Shepard Morgan 2310 Unn Lincton or. Ban Mulno by 5-7728 Day or night Beautiful seeing by Trees on lol 90x192, in him of the it Moi Oaki Arm. Thea Dell Hull Home i k must Rek there Are .1 banna., Lance lev Lar pm. Fanelly pm. Each Wuh for plaice. Dial pfc in. Kuchen with Lovely breakfast area. 3 4 Hal i covered inf screener a ratio the flue tic poo with is wide deck ing Ocla off the rear 3 car Kajie a. Many other Feit Uret. Price w. T. Beckwith Rwjr. 107 Vav uunt1nqton Arcadia i 6-6 1 my 1-6121 momiov1a 2 on Lor Sale. Professional Man. Row 3 warm. 2 Bali. Rm., nov. Kllch., us Lri. C amp. Lunos Caird Patio. Joc. Ori a Bijoc , u1 oft1" View lots la Canada Hills builders closeout alb improvements in Are up 6u7 no. Crown ask. John w. Dawson co. Cd 5-6674 by 0-732 Rulli uni roof. Ela. Paia. 41bm Down. Ami pm Assn Iofel Sierra made need More than you can afford be our line listing 2 Bdrm. Convertible Bathi. Only 6 yet. Old Nali Iraj Wood garbage i clip. No is local insula Tlona Arcadia Flau Toors. Car Rel int. Curl los in Cuil Fri. Bop wired dbl. Rar. Exit s ?52 ups a 13.750. A. Allen realty m3 w. Roll ill. Monr. Al Jj-4mi1 m. Snap wired dbl. Rar. Inn full 000, j to. Incl. Int. Ines . Run i submit Down pm. Home of luxury Over it. Of Rie upling lev Lii in exc Lubove loan ton. 1 Bilms. Large conv. Fern for Arate Dan inc rri., 2 fireplaces covered a nil. Clr Oular firl Veway Yang of Caluri he Charm. 2 heir Ohms Kllc Lien with Aiea. Nistle wooded tile. Sub Mit your Down payment. Will carry All 597oo.oo Flamingo properties Al 5-8045 owner needs Cash and will Mil business Al per to. For 5 years w or lion for a More. 53 Cir i nestled. Balance Marshall Anderson 110 b. Kulm 3y 2-1 Oom. Ari Ortr Al Rool. Excellent Conolt Ion. Around sched. Inc. Or. Try Down by 9-2215 unit court ground Low Renli. Nea. Major Hoppler. Ideal income try Down income by s-2215 to Itron free appraisals now is the time to refinance your Home consolidate in Btu. Improvements or Bell lowest charges Low interest 5% to 7.2% Pat Johnson Nitts. Co. 8y bul Minc approx 2 a yrs. Carpets landscaped units vacancies Heck this one consists of i 1-Blt. 9 2-6n to. 5 contempo.-. 2 vow. Landscaped Jet a polls. Xxx Cleot return on initial investment Price Sale Price cosh Down income bpm. So 4.5s90 Parker Towle Tho Epson at madi80n 1 3ih_______________mu 1-s7m 24 rates free estimates. Fasl service Homes apts. Clayton r. Warne 35 years of Raymond a. Dorn co. 5y 2 5191_______evei_sy_i4li3 rambler Wegge mils Rolla .139 w. Al 10% net net Fidus Lulal aaa tenant in a or. 113.600 per income. Valuable downtown 20 Neil Dellal units at a inguinal estate Hull Der on valuable a Lota. Good Rte real Allon with exc. Lulu value. Doug 38 Neva units so vacancy so. O Colo blvd Neve Lle Nebeker co. 2tq n. Notes by 6-611 new listing Side by Side. 2 each duplex. Near Colorado. Nell or on investment. 50x153 r-3 lol. Excellent . Millon h. Moberg Assoc. So t-1135 Mac Jain by -5357 shake roof Early american in s it i a. It and re s f i i of e Telb ii wry ranch Home Leat urm n by Drozina 134 s. No san Hanch a. S33.750. Acene. By 5-7 South Homes 0 Down stalls Star news has two tick Ali at the Box office for Kenneth m. Beck. So Reed if third floors loads of Coiet apace stove. Carpet nor include tit. Fox 103 lot fenced. 1 Block Stuart Marquis Devine Al 8-1844 w. Footie Pijl or Al 8-59k lease option or. Flint Ruhge Skime. Ins in Walls class. Nil. A. Own or a unmet smaller Home in Trade. Asking wort lil acne Nuy it. . Yfim land t move in Wilh Low rent with. Low Down payment Len a Lon Den Arcadia tile Art Luli healer. 60s Colorado pm Wailena. Plea san Gibilie Valley estate Home in Santa Anita Oaks Prou arts. 2 b Roou panelled Den 3 Baths trills office and Shon with Bath. Of lev Lar i60.wo. Franz associates 2595 Hinl Lorton or. Sin by 3-1101 my 1-6709 _ j3s.i50. Closed Bun. Johnnie , realtor to footi1il.i by Kuks. Ill Limos by probate Sale Iai in hmm your bid in iet.1v Tetli estate. Lovely custom ten in Home on level acre in ,1 utl., 3 Glen Wil. Hair. or. Nil. Elk Ca r. Toor o be r must us sold. Shown anytime. Cloies Sun it Jjon. Ross Bay mixer . Multiple listing i03s footl.1 l Olvil. By n-110 by 0-tfi50 Low Down submit terms 2 Larre . I Nursery 1n fun Alham Tira. To close Yang Wajih fill Beach Flaaten 449-1111 Arcadia View lot investors Wilh s2450 Rion you can Pur this i Birm. A Den Home located in n. Monrovia. Ful s90m Wlllie payments of 559 m on Ili. This place need work n fixing la hut Shoi Itri Brtna Bank Viry oort profit. Juet Rcd get Mother Sizoo. Ray Kelder realty Lufi k. . Monrovia Al fu0571 Kves fit Hel or. Career girl net Frfd pie d r new by Well a n. This is for Vou. Immaculate by. In ii Lii. My floor. Manv Juide Aikler Fiu t and Shade. Year. 519.100 fir s2mjo Down Pangborn Berra n of it Frel 5-0201 314 w. Sierra blvd 4 older unit 2 on Rosemead Colorado area Kewer t. By front. 2 he rear. Jim Dickson by 5-5054 Al 4 units try 15000 in. Consider 1rbne pr1totar per Row rka1.ty r by 7-917 do you Bachelor. Career girl. Couple or Newl this is for Vou. _ by. Larae to. _ Karback a real newly painted too a 2-Bann older inv pm. A Lii area ll.6xs.g Lovely ratio Rar Norl i Par Faolu the prop indeed Etc tier Esrie. Loc in a very Nice Ecmon in 6.1x198 level fenced taut. Land acied. . Finin Conr. Owner s10.0co 1st to g i a int. Ios to. taxes. Move Milchl in. Napier Al j-9j 64 modern s Rin. Saw Bhan Rante oven. 52s.wjo. By a is my Cutty Lickl. Cha. Russ failing Home Beauty dr., dentist or any professional could operate from this 4 year old. Corner Linell Denb. Vacant Monrovia realty Mart s6s w. Fool him. Monr of 9-ri3il let second m Roth fto11" upstairs downstairs the ind Den i s t or news Hax reserved two Lac Kali at that Box for fret Bantford. .1257 it Fly san Masi family zoom. 2h Baton Inai Sivc a Vlna room. The move right in la Curwyn s by. T Den a. id. It. Car vet living rain to cons. A Willys wag. , .5935 St fort cry. Sedan p. Ss4a ,2655 e. Colorado blvd. By 2-1 m0_ o Ftp time Aro fwd "upsta1hs. Arco tie has reserved two at Hie Box Orrick ror Jose i i Batoni. Js1d-b s. -9th. Ahi Ambra at tie arts Sis ten Ater. 606 k. Colorado blvd., Mease bring of and 5 a by. Apts Arcadia. S years new. Ask tic sm.500. Mihe offer. _ 2-Krs. 1 it yrs. Smog l n come. . Sys tool 12 units return 5v Flay by 7-hi5 goes act to nil. Tia i is acres divers id co. Al nth Ard or Trade by -907l w. R. Ml., desert Puzzle of the Day by i. L. Kosk Nheim every night can be like new year s eve 11 e. Orange Grove Santa an lift Highlands area. Iead luxurious contemporary 4 Ige. Hedrhui., 3 full a. 3 yrs f. .1.1.v. 4 bdrrris., Delukie new Home carpels Cov. A Follo Badminton Al s36.soo Wallor by Start the new year right with a Lime. for a fam lev a rect for enteral Nanc. 3 bedrooms. Ramlow room with raised Hearth fireplace. Al Lytten Vilh Bull Lynx. Covered anal and u cite menu by owner fenced Yard. Cornies Inclima. 3 Bdrm s-l6f office _ on in s units. Coo Al . Income v pm f or. Roam Lor Moi units. 5tis.500. The Williams realty 615 e. e Oah. A Ira clively Deal Ned. a he room. 2 in Coil try club Altadena area for ilm liar in Temple City or arca a Trace you Ray in area. Proper rental we Trade Yunck by 5s-0 on lot " i 7-60 email . Cloie by 6-h11g realtor . Turn. Inc. J2js to. A Cona Jer House across solution o yesterday s Puzzle 4 tax j6 sanity. 16 in Leven. Job boo asap re grab Saodi Tab 24 duly group. 26 Diamond necklace. 38 soiled. 30 Jinn s Man. Theater. The planter. , car a rail plus renal or ror privacy you la by talc location Tilee both. To Price . No Down a a Btl to . Naoe one total mor Ilow or 163-si including Tran Clydal interest. No 2nd Tiu at dhd., Delaney k. Hlward m perfect i priced right vacant i. It family pm. 3 Lite. Or. Pm. A team my. Illchen Lonn work counters. Iep Seiv. Hire i. Extra a. Al rear f. A. Heat or Ltd. 2-car Del. Ita Rikl Foo Down to. . P. I i. No sn.1 t. D. Gilmore de 1-6316 umm ulu to Icci non ii. Pelt. 23 slant. 25 Crafter. 26 wildly. 27 Tore Down. 29 being. 39 Hardwood tree. Is Flea. S3 journeys. 35 annoy. 36 37 Hail an inkling 41 son cd. 45 Culm. In corrode. 48 rub Hihl Colloq. In Diann in non Nan non Nunn Nonoi Nunn 40 raise. 50 Badger Genus. 52 goddess of Elkord. 53 Colloq. 51 certain Moths. 3fi future. 67 source of blog lit or hex 2 was. S9 irrigate Fil pc inn. 2 bedouin. Turec. 4 writing fluid. 5 silk. G serfs 8 cautions. Al stage direction. In Ana kilns . 37 xj45. Painter in England. 38 Butcher s tool. 39 absolute superlative. 40 Gast Pasadena ca1.i. J. Herman Hodges Norm White Wahlaj we need clean used cars Wegge motors sir Vanir san Gabriel Tor 40 1040 e. Colorado y 2-6115 open san Gabriel Valley s sports car Center authorised Salei service m c sprite Pevery. Choice of color pc Covina sports cars n52 s. fetus Fly Helley Gori hat sport car flair and want Economy Loo we have a 60 Austin Healey sprite. A Lustrous engine red finish brightly set off Wilh red leather upholstery. Al most new Black Tonneau cover. This Beauty cart be picked up with Little or no in. On approved credit a let financing Best Price paid for clean used cars Leon Kingsley 01 k. by 3-3123 junk cars wanted Hal Greene Chevrolet 20l w Klimt Jorton or. Al 9-8202 Austin Healey 58 deluxe wheels Ovid rave. See to ppr eclat. Wegge Monrovia 139 w. Huntington or. Al 8-2557 i cd no. Sex. . Truclio top truck values 61 corva1r pickup Kjof act tial. Miles 59stude pickup radio. Heater motor . Top Raki. Clean and a Fine running unit. 56 Ford v8 pickup Worth inspecting. Terms Are no problem since we carry our own contracts Wegge Doore and Down truck 1040 e. 87 2-6115 open . Sprite to. Pay my s50 Over private Parl. Jujj task by Datson 62 Bluebird 4-dr. 60 h p. 35 , full Bob Knapp motors factory Maillho razed farts Isetta . 55 pane is. Is Anil Deal of Painter or . I597. Cut m line. Vic ant or Wlllie cd bids. From i Joe blvd. New York flit Foft duplex 139 w. Huntington or. Al 8-2557 i 6-710. The stat Newa a reserved two at the to Orrice for Roy. E. Aix Ujj. Is Algeria. Altadena. At la unit Wanley Merf cd compier Nice uni concern Needa or exp Nilon. Nol a Cattal. 41 piloted. 42-buccaneers, 43 formed on the Earth s surface. 44.due re Wulls. 47. High Mountain. 50 Yucatan Indian. 51 cubic Melcor. 61 Mother of the inst deed lot 63 64 unseat. Down 1 gruesome. 12 Salt of inn la is Verlas Llor. Re m barter. B8 circuit 60 commotion. Seasoned to 2nd to 6% payable per to. Reasonable discount per to. Due 5 years Home. Int. exc Ellen l Tut to . Perfec is Bcott by 7-t09 Nick line 5 vr9. Wiir rior. -.51.5 Karma inn a heft g1i1a 60 radio. A Clit . Pri vate do Rev. Al 6-11c-0 or Al Mercedes Benz so Jug for is sales is parts Lloyd Pearson 2025 e. Colorado phone by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 tsp i anxious of Hilp person to person classified ads

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