California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1961, Page 66

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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 28, 1961, Pasadena, California Of. It if you Don t need it sell it with on Independent and Star news person to person classified and 2 lines 2 Days Ceth with Erder if Durf Kattens Only phone by or Zenith 2330 and Oik for classified eed hat dont fimm and Star news want phone Sycamore 60311 or Zmith 2330 san Gabriel Valley s classified phone numbers by 6-0311 ze2330 Independent Star news i morning evening sunday 225 East Colorado blvd., Moudena California phone Sycamore 0-0311 toll free Zenith 2330 or Murray 1-4871 clas51eied advertising rates Short term advertising Pedir remodel by to Tab Kllc Oom additions Etc no Cash no payment for. 60 Dayi Low monthly payment Low volume Cam att Iii rates per line per Day t-2-3 Doyi 4-5-6 Doyi 45e 7 to 2? Doyi 30 31 both the fat inn rur Wibirt fun Lanciki exceptions lost and found and by . A Evirtt v to in Rorm 1 of Murf situations wanted per line pts Casu warm Copti person to person ads 35 through placed by private Indi Vidali not conducting Buji Neu or Adt for room Lor rent room Board Roomi in private Home. Cash rates per line per Day 1 Day.3 2 to 7 accommodation charge rates per line per Day 2 to 7 Dayi.30e 1 Day.45s1 that pair and report Ocny of Fri Asj Hitmi an for tort a Afler Najt inner ton. Kirori not fault the Vii dirt of the Art. Will b full in and contaut than in. Lier we Mlak the or , for car real in Roloa it it commercial rates on request Tami discount above Aiea for Ron Cuit we Irmi Rohnn Xvi Naum and z Roii do ror a neral information cur Nwa a film to the wish ant not Erth r to Rie Lece Ohl clonal or or to o wording up sort Errn i will Noi y3-6030 cl6-2107 room additions remodelling window Seymore associates Al. On your lot comte from 1 r. W. Sharp const. Additions Milnor i St f-1217 a tax r la John it 2 Tor a he elect Deal elect klan. Spurla Jirar i jobs. I Bowrin Kolve phia a twitch it spec Salty Cabinet work frn it. Fly 7-2m9 painting by Geza Scherhaufer of i comor. St 7-m painting in out itar. Few it Ritvo a it Larau part trs. . Than. A risk St 3 it met. At4-r firm it plaster Patching jobs at cities Stoico to is13 Holiday specials i at Cal Luzy drains roofing any Type prompt bral All 13-rr. Nurali Reid denial re roof ing 32 by roofs painted Art for St -1-7450 at 1.27u roote. 2e i i Turin. _ carpet cleaning my h. It pm. -9t i Job Hunte Jis to 55 iklvesfk5atei to and t to Chapman Park hotel 3405 in thurj., owe. 21 Only . Feb . Sullet g 1-2-3-4 no. Calls accepted design craftsman re lev. H 1 i k c my .du.1. Analyst a. L. Elenoro optical systems accountant icon Tao Aceb. To stunt. Salesman it Todl Palm by crts. A. Ate exam craftsmen to , need extra Money wanted for Early morning thu Dayi Only. Call Bob Omohundro by 0-4273, or circulation by 6-0311 clerk-ty.p1st tip. Craftsman Jar erecting and varied de sign layout and production drawings for Rolar ing electrical machinery Yean experience pid Sirab. Firm Over. Drafting month for ship Yocun o i Pireu. 2 to Rod a Tomm i a air Coal Dohlby. Mak i on Toner Laws o 1nr to e Are. In bout pm Ltd. Dick bole5 at research h70 e. Walnut a icy help wanted Colum a Ottar Pacific a Nidiry or Mana in win cd ssh sales service repair 4-417 now Shcwu-4g the second time around and upstairs and downstairs now through the Coop Ramon of United arts set theater of Pasadena the classified department ii reserving two Lickei for the Lucky people Faote Nome appear in the of fied Adi featuring the United Arditti movie of the week. Read Clari fied far merchandising Arditti add Twe so Wii meet Frier the Continental . Laeto Menesi eliminated Arem la eur Job. Cd or 171. Yoga instruction . U u. Me. Many 5-57 dial alcohouc3 Akon thou Minuti 1so.k. What tar jake3 Jim 12 weeks automate on men wiring key women weeks train. 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Salyut Imo to Start walk Ajr Omner acid Boeuf foothill personnel Agency airs a downstairs Fri. To Krofl at it Box for e. Avert Mccar the 1000 9. Oakland. It Arll Raj the stir c. C unusual up station inv Fiji a Ruhr pts of. . 5 Day we. Furl j72fi. Or. Siamon. Us delivery boy Lbw. With blur Csc. Lotfe an ill ii. Heirs s. 5 we. A o Broil. Exp. Sejfo. Stat attend. E. Hux Vincton by. _ machinist h of mall my Ion 19 of. Que Nail it. Pa8a. . On. Tools. Mint h to own t re tit m night student for Dat work in Kennel Call by b-m30 let it Iucker to 1.1 or pin. Ager. Is. Knofl phone by 6-0311 orzenhfi2330 a.iv-. I. U j Alphart Leafy by a act its place an Stab fews act Call 0t Mol. Mks aka win help you write year re tuft packed knt Alor hip want ads

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