California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1961, Page 14

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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 28, 1961, Pasadena, California R. I paiaoin4 thu Moju. In. Iii Al Rancho marked will closed new year s Day specials for dec. 28, open dec. 31 in i thai Worf Tregl Ilmet Whin Fritz i drop in from for Ovid in i i. Nic. To 11. Ikin to about the. Atari by old look Aht and in. New coming Lul in i Ivin Moki til Wilcome Wilh Ifni Minli and Inch and 01 Al Rancho Yau la Lind a Moil appealing Alloy of Lanka living Yew it Mfd for a jul Cut a nov a lavish party Al Iii and How Tail in will to a per fact Holiday Hail no Oto turkeys Farmer John fully cooked Ham Shank portion . P. A. Grade a Frozen tender Broad breasted Beci ulies oven ready and a selection of sizes to suit your menu hens .d.a. Grade a fresh the finest turkeys selected just for you and of this you can be sure you can t buy a better Turkey than Al Rancho s own Ham ii paily and a Farmer John fully cooked Harn from Al Rancho and at Al Rancho i prices in Colly fomer Lhing Ipi Cioll lean Ond Vlra you la of. In. and Caun Lluli Way a. To so Iii buy a tvs end nov. Ham and by Myrtl f butt portion or whole Ham. Center slices. Roast pork loin smoked Center Cut chops i Chicago Stu pastrami wishes everyone prom the ranchers corned beef 69 tender enough to give Way to the nudge of a Fork saturated Wilh these Rich Savory juices that make Al Rancho beef taste better naturally roast one of these for you holi Day crowd this week end but with this i be sure to have plenty and seconds ia1k Black Hawk Bacon i our Fountain delicious hot fudge specials dec. 28-31 pumpkin or mince pie g54 Ceniti fish nox Rhein halibut Dunk ettes sugared pkg. Of 6 33 Crumb pkg. Of 6 37 Morrell l chef hams Harn Suprema Well ii pen Lei Pound i i when Ythi Llis Tineil aii2ona ju1ct 4% Grapefruit 8 35 no. 1 Sweet tehde1 Northern yaws 225 . No. 1 White Rose potatoes entertaining Canada dry Bev Cranfi for if a hopi i Aye 23-or. Bill., All Llovio so 2 coca cola real fax Hiilei Wilh tha but r 3 r Sev a up Savun up o p 3 Yri of f cakes Sara Lee , o o a. Orange Pound cavi or apply by up isl 5 minute fudge recapture the fun of in Vine Candy in Lutchen during Irb Rou Doyi in i 10 fun to eat icon Aboul 2 pounds 3 cup undiluted Cupi about 16 of odium Carnation Eva or diced morph Mallow oled milk 1 i Cupi 1 pack Cupi Luxor Lemi Iwetz Chaco i Teaspoon tall Lau Pitti 1 Liat Poon Vanilla Cai ration Lugar and Tail in sauce pc Over medium heal. Sri avg to Boll and cock 4 to 5 Minfei stif Ling Conila my. Shaft Lim no ii Arti to Bubble around de Sci of add cd . S if for 1 Nir. Are or o Hui isred Par. 1% in Cool. Cut in in Yare. Carnation milk.7 tall cans entertaining dip mixes Lawry s Bleu Chrisle garlic Olive onion Green onion Chili. Cranberry juice Ocean Spray pint a Ollai Ilott tha Parry with a red to oilers fruit drinks of a of one grape fabulous Faial idol i Only to disc not hit count Levi Good local Ihal you la and ii our Del Alenel Snave lunch or Bonquet iry Al Rancho Firth canid Helms your Choice Monet i or Armoul 5 ibs. 3.89 3 a69 9 ibs. 6.79 gruyere cheese ibs. 79 14 or. Pkg. Tiny taters bid site dinners t a onion rings Coroner 5 o inca pkg. Extra Large Grade a eggs snarl new year Slih o Hearly Brest Good eating Zhzn Al Sancho l Reihl Eugil Pillsbury Pancake mix 35 Tiff it and who co Jed pro famous 49 Kig pizza o boy Rig. Jilt Cilyk h.01 il.79e mall Skozek chinese foods Chicken k pork chop soft shrimp Chow mein 49c egg Fob Young Fried race Swiet i sous pork 39e pork out Springfield. 46 01. Cans Tomato juice Yuban. My. Can Coffee Highland Pancake syrup 49 Nabisco thins tiny thin Cracken is right for inac i and Hari d Oak Fei your Vii Liei a Iii 3 on ounce wedge of Owhi Knight Guyera cheese Impo Ilad Goodne ii your Gueilin level party snacks Krofit i inac i in -1-o.jrvcfl Paf tag i Ana a of Levy 3 help you choose re Llano i to Man 59c Imp oiled 29c pizza Betty dui sous Kraft dips 591 Dpi flavor to p Gaia Papfi with partic Ihor Al Rancho Bonus cards pay up to add your name to the winners cd. Limited offer Rose Centrepiece Roll we in co feel minute maid Orange juice i i i Figer Vrh deep Fra k flavor so pubs no and if Ycu i Irving Ona for the Rodj red Stamps in Arcadia Sunset blvd. And Huntington or. Al Rancho Sanra Anita shopping Center u. Blue Chip Stamps in South Pasadena Fremont at Hun Linton drive instant potatoes hid the tops of 2 cans of my minute maid fat sol Hal Zoh Oton 12 of. Can.-.39 7 Oton Grapefruit Tanger Iii ii kill Ine or blended pineapple. I Misc uhf Grapefruit 6 or. Cool. Pitted Ripe olives 29 c potatoes a Gratin 29c of Rerah i 5 or. Avg. 8 can or. Of cry sliced can k Aull Light meat chunk tuna napkins r fruit cocktail j to. 30 ton loll or a of s g Folger s 6 01. To Fuini 1 Heinz i pickles i 1 15 of. cd Cumber

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