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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 27, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaMedr mesday december j in Lar. -ipitiaer.i, Insixi t Apt. Apt Fruim Tropicana luxury sgt a j. A bus hid. Pool Lush Patio music .-3 1030 a Huntington or Akkad la. I pc. Al ill Echo brio Colart 6932 a Rosemead blvd. 3 Tiki. S. Or Hun Lincton or. 320s. Sierra Madr blvd pass or. Colorado Bisy the by Condo a to. To a new newl1 f or a new Al Thi Lyn oak3 nor your in Harr Tnyaa As will As the Wom Hercul concent in mod to Arcadia. Bull Lii la de of Cal Llorna lev inc Oaks Villum or own Apt. Cind of Home . Air Anta a Raki new j to Norm. A Floc talc Kil Clun heated a filtered Pool Beau Lully Itron. Jul lion tar Avail Jan. Lat. Pangborn Al Arcadia 2 or. Ioup no from of lot. Pro. Sirj. 595. Baby . 2 or. In court wit i Larce vat. Attached Tola . Pasadena open 1-5 daily not wed. Imo to amok Kodol lilt. Hem. Bargain Cholst of a i i . N.900 up. Rome carpeted draped. It be the Mainett Hray Mir l -5355 b1i.i. Tyner . 31 Best costs no Morel luxuriously furnished unfurl. 1 bedroom apts. Orange Manor am conduit Iund Pooi 707 e. Orange Grove 1 Block West at Lake by e. Locust near Lake Walnut 1 2 by. Unfurl. Apps. Near new Rou js3 Hunt in re Itig. Completely redecorated. Lol.1 of thet to heal it air condition or. By by. Rear hopi e Witik Nanial Yard. Use of Pool. . S65. Shul Ralty. 826 s. 1st 6-2is9 of 7-s7s2 eve decorated. A trims 56 we. Up. To in lobby. _ so a Jiel. Jokhy Avail. Main. Al. At l-v2gi Bath a Prev. Pref. Working pent. Si.1. We. Arcarola. Ill 6-6121 room eni. 535 to Tropic seas per adult family Pasadena area. Write . Tox 011. Tasa. 19 business i inns Lrtil at last the All new transistor Thomas Organ eeg iks at bit in Leslie speaker xylem. optional syr. Ritar Anlee. See it hear it today. Barker bros., trim a setting 1-Br., fuhk1turb Pool shopping cd Turckes to Kuk Kway read Raki. For couple Villa san pasqual Spac Loiis 1-Nri Apt near Bullocks. Refer or. Air court. Jow to. Nln tenant. Under j20.000. Lien my 1-Sjqi ii. Niv. Sys of Iii 104 Puj Homes Robles by 7-3960 10 week Arconi. H i. By. Apt Sis. By cheerful pm. Per Day basis 310 Pasadena ave. 3omh my Madre new two bedroom. Air cond. Roll in oven a , fat. Camel. Carbage disc Laun nov car porn blk. From Market pc bus lint. Service porch 2 . Enki it water manufacturing new Block bwe. 1000 to 000 n. It. Avail 3-nha5e current a ample outlets installed . Tood heal. Elul. Parvine. My 5000 it. Heliks one Muir---r-3 zone Lake at Del mar by s-0133 used pianos organs Conn Organ Wurl flyer spinel piano Vurlla re r s of n or. P Rov. Pond Roft vie chord Orran St-5 Harazin cons. Manic other values Berry Grassmueck or Synoni. S-m03 32 close in. Town. Clean quiet nine in . Conova. Me Linen. Rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt. Air conditioned Pool private this looking new 1 bedroom reasonable rent Pool polio i i air condition cd 550 n. Cotaling blocks e. Of 105 mar Vas Tyr Al. 5-657 10 Happy 2-bh. Be Hen. Full properly in Fine con lion. All Larze rooms. On us Jot can Nim in rear. Only in. R. Jack Redford by s-7317 re Altos Eli room in p rival 6 . Cut. A Fly. Gar. 11 Lima a x Al 5-10.1r Penthouse elegance Over ?000 St. It. N for Gens 2 Lojis. Bath Apt. To in Kitchen Kiln. Pm. Matter Ayite. Lux buy i drapes it in i gift intercom. In newer a tilt it Etc. Pool. Arcadia Jasa. New 2 by Rousa not Kiathi Irr. Cats. Break Fust har .roml., Elsp. A Imit in lot Avail for parking. A enl. Close la Loc Allon. Sandford Zelkowitz 3b years in Way to heaven 3 . Family room s. Pooi Mson Ilcent Iron this bean to til i Home 3 fireplaces. 2 laths. Will Loh null car Pellner Ami Ilarea. Beam Rell stirs sold Tonj Plass Toors. Natural Rah incl i. Ruilt a a Fence. Oven Nurt blah Washer. Ilea Kraat liar -3-ton air Jinn Al loner. 15x30 Mil s3v.dj0 Herbert Hawkins co. "319 Hunt Norton. R. Mar. By 5-s1371 2 11 yrs. Old Alai lift a ills. Kit Lien a vast , Bali pan key 1i7- e. By Marshall furn. Twin. Private Cut. 7-. Golf. Course restaurants Wjk s to Monterey Road South Pasadena Oneail Indiana Kegei. By by -1 Oen Home in Kalat near Fotion Pink. Conv. To schools. Welcome. 51 upstairs a open daily Jar .2611 Onieda Whipple Pecl auzins h. Beautiful quell 1 Ait or. . Bus lire 5.0 by Rev quiet Brand new 1 it 2 . Apis. Ruhten Range i oven. A coloured Fixell run Elul Kitchen Tut in closer a Marh a Tillman. Carpe Leil t it ail ils Only. 3110-si25. Tit a. Us Erlric. Riser verb in rect no Thi Vox off Fri for to Sjur Kimball. 3.14 nil Mollie. Album lira. At Hie Arthus Thaier. Wig k. Cotora a blvd. Pasadena. F please clipping of Art 70 re a manuf. Blois. Formerly under Market office5. Illey loading used spinet Hancock music cosy 1-9276 3731 e. .coloimdo.-Paba. Open of used room Crestwood apts. Si.noi.k9 1 1skdhooms free utilities soundproof air cond. Auto Latic on Pool Patio Ter fact shopping m r. Waade at in or lease. Ill 6 --4 059 or Iii Brand new if i or apis. Hum in dishwasher oven. All coloured fixtures Ullh tile Kitchen. Tub enclosed it Nul Man. Draped. Loads of Cahl nets. Adults Only. 5100-ill. I. 720 s. Sleurs. Visi a. Alanm Tira. 201 no. Curtis _ Alhambra. Second time i upstairs it Down stairs tie pm Lent. Star news Eric red two tickets Al tie Box office for a. J. Landing. 1iooa Stevens. Hart it his linked artists 50q k. Colora Clu blvd. 4 by i family pm. Relec. 1mm a Poss. Best to. Joan Brill Al t.-020j Waltter Mill Ken my via Wesl Lime. 1 blk so. Of Colorado of Euc Lii is. Or Lair Nice room Noil. Home cooked Complete line color to Pool Abler from Wing co. A. Colorado by close in. Airy room for ambulatory elderly lady excellent finl. Manv ittle 5225 to. So sol. 1-Br, Street attract. 3 ., hath. Irple. Dbl or. New i Asa. I a Hale a sump. Schools. Local i . Tcins., Thori. Hock blvd. Air cond. Offices 22c bid Best. Owner lower Itak tics ranch i.jv1no room Ninino. H Bode rooms a rather Al 5-2609 s. Rosemead blvd. N. Of snack rail. Built-in5 opts. G.m1b disc. Thas in 85 n. Mar Vista i i in n. Of Colo. K. Color to sets . Also Liberal Trade ins on radios. Gibson a. 1217 n. By 7-1 priced to fit Cha d close in. Tsvor locations 375 Ashtabula near los by 3-1311 595 Buckeye. At Al sorry no vacancies Ideal Tor bachelors Man. . Pm played couples i Cloterl on rental to. Lake no. Bullock s Seq is. 11. Corner 7.m k. Colo. Opu rally Roll Pori i t to in. Al. 1st floor . J1w Mosy 1 month free rent pc Dnton Lovely 59w5. S2d5 or More in. Met Horn by 5-s9s7 Al 5-3903 ph1lco 3 Way Tombo to -f-ouan.1 Zivny Oiler bargains modern -ra4fo j 2o5 k. Colorado face sex r i be 3 bulb lelectlor.1 our 22nd or modern radio 255 k. . In Ike. Plea Ian or leans. We. By . Enir. Cood Rood some care nurse s nil. Home. So film. Mra Nice Koch in. Lots of closets. In no up Heater foot 1 Ami ii Kitchen. Hie. Heights deluxe 2-hr. View Apt. S15o. Absolute part vac. Laree u rival Imus. Neon carts Clis torn hoc Tan pan rank 1724 Meridian so. Pas Between i ring cd new 2 by. Next House by. Hwte. Very clean one of 3 on lot. Girace. Near int Oral i. By t-51s1 so. It. Grno. For Corner offices at e. Brick runt. 1.1v-iu1. With Art Caria 11oo113 to til fluff Den. . Or isl. Err sleep uni i i Halls. S Nown Paymal Mccann open wed. Thurs2-4 seeing is be iriving in Altric Tyft n in to Den Home to at Lin. Pm built. New to Riiel a Drapea. Modern Kitchen. Fencer cd All i Sil Oon. Harry mkn1 . Pm. To. Dbl. By sanitarium a rest Call Sylor. Satory fireproof air come. Inf. Aero. Werier Iron Ali omit Avail now Monte vast h. P. Hammond co. By Safe to sets up second. new Heinz to k. Disc. Came. S5f St Losem Ritj. Up. Quality by. To Fiji Avail Jan 15. Exl Raji. Screen porch. rear cd. Waif card. teenager or offices air cond. Fern. A fires. Ans. Surv a Mil. -t520 k. Rel. By for retired of Opp. Quiet Leonle. Or. No a. Stores. A Tiv a Semi Nelv Roou. Tood. In. A placements Fiu in Home. Rest Homes an All areas. Kale 1123 re in nah Nurt up. . Mrs. Brevik by in us ambulatory lady for beaut. Rom Ottnad Bitonie Uke Laphere burst California St. 1-Llu. Unfurl. 1-Br, turn. We. Newly Wilri Oraceil rare. . In free by a k. Occupancy must be sold family Hastings. .1 by a Ilen. Show inv Lime. Or Keri j2i.7m Faith Votkl Al. Ken Smith so Nim. Realtor eve rest a lowest rates Butlan to buy. Siles radio to. .ahnj.sy_4-132 1vc. Taylor walk of c1tv Park Lynn apts Annex excl Lent manaokk3 Apt. 106 297 s. Oxen private Lana let. Carpels Pool. 5itbtcrr.inea.n is 00 so. I Psi. By or so. By so. Freeway 1-Bil sep cottage. Irr Maculate or. Hon Hill Tysor by 2540 e. Colo. Lilc. 331x1 i. Ii. For lease by 6.757.1 by much for so Little Anil Renly to invt into. A Arlanp to bit. . . Screened Poroli. Playroom ten facing rear can text. Heal. Spa Fullil Hoot land follow. Mershan. Pasahii i Xterm near. Look Only owner. By 7-8157 for lease approx. 1200 soft. 17 Alla Clive Fuji. So Almerna close to supermarket it s6o Neil. So duo sex huns Lou for retired count a. Ouzel i d. Bent i i. Lowest Rales 1 or Del til mirth Lafit an where. N credit or to to 1 2 Kerr kids Manor new aps. Air . H Xio f Civ ate Uinn. . Rage no Leare or. So. I Asa. Pm 9-lo.ld or 1soo Sec lulled lower 2 by. 2 Prev. Pa.uf.3. Al Terrace. Rec. Range Draper indoor it indoor hvln.-. Beau Tully Leco Rittell. No 712 Ala Meda St. . By los Robles a zone sin.i1l Tion Hus s95 oar Dan Apt. Or furn. or. Pm. Or. Car. I--s1s1 Eves run. A conf proce Tsip. Fed in Sec. Annrob. 1000 to. I. X12. In. I Grove Lake area duplex while capt cod Wii i upper lower units. I Vlf room on floor i 3g to. Lone Ullh Pau Tofu covered Patio. Small Iol with Choice . Garnsey Potter by s-33bs by hi-f1 record til Are. Pood cond. 560. Al Haven Manor Home to he Praml of. Itea ulv Comfort it finest rare 301 Scanlon by. Munro via. Elk 1 bad room Force. Air heat. location. School the annl. Jan. 7lh. Or. Davia Davis Baker by Furnace Lanse. Nallen. . Adults. No new season Arcadia from Wilt accept 3 4 mrs Zitlin lease on spacious. 2-Twdroom Unevia. 1121-3i w Duarte up. Ill 7-051 or by 3- hotel apis to by Apt. Comp Etke at furn. Maid parking by s 2-Riirm. House on Ideal ice fenced cd. Osuh Dosu. Water paid. By water. But j65. Pm. Or eel pan Elk in carpeting full dining room to Elk. Kipcic. The second time ar.ound1 1 downstairs Independent. Star news 1ia reserved two tickets at the Box office for e. Levers 1535 or Loire. Pasa. At i United artists 605 e Colorado Pasa. Pleis bring cd gains of . Washer sv-9-52s9. A. A Appel is 3 fair de Las Flores red to 1611 or. So Pool 1 up. Rot Pallo term. Ulry. 10.15 by med Ahton Del Uxa acts., l . Air cond. Pool. Vyvy . Ori. Patios. Sv20 up. My. E. Of bloc. S. Of . House. 5100 Liv. Pm. So. It. Only s2l.oao Cummings by i m a. Al Lull guest Home ambulatory Only. So 2-2q14 owner de Beauty Jomp. Vacant . Or. Orange Grove neat. Show anytime. .1 re Rani. Donalk. 1. Quick Poa a Dunk Jack so Aleene Parsons multiple by Iken sed. Home. At 79 rooms up. Singles dbl. Completely Neil Carpus. A 300 so. Al Molj Jio i a i by so. Paso. Pool Arcadia if 1 . A Ltalien. Ot5 of , stove. Refair. ill. Pm. Air Conil. Tourni proof. Onley. Palto. . Gang. Pm. Adults 7.s e Washingion i rent. My u1tlk. Of Wink Loaird Over Bank of America. S. Pas by Home duplex j. n Lovely k from duplex. Full prion Coil. Rec los is. Madre i a hams . Church to 80 1 Lulu in. Cartels. in oven. Afr cond. .1110. N. Robin unit so . House. Pm for Flitt. Of. Heated Pool urn. To 1 bit s 591. M it up. A s. Sferra blvd. Between . So a Saor Brand new a la Lent Purn. Or Nafi irn. Cpt5. Avert. Air rond. Pool. From 3310. 2ss a Serra blvd so "-7737 a Mberwa. Dr., s. Pas. 2 3 by. Home like apis. Room Fralc. Din. Pm. If o. Kelso Vitole Villa e. Of Allen master tile Balti. A Ridia. Any Tow 1150. On lease. My Tunley so 7-9513 King Robey co. Pc o a Ern Tor Ilotti Olfan it in excellent court. Cd blvd 1 bit. Inner. 37co Sierra . E. Spacious 1 by. Sim . Or. Broadway store 25. I s. Oink land. By 81 apart Matuls ii Jire. By Var Duplx new pm. English Hahs. Jeau Lloil fenced Yard Terra. A Ruoi. 2-Cliurcriei, Elc. Appl. Only Afulei to tonne Apt size re Frog. Gaa Ranee. Both Rood -eor.d. .sv-5-jh5sranges trill by of East Par Anena. Clean 2 Robin life or. to lot try 41000 blown. . Or. Hot tie. By Hester Riddle 367 n. Madison a Palmis a pm. Apt. Was Casa de Eagle so Colorado Eagle bedrooms Wilson it Green. Pick it. Resist. Donor tde5. Ideal s. Pas . I Ark Tig. It fun to. By terms guaranteed i Jet new. L. C Taylor service Hester Nealt. By e. Anti non co. I -4-.mi1j Ultis. Pool. Arius to. By 2-s01 . Bartult. L lots. 513 n o. Ray to 1 by. Or. Acc. Jsn. View ent. Sis. Onvall 121 s. .mere4lhh Al 5-Stoo s. Oranoke Oroff 2 by lbs. 2 a Neal 1 by in r near Muer. Only to p by Chapman Woods Cape cot1 charmer 3 Stucco. Late us. Pm. Nin. Pm. Terms w10 Mountain 2 let. Or Dan. Sep. Kiln. Pm. Re Cluder t no pit i.hh1 s. Hill by Budock s 33.1. 1 or inner Chilt of we we in out Coz 3-Br. R. Evert Hync. Extra Large in Sloun Kcf. Raid so a. S. Ims 1-rm. Apt. Gar. Etc. Tull Fil. Re a. 1 mod. Jinks or investment lot f pict . 277 a. . A Ltd. By drapes Belll air. . Rms. Corner House Heam ulv air Coraide. Sear Schoola so Rin Ratt. _9.is_s. Marenco. Good by. House . To 55000 to by 7-5s71 xxi. Bachelor it lace bomb. . Kill. Car. Nav. Aufort Enid. By paso. 2 near nil. Cli ild of. By or income s Hail Ron n Batik Molly Tinin Lauffe Home could it san Marco san at by porch. Spacious. So combination i bloc or by. K sep House in 5 Mal Ali arming court tool. Jive. Relrir., furn. Prev Julio. Close to every Hync Arlen Ltd tto Ca Alfha. S12a Ino. . Corp Trio Only 52 too trn pox 9030 Star Par stir. Esl. W kill Wabun. Upper stud Frt pm Al to. Clean. Util5. Palil i Tundra Facil. Paved proc. Mas mitt., on line. By . 1 . Rinee. Down 2 bit a fireplace. Rion Choice Elliott co. Savings on used office equip add inc Aleachl Nix Dyki. Chain. Files. A Leto a Freeman co. 3i silos Robles by 5-51 turn. Bach. 55.1. Birr. So s-s967 of. S-30a a j. By. Apt. 360 or Elx. Ice mod. Air Copil. Clive to . As9 x. Oaf Chan. My j1lx. 1 hr., Cut. It dips Stote. Hid. Pool. Coio r6 n. Crnic. Syc Jird 2 or if o Ronnlof near Allen Fol str Ido so. So .vis13 tit t s. Orange Grove i Pas. Lovely 2-Br. Pc for Cut. afr cond. Pool priv. Anllo. 607 mar Vista 2-kr. Newly d Corhett. By Tirpe Griir not in s 73 Nice 1 harm. Wami bal f 100 to. Or More inc int. At i i. Roll Harbison. By 8-9 on rental basis Pic open daily r. Court. C a k Pool no by 7-ok 2 berms Estt sixth by 1-id31 Kiv Tai d pm n Verc w9 a Mentor. Oar. By kit a Bath. B ppr lmlrv., a rfcs. By civic ss7.w. Kit is. Twin by. Tile Kitchen i by. S. Pasa baby of. Tpt3. Drive fun Imti Letrel Cavil Greij. For . Rood ton. Or. H Sclifo. 51m to. To k. Corner maker blvd. At Down Small lot. 2 ., i fwd. Al rpm n eau dec. Store a tin Oiw a tits. So . By w . 2-Br run. Lift n Avi Irro 2-bp. ,k3 in nr.12 k. 3-Tjr 1a Corson. 1 on Loi .209.% 1st was Horrion. 4-ru sips ten. I by noon 1724 remodelling Sale him table i. K on special while they Lasi. Set files. Desks tables. Curs expos trial office Calir Ornat 11 fair 1-23 Rovai electric heat Jar at l-2i5fi by draws al6s-Fll----- pc Shopp Lnor a t ran in. By bit Gas rtt Raymond soft Effric. In per Mil or. Pct a lip. Gar. A do. Cut. 12t p. . Kis Sion 285 n. Los ro8les i by. 2 cheerful m ass Iso per 90nf by 3-s9r.3. Charming. S close Iri Madison. Of Aioli by 5-1w Wal come. By How much docs a i. I by. Errs. It capes Stova a. Refer Lee by 9-3.tfig 3-505q it f of j Dei mar Ropwr Fomb. Kit. Vath. Walk in Clouet ii. Gar. By 2-s7s7 Brand new allx. 3 tit Al rec Bull Insp Tiloi Flose in Loc i to luxury houses 1 by stove. Maole._____syj1-6909 Allen Wash. -1 or Len. On Iol Atner. Cal Lilton firer ice j san. Studio Chr. Forie by i. Hogue by 2 or Tot of. In Aitilia or. Al Efi filament. Goo.1 local ton. Oink Nood . Ill. New. 1 by. J9330 by 2-6j13 a. He lick Willard Wilson or 2 in an 2 by. Den. Cd Jav 2 houses on 1 lot 1 norms each area. _ Coin laundromat spot Cood 2-Br with 50x150 jv3 Iol. hits x a Tore. Lewis by Frank flick by 3-8181 first time on mkt. 2 Bertrm. Stucco Dan inf Kiml . Area. S sub Era Mij. Down11 do 8 346 to Suiso rows or. ?r_.r_r.r--. So or 9-112. H repair shop. A cd for rent. Too k foothill. Vacancy pups. Reg acc to t 4 . Or Wrex Endi i -t-u3 Mil. Al. 9-019 Boxer sired females. Acc Reo tawk Heab. _ by my i-62 Cost you Soi Arroyo dr., 1 _ Adulla. Castle Green Pirl furn. Si2.v fills pm by j-5616 Syc Amoh 6-0311 Zenith 2330 Kent it month loss Day Only 68c o Day on 7 Day Start Slop plan for a 2 line and a Day for 4 lines Elc. Independent Siai news a in Viti a . In i . In t m j. Imit Piny did Lent ii noon Don l allow your vacancy to stand Idle and Cost you Money. Why hesitate any longer gel fool action now Independent Star news ads convert losses into income Cule 1-Br, so. Pasa. . On bus. St 3-3170. 3bedroom t Baths. 2 Raro Ellne. 1npes. Gardener a Gold meal lion. 2 by. Ixba. Oij. Child of. To j17.v i or 5-0191 1-Np. Not Gar. Pro Vale Rani. . Sarita Feruy. 1 by. I Home Nta by 1 Tir. A i. Jct Dolored prefer Fedt or couple. Ren. By 3-mv Dap Texes Ufa nicked a fils _ _ Berra. Rear Cou i avg area. Adj. San 3-Br. A1u. Uce. Capt Fofi by 3-sh by. Him. At a East or Allen. Child Nick 2 . Urn not. Sumrall or. Or Artre Grove. Cal let of. ?7s by Cost un10uk hqhe_3 Raj a is. Pm to. Verr clean. 5 pm. Or. Pc. Hill bus. Adults 11 . Child . Var 431 n House. Yard pp.ko.1 -vbixiome____1st 7-2t7? a Waivada. 2 by Houlf. Bill in Kitchen whiner a tryer. I ool ____73. Fun la. Gar w. Hair of papers dial by 6-0311 or i i in Santa Anita Hastings luxury apartments _ rental room to oui. Phone by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 4 quest. House to Shont Kei Laurants. 385. Cliff or. Open daily 1-5 . Al 5-8625 anytime by Liduna Norwood a do Al Knob it 3-5929 w Ventura. J13.5w let Nonh by Rte ii so 3 by. House. So 1-1 Nuku. unit . Miss Lee will Wrilon your Reull picked real estate for Sale

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