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Independent, The (Newspaper) - December 26, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaThu Iway. Mim in a it Jav Rawot a thursday channels and stations 2____knxt 5------Ktia 8.kfmb 11.kttv 4____krca 7.kabc 9.khj-tv 13.kcop spectacular did t quite make Grade note c indicates color program. By John cos by Junior miss was originally distilled from some very fresh observant stones about i teenage girls by Sally Benson in the new it be came a play by Joseph Fields land Jerome Chodorov which ran on Broadway in 1s-11, and inspired 3 of of radio to 9 . Us this Day farm report Pacific 2--hotel cosmopolitan tac dough fun to reduce of life Milani Cooks for tomorrow could be you Light miss Brooks and Jinx Oas the world turns Miller show c shoppers bulletin cartoon the clock Prajim hero off club Pasadena float decoration and mrs. North the forgotten grave verdict is yours i brighter Day for a Day Wheeler show storm of night romances Moore show Phoebe police Calls Gardiner movie jams Godfrey time or consequences Laine Little Margie Francis and movie bandstand Martin churches area Linkletter s House party and Groom woman s diary John big payoff theater the Little mar Garet o Brien Grant Wil Liams musical Parade it Rich 4-r-treasure Hunt and treats Corris Guy you Trust your wife theater Price is right Carousel bandstand knows this late afternoon movie j. Bennett of the atom a Dick Whittinghill show Rogers movie Woodpecker 13_weslern nighttime1 tomorrow time Legarde twins mouse club Cooley Roundup Ted Meyers Bill Brundige Fidler shows about teenage girls. Most recently it bobbed up As a ninety minute color spectacular on Dupont s show of the month and by now in has thoroughly run out of Gas. I rather think it was is Livi ocl for its previous truck record which was excellent. So far Jodii Poi has had a rather Tough time of it and. 1 guess Junior miss was intended to play it Safe with a durable property an excellent cast and a few songs thrown in for Good measure. Flops badly somehow it never got off the ground. At the Center of Junior miss is a teenage girl with an Over Active imagination whose ideas of life around her Are largely conditioned by ithe movies she has seen. The basis of some very slight happenings around her. She in vents a Romance Between her father a n d his employers daughter and makes an convict out of her Uncle Willis. I since miss Benson wrote her stories a world War and a Good Deal of world history have intervened and. While i suppose teenagers still Are quite Cap Able of melodramatic imaginings i think they d go at it a Little More soberly a Little differently than this. In other words the freshness of Obser vation which is what made the stories originally so appealing is Long gone. If anyone wants o write about teenagers they lad better go look at some new ones. The teenagers who inspired this set must now be n their forties. Stage Quality As directed for television Junior miss had an awfully it agey and unreal Quality about it and i be noticed this about a Good Many color spectaculars that come from the coast these Days. Color to being an unwieldy business producers put the cast in one studio and the audience in an Ither. The actor delivers a Augh line which must be transported to the other studio Here the audience hears it ver loud speakers and if it eels so disposed laughs. The Augh goes Back by wire and n the Way the audio Engi ears mix in a Little dead or writing on air it s Mot All bad being the villain installation set Monrovia. Leo Facto will be installed As the new presi Dent of the Monrovia Board of realtors Jan. 11 at Eaton s Santa Anita restaurant. By Pat no glee husband. Her reminiscences gaining quite a name with interrupted on 2. Art Oveis actor Vincent will Lake leave of his adv a Cates for a period to appear with Kathryn Grayson in to Mccoy. An invitation to join the set ret Lodge causes a rift Between lowest prices biggest discounts Westun troum be and others prices include service you hfk1gekat1on Nan n. So -2111 by 1-Tsl inight s lbs playhouse 90" As Cra Nipa j production of Lone Price in t even South in Meny Pership Elii Littee this True Story of an Indian let s be buddies girl who married a White trader in the Pioneer Days of old West. Instead he plays an the wrong moves while George Butters up the in of 7. Boone show. Guest Carmel Quinn the lass unshaven character whose with the roguish air is heard deeds Are As dirty As his face on Mother Kelly s Doorstep one thing though that joins Pat to sing a i can say in my own the on 7. Pleads Trice is that i not show one of those actors who lives the his role. My dog Hes me and Fil in a Tiff to in to lint. Kil i it i 11 my wife thinks i the Morr wires with whether they like what he a Raula Kelly. Billy Dewolfe the guest scientific to service by Call any qualified technician will be ii your Allbin the hour. Service Calls All work guaranteed Days nites sundays holidays Clete Roberts Bill Stout Gil Stratton. Latham news c and last of Mohi cans express 13--Baxter Ward news news c Jack Blake Hearn sports c Edwards news Huntley news Tinney sees Preston of Yukon Massey show c Martha Tilton country Washburn Martyn news club of the Century Jack Slade Latham news c baiter sports Geo. Putnam honeymooners Jackie Gleason. Art Carney Aud Rey Meadows Valley Days lion Dollar wedding of Freedom the Edmund Purdom focus rascals Milland show the arrival search for adventure Caribbean co Lorama Weaver news Daly news of Annapolis hot John Brinkley tac dough. Jack Barry c America 7 circus boy 9 Best of Bishop Sheen the training of children Little Margie search for adventure Barranca Dol Cobre Barry Sullivan Mutiny bet your life Groucho Marx control. This Way up Brook Ann Todd Marguerite Chap Man playhouse 90 stars Kathryn Grayson and Scott Brady co Star As a Cheyenne Indian Maiden and the White trader she marries in Defiance of tribal customs in production of Lone playhouse 90" presentation tonight at knit to movies today . 4 so Long at the Jean Sim Mons Dirk Bolanle Felix Alymer . 9 along the Navajo Roy Rogers 1945 . 11 Broadway Melody of Fred Astaire Eleanor 1 Owell George Mur Phy Frank slogan Tan Hunter Florence Kice . 5 flirtation Dick Powell Ruby heeler 9 the boy with the Green Dean Stockwell . 11 everybody Allan Jones Judy Garland Fanny Brice Reginald Owen Billie Burke . 2 Winner take Tony Martin Gloria Stuart slim Sunini Erville . 4 Yukon Man Kirby Grant Gail Davis . 11 Tell no Melvyn Doug Las Louise 1 Ratt Douglas i Undrille Gene Lockhart . 2 Border Alan Ladd Victor Jory civil defense notice to be informed when sirens sound tune the radio dial to 640 or 1240 kilo cycles. Radio thursday networks Abc Kab lbs Knox lbs Khz Abc Khz Lac 570 Khz 93d Kef a 1230 Zgeb 1390 Kif 640 a feb so a pc 1240 Kau 1130 Kmic 710 pop 1020 Gil 1260 Wiz 1480 big 740 Knox 1070 Fox 12so pol 1540 Kab 790 Ixia 1110 Kwiw 1300 Dat 1580 Kiev 870 Keld 1150 fac 1330 know Pat Bishop Kif news Elie. Rpt. Kab hit the Hoad Kif Annex laughter to build it up. Hen the enriched laugh is so . Kiu jumped Back on the actor who delivered it some moments ear Reed Browning Kab Frank go . Bob Green news Khz h. Habbitt Knox naturally this kind of de Pat Bishop kit a cd reaction is ruinous Lotho . Ense of timing of the actors. Stock Mark of whether or not this sort Oft news Karl. Hinnir Rufio Lilac Nicori in to mini i Crane show Knox rung was Piau Isea on Jimini real Mccoy the actors seemed to be delivering laugh lines into teenagers were touching and Unity View rather Sweet and the script played Down heavily on the _ in in i play s sentimental Side. As the Knox of miss of r Carf in Lynley was Lovely and Brennan let s re buddies Plaj signal Racket squad Heartbreak for the people s Choice 5 movie Pat Boone show movie dangerous assignment Iron Banner 2 playhouse 90 Lone Kathryn Grayson 4 Tennessee Ernie 7 heart of the City the Brothers Rosemary Billy de Wolfe guests. Navy log big while Albatross George Putnam news 13 Tom Duggan Paul Coates 4 Jane Wyman night Afler Christmas drama letter from the Warren Stevens 11 right edition weather _ 2 news Clete Roberts 4 Jack Latham news Morey Amsterdam Hank Weaver show Baxter Ward news big news Chick Heam sports Tom Duggan big hit movies Jack Paar Midnight a news Roundup. Ken Graue mystery Sherlock Holmes Cliff Engle . Hit the Road . Kif space and then freezing into sports report fac attitudes while waiting for response. It was unnerving to Dave Vaisie watch veterans like Don ame a new Che who is As indestructible As . Sports sport bites news news miss Benson s stories engaged in this awkward business and it seemed to take All tile fun out of some dialogue which ii n0se Clooney dimly recall As being pretty funny 16 years ago. Carol Lovely Kmic Khz Norma Young . Our Gal sunday Knox . Concert stage fac Ira Cook Kmic news Khz. Kif Herb Anderson Kab Nora Drake Khz . Record review Kif daytime7 . Coffee concert fac news Mccoy Knox Reed Browning Kab d. Whittin Lilli Kmic f. Hemingway Khz Ash. Bandstand . A Perkins Tello test . Music loom Knox Kif Knox Khz fac Holiday serenade Khz or. Malone Knox iom5 . Road of life 1 . Masters in miniature k news Kif Khz beat record Kab news . My True Story Gabriel Heatter right Hap Ness Kif Khz Knox beat record Kab . George Crowell Khz . Folk songs fac Tjugen Foi a Dav Khz i 2nd mrs. Burton Knox i . Strike it Rich Knox Khz Art Baker Kif Bob Crane Andy Virginia instead of being funny Hesp Howard Miner Knox Kif Knox . Break Tasi club Kab Art Baker in i. Music Hall i1-4s . Pat Buttram Pat Bishop Knox Kif noon Hemingway Khz news Knox Kab farm report Kif news Ira Cook Kmic ing. However David Wayne lunch concert fac . Paul Harvey Kab Garden guide Khejl Nelson Mcninch Knox George Crowell backstage Wile Knox Cedric Foster Khejl Calu. Auric. Khz news Dick Joy fac . Serenade fac Jim Reeves Kab news Ira Cook Kmic Arthur Godfrey Knox news Kif Khz 5 Star matinee George Cruwell Kif Khz re c . Woman in House Kif concert matinee fac . Penner Young Kif . News . Kab Kmic Kif. Khz George Crowell Khz feminine touch Kif John Grant Jim Backus fac Matine pops concert fac news Crowell Khz Ruth Ashton Knox one Man s family Kif . Or. Gentry Kif . News keyboard styling a fac Philip Norman Knox news d. Sinclair Kif Hank Weaver Kab thanksgiving hour Khz doing professionally or not Price family Vince main i gains will watch Lone Wom an and Hiss As loudly As everybody else. Muses Price this is Good therapy for them and for me. Playing villains i rid someone else s those suppressed desires that James to Arbor so wit tily claims even the Meek est main inn burs within him. My family by the s e Token hates me so much when i acting that they go out of their Way to prove they hold nothing personal against me when i get Home. Especially Vince laughs when i bring Home the Price says he has Given a lot of thought to hosting a program on Art since his Suc Cess on the Chal nothing satisfactory How Ever has been worked out yet and until it does t la continue playing dramatic Vince personally does t care what sort of part he plays so Long As it s a Good one. He does wonder though what would happen to his and his family s pysche should he Ever get typed As a hero. Starring with Vincent Price and Kathryn Grayson in this 90-minute filmed Saga Start ing at . On knit Are Scott Brady Raymond Burr and Jack lord. Valley. Tricked into marrying a homely mining town wait Ress for a Large sum of worthless Stock a Young Miner gets the final laugh in. The Story of the million Dollar featuring Virginia Lee and James Best on 4. An adventure to the romantic carib bean and a missionary s life in Alaska As a Complete Cycle is witnessed in the Frozen coun try from the first Snow to first Snow in the two films on 13. Master control. A backward look Over the last 30 years sees such names As Bahe Ruth Gene Tunney the Rise and fall of Hitler Mussolini and the japanese War lords in addition to a visit to the Calif. Museum of science and Industry on 5. Will also be in spotlight on 4. Wyman. A least is unleashed upon the world in a suspenseful tale the night after tarring John Dehner on 4. Discounts easy modern radio 255 e. Colorado our 29th emf factory special Glass lined water Heaters in or Lugar. 00 Gal. 30 so fuss 40 i i Gal. 00 Gat 24 months to pay we Gin Sih Green St Impi Altadena plumbing service. Inc. 116 e. Merit a. Altai Leui 5v 4-ii3s sound condition that noisy room with insulate ceiling tile from if it i lumber cd _ 1 cd Call thai number 5t 7-1 13t Pasadena s Complete building supplies Mon. To Fri. To 9 . Sat. To 4 . We Sih Green sump artists materials everything for the artist for professional and student artists designers picture frames and framing 1292 e. Colorado st., Pasa. By 2-6284 by 1-6587 we give Green Stamps Climax death Knox opera world fac . Fulton Lewis or. Khz news. Shaw Kif rated House in Shadow of a masters . Starring Ann Todd moves in to occupy a Long a Kay s carpets Hemingway Khz Myron j. Bennett Kif Tello test Point of Law . Knox Alex Nicol Harry Townes and Marguerite Chapman. When a Young widow returns to the Home she had shared with her fac Kif Arthur Godfrey Knox Kif i Sam Hayes Knox Khejl Bob Green Art link lettered Hart mild. Younger Kab i i Ai news local new kfi1 news Khz Khz Money Rolls washers ran off with most of the Hon ors with an urbane and Charm Wale ing portrayal of Uncle Willis a Jan Parade the supposed sex con. Dorothy Helen trem Fields and Burton Lane Are ladles Day Spon Sihle for the score nighttime8 Monrovia. A Quick need t bother you much sex. 5.90 Ujj v Pinkie 9-00 change artist who gave a cent for a song called ill buy. Sunset serenade fac Phu Knox news Kif Khz clerk Rolls of washers in if which is a very Good song and Knox a music Kab Stead of coins got s19 indeed. I news. Weather of the next Dupont of the. Daly kanc Art Baker Kif Nightwine Kif news. J. Grant Kmic Sam haves Khz . J month will be Horton . Financial Kab Fulton Lewis Khmer s the Bridge of san Luisi Paul Harvey Kab ,.m a ii Henry Knox this is a bit of a interlude fac stars Tor defense Khz and i devoutly Hope it comes c Alcott Knox was Knox Kyj i dance time Kmic. Of that Way on Al vision. Kab sch Knox by. Herald Tribune Nous Swirep a. Sports Kab masters Knox Musk Khejl . Music Kab Bruin Trojan i con t. Varieties fac relax Al Poska kk1 i liars Knox Bill Stern. Music Khz . News Knox. Kif How effective Are Low nicotine cigarettes How Good Are filter holders this football made score Hollywood. T e 1 e v Ision Crift Knole Tom Harmon . Merv Griffin outdoor news Orval Anderson n------01____ i to. Actress Pat Howry yesterday i Frank Goss received a Christmas wrapped traffic tunes football containing an engage-1 l a. Ament ring from Green Bay a human Kab Packer halfback Paul Horn hav Orth Journa unit former All american at in Ore Dame. Miss Mowry who rear Chen Iii Lin Midge Khz Tod new Hampshire in the 1055 concert fac miss universe contest said Khz Kab Kab Jack Warner Khz Kif music a roads it ac1 i i Skofac sports Hanlon Knox Knox Joy forever Kif kf1 say with music Kab i Kev or sports Vij Morsan Beauty . P. I life the world Kif music Khz san tiling called life Kif of i i 1. i Frost warning Kif Al Poska Kif eve. Concert fac news Knox kill Kemp Abr Day from a Market at 319 w. Huntington or. Mrs. Sharon Reynolds clerk told the officers that a Man asked her if she would accept a Roll of Nickles As part payment for a g9-cent Purchase. She took the supposed Roll of Nickles and also two Rolls of quarters in Exchange for a s20 Bill. The latter Rolls had quarters at both ends but when they were All opened Wash ers were found in the Center. Nicotine from Juston cigarette works widespread changes on . The pituitary secretes Hor Mone. Blood pressure rises. Yet says Reader s digest there is no such thing As a completely de nicotine sized cigarette made out of so the question is which cigarette or filter does the Best Job the latest Reader s digest report to cigarette smokers in the january Issue gives you the new findings from Independent Laboratory tests. Report by Brand name on five Low nicotine cigarettes and Civ filter holders one of which reduces nicotine up to Don t miss this important article smoker s Enigma in january Reader s digest. There Are 31 More articles in january Reader s digest now on Newsstands. Knox. P. Luchins swordsman Wolf the chinese Story vanished detective 1 if s your Nickel news give us this Day 4 movie second show 00 late movie and Hornung had no immedi ate marriage plans because the football Star is due to re port for military service. Historians gather san Francisco Dpi the Coates sport Jowel Thomas behind Story x minus one Kusty Draper news music Al world tonight . J music beyond i the Stais music mile . Stones fac Eric Sovar Cid Man on the go . Bui Stewart Kmic news William Winter weather slated for to William Demarest who be new ski Khz. Knox i ran a stage career that goes Kif merry go round Knox More than Hill a Century Knox. P. Playing a cello on the stage Khan Tomk the Ridgewood . Opera Knox Dawn Knox House in 1899, will pull the Kif music a Poska out of mottlba11s 12 Midnight for an episode of t Danny Thomas Ben Hunter other Khz. Side of Day Kayci i5ti Honsl Knix night music Mii Iii stations Ami minis Kif fac the staged last time Demarest one of his hilarious plus 10% wholesale to radios i i nationally famous brands All items on display and plainly marked Cash or Bank of America terms backed by the finest service dept. In san Gabriel Valley 12-Inch . Records Reg. Value 2-Speed tape recorder 79 i i console 4-Speed phone 3 speakers Lamond nor dec 5 . Record ice album. Lice. 224.99 i we radio Hospital 2405 Lincoln ave., Altadena 1110 we the Only radio Sery. Isoo ice trucks in the san Gabriel Valloy hours Mon. Thru Fri. To 9 sat 9 to 6 e Sun. Ii to 4

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