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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 25, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaNew new s made 3-8r . I r.rn., elec bit in it Khan Nyleah Down Yunck by 58-0-58 u Aryl let up it Mountain vow first offer by owner 3100 it. Heat thut yl4w. 1 bedroom a . L room fireplace Init Al Stu. Or Wail us. In Iii Lite Home. Under new Elf Hohr we e. Doud co. By 5-9135 my 1-2745 mysterious h Voyak of s1nbaiv Hae if monday Dic Imiri 31, old s eur in admit Ichel. 3 . Aru Den. In 5 rtolti., a hot of neral Mil plan at Ria Vlola path i Hortn Rinnan 6v 7-im3 r. Jack Bedford of multiple builders closeout Bix Nakiy 110uej in Lovely la Cortada Vor Sale of Laib Ilsoo like Neil 34 see Model 5147 n. Crown ave. J. A Dawson co. Estate Hotye n Santa Anita Oaki lease option s or. Home. 3 Br., 3 Faro Ira Delta in . Walla of Nat. Wood kit. You land a move in with Low Ren or buy with Tov Down payment. Or Lur not Foial lir Home to Trade. Asking Hon. Johnnie l. Ross realtor by by 0-1811 older citizen anxious Hennio in Alia Between Keodara pfc Canyon. 2 1 Ralhf. Der. Din. Pm. Almost new. Make Olfer. A Skint Price 34.000. I Harriet Lanterman a Ltd. Y Uini s2u foothill surround lame. It Villi Maicuu Pundi. Angled Ftp a Liru we 3 oui Pairlea and with Bath. Ottney lava or in. Franz associates 2c93 Hun Linton or. Ban Marino by 3-1101 my 1-6709 10% net Millit Tandul trait aaa Tennil on Nate. Par Neame. Valuable downtown k heat Dellal an Gnu Nat Eji Ata Bulmer on 7 valuable a Good Ftp real it Lon a Lluri Ullh lure value. Lilo Down i 38 Newt Kilts s Happy holidays Ivull so Oil spacious 2-bh. So. Earl Lar. A men Dodo Alia Artisti of p briny tapping Eul Coto i. Plea ii i 446 Linda total 18 w in r t Down Ball no 985 Burleigh Den by. 16ss its Down or open 1 10 4 Toh lne Carpel drapes. S35.5m Jim Dickson by 5-5054 allude Ihle Char mine Colo 2 lie Roomi loom Dinette a card. Bui Cloee to in Holt. Churche Keilus Ltd 7m Foch ill a llft.93 Hlll a a merry Christmas to All Lia 2 Hilj Koot fiut a Ltd cd dec. 24 Jim inns., Ulrik. Janai i Cabana lox level 1-a cannoli Flint Ruy. Ful Koot Hlll by a forms anytime owner 2 twirl . Comden. Jul Molnr door Cov Tutlo. Anal or j73.7cq. Y 0-1107 5v .1 Paseler Cal Rudi f 0-67s Fei 111 a. Home Cov Pitlo it realtor by have you seen Rainbow estates if no be our Guerll located qt.1125 n. Poi Aderia ave., in North Azusa. 4 bedrooms 2 Baths fireplaces Range oven in disposal. Hardwood and Street lights. Low in. On Cha vets no in. Frank. Parks de 4-9176 with court r Nevelle ne6eker co. N. Loi rofl by 6-si17 All things Good wish for you. Good friends Good times Good cheer at Chris Moj i Eicens Hornet air plane View now under construction Alfh up in fresh 2mo it. Elc Vailon. A View of Ihfe Viil Tey that is 100ft privacy Hoon per Day. Yet Only it Nln from Bullocks Tasa Tenn. 3 in regout. Fanniy rown or 2 Budro cml. Rojen and Iier room a basis. Jux airy flu Rex Ift Rouchou in Lii Dizik air Condl ironing. Choose Romp Al color St Lection Inaldo realty v 3-7i9l my 1-007 1 no Down go 3-bedroom Reilly rred ily in covered Orr anal owner. Franz associates v by owner s Bilimo. Fenced Zartl. A Carioli nut sect car Alcea incl filed loan commitment edition. Cd s-2w5 2 on lot 300 s. Santa Anita Auriac. 2 Isaam. A. Burro. I a a. Income to. Known anal. Only. Owner leaving City priced Low foil Quick Sale by 3-0264 Eves. A. J. Feenstra and associates Midi in luxurious contemporary 4 i Jet. 3 full a. 1 Vii old Riel pc Tara Oil 2 acre Hilltop. Rolv Road. San Merino in 3-1101 my 1-6709 ,.coo a3l e. A. Co Daite 2181 n. La it by 8-9166 season s greetings sincere wishes fort Christmas and j the new year Marshall Anderson realtor Home income 1 4 units on South View ,7 units on Fairview Botn Choice nearly new. Lui Urr j Arcadia Monrovia realty 8. Ririe. Trtirlu___1i1j we wish you a very merry Christmas ml-fjs3ssf lies Johnson 3 units on r-3 lot. Allen. Jil n. Of Colo. 3175 to. Inc. 4 Rte prec Letlon a Mike ? i in l. Milton h. Moberg Assoc. In n. Fly it him. By 4-lf" Noel merry Christmas May the spirit of this Christmas season bring health and happiness to you your family and your friends. Arcadia Fairview Gold medallion arts. 645 Fairview ave. Arcadia i 6-0491 from us All we wish you All the Joy Thot happiness can bring Moore Bulger co. And associates 81 e. Ai Akhir. By 3-4131 realtors. Multiple listing 4 attract. Units . Lite. Us. Sep. By. Xii earn a hath in mid. No vacancy . Verme1.e-k i Obinson by 7-9111 Alcenc Parsons by 8-7863 . Newly e. 2 "1 Ultra. Merry Christmas to our Many friends you die Consul la inv Lim to a Lull n our line new of Vlcej Hunt Neton drive. Sin m Rino. Beach Flaaten 419-1111 thank you we Are grateful Liat. Arier in More listen ltm1r at More people tar bought their Homes from Nela Nev real Kitaif. Tolian from any other company in the Fullre Valley Ivylin Lor Christmas ant a Haiti new Yeau Delaney s502 k. Elway m no cell nos ave. In Center 1-7631_____________ed s-1121 five deluxe units on or. Arcadia will take in to 123.000 in Exchange. A or Elk by 3 on i Laker in a Thabta 8erge1 at 2-1149 of Mon walk i no Csc flow. Kees i vacant -305 West Woodbury i owner rl.7-3346 4 Bdrm. Den . 10 in it. Incl Carpel i no. . Guerrant by 3y t-h01 merry merry Christmas Happy Happy new year and All from All of us Yew Whipple 23-fl a Linic pm with lir lilt Kitchen. O Witk Only Millie Coon Cape cod col Njal ii Rient 2-Ilory 1mma u Ltd _ f nor i o j i up .d con ver Fhle blown. De Coral with Roqu lilt taste. Shown by m. Bliss Keeter j500 Leutu Jaon dr., Fiat at 7-9625 merry Christmas to Shepard Morgan Large family Well Plennert. Irl Ruvi san if Arlen Icen Tian. J3s.oco. Matthews realty co so. Pasadena 9-31e Ciapi Lan Tot Sta. 112 3 . A. 3 Ijmte. Perfect priced right vacant Bli t family 2 buns pm. Dreamy Nal. Tony work Colin ten. San. A fit. Poroli turn. A. It Star Folry k. A lies i fir blaster Walh Down Fyk jew no nil t. Gilmore 2 units a zone income Larne 1-hp. Talf or is. And Bob by. Horny units prime. By Frt con pm. Ultra Mai and Best wishes for the coming year Harry a. Lange 81 i. Fierri Jurrel Vii ski office closed Sun. Mon. I to. De hts Fehir vote to i Viall its 2-Halh. Ottn. No 2-3im. U veil Fri i i. De a it. Sincere wishes to All of you for a Happy Holiday season pm bldg. So. It. S Chester r. Pyle co Pijl emt or Lar Waslis. 4 Piti i wishing you the Best there is for the holidays and Foh the new year Ken Smith realtor and associates in Hastings 3sm e. Foothill eve 2-u123 Christmas greetings May your holidays be Joyful May your new year be Gay Petschow realty Whipple realty by 8-0527 928 e. Alta. Or. Joyful holidays from the Joloff of Franz associates realtors 2095 Hunington drive san Marino Christmas Siat a wonderful just packed with Good cheer by your wonderful. Staft. To a wonderful year today and every Day in a zone Grey Terrace Home Jim Reiher or j4 he. Nui to inst to All our friends customers and to out cooperating broker friends Eleanor Bill Powell Tom White Diana to slav Evelyn t Hayek a Ted a Helen Gray Bill Sixtos gone Manmano Jack go Alvinr be1ty a Bill Toner t want it Bill Tyner realty n. Lake so i som realtors. Multiple listing monkovi1 Down von no inti furn. 2 by. Lime , Coy. Pailo bbl cd if Ifil hurry 129 hell Stilt i. La Xiara Attr. Jil of Omu Pailo Pool llilll.-l22.Coo. Want 2 Den Pool to s40.chm. In Archilta hustling Andy wishes you All a fenced Dkl 7-1jj4j. I o 5 sunday no 14 acre lot formal a plus. 2 to 5 Sun la _____01 Ino Homes or. A Apt Lime. To 1-3044 luxurious contemporary 10 hats. S22.uq to. Hown. Of a. Re. in Dimas by san Dimas 17 from in Dovd. Floon. Faferko. J410 in. Good Erdell will fat Al my san Gabriel hand Kew bit., . Hot uni. Roof. Etc. Pasa. Shoots. 2i.qm. Sligo in. Pm i 9-5071 21jso Canyon. Coll r hit ools 2 Fer. Paik Pool i fool ill. Hij b units. Are attn. For 2 on l3t or j film Roll a Nnoli Andy Anderson real toll multiple listing u23 n. Allen i by by in. My Lar tra3? in Comer lot. or ads. I de we in All of 1 property Freh info anywhere i i Squire Paw red estate wanted must buy greetings i and Best wishes Xor a wonderful Holiday season i Bob Jones realtor bold our Home Bustness Ute. 60 to move. Want 2 j by. In k. Pisa. Urea. Can be hut desire live no pm a Kooc Clotet to i conf Ter 2 phonics on lot. Plebe our i or. O Toole. St b-673b 5y High n. Lake Doninic .Ly hath Home. Fire Cir act door. So Down we. Is Johnson 3 Blum. K pane left Den. Ufred Pool with Enlo h lid Unal. Quit Yel can Itiline 10 Lake Ila Roposa shop Millef by owner 3 Morni. 5 full balt ii. Lev. Pm . Etc. Tile Roor Flea Fawer Sonniel fat Pasadni Rones medallion Model Home 825 Columbia St. 4 bedrooms 2v Baths landscaped open daily 1-5 Martin associates inc. Ktjms13_____________at 7-6333 Karbe Home with Pool 2 8niui. In mrs car Rcpt nirl a grapes. Nat urn wond Kitchen built ins. 2-car Ranje. Arll slur. Wx30 f i p o i. To need. 421.050. Harry Al 5-7196 is so Fra Marfred blvd. Cash buyers for 2 to 3 1 up 10 15.000. Half. 37 4-Sjoi j deeds lot Salt i be 1rx or. I Hoyt realty at a Rosa by honeymoon cottage 1st or 2nd Cule split it Vil Lon Ltd j Lirk Bei Roomi. Kllc Lien with befit. Area Uilk Woor Ted Lite. Sib Flamingo properties Al 5-8045 1j8 w. Sierra Marc blvd. Majk. 3 by. T by 8 i Bat is. 3 yrs. u in a nor 2-Br. U vhf St b -3is3 artists Retreat . Monterey it tji rtt a Lucio. 2 a want City. In nerd. Oct. Smirt to Tau Gabriel Valley Acadia Dunckel merry Christmas office closed today impressive Home in Choice area. Combina Tjom Rita arts pm. 1 Pleni Mutt Wiiri oar Nemo urn ill. W mint. F -impe1 Pool Souss. Will carry j.jipfr.114.900 Miller Duncker realty co. 12 b. Sol Alft Anlap merry Christmas to our Many friends Beach Flaaten a to adv a dirt cd 5-6674 r new. . Ai Udom. Pin Ltd room. 10 pint tree. Tam Arcadia vacant Muil Iel 2 by. A Max. Pm. Fara. Pm. Pro. S a. Kit than we los etau. Of Ducj to sell Thomas co. 15 Cartez Arcadia i 6-7171 anytime wooded seclusion 3-3 Birm. Hopi on 141 13m300 2 Dix Al to a draft Tor Sale Fri Konx w. T. Beckwith a Ltd. 107 of. Arcadi i 6-6111 my 1-612 to 3-1 Ute and. 2_br. Oplt . Temple City to Joni ale will sol i Ink semen t com off. By Al. Season s greetings for a merry Christmas a year mry u lie our treasure to von Tenil the Home of your 5117 no. Crown ave. John w. Dawson co. By 0-7121 primer Royal Bijj Horal Loii Anita mortgage co. 1st a 2nd Tro St deede and . Loan s i 6-4423 Bill a. Flail 21 tears s s. we but Trull Fedl. In Hora Oaks r Isyss Stefl .1i priced to realty j pr1vatk my. For 2nd Loam on Neomea or Natl. Also f make it on vaunt. A braid in. Corn. _ a. Schneide insurance 925 e. Walnut Pasadena by 5-4285 Speculator s attention j a lot on too we. W. Duarl Ltd can Beifeld fear r.lfly-i9.0m thai won t Lui better Sodul Russ failing ii w. Foothlt.1 Monrovia i. "7th Leitu to the. Root. U. Girder ii Enid. Atti Matira. A Milne Bros. Bicycles i Art proud to offer contine lol Europe s larg est manufactured name i brands. Bergue Ieter a Holiday. From Lewis cleaners Call delivery service Cotrano by just an old fashioned wish put a Var n Nav Lippy holidays to you from mrs. P. L. Williams tie Aii k3tatk broker me la clinic. My Holiday greetings to you All Napier real estate b. T. Napier 25 s. Baldwin my Del Al Christmas to our friends merry All Millie Coon and associates multiple n. Elude no or. By the Lyn seasons greetings and Best wishes for a Happy new year an Ford Zelkowitz and associates up w foothill. Monr. K greetings and Best wishes Fob Anne Perrow and associates he1.kx t.ou1se Anthony 1rkne Pritchard Jesse o rude ii fret 2530 z. Villa sys do season s greetings from William e. Pankey pan key h7i e Wal Best for merry Christmas a prosperous new year from James Happy Holiday a from Cummings realty and associates by 5-0215 496 n. Allen greetings from j. Nonet Paine Whyte Paine realty co. Oaks the co Ope Rolive Apt. Extends to you and yours the warmest greetings for the holidays. The Lyn Oaks a new concept in modern living season s greetings and Best wishes for a most successful new year h. H. Goddard 1010 Baldwin Iii 6-0121 merry and joyous Holiday season from Shull realty and associates Arcadia Iii fi-2153 our Best wishes for a very merry Christmas Happy new year Ross Baymiller realtors jilt Wplf 1031 foothill blvd. Kves by 0-2s03 season s greetings from Ruby Harbison Assoc. Iso e. Wash1xoton so Holiday greetings a Happy new year Hutch s Barbecue 350 a Walnut Best Holiday a wishes from Turner Stevens co. cordial greetings to vol and Arnold s jewelry store Idun 1810. It we you wish a Happy Holiday season and a prosperous new year Andersen Glass Ralty. And associates joyous Holiday from Danny Castro Tony Roel Santa be realty n Raymond by film Pasadena office service wishes to extend Holiday greetings to All our friends 8. Customers t office space and answering Burvick m7 e. Walnut Pasadena by my l-st2 May your Home be blessed Rov attn Pfaff with Joy and peace and a Happy Holiday season Murrell Thompson so thin Lyntton. Mon Kos in May the Joy and happiness of the Holiday season be with you Orange Grove rest Home 250 Orange by 2-3277 if Happy Holiday if from Ianke Knoeppel Barr John Knoeppel. Town country Homes to k Vii Hankton by 7-2492 we wish you peace happiness today and every Day in the new year e. O. Anders co. And associate 19 Mission. S. Pm. 5y 8-237 Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the Wynn Norton s from j. F. Stinson and associates k. The Kirk co. Wishes Yon Nyrl jmr. merry chef Almai a. Prosper Ous new year i. The Kirk co. I 6-6139 Eves. Al to Froilo l car Cor Apo Cili Holiday greetings to our friends clients Raymond Florist to e. Cor. Calf. Nar Minnil Best Holiday wishes Ives paint store mar tue. Peace of god be with you Kow. And always Pasadena a Azaolene College our season s greetings Hazel Wolver doll hip. Antiq Ione Bilheimer son 1101 Mission. So. Pas. 81t 9-7202 season s Best to our friends Altadena plumbing service have a Happy Holiday lok far Low Christmas greeting Tammy Shanter fish a chips and its caledonian pipe band and dancers 2322 k. or. Reason s Victor s of Pasadena Salon of Beauty 632 e. Color 00 blvd. By Victor or. miss Eva miss Isabel Siiss Stookey Tine chinese food to to. And 2556 e. Colorado Fri and p out Holiday greetings to Ali our Patroni friends venetian dining room gardens inc

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