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Independent, The (Newspaper) - December 25, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaIts the Independent . 25, 1mj vital statistics births Robert l. 125 s. Ave., Wes . Arthur a. Is abroad Moor puts. Bov. J 9. 1w7 i Thomson w 13? in to k re. Imp Aiwood St. In. Fedov. A. 17501 ave. Aluta. Boy. 1600s a tall 01s California ave. West . Rirl Donald a. 4129 n. Roit Burgh St., Doviat boy. Mrs. Darlo a. 623 Bractt ave la . Rrt Ronald a. 15i Hunt si., Jirl. 1957 William p., t060 i ave. Bov. M Mcben a 623 x. Of Horn ave wet Coiria. Bov. Of n mis d., to 1116 s. Kiv mrs. I Coci Johnston a. E6-6 ave. Girl. Licenses to wed 19. Of 9so n. Paja Ducaa Jacqueline 21, of ill Laa lunar fit., Ca Noi Wood san i win Ecoff Roessler Carl Floyd i 4s. Of 182 n. Hoi Luton Pua i Edith Sarah. 41, of 130 n. Hol Isloa a at. Pasadena a Vidal is. Of 11319 Ranchito St. Al Monte Caroyn Gordon. 19. Of ton ave. A Monte Ellis. 20. Of Travis air Force raise Jan ils Rie. 20. Of 60.s n. First ave. Arcadia. Anian a Rhor 25, or 1s33 x Summit ave. Pasadena Sian 19. Of 1500 n. Gar tielf1 ave., or. Of 551 s. Hill ave. Pasar Irna Lucia Taylor 25. Of is 7 s. Ave Pasale a 11 i Grrce m of Avo Xii Irie Flira both. 2i. Of 1s76 n. in. Pm Fider a. 11 of 1fl4 St. Ettrude Elizabeth. 86. Of los a i t ".tits. J of pan Marino 11. Am. -3. Of 2370 Roanoke san j i Marino i i la we lev. 30. Of i 1372s e. St. Batrin Parl Jim i 35. M the same Adorf i r j i Legal i a i Reitti Floate of corporation for of business under fictitious name the undersigned Corpora. Tom does hereby certify that it is conducting a used Auto parts Busi Ness located at 200 West Holly Street. Pasadena. California Sindr a the for Vitious firm name of for Egx car used parts that 5ald firm is composed of their i Foll Oivino corporation whose Prin i j j Coal place of business is As i flows White cab co., 200 West Holly Street. Pasadena. California. Its hand this 17th Day of december 1957. Seal White cab co. Edgar t. Brown. Pres. State of California county of los Ange Lesless on this 17th Day o december . 1957, before me Ruth b Pryor. A notary Public in for said county state residing therein duly commissioned j sworn personally appeared Edgar t. Brown known to me to be the president of the corporation that1 executed the within instrument on behalf of the corporation therein named an acknowledged to me that such corporation executed the same. In witness whereof. I have Here unto set my hand affixed my official Seal the Day year in this certificate first above writ ten. Seal Ruth b. Pryor no tar Public in for 11 said county state. My commission expires apr. 25.1 j publish dec. 18. 25, 1857. Jan. I jul 8, 1958______ a j notice to creditors no. 396550 i in the Superior court of the state of Californi. In for county of los Angeles in the matter of the estate George Thomas. Deceased. I notice is hereby Given by the undersigned e. A. Winstanley. Public administrator Asad mini Strator of the estate of George Thomas. Deceased to the creditors of. And All persons having claims against the said decedent to present them with the necessary vouchers within months after the first publication of this notice to the said adminis Trator at his office at 437 South Hill St. Los Angeles 13. California which said office the undersigned selects As a place of business in All matters connected with said estate or to file them with the necessary within months after the first Hubli rating of this notice in the office of the clerk of Superior court of the state of California in for the county of los Angeles. Dated dec. 2. 1957 e. A. Winstanley. Public administrator As administrator of the estate of said decedent. Publish dec. 4. 11, 18. 25. 1957 58523 notice to creditors no. 3p6786 in the Superior Conn of the state of California in Lor the county of los Anzelc a in the matter of the estate of i Jennet r. Smith also known i is Jennet Rossel Smith. De Copard. I notice is hereby Siven by the j e. A. Winstanley i i Public administrator a my Intrator with will i of the estate of Jennet r. Smith Etc. Deceased to the i a creditors of. And All persons hav Jing claims against the said a j cadent. To present them with the it necessary vouchers within j months after the first publication of this notice to the said Trator at his office at 437 South 11 Hill St., los Angeles 13. which said office the undersigned fleets As a place of business in. All matters connected with Sirij estate or to file them with necessary within ii months after the of this Iid tier. In the office of he a Jerk of the Superior court of the state of California in for the county of los Angeles. Daled dec. 1957 e. A. Winstanley. Public administrator As administrator with the will annexed of the estate of said decedent. Publish dec. 4, la 1r. 25, 1957 for fast want action use i n Srajt i boys wanted 10 years of age or older greetings 10 years of age or older to sell the Independent the Star news bobs now h1kjno car hops counter Good character j i a Fumio Wak Kobli Syz so. Fait 38520 notice to creditors no. 396546 in the Stin prior court of the state of California. In for the county of los in the mtr a of the estate of John Henry Myers also known As John h. M y e r s. And As j m Myers. Notice a Teri Siver by the Tinika Meiji of. E. A. Public administrator Asad of the estate of John Henry Myers Etc. Deceased to the creditors of. And All persons having claims against the said decedent to present them with the necessary within months after the first of this notice to the said administrator his office it 437 Smith Hill St., los 13. California., which said office the unders snid selects As a place of business in All matters connected with said estate or to file them i h die in Uhrik. I hire months after to Ilif it ins i t Nork of four Ilio of f. In Inifi to the i ounts of rears dated dec 2 1357 e. A . Public administrator i administrator of the my Wylte of . Publish dec. Of 11, Job 25. M57 i n n a r n w a s 6 0 1 new years Day Bonus plus commissions meet at Thi mar of the Independent Star news to our Many friends patrons j. R. Pierce assoc1atks Milbers of c . 329 e. Green St. 1-1237 Mon. W 11 m. Tours. 2 to 4 m. a. 2 women guaranteed salary fins Tonua or shake the Pukui it full is 10 34. Save Green dragon furniture store bedroom 4 up living room up rockers 50 Stock clearance Sale n loll merry Christmas Loush. or s--5 Call gifts for the family u1mature Choc. Poodle male. Acc re lie Puppy. To a-376 ride from vie. Chiffon a St. Sun blvd. To fie.i hello Natii. Monterey pit. By 2-650s take new car. By --331557 schools by go merry Christmas to All 15 n. Oakland . 206 5. 9-12 counter waitress exp wanted dependable. Huntington pharmacy 2300 Huntington or. San Marino broker Secretary Ciffin. Or Sonajo ,.i . Down town All Barabra. At 2-8444 hut Eirc Tryc swords Mauiu Jim a 5-1098 ii Botts. Mischel Luebs for East iai11" 11 sol fair disposals waste King company Sava of must no. La Futej to by Alliy i will Bell All Lor balance Tut i want no Hinc Lor fruity. Lot 5-Roonis Rock Maple Hardwood at Holtan Lam i3c t. Noti Zirul Board Box Springs. Lump 1 below Tut. Unet of few. S71 gifts Jor All toys re in savings now give you double value when you advertise to buy sell rent or Register now for january classes in . A at i loved solar electronics school 31ft or Monrovia Al fi-6.30 Independent Star news gives you the greatest Opportunity to reach Day ranch Satu okays aut 0 to m. Arts crafts. Mins. None Taew i Imine. by Ham Ait Tirman now through the cooperation of arts College courses. Exp. Reo. Sunset blvd. Hollywood no a Nafei artists theater of Pasadena the classified department is reserving two tickets for the Lucky peo whose names estate License so inc quaing test docks. Jalley realty 2300 k. Coln Radu s2 3-12m. I. S-3330 alkyl isl s nth la world 1 Raven to train for key Onsi Uona. Call alrscnnol.-. Pacific by in the classified ads Fea luring the United artists movie of the week. nursing. Aniie 01 Aav claw. I to o to. To Iii is n. Kor old. Pm. 3h. S-3a34 help wanted men ing values watch Foi your name in United artists dresses dresses Lik autly us let Sauna Usu ulnar not necessary need men to handle new business a very merry Christmas Happy new year to you yours office operations171 n. Lake Al Tull no by i merry Christmas from Adena agencies i rubles Syo fam i. To. Mui Laboratory technician part time. Wednesday. To mrs saturday . Vacation wanted men a to hear me cod the thex of Iris Nice Mai ire a the Artivis i inter 60o Kast color Iii trim prune remove inc. Cal inc lob too Tarp or too Small. He ices removed re Hnin. Kully insured. Free reasonable rmes. shop 25 so. Raymond want to buy Good used stove refrigerators washers highest Cash prices paid Beamore. Shop a movers 749 e. Wash ton phone by 4-33s4 by 8-6758 wan Ltd Palm Trees tit up to 25 it. At 1-1345 a Romam a bi1.vkr shop j3si inuit Inetri or. Sye floss rubbish hauling a to Sui la Dorothy White i your cast off clothing your discard furniture Tho pans Dianea. Drolc a Brac of no norther use to you will Kielp to men who want Tun Ori Porfiriy thank Call by 5-7291 the salvation army _ 34 n. De imported banquet table cloth furl to relevant top i hires paid by s unclaimed express f to debit i Dutton. By 7-155 Good con goods Gold Clu Lii Cululi. Irons trans. Is s10 from new. It me. J Jyo. You his of Jum Nek up Shyin Antii o 56.00 week. Out of Hale see at Superior furniture co. 61 x Kuzmo Iii. . Open Mon a Krliu to 9 finest used rugs closed every wednesday see lust sunday s advertisement. O1i.ar8 18th year. 8y 6-6135 1751-53 car Fiert ave. So. Pasa inti its i ukr i open elks. By 15d-kt victorian a Rokum in agon cd wishes a merry Christmas to All -5 no. Oak Knoll i so Agency Tkv 1 Green Brothers Trees removed. Lots cleaned free so Home maintenance wanted women agencies me a i a Al the California medical Bureau agencies wish you All a very Happy Holiday in chg 3-11 m to 5350 in drs of i.a.s.15u of med secy Pasa shoo Mcclay s Yard Yards cleaned lawns it i Frol t hence trim. Fru pleas " Wood u . With unit injury to paint. Averice Kllc Nen a. Also Interior Natnat ans. Cd 5-5063 after_5 m. Home have you seen sputnik with dog can be seen Cio n. Fall Pasadena no Lionel trains Send roses blk Ore Tiik by furniture used new at bargain prices Call by 2-1134 Lyon Van i storage co. 51 s. Marengo Pasadena fave Fown landscape cleanup sy6us05. By -7n7 White zip sose tools your tools Juhr St -3903 painting i on noon j talk teen scene son lir Independent. Or tic Keis it Fie Box for Keith k Oles. 1173 e. Furd ave. Pcs a Rienzi it the i Ureil artists fins Kast Pasoni fireplace eucalyptus a Ornnice Wood. Mill snip blocks. Deliver. Ca s.-h3? i Perry Annil find. 545. By exp. Japanese Gardener done by sri u Tieman. Reasonable. trash i several we Nave handles lids carpentry Cement rummage Sale prices clonal or for entire family Ristan Ren furniture oys. Not Lues Etc. Open e. Cole Cost , Svir s Avo organs Xmas specials pianos organs Complete selection All the Best makes of to Gorki a Iuliu Moor Ltd Kimito Kutey electronic or kans. Band orchestra instr a Sty Ifa. Woods Fin Uhm at Procci to fit i our a Udall to contrib to put the Pasadena music co. 54 e. Colorado Pasadena 11 Urr Lulua equity i rooms Boxt Jurn Turp Liu Ludes Ranse. rflris., modern lot Lywood Dpi room set apr tors mat a . Livin room set. By g lamps Dan tag room1 set Many extras. Save s3ao i balance due Only out by 1-5843 open monday k Friday to 9. Open Sunda As. Lab tech s Iso California medical Bureau -103 e. Green by 5-5155 610 5. Broadway to 9101 typist Good i Curau Pulst in ener wants i Ork no 10m Oaks by Pix typist Ideal for new year s Excel Start so 50 portable Refre slime i Orups i Wplf mad House Ink Nklan n conf m i a t1- Il-ii.e1 c. In to dam required Start so to wanted men grrj1an i exclusive professional Kin to Green tag Sale used furniture 2030 e. Walnut j. H. Biggar Trade of it let. Slif Sah sack11 Anu Hyak me Good Vtha Tex t tip Nilen Erulene. Has tickets at the Knox office for Ltd civic i Oliver. Linic. Monrovia nitric unit Pel Arris its theater. Kust Colo _ of Street. l t Hallet Jii Ivia sonnet it new. Was now Gould music co. Iof e. Colorado by 6-81s9 will Trade Brind new electric Rood ennui piano. Ask for Don. Orcan for Jav 3-3919. Valuks Kok x 6 95 a auks i or j by values i us i of Valuks Tok Beautiful fabk1c9 wools silk s. Cottons Cumic Amu sjje1 layaway plan it desired. Ais Complete line o cell ten a sports Wear nuo teens. Maternity Wea lady fair dress shop 174 hearing aids rented jul Lola i when Cowling fun join least Moro lug mixed Dena Bowling Cente at Pasa everybody 3-s991 Lucky Star club 1r yrs. Successful operation. Lonely Kyo he or by 7jw1 i alcoholics 5y 5-7 Loa tax service income i by tax accountants y. Wisn Jungton. By aids terms. 2 i w. found i Lidke my civil urn a Ciiriat-1 a Happy one. By tie Pinc 111 find Besart is s-45-" . Wine Enid Hamilton Waich. Bill work s Are Lus l 1 a. . Ren aril a milk Juki Okinu sell the hottest car on the Market Kew Kahn no see or. Newman Sierra Edsel 270 no. Lake ave. Pasadena. Cal. I personnel a Rexcy n . 51h sys a Rieman Agency 475 Huntington in men women no spinet. Inf refer inc. 1 j r super tone x a Al furniture i o. Lurch out Little. So to full Draco _ Miusiu highest Market prices a couches divans j10 to Jobu chairs s5 to 515 " u l-.n-. Teller experienced preferred i Day manent position Bece Fita. Milany employee for App t Call first Federal saving loan association of altar Ena automobile salesmen no experience needed a e Nave immediate opening for several to Lgth Prade hard work ing experienced sales Chen to join our Suff. Earn s750 to 51000 to. As aume 01 stir state now Are in that provide ut3 or . Room. Leads assistance in closing Ultch artist spun sorted by la Cannula i Churchi. Needs part or full time in commercial or relic lust scrap Iron Copper Brans Raynn i Art. Monnts of Arma. Sign paint by moving Light hauling acct. Ski apr. For Small Corthern Mons Ehold Coorg by 8-4371 m1nfhn or Conilio month. All books financial Toyi Faxon hone newly .0-1hik 10 Al i Liu arts one. Independent Etar news does a Herb Neric precis unit t Hwi tits not Gnu imply acres Neli Liand . Kush bowl Miketi from for Raj on Eredi _ la Regist Olieo Pharn test Fantle id . The. Rof. By i Jwj to 1, Akk f diesel it sj9.0h value for s16. nit int 4 Solo on 1 Levi Iee today. E. Colorado Syhlmann for Aalst of it a to. Up 10 apply of Purchase. W t Olin by v-2743 make Imam Wiiks. U under the the irm minion him for employ Teri women Eagle upholstery to s i n ii Roods for at -1-s419 Palm kits 3 Moor after the in a work in you offered ims by c firms or if you have can Cemmer this Law hour attn Tea of Tho of labor Call or s pwn. And inn oni alterations remodelling Microscope if i we Ancele 13. 3-4iil. Itten Flynn a. a Western Hon Lillep. Mchon red i refs. Holly. By 3-- Vilay Ivory i Tuey 7-su2 Orff ski. Etc Troix vacuum s ass us by Tim f ave or Fetic reach him a in Ort it 8-7s51 wanted of Wuen Nav to . Trash cans is up -------------_lu.n. 1.2-4. Typing exp ail Rinass inn . By Al in o is Snell noise m a. Kens. So Sale the san Gabriel Valley s ready to work Leif Luciy acce Tao Appie tier May Jim fair Oaks Ford fair Oaks South Pasadena salesmen makes s1000 a month no . Wac but will los u v e u Ali Tench you Elk ivol Verton Les Kohei 13d w. mnnrovl.1 jul technical typist swing shift Cal tech Jet propulsion lab Pasadena in Lynn u-gs11 30 Purt time men women wan o interview people in Tapir Homes in Pasadena in is 10 m. Si.50 per hour plus car _ i Iuit i bargain Corner i i to Host stainless steel Lia aces. I year s parking Coin. Or our err Nikon Rue 5601. For. Plus 51-Ttee s335. French 3tfp talc s9s so. Ray Raoul. U r. Por Nolc to 579 i it Lucli to ave. Pawn Dana. Sorvino modern Ranio Appu Anc b Otic " Jit k. Colorado by Ilon. I Fri. Eves. R l Trpe Seu Jill Tiv Imaem n Ria Victor Zenith Capehart. Eur Price below . Pee for greater Nfn rat Lov . New bunk Beds 559.50 solid con Iolite , makes twin Beds. 355? Koc it Onen Dally to s Lender a los up plovers Khia Luv kad10 it to Parade parking care Soori Rook. Etc. Ref. Nfn Stai inc print. So 2-n top Rani str Inq. Aka Sonam re Fiss in skip loader by to Jujj i Kkt in Rev kit. Watt a. Patsy run so i i i ulna Stipe Amati Junr nine hone by l n i Iipp by n.711" a 51. V1. Nic. Clit Nopil Var tire Ter. . Furni Tarp. So u Rob Oft no. Xilco a Job g i Ity Phyrn. 4 speakers. L Watt ample fire output. Beautiful Blond Cabi _ by 1-1s61 Unive Ksita Rill Tom Kren. Prov. Salem a speaker network. S3.-.h. _ rent a f. .11 hoop the Trike or Lii Rivir l of off by fl.7iin 4 Estop i Vav of _ uplift Romr sniff a Aero left in k. S .t. now a _7 j4 renal rest i to v i Beni ills i i for Gnu sifted service i d--1671 a. Necessary. Write to 910a inde Penderik Ennis a your you it to Ica tech Call by wanted women classified phone numbers by 6-0311 tire Man m nurses i untrained trained. Jobs available part time training while earning. Statt accredited school. The lady with the lamp no asks Ackney at 7-.vj77 masseuse sek Man Auk w t by nurses wanted Iron Weiass carved l Tler Table. 535. By n-in1. I appraiser Fiir in Grifon by by a Wei. Tkv Iii Fly a fwaifo9 Tom n Kent of it. .9 a. A 6-.mrn Plern. K. So Bruni Rill ii m. Wondering who to Call for that fix up Job camera repair 31-Call an expert-81 there s a Man in these columns who can it a no Iris service station attendant must Nave experience Iriti apply unless Riding. Plot no car entering i Cau qualify. Top pay. Ask i Gene 3201 n he Raffman immediate serv. Con racing Holiday elect repairs of 9161. . Set our school mall carpentry. By 5-7496 us. Elec. Contractor Industrial Type . Prefer Hack round in structural wiring a it Lufi natural Gas inc Tjarks ave Ekl Fly _ g lady. Room a salary. Pasa. Area. On he. Line. By 4-7k-1 Days. For or by . Repair Al Gabrel Vauney office Arcadia Hillcrest 6-4671 los Angeles Ryan 1-8188 order clerk i Independent Star news 1 Day per line Days per line 7 dry Psi per line Lua Lions Vav. Zierl Cash with copy per line per Day., .39 .3sr serv._9ifid ind. S Nekije Mlin world travel positions Call by 7-rs5" culs 11 6-2851 Omodei screen porches. A Pineta Kennel inc Keplar housekeeper while pref. Me in. Full time or by class repairs or come in lavs 8 to 1 n i alterations. Imit. Lerv reas. Allan Cement Cement work r Atlo eur. Small repair work accepted. Quick Fler vice Kree 3-40 4 Cement contractors to i my own Wcroft. It 1-681 flooring thurs. Cook plumber with rot lakh a repair experience Box iu94. Inde penitent. Star own wanted men Arendes j r tray cocktail service necessary at a with some Knower dec dishes. Hous whre. Hric a Brac. Full time. Flentse write Rov sc24.ri int. Slur be ush Erenes of apr. Only apply in Lorado e. C Olvrado. Air trontis Nee la women free world travel to for key Calls see Ria s 11 by St Large or jobs so Colorado Thea Walls. Work. Real. Go -3f05 i a eating s Aii condition inc Winter special Dnn a . Exp. To in is Ioor to i i1 Vijai by t t jul wallpapering k. Piaster Woik Piaster Patching Small Joks Pkt Ferhad ceilings. Path has stucco plaster repair work a by 7-3772 plus Tenn by plastering new work. So plumbing Etui Power Drain cleaning Only Euc Muchni. By 7-4175 at 1-s1s5 c3 Wall servlrlr.thor r i 50 minimum Charce kitchens plumbing heating n. Carlr _ by older Home spkcul1sts so 8-Iiu so s-2727 garage doors sales service repair tilt a St 4-1178. Autlee Davis Garden service s supplies Joseph l. Howard Brush Spray. Lie. In by .20c minimum classified 2 Agate lines 1 or nip v i 1 arc Long Cruh if of template of Agency ii 1-s771 i Kkt Insi i in nip i for classified service from los Angeles Ryan 1-8188 tractor work save now Rai he r. M. Sulz. Tree kit. In Unar. By painting Low Rales iian Uini. Laimi . Kin is Pijoux t Skovich sv27 Cement pickup delivery f Al i 1 Bath to humps. By 9-7524 in at 0-805 Hernan by 4 a careful in ill a Urcela. Eto. By 8-4417.1. Nit. Lie. Pleas. By 7-hi, rubbish hauling any kind Rife est Lontes. Hnnry. To. Reason Tel. Is 7-3763. work orters. Or pairs. Shinkle roof. By 0-7k.7 work plastic a l us tue Formica drainbds., Etc. I by 2-8990 by 2-8333 it a Ffora into roil Rel Franr plan Lac. Wolni flaps. By 5-20 Lyl. Ca 2-6234

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