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Independent, The (Newspaper) - December 25, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaIndek dint. Wio misday Dic Emki 2s. Us7 Russ Leadabrand see Soliban christmases May be a time of rejoice Reg and joyous Beof whip to some of you people. Xot to me. For As Long As i can remember Christmas has been a time of puzzlement and doubt. Every Christmas for As Long. As i can remember i be had to know. The same worry. It All started with that Christmas Carol. You know the one it goes we three Kings of Oriental Gold i Coull understand. But Why myrrh and Why frankincense i asked a couple of Chance companions while i was wait inst for a signal to it took me a Long time to he in find Oriental on the map. But that was t my biggest worn1. It was the gifts they were carrying. In my natural childish inquisitiveness i discovered what Gold was How to Sluice it out of a Mountain Stream How it was loved hated Bur led crammed into spoiled they walked right across the Streel against the red Light to get away from me. I stopped at one of those Sal vation army chaps and All he did was ring the Little hell As loud As he could looking Panicky from Side to Side. Yesterday i was trapped up against a Bookcase at a cock i Teeth and coveted. But those other two party Awaul my face was volume 19 of a year after year come Carol popular i looked ing season i d sing loudly with p. No the rest but i d be All a Clear Toi in. The to pieces inside Ime then. Once Between holding Myrrha of he family Bur Finger on a knot of string our ing a two Man package tying a Hen la Down to business. Operation i dug out my dog eared copy of Webster and looked the two words up. Myrrh Webster told me is an aromatic Reddish Brown gum resin with a bitter slightly pungent taste. Now if there Jas Ever any thing that a person would want for a gift it would be a double handful of a smelly bad tasting chewing material. Frankincense according to the dictionary was t much better. This is a fragrant gum resin from North Africa. All it had to recommend it about myrrh is the fact that it smells better. Armed with the dangerous Little bit of knowledge i be knocked from Christmas Yule from Noel to All be filled with Gold worried. J myrrh and plenty of Frankin Why that s what i wanted Cense. Useful for cleansing the Mouth and sweetening the in those Days before tooth brushes and Cream it would be As. Valuable As Gold. I started to look up frankincense then. But under frankincense it said see Oli Baum and i was pinned too tightly to the Bookcase to reach for Oliba num. But i had a Hunch that frankincense was the first ingredient in prehistoric deodorants. It May All sound rather earthy to you but its finding out made my Christmas a Hap pier one. George m. Adams says you pm Short mothers health recently a new Mother with i 6-week-old infant committed suicide. The other Day another Lyle w. Nash merry Christmas to All some thoughts for the Christ the papers report mothers killing their infants. And one does t usually hear _ about the countless women started it who have become mentally unbalanced following child-1 Burns a Hole in one of his cheap Christmas ties this Christmas some Pasadena parents spent More Money on their kids than they did on the Las vegas honeymoon More to us fold theater in 1957 Santa birth but who have been Stop Ped before they could do them selves harm. Or their babies Arriva with an expectant hush Suad Tau a. The most popular Christmas cards. From people you did t remember with a similar Pasadena according to a Long Survey walks a Frac Tion less than two Miles a Day. Don t bet to 1 that to insure that the majority would Benefit. At Home husbands and close relatives should be especially Alert for signs of extreme fatigue Post Par turn de pression and otherwise abnormal behaviour in the new Mother. Traumatic neurosis in some new mothers is of ten the greatest rift of All was hence the Rose bowl would just temporary but unless wrapped in simple swaddling Echo to world series excite checked there will continue to doilies. Ment. If the average Pasa be these appalling suicides for Jena bus Driver had been and infant ides. T. A. Miller Sierra Martre a vacationer in retirement 1 read a most interesting article by Sterling North one of our very Best Book reviewers. He told of his trip to the merry Christmas to Twain country where he undoubtedly had a new you All and May your Stock a 1957 interview with Huck and and thrilled to their new adventures As thousands have before him. Walden Pond came in for a visit and Many another new England place of Fame the Homes of Longfellow Emerson the Alcott and Thoreau. And then he visited mount Vernon and the trails of Washington and Many another american memorial place. This is what he closed his article with and you May be sure that fishing tackle and books will go with us wherever we go. Imagine even thinking of retirement without a Well stocked when we take a Book along with us on a vacation that Book is a Friend. How can we live without books Many a vacation has its inception in a Book. And Many a vacation is with a Book or several. A Book is or can be a vacation. Robert s. Allen Contact list Washington. It is going to be an unexpectedly to r j0 "1li1 ii us at vol Tel. A. Uzun. Is i us a cd laugh. Merry Christmas for Republican members of Congress. Why l have Many books about my most o the they Are getting a gift from the Republican time. We go vacationing Tionel committee that they be Long sought but had not1 there is so much to see. There is so much that we have anticipated receiving. _ never seen. The late or. John ii. Finley educator and news this highly Gratifying sur 56767. I paper editor often took a trip to Europe right from his prise is a fist of the names health. Education and Wei own Home through the medium of a Book. Never can there it frs of key legislative Liaison been designated to handle the lawmakers political prob i prise is a is the names a. Caon an e a of. Ever can Ere and Telephone nut frs of key , assist. By books about an interesting country. Just think Interior department Evan lems such As getting Jobstl. Krogh special assistant to expediting cases Etc. Secretary re 7-1820 x 646. Significantly Topping this labor backstage list is attorney Gen Warburton special assistant eral William Rogers. To the Secretary sex 3-2420, equally significant is the x 61 statement in the letter a Post office Harry Brook Compa Nying this most useful Ishiro. Executive assistant to list that Rogers should be postmaster general St 3-3100, contacted i n connection 411 or Mary Hrebicek with All presidential appoint 411 Helen Fleming x 411. Is jobs which j state department Bob require presidential action. Hampton special assistant to this Means that Rogers j undersecretary for adminis closest Man in Washington to traction re 7-5600, x 2106 vice president Nixon has a David Peyton x 234s. Potent voice in the filling of Treasury Drin rement both important positions. Sir Vinyl assistant the Cove ring letter also " assistant Secretary. Sex Point div advises caution in 3-fi-Loo x 2i u. Using the Telephone to Confer civil aeronautics Board with the on minor Rober exec assistant matters the Telephone is All to chairman St 3-0200x3818. Right. But the lawmakers Are Farmers Home adm Nistra better. After your final retirement you can go Back again to pick up the memories. These Are what live and become enriched with the years. Doodles maybe talks with Russia would be fruitful if a lady did the Boer Arr Vaw e rather than a Jast minute Christ was far Down on the any Nash some 55 million of member the c Christmas Trees were used All that Drivers had Dur these tragedies could per Over the . This season. One he War for Gas rationing 0 Xlyn. Third of our Yule Trees came symbols. Now Switzerland has from Canada. One Way up a twist on this assure yourself of Fame and. Lea. When you see a car m Switzerland Wanh a Large in haps be prevented if Only there some sort of psychiatric examination Given All new mothers in the weeks Fol a place in history is to invent lowing childbirth. J a Christmas tree that will Pressie on it it Means a program for keeping evaporate leaving behind no hat watch on the Mother s Montal mess on dec. 26. In t it i ii i i j i i i i f uni if of health should be sponsored by funny but so Many of the the county health dept. As Christmas cards that you got Well As by private physicians monday yesterday and Early the the stands for or this morning seem to come Short a each Christmas the world series might not be wrappings outdo those of the held in Pasadena next fall previous yuletide. And there s the dodgers might play Here nothing wrong with that As they might Well win the a Long As folks Don t forget that ional league Pennant and startling statistic ss2 a week and re from history it was 35 on strike for 10 weeks ago today that Nikolai returns to work with a communist Leader in Russia bloc r hourly increase it la take made Public the Lenin 3 years and 19 weeks to among the his loss. If he remains was the replacement of the j out of work for 20 weeks it la Pasadena disgrace written a Gripe general Secretary Joseph Sta a Lake him 7 years and 46 weeks re but this i h another Man More to equal out his loss in wages. I have r.e1 letter before about Christmas courteous and consider. To some Pasadena folks just too much a e of the Freedom Means the i have always enjoyed see ing it and so have thousands of others who come Here every year to see its Beauty. The county can t afford to renew the lights and other material but they can buy Descanso gardens and charge people to see lose Money on it. Why can t the City of Pasa Dena pay for the Upkeep of the lights it will Cost Pasadena 10 times As much to have that Ball team Here As it would to buy lights for Christmas tree Lane. They re going to make Pasa Dena a. Gangster hangout just like los Angeles. They will have to pay More police and even then they won t be Able to keep out the hobos thieves pickpockets who follow Bill Ames. They will flock Here 30 years ago this of Beautiful churches that the musical showboat which they May stay away opened in new York s Zieg from. Next monday our port Fol ins get another whack at get Jing some Harmony into our Larmony. From All Tats. Pasadena Over the United taxpayer i raps Shakedown this will be another one of in Tulp face of a damaging Robert Ruark Happy holidays or. B. I have written this piece before. As Long As they make typewriter ribbons 1 will write it from time to time As Long As a gentleman named Bernie Baruch graces the Earth. Chief i wish i could make it this year but i can t. I m stuck on the other Side of the Pond and you la have to scythe the Brave Quail on your own. But Man i can smell those Pincy Woods around Little Hob Caw and the features Christmas Trade. Back to the Stock Market sir and leave us starving Scrivener alone you know Liow it is Boss when you want to think of those nato Summit talks transportation s Trike Tum mjg Christmas trek thoughts scientists factual on turkeys by Delos Smith United press science editor new York. In scientists Are objectively factual you will please understand and that is Why Christmas this time year comes to the same time translated on the diplomatic Meridian it Means nobody can Summit up. We got to be pals with our next Shore neighbors. Crippled business the High Way patrol is beginning holi a Day Shakedown roadblocks. Last year during one of its Check periods the patrol stopped approximately up until now it s been As one sided As a drunk s hat. We be supplied the hot grocer ies served the meal and washed the dishes. It will be our fourth expeditionary Beach heading at the ear phone level. That will make us two up on Lafayette who had Only to worry about one Moon at a of mister Henry Nelson and something wonderfully pleas mister Ely Wilson not to men ant f e papers Are full Tion mister Dave Mcgill come of sputnik a n d tragedies through powerful loud and and confusion Sorto Fedruk Cecal. I pins yourself against the to pressures of the present and How Are the dogs i Bourbon than taxpayers who Hawk m it 15 a Der the play was finish cd or wre harassed Alid could Sleuth Aitho Quality of he food. Or and illegally searched the tax so Ood spenders issued about a dozen Foo a. Y of c Pany. Citations for a Pinch Len her mlle 3nd plot the Silfin Joc the Quality of the Corn l y of citations for being under the influence of alcohol. And from citation to conviction is a Long rugged Road even with the unscientific and in Savory gadgets they use to at tempt to entrap you. Die Between covers. Dog this Good too Good to components which somehow walk when he Ain t Ely said. We had some shooting this year Boss. A couple of Good it was a mixture of the blended into a kind of Gran Stark Ian adventure a hark ing Back to the Days when they Hung the Halls with hol leopards and a reasonable dragged in the Yule log shoved Man has not sufficient imagination to exaggerate the of love. Report on the Turkey. Nice things Are to be said about the Noble the re port Ackon pledged in its be ginning and thereafter nothing Nice about it at All. Hubbard indeed the Turkey lately Lias become the reason being that science can in taking revenge a Man that turkeys Are was in 1825 to take Hows Buss the pretty girls and launch the new look on a one Cylinder Lornette. Ike s trips were As Allied frit urged to talk personally to Kermit h. Hansen contacts on important re 7.4142 x fairs. Malcolm Holliday. Assistant especially interesting is . X 3213. Listed Contact for the Federal communications but equal to his enemy but Reservoir of the eral communications commis commission Warren Baker passing it Over he is his which causes the disease sinn which specifies Mark general counsel. Sex 3-3b20 Superior. Bacon Lori thesis. There never has been a produces his with Bobie letters envelopes personal. X to n kit tinn i h h he Ful and witty comments compare Lor minis nun Noo cals gone wild. This extremely useful list in Arl ministry from the mistakes Parrot the prexy leaving the i his words of Wisdom arc i always virus Pasadena commander in 1942, he wore the hat on the 1951 nato totem pole annd went Back for his Toothbrush in 1955 at Gen Eva. Good old Iii have never before written a fan letter but am now compelled to do so because of Bill. Jota income tax Telephone attachments name it and or. A real greater Kuril anti a Fine mentally from room to room that s something you houses in South to try some time the Spanish Carolina even at a very Long Perdiz. He s As big As a scotch distance grouse and flies faster. Drive i i Hope that nobody s both ing flying with the wind Hel Cring the ducks on miss a hands you a ballistic where j Varro s Pond and that All you Start with the idea that he s logging a Hundred Miles an hour. In Tanganyika we collected your friends Are shooting As badly As one editor we know. J Hope the Rains did t drown the Spring clutches of Quail Chicks and that Ely and l. Eludes the following names rom in and Telephone numbers elfin x .lfu.1. White House Robert k. Tommis Gray. Special assistant to the r in Mars assistant Mary Beebe Kee Rick assistant to or. Gray a s-m14. Justice department Wilex you can t 1 to make them All yourself. Anon. If you Are Stan Riino upright. Cru live wifi car. I a 3-0100 x key or Parrot lever or is tacos is. From the standpoint of a human victim the differ ence is in whether he picked up the virus from a suck tur was. S Vij n. U. Uti i us a u u 11 in i 11 v t y next to me saw tins r y10 m cof nerf author who dominates the piles and that Hoodoo cover of ered when Harry built so fee. And to think he knows Best seller lists Days Ely s is still putting the " hex As a matter of fact. I got a on the Hunters. I Hope that All m. C. Hook out myself and turkeys Are Safe and sound Many porches the White people like Sam House Cook had trouble find Federal Trade Alex Ackrman. Assistant to worry if your Shadow is crooked. Chinese proverb be a sick Parrot or Para ing inc milk in inc Altadena word a Day department 4312 Bernard Flanagan. Spe i i 1 Al asst 10 administrator. X 5131. Commerce publisher Bernard j. Kianci missioner a 8-7460 x 773. National labor relations Board Kenneth Mcguiness special asst. To general coun Sel. St 3-7373 x 6106. General manager l. Null i. A Ott a j Knuuti be m. Merman cup and save this i k list s l nil in Holli . If the Ore Sion Arisen it of null a i met p is i vo1i of Al wire elem lems ii con Fri Ess. The above inside Eon i. Map. . Inc. Uis an acts will respond to Calls sin Fyrl Scisro. New York from nah arc no Well in Iho or As vow As Llop. . Civ Nal Unai Adver Tisins . Rani. Detroit. Minneapolis legislators. Obj rate cob Jer Gat verb to denounce or reprove strongly and Don t me the run around like you did to worry however from the View Point of people who have no other Contact with the Turkey than to eat one at Christmas and thanksgiving there is not even a semblance of anything to worry about. Better health costing me Money in Belle s place and that the Deer Are eating the Gardenias As usual. Tuberculosis m. C. A. Dean tuberculosis k gradually yielding to another 1.2 million inactive cases Don t need medical gains. Much has been done in fight close supervision. I ing it but there is still More to do. Recent from this it is Clear to see what we i Hope that All the Little fat jumped ponies Are enjoy ing the Best of health Al though they must be nearly As old As me now. I Hope that crazy horse who does t like me comes to a had end. All infected human beings figures published by the National tuber cd do luring this hmm Tlle j i Hope that the Woods look a joke i think they look and the sparkle Berry Bushes Are giving have been Turkey growers and processors persons in con tact with of the living Bird. Health authorities in All Turkey growing states enforce strict regulations. The report based its Reser voir charge against the Turkey on the fact that epidemics of the disease periodically break Losis association show this. Seals. There Are still Active cases of question i had my uterus removed tuberculosis in the United states. It is Esti to years ago. Before surgery i had a mated that 40 per cent of these Are not under treat ment. Eyen though this represents a 30 per cent Drep in total cases during the last five years it is tit in wide la scattered Turkey still a Large group flocks. In All cases there was1 in some to or Way for the virus to gel from i infected flock to an uninfeclcn1 on. Therefore. Hip virus must have existed in the uninfected flock All along. Slightly bloody discharge. After the operation i thought this would disappear. How Ever it has t and i still have the discharge. Sometimes it is heavy but most often it is very Light. Surely this could t be cancer or i would have been dead years ago. What you Good cover and that the first Bourbon old fashioned tastes As Good As you always seemed to think. I Hope the fire leaps High and Church ill s picture stands out in Bright Relief and that Navarro will slap your hand when it lion people one Mil of every in the United Stales were ill or had been ill with besides he Active cases there were 500.000 Ziert As inactive hut requiring sup division. Do you think it could reaches too often to the Candy a Reader. Plate. Answer i do think you should consult and t wish you a very very with the surgeon who performed your oper merry Chris Lens. Chief with Alion. Lie will he Able to give you inc right one injunction save some Quail answer to this. For me for next year. I have in writing or. Dean Send self address Fol stamped envelope. All letters will be person ally answered. Perfected a Talent for missing which is uncanny and wish to try it out at your precincts

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