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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 20, 1961, Pasadena, California See lakers nip 104-101 sports Rube , editor Page 78 Jim exec. Editor wednesday Dot. 20, 1961 beating the Bushes Jiuu Samuelsen that time of year tis the season to be Merrie and tis also lha time of year when football coaches hit the banquet circuit without sur cease. On the Side As they roam they Are getting in As Many fast Selling licks As they can. Objective to Corral Foi future delivery As Many prize prep plums As they can. Down from Stanford Jack Curtice has been hitting the highways and byways with considerable Success Brilliant storyteller that he is. Urcla s Billy Barnes is of course. Occupied these Days but Johnny Mckay o us has been doing some Yeoman pitching for Ole Essee. Another Recruiter Par excellence is Utah slate s John Ralston. Marv Levy of California is also operating Ellen sively in the Southland. Both he and Mckay incidentally will attend the Pasadena ambassadors Rose bowl reunion dinner at the Hunt Langton Sheraton next wednesday night. Curtice at the microphone let s tune in and see what Jack Curtice is saying. Be tween jokes that is. He disclosed that he turned Down an offer from a midwestern University reportedly Nebraska. I m not x. Ramp he emphasized. I Cine to Stanford to do a Job. I m working on a five year contract and expect to fulfil my part of the bargain. T assume the party of the other part will live up to his obligations this May it be said comes As a breath of fresh air in an Era when coaches jump valid contracts without warning or Are As quickly fired by colleges who fail to get them the material to Cope with their schedules. Looking toward 1p62, football s Good humor Man is Hig on Stanford s Frosh of this past season. He is counting on prospects for varsity use next year. The Best seem to be quarterback i Dick Ragsdale and three Swift running Jack Lodato Phil Humphries and by 6ky Rosen. Ragsdale was voted the Papoose most valuable player. X Curtice revealed he will have a Cou ple of sleepers next season in transfers from other schools. They Uro Clark u Caver who was the top freshman Nimr Teshack at Colorado in Itco and Hank Mcqueen a Hanl running half Back from the air Force Academy. On this year s Stanford varsity squad Gopher Leader Cut Down injuries won t slow Warmath s Warpath by Don Johnson Dick enga Captain elect of the 1962 Minne Sota gophers today was sidelined with a re sprained ankle sustained in the Gopher s first full scale workout big Carnellar put a Block on enga in yesterday s first Lull scale workout Lor the Rose bowl game at East los Angeles stadium and Richard bit the Dusl sustaining an injury to the same ankle he received against Purdue in the regular season. It was an injury that kept him out of the season ending Wisconsin same. Enga s ankle was placed in ice packs and it was believed thai he would possibly return to practice within a couple of Days. As if enga s injury was t enough Dave mul Nolund the gophers starting left halfback came Down with a Case of the flu. Hell probably sit out the rest of the week. Coach Murray Warmath despite tha absence of enga and Mulholland will continue to crack the whip Over the gophers with twice daily work outs through saturday. The gophers will be on the East los Angeles stadium floor Al . And 3 . Next week Warmath plans to Cut the workouts to once daily. Denver Crawford. Minnesota s line coach is certain that Engo will be Okay by Jan. 1st. This is a real Tough he commented and i say that nothing will keep him out of that Rose bowl game. He s our Best defensive and once More i maintain he was the Best Center in the entire big ten this season. He s the spearhead of our line is smaller than our Forward Wall of last year but this line is faster and much tougher. But i can rest easier when enga s Back in there. We need tackle Bobby Bell was held out of contract drills As he completes recovery in a plastic pro Lector from broken ribs. Warmath said Bell would be certain to play new year s Day. Special attention was Given to Fumble covery practice and pass defense although the gophers worked some on everything Bih i hair kicking game. Pole packing a quilters _ Curtice to less than 31 Sophs were listed. In Cactus Jack declares for the first life e since j be been going to have a lot of depth and some speaking of Utah s r Alston Fot switch stations in unit in on ten Aston of Ufah state. Some it Days ago he Ami his tags went for broke in the first Gotham bowl game in new York. How Utah stale was Defeated by Baylor. 21-9, is Well known history since millions of fun viewed fhe action on to mid sat engrossed As Johnny s dressing room instructions at Lial Tinie were exposed to Public View. But How Ralston went to new York us a one Man sales Force following mags undefeated season determined to land a ii owl Foitl and Force National recon Linn is another Story. A compelling one. Too. First he sought tie bowl had and met Wilh nought but rebuffs. So he turned to the Gotham bowl and so the that finally Utah state was Given the As n Means of escape from harassment if anything else. Instead of reaching his goal it developed that Ralston s work was Only marked. It was virtually up to him to snare and deliver an opponent As Well. Penn stale and Duke turned then deaf ears. As the hour grew late Baylor accepted coming to the Rescue. Well like t game is history Ami ulna Freal dream found no fulfilment. To this Day Kalston cant leave Hie. Game in dressing room. Be Lisis re played if Hundred times. The door of Opportunity was opened then slammed in ills face 10t Hal in be doldrums. Only last monday my the broke bread at Jerry Wilson s Al Gordo restaurant with promising prep Grinders from this area. Know next year s another year so is 1963-and with reinforcements the Ball could Bounce another Way. Four from Arcadia High nth Otlet of the dories of playing football at u a state were tackle Jim Poole linebacker Dick Dunn Lei Back Joe Rife and fullback Dave Hayden All o Plain Flossy clan work draws digs by Schneider mans yesterday s Urcla practice was the worst of any Rose Selvy v shots Kepi to the los Angeles Back court pair Frank Selby and Jerry West combined m give the lakers a tight 101-101 Victory Over the Boston ast night in a Battle Between the National basketball Assoni division leaders. Famed Bear coach stub Allison Dies Berkeley up Leon re b. Stub Allison who cached the University of Call Ornia football team when the bears were a powerhouse and not a Pushover is dead. The husky disciple of solid fundamentals succumbed yes erday of a heart condition Al he Alia Bates Hospital which he had entered ago. He was 59. He had worked the past 15 r cars As director of. Industrial at the Oakland naval Supply censer. Allison is sur Vived by his wife Ethel. In Leral arrangements Are Pond no at the Berkeley Hills Chapel. For 10 years Allison coached he bears and turned out such Reat squads As the 1937 Thunder team which defeat cd Alabama in the Hose bowl 13-0. On the team were Vic Bol Tari Sam Chapman Johnny Meek Perry Schwartz Bob Heiwig and other stars who abide by Allison s theory that a Crisp Block and jarring tackle were Worth four or five ill executed plays no matter How fancy they looked on a Black Board. Allison was head coach at California from 1935 through the 1344 10-year Span in which the bears won 58 games lost -j2 and had two ties. There was nothing Gaudy about an Allison squad which would stick to a comparatively Small number of. Plays made effective by hard hiding assignments. He considered him self a disciple of Knute Rockne although concentrating on the single Wing and Short punt formations instead of the notre Dame Box. A picture of Rockne always Hung behind his desk and stub would say Well Rock would have done it this Way so that s How i la do Allison came to California from the University of wis Consin in 1931 and was known As a players coach. As an assistant he was the one to whom the Grinders would take heir problems. Bowl Drill says coach Bill Barnes. But he has a solution if it s drills. Looked just Plain said a Bruin spokesman. He quoted Barnes As saying it was of simply Cooling up our players arc not tired Bill we missed too Many assign Nants and we were not hitting As we should he said if this continues for and a nth of time we May have have some double prac he said. The Bruin Lave had Only one practice daily in the first week and a half of Rose bowl prepare ions. The Bruins also report three men who Are still carrying Over injuries from the regular Eason. Kermit Alexander the Eam s fastest player starting Wingback and Best pass Mceiver has not entered into Iny Contact work yet. Lie is offering a shoulder injury. Although he played Wilh the injury in the last two games. Alexander has been held out of scrimmages As a precautionary measure. Also ailing Are Mel profit the big Sophomore end who Lias a Charley horse and Andy von Sonn Junior Center still is hampered by a Ham string muscle. Yesterday s workout Over two hours continued the work against Minnesota s plays As Well As on the brain offence. Barnes has hinted that a we he succeeded Navy Bill Ingram As head coach after the 1934 season and the bears Swartz 34 aids jets 108-90 win Washington up Dan Swartz and Bill spicy Corn lined for 58 Points last night Reat Deal of Urcla s defensive work is and will be put on ils line play. He terms Minnesota quarterback Sandy Stephens the nation s a lumber one run Ning quarterback. He makes a real problem for the defense. We will have to key toward stopping his running. He is also a much better passer than a year ago so we have to allow for that pressure As yesterday s practice was inc last one open to the Midwest me cars Orn Barnes May have won their first nine somewhat calculating Fin Wun mini Sirsi nine games inti Maurig that year before losing to stain i Lis evaluation of the Drill Ford 130. Feels that his 10-Poinl u Thuv have some t 01scn Clark the pros rate so highly. Ralston Al play no Dilka voice top Rookie new York _ Mike Ditka 1960 All America end at he University of Pittsburgh Vas named Rookie of the year n the National football league yesterday by a com Milter of spoils writers and sportscasters for his work with the Chicago bears. Ditka outdistanced All fhe opposition in the Rookie poll with 27 votes. Frank Tarken Georgia cers had a last night and they needed it for the Competition tonight is rough. The lancers Host Don de Idrew 4 deaths bring action stricter Rule enforcement sought for prep football Chicago pain for stricter enforcement of football playing rules will be waged by the National federation of state High school athletic associations which reported yesterday that prep Grid deaths for the j96t sea son were highest in record. These fatalities attributed have fatalities pre the Vious highs of m were record since the Organiza seize rest is had anything to do with the routines who died from Vari Ous infection or diseases. The 15 direct deaths occurred among boys who High _ this Clifford b. Fagan. Executive Secretary of the federation said. The prime reason behind i j a Iii us in Doii Yenma participated in the sport the Many of the Rule changes in federation said which was a he past has been to improve ratio of 2.08 for every 100.000. In the last 16 seasons there cd in 1935, 1316 and last equipment. J _ entertain any More that will help. We also Are thinking of Shock absorbent pc hosts owls lancers sparkle behind Holloway if underdogs ran get a buildup in Confidence if the visitors re View of the workout proves to be downgrading. A bad review of a Good workout would be much lower an evaluation of Urcla. J Broncos sign Star Denver Broncos of the american foot Ball league announced yester Ull i i Cague announced yester Uty colleges Lan wards Citrus owls in the pc Day the signing of their High Good tuneup game gym. Game Lime is i thirst draft Choice to Date half ind they needed it. The owls from Aliisa Lahori Wolback John Man Rwjr or a. Pro Cage standings the owls from Azusa tabbed John Mcgeever of a 10-Point favourites due to the Burn. Jmc Geeyer 22. Was the presence of such gems As John bunco fifth Choice in the Silbernagel. Gary Prestesater aft draft. Tom Maxwell and los Hie owls tabbed As one of the top three teams in Iho Eastern conference this sea-1 in son will run into ,1 red hot i fresh from a 73-61 Vic i us Over Santa Monica. Thel club found Vern Hollo Way too much to Cope with. In big bad bears Ciuc Tift 1 the Chicago bears yesterday re Cal pal the signing of Linlor halfback Kousik Bull their to. I draft pick for he . Owner Couch George Halas Hull signed by assistant coach George Allen in Dallus. Allen conferred a Hui Bull Fulce pre new York lit Hie i Otanm bowl game and thai following Ilay in Chi Cago. Lead inc los Angeles jets a 108-90 Victory Over the tapers Wash. 80 0 o Washington j a r Rland. Suim Van 13 Willis 13 k a list 10 or Clit a crowd of saw Tho Sylvy h Roke a 101-lot Lio with a 15-foot jump shot Wilh seconds left in the game. To lit a free throw with 32 ones remaining for the Victory margin. West led cams in scoring with 29 13 on free throws. The loss was Only the celtics ourth in 27 games. Two of lha Ossis have been to the lakers he Only learn Boston has not beaten this year. Tie crowd was the secon re largest Ever to watch the Lak cars play in the sports arena., it saw the Hometown club jump off to a 32-18 first Quarter Lead the Coll s fought Back to lift it 62-02 Early in the third Quad ice Bill fell Back to 77-g6 Mitt -1" Way in the period. Another Rush put Boson in. The Leal when Sam tones tallied Early in the fourth Quad the two teams traded crisis most of the rest of lift Way Wilh Boston gaining a 93 Lead with two minutes an it. 56 seconds left. Baskets by West Jim Krebs and Sylvy put Trio lakers Back in front and after the Celt s lied it at 101-101. Selvy clinched the win. Sam Jones led the celtic s Wilh 26 Points. Elgin Baylor in his next to last Home appear Anco for the lakers was to 2-1 Points. The lakers move into de troit tonight to do return Bati tie with the tenacious Chicago packers in the first game of a double Bill. Detroit and Pella Delphia meet in the second halt of the Winnor. Because of the Early Martin limn . Post the game will not be broadcast. Tie lakers will he looking for a Large measure of revenge to on the newest member of the bans the packers surpris1- 1 singly trimmed the locals Fri Day night Iii Chicago 97-91 hi1--- game in which the lakers out shot Chicago from Field but lost the game at Trio foul line. In thai Friday Elgin Baylor fouled out of Aba game for the first to rvs in two years accumulating -5- of. The 6 personals on ing violations. 101 n v t s s 21 Llorin Olin Al 5 2 i 7 2 16 i Kretis i Stalvy Fellx end Aroln toll 12 23 1cis totals three it. Fig St Frrtz i. Of Damn ton .17 Huikien Toui s 21 Kirin Olin 2 ii 1 3 a Milf r 1 20 s. s 1.1 21 k. Jontz 1 2 1 Coutey i ii 2 0 Sardits s i 36-. 1 7 t 1 13 2 i .1. 2 _ i Tiki 21 2j 31- la Boiton is 13 2l bout ends in second Demarco scores initial knockout of Don Jordan Boston Dpi Tony Damn run gave pc Fem div Lordan the first knockout of his 70-Fishl Rico rent Boson Garden list night Wilh a Kayo punch in of the second round. Launched his third welterweight come Back and overt nine an absence of. 22 months from Thyl Rinir. He held the welterweight title for to Ninn Flis in 1955. Ionian 27. Was Clin Pion for 17 months Imsorn Ishik dethroned three years ago. A combination left Hook to Jordon s head and a vicious right hand ended their scheduled id round fight. Demarco never Cliff Riculfy. Today milk tar k nor Lar Rita Dellila Detrolio

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