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Independent, The (Newspaper) - December 19, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaHei 20-Lelf Wum my boys wanted 10 years of age or older to sell the Independent and the Star news new years Day Bonus plus commissions Good accurate Typ lit like Pix typist excellent Opportunity in Beautiful downtown 1250 order clerk a pee but phone voice and Good typing exclusive for f 6-Riml. Information phone the Independent Dei at Sycamore men exper. Not necessary need men to handle new business sell the hottest car on the Market hew Uejio bes earnings see or. Newman Sierra Edsel 270 no. Lake ave. Pasadena. Cal. Mechanic new car make ready. Salary. 5u Day week paid vacation All company benefits. Old listed firm. Call Waif Grylls at 6-2121 for interview Collins employment acc Icv Coset Walnut by 3-11s6 wanted men agencies wanted Mea b4j-g-g personnel service Agency Wrembek . Ofe. Mail j3 to 9 . Am Cook mature to. J1.15 or men prod planning ii led. Mature to tin los Coal .s7t acc Umant. .j500-j6o civil Engineer Ope malm., Mailshot i r4 15 n. Oakland pm. 206 parking Calif. Bank lot lljl0185_______________ry be Al by Contact service Agency partial list project super. Ironic Reanie counter waitress experienced fat a Debec Dible. Top pay. 2 Huntington pharmacy 2300 Huntington or. San Marino Multi my Call Quick rubbish co. By 3-1521 h. H. Tree service trim prune removing . Job too urn or too Small. Hedges removed rubbish lots cleaned. Fully insured. Free estimates. Reasonable rates. T 8-w50. St 6-2593 prompt James How cleaners special Holiday rates i specialize washing Walls Viktos. Wlk i Wax. Willed of Fouei need world Bader thorough Day work Thuri. Open. 11.25 or. Res. By 3-1263 experienced Day work White by 4-3672 8-2st Tulei wean Anfe Tsibul pm Silt garbage disposals waste King pipes Erss water Heaters Economy Supply of Jota sunday 8 to to so 3536 e. 3-9982 Wall headers 2 women to exp. Necessary. Nat appear stance. Vote in Pasadena. . Area to solicit for salesmen guaranteed salary plus Bonus or share the pruk1t plan lust have car is to 35. _ an 2 . Office operations accounting reservation Elk. Kex Ord. In hotel air train Reserve. Itinerary St tin. Slate menu. No Domestic Mencum. A assent. Exe. Firm. Train. H by. Pm personality ability to take. Inst typing my Home i m Outah Favis Foi transferred East my company i mum to t or. T thursday december 19, to Thomas House cleaners special this week Wash Walls Ceil it. Woodwork. Wai and polish floors. Janitor service by 4-7557 wife Fistea Able Tor dances win Call so by 7-mus insurance married Ope secretaries Shind Root bilk Presser. Wii. W 2nd Cook wh., instil. Rat Evsi St. Cook we. Adults "ait.-Dnstrs. We. Temp Jirol upsets. Serve col fix Sis citizen s Bank bldg. In n. Marengo by 2-5131 wanted women agencies Autlee Davis or accnt., acts detail craftsman struck de Slyn or be a hard 1500 or. Estl mat Comra. By tag com accountant super 0 to 2i shipping Elk., Stock clerk inspector Sheet Meriol to Power Brake set up 5245 arc welders to j2.60 261 e. Colorado ?7 Agency by 1-9774 surety smile personnel to ency nor rec. St i Uirl by Linch Al knowledge import preferred. R l f up Glendale factory exp pref d. Variety is "5 or opportunities Davis Agency accountant Gen Ledger .j600 reservation clerk or. Accountant to i Hotova. Develop.-prlnt.5325 m . Clerk partial list inc b. Colon to wanted men progressive if free jobs starred men Bales engr s. Knowl. Of tronic v investigators Secretary one of the most interesting positions in Pasadena is being offered to a mature woman Cap Able of accurately Tynne reports from Dictaphone. 1350 unlimited possibilities. Call miss 5-7031 employment research or accent to if a i Type sri Lyl respecter air Craft h i Lerf in accounting key punch oper. Wixx accents receive. Credit exp. Temple personnel a Secretary a Orra Bizalion. Must by Adama. Bit. Fait at dictation and Ore Anlizer under in for Apt ointment Call by 2- _1s25 besets a rubbish hauling truck. So rubbery. Green Brothers Trees removed. Lots Elrand. Tati Mairs. _ so House cleaning . V. rubbish removed ii estimates by 7-2265 Typ . Reasonable. By 1-6553 hone lies child Cate Excel ent fined licensed Home by 6-5m4 1 houses to be moved i s350 George s by 2-5547_ want to buy Good used stoves refrigerators washers highest Cash prices pud slip i set. A of snatch Lek Ealr. Rocker z envy Matilta. Toffi. Taole s fall. With mine Iii Des. Yxl2 heavy Rev rain me. Milb rated neat proof top. 4 Tau truly anal re in non f.3ny Airi Errair j an 01 ant rare. Solve sware. Law electric Ator ago is we be Only used it two Montij can t Ted from new. It Cost you. Calann of ism. Jul up payments or Nek. 6m of state credit Okay Storl Ai Superior of n Raymond. Pasadena. Open evea to 9 . Until chrismas. Day Nova to Paris i was a co signer open sunday 11 to 6 week nites til9 furniture returned from decorators Model Homes t automotive contract clerk must know . ced Only Call or. Wendler by 3-0151 Pix typist of position for a 21-30, of wpd1 a local Able to 3 Eirl tree removal trimming rubbish Hauline reasonable efficient. By Home maintenance Wall washing window cleaning Yards cleaned lawns Scalp Al i seeded hedge trim haul me. Fru Home by Rej. Craftsman. Hour or Day after Al Pajtl plumbing repairs sprinklers Odd jobs. exp. Sober. Prompt. By re liable hand Nairn Oor Miri it Mable. Rood with elderly life Lii have car on Call when needed landscape cleanup japanese. By 6-0505. By 4-7074 bartender of used clothing fun bus. Sell x set lilo a s. Karl Oaks by 2-s child a knit ju013c. Tecc Ellent s5 by 2-5lso lauds lost lease must sacrifice All pianos 1958 models at toys painting 1st class fleas. Refs. By chef wide exp. Years present location. Sea food want jays. Box 92.10. Ind., Star news exp. Japanese Gardener monthly clean up. By 5-7437 k senior needs steady part time work. 1 . To 9 p i exc refs. Reliable. By 5-47s8 Aix Ting Lone by Christian gentleman. Reasonable. Excellent references. Easo Nuble. Your Call appreciated j 37 2-285 Oong Man a Erinc phone Light office Dutie Jar. Stewart. By 2-3397 Eves. Millinery Piliate fit tines at your residence Liea Bonnyle. By 3-0420, by 5-797 for Sale sack and hear me Good "ti1j- teen sunday the Index Ndem Star news ttl6 Anions the tue. Ordo Street. . Tire gear. New s treads. 475 Hunt Lemon san liar. By 9-1h ism Tab Supen Lysor. A to. , .5500 a tech Illus go. Ability m Hole. Lumber files local paid i500-s600 to 6 yrs. Turret lathe Gen l pro auction Foreman trainee. 2 cd. Drafts Man exp. To "5 Ruu cuon Loreman trainee. 2 yrs coll., some fact. . Kec tronic technician ___j2.50 or. , Saem 2-3 or. Exp. Women fee., Nice personality .s3m1 go. Typist s300 Steno. Rep. Tonsur. Exp Jiachino by apr. Nor 4200 s3uo Kice appearance u 45 j300 or. Steno manhood area or will train on Dictaphone to 60 Wpm j2ro Resen action Elk. Exper.5310 mimeograph operator elect miss personnel Elk. J2go of alld oper., will trn Type is la computer we sales Candy tobacco jl.33-ji.40 technician interest in chem. Or science help wailed men women a to Tiff of Fly n sur f knowingly accept Delp rom form i to. Ltd trial wite Fly they Esi than t base of fid o. Minimum for employ hour after the 40th in a work you Art offered leu by Cove firms or if you Bat Outi Tii concerning this or othe Hoot act Tiei of the u department of Lador. Call or Wal local i Tho nearest of of towing a Irwim. 215 wast tra Pacific Bull no. Hw1 South Broadway to Aukim a Telephone Klc Timoi Jos Holl Bollywood blvd., Telephone hot times b 216 american Lach. Hem of Victory Assembly Eltea .s1.20 try Assembly so Lar ji.20 personnel Agency Factor 41. J. R. Pierce associates Aiem Beks of c. K. A. A. Chief test engr. com . Servo design ism its a Dev engr instruments to 12m me Des Hodr 3.1 k aircraft Strucil to or. Estimates to 9m if degree . Ok6m up assist sup master idled 7.8m Insp aircraft lastcners7.i m buds inspector electro Nech. .6m time study trne5.s.m comptroller Metal fab .11m contract admin cuff to s.4m trainee ales 4200 admin he construction___12m no sales insurance to 5.-im Saida the office Bales enc Hydraulic parts6m up sales engr electro components.-9m tech test in malt. .4500 Power Drake or to j2 grinder. Universal to s 50 Sorinc Mill or a to 52.93 Turret lathe or s2.60 women exec secy. To pres. No 1 girl of. Run inns Rimml. Lab Dictaphone secy., mature j350 girl Friday Legal exp. Acct payable Elk 10 asat. Bookkeeper Jab. Tech Utic. No Der open e St. 1--i237 Dorothy White we work for you partial listings High. Pk.1400 tech typist. Enfrfs2s5 prod control typist. In lab tech. 2 much engr. Tqula exp cold form Motalo Ronic techs lab i inv Iron a Faith Teitler j2.25 up it s. Engr. Pip. Test valves open credit collect. Local exp. Open 35 no. Oak Knoll by 3-3127 medical Alert Becy. To Eiller oem. A Ray tech., male to tech. Lab recept. Eio chemist research in. Or s of. Teach lab. Fine future. . To 8 , Clin. Eve. Hrs. California medical Bureau 40r e. By Al Sass Bro flyway Jpn nov tr_91_q1 a de a a Inar. Cook female live 1nj223 Cook a child care thru dinner exp. Hotel maid. Roof. What. Chef pref. Whit., Caparbi of inner vision honk Rene Rel. 4 adults 4150 car b . I b. Lot Robles g. Gro Dwity . Jul technical typist swing shift Cal tech Jet propulsion lab Grove drive Pasadena a Javan 0-6su exl 30" daily. Lumia Oua name samples. Reeves co. I a. Attleboro Cal Tecil Call by 5-6s4i help wanted women bookkeeper receptionist Christian preferred. Non smoke o so Jet a f-592 Drinker. Opportunity to do some Christian work. Must Tjit at but 50. By 5-Sojs. By f-5925 typist land Park area. Salary open. Employment he search h7q e. Walnut Crocket by 5-7031 Ament h Saleswoman Field representatives with car to demonstrate trim form Mir win Briel Valley area immediately. Earnings can by from to j300 Call by 4-8597 for in Lervy women 21-34" train no redi tired to patrol women. Start at lust be . Prad. Good health apply this week personnel dept Alhambra City Hall at 2-5111 broker Secretary i Prience require carpentry s Cement Roc id. 7-53s a n new Power equip ment. Hour or to Athly. White jul seven. Al s-901 wit it. By 3-353 s Copf for reliable by 3-3501 experience work by hour. 1 attus Odd jobs. By 3-3501 Eves Man want Nib isl haul de it . By 3-60so rubbish Huuk excellent t Clent. Personable a Sumins despot town Alhambra. Opportunity Lor eff of. Capable of Down required by per Mani at 2-8444 assistant bookkeeper Wamo mfg. Co. 35 e. L l Monte dance studio dance instructors needed. Exp. Jan Gardener wants work he or. Or month. At 9-117 wanted men professional dutch immigrant sorted by la Canada presbyterian Church needs part or full time work in commercial or religious Art. Coats of arms. Sign paint ing or Interior House painting 0-2111 Reb Steved Irtel rent wants work in medical Field 8-4374 keg1stkrkd pharmacist. Vount experienced. Exc. By 7-4j23. Wanted women alterations remodelling Rnell to Odood by of spendable housekeeper for ladies or couple Only live references. By to 56. Special 31s so have you seen sputnik with dog can be seen at 650 n. Fair no charge Edal talc Vale s5 chlt.13 s10 Sim my Coffee maker bottle warmer dishes or 8 Etc. New blankets. 424 Gai Field. A by s unclaimed express opening new Load today make someone Happy with relax visor will be Happy with Money to co Home for Maii St 2-Llftl ask apr Stone or at rummage Sale prices used doming for entire family furniture toys Antiques Etc. Open 9 to 9 . Vets.____25 e. Colo. American flyer like 3 Complete trains. Auto. Tunnel. 2 sets switches. Heater is Hotary portable j30 ample in ?12. By 7-4m5 t i1 Ash Rigail i is. Sin. Bike 16. Shrick a skat fal Aize l. Alt kinds iov3. Conci Ilion Fly 3 Sll Verl be radio player a r is. Oak round mar rur j i table Alt _ Wall saws for Xmas new or us. J179 up. Ins. 770 e. U annul by 5-booo Remington 51m. L c Smitn typewriter late Model Allen elec add. Much . Burroughs 535. C2 no. Sierra Madre St 6 Tricy cities 2g . Of . Cor of Union credit Okay open noun to 5 open to 9 Hoy Safui i abandoned by own or. All i Etc fluent condition. All Furni Iura like new. Consists i Rock or. Ana i Mirror Bookcase head j Board Boi Spring Rani Tamses. Iii Lowi la Injia twin bedroom 1 outfit Complete. Beautiful Penu i Ine Aew Rock Maple Liv ins room Sei with Rocker end to Coffee table table braided 9xi2 Rug. All Salem a with rce delivery. Al Homs no Al direct with owners Auk. Neiach. Frigid., k i a doll Carryce Toni v "ieio., it to. Recorder recoil player.6 drawers up in Kerr Rev trash bless mounted in let Board sacrifice by 6- ban game s4. Tour Aid House trailor hitch j50. 3249 b col Orado so trailer space 15 Ken Mostk Cabinet Sec lab machine. Never used. Ail attach ments including Button Holer 0-1707 Eves t weekends. Is _ 539.50. Brings kidney y shaped vanity place Glass Tobl by 6-3020. Must Roo sell Eivy Groom. Bedroom furn. Philco to Plances. Owner. I 1-9043 feb Plann. Electr a trumpet cheap. 619 mar 1052 s. Fair Spaks by 9-415s Large doll House assorted teen age clothing size 12 to h All Good Misc. Lamps bed spreads Etc. Al 2m6 to Rodeo rd., Arcadi save on Niagara introducing bargain u n. Fair Oaks Heights Gap. 1 2 4 rooms Blond not Walnut will exec. Sefrie. Ana Gas Ranee divan chair i Ricl tables Coffee table table Loor limit. 2 bedrooms 1 o pc. A Leite. Pillows boil Loir Lamsis. Free delivery. 51 holds no belter terms any where. 33 years one location Pacific Palisades Gap 27 4 rooms couches divans thadk-1ns j10 to 130 chairs to fireplace logs f eucalyptus Orange Wood. Mill ends. Spruce blocks. Deliver Perry Wood prod. Ca 2-4439 Trauffer Home reducing plan. Free Home demonstration. Of course no 1-6s45 a pc. Pm. Set. Davenport Soto. Bendix Washer. 550. Lamps chairs tables Misc. _ by 3-72ss highest Market prices pm. Scrap Iron Copper brass Radia electric Hotplate sweeper f. 4.5 camera. Wide screen movie Lens so 4-9324 English bicycles. Metal Cabinet with moving Light hauling household goods for Manzanita Christmas decorations. _ Dearborn Heater f u almost bathroom Heater 2150 no. Fair Oaks. Alta top gulp loader by 7-73fls ult table typewriter. Remin Irton is Var Sim Burner Platt Small Pas Heater with Fitt exp. Mature Sitter by experienced Springs. Mattress. Use furniture repair it Shine. Orcas. By a gel by. In Gla Moriis Mon. Tues. Cook serve xmasl__520. Tea cart. 510. Syz Aifiti expend end not sly per je1 kit Lic train free of coloured woman Day Watt a. Daisy . Gun. S7 necessary. Charre. Cavies Cugat dance Chain Call Between 1 -7 i a or _ rtl6h3 nurses and trained. time train lne Jinp. State acre edited coloured woman wants Day work. So 2-3950 after a Iron a ily Home pickup deliver. By 4-62s5 alter. Serv. By 8-2503 untrained available. While Enn school. Secy firm needs a the lady with the lamp urses Agency at 7-5277 Parmiro ried office duties for a i miss Ivyne employment a e. Walnut starting Waye with tremendous Opportunity for rapid Advance ment. See or. Silhouette figure form 455 e. Colorado wanted men painting to i tick Fin . Eve worn a wants Siv clean in 3 Days. Open trans. waft -1 _ 3-5093__________________ size Range. Oort Condit Loh also Stroble stroller. 510. Electro Lux vacuum new. S-636s Man s never used 1sk Gold Pat Etc . Seasoned fire place length. Cord poles. Takes. 1011 Bell St., Pasa. Typewriter Kem Iriton Start Model. Excel cond. Ss5 after Iskend i t-793p. We quit business after 20 years. Tahle ton Ca ranges. Like new. Values to 5100 sacrifice electric ref rec aerators. Values up to Sac Rifice s39.50. Aut Mauc Wash ers guaranteed Wrin i washers. Guaranteed. 519 05 Gas Heaters values up to Sib 3o52 Eagle Rock blvd. Open s Sun. 12-4 trash cans and up Cal. Liquid text. 36 Pico. Pass wanted Palm Trees wed. at 1 345_ Van t Navi tand China. Also China Cabinet. Must be reasonable. By 5-1790 Ash Vroman s Silver shop 2.151 Huntiii ton or. I by 6-97s5 Green tag Sale used furniture 2030 e. Walnut j. H. Biggar Trade in Dpi. Gorgeous planned rooms Gor fineous living room crop Olsi Etc bedrooms with an acce Soriss dining room crop. Admiral de luxe ref la Ranee. Worth Jia Furj for Only 550 57 week. Superior furniture co Fil n. Raymond. Pasadena. Oper monday Friday nights to u o clock. Sun. Noon to 5 out of town credit of. Park tree used organs floor samples and rental returns save As much As 30% prices Start at no Down payment to qualified buyers this is your Chance to get the sb3 Pri Chilco at Hancock music co. Established 3920" 3731 e. Colorado half Block cast of Rosemead open evenings to Christmas. Sell Beautiful French provincial Din set. Break from. Table chairs. A wont erf ill buy st5.1 breakfast set 3 it. Fwd Sial 4 chairs. To in. Word Robe with sliding doors. Philippine a Hok so. By 4-7513 sell painting. A postmas a Banino 53 s1.s9. Rups c does res Superman la set uru much inc. He n. A joke by r-7119 Dato . Good ref woman isl Fei d photo graph Polaroid Amera 2 lx31i, licht meter. Department Caw filter kit a lash gun. Sell for 570. By 5-1135 goods Cabinet Max s ski equip nicer poles. Pest inne lined Fize skis hindi ups. Plural turn poles _ a.7l_6-.fisq3_after_ 6_rm. Skis. Or. Of Creciat Frei skis poles Boot. S a. .11 sizes. At Cost Colora it cd. 12xls or. Bine. Reasonable cleaned. By to me Fiat Itig town must Tique full size run bad Manoir Tea Wapon. 5 pc. Dinette set antique brass Iron Bird stand. Wise 137 w. Ilain is Alhambra. Finest used rugs i advertisement oilers Isth year. By 9-r135 Garfield 60. Pasa Maple or moderne j Ltd elec. Ketric. And Gas Ranee. Maple divan and Maple chair. 2 Maple end tables Maple Coffee table 2 table lamps floor Lite. 2 Maple bedrooms 1 5 pc. Maple Dinette Silver dishes null los. Boudoir lamps. Free delivery. Is holds. So better terms anywhere. We carry our own contracts no finance co. Furniture can be bought separately or by the other sensational group values the result of our tremendous buying Power. Choose from Nal l. Adv. Rum. Roewer Westinghouse Kelvin air. May Lac. T in Errill id Many others. Out of state credit . Reserves any group free storage free delivery established Pasadena furniture co. 80 n. Raymond Xmas specials pianos organs Complete selection All the Best makes of world famous a Domestic plan. 36 to Par the Pasadena music co. 54 e. Colorado Pasadena 3-3949 by 1-5843 if those if if wonderful if if Wurlitzer if open even. Monday Uini Fri free parking at rear Berry Grassmueck a Colorado. Pasa. By e-2628 St. Al. At 1-5111 Walnut at is new. Was now s495. Gould music co. 1296 e. Cult Kajj by s-s189 will Trade Brand new electric Organ for used but Little j320 full Ortice on easy terms. Hancock ii sic e. Colorado in55tan spinet Organ with a elusive unify control acc i in the heart of Pasadena free parking in rear open week nights til 9 . Jetral . Ostaf by Auto . Ersy s-7j.1s body by Al Dong so 6-6656 dressmaking by roaster. By 1-6439 f9r the modern Home Nihi Phal rat Chen 2-Piecc sectional Lar scoop chair. Call be tween 6-9 . I g-t836. _ Best offer. _ sold our Home sunday 11 to 6 All like new 2 Beds beat Box Springs Raat at i with clip Hloi Mac Honfi contour Clair. 500 Walnut Chi not in records by upright Crown piano condition. By s-5304 Eliahy grand Ebony. Outstanding cond. By s-1.100 hx5rslonj5 spinet m2 " Walnut custom Back. Perfect cond. On her lace. Exc. Condition. Iv., la Canam baby grand studio. 1m n. Hill ill h As. A Vum lv., in. Jollu tie Roik blvd ioulsr5ssen medium sized l p _ i Ria to hoi-1 Dasher clock once front 100 yrs victorian Couch Jue furniture. Champagne fun Isle Din inc room drop Leaf table 2 exes. 6 a liars. like Lew 3c7 s. At. A Icidora. De 5-229.1 incite fish li5 is if i 540 rags 18x11 s her t. M raise Sis w a t r it. Ear Arfine age. . Jinn for All so 8-rir.ri3 at 6-4 Bijj Eyrise Walnut k extra leaves will seat 1 tended Good cond. Also i hone 6-236t or by ladies 2u hours . Anh 5u . Tor Avon can earn to Sou in your own Nelch Norwood if e so so 1 Ca to receptionist 25 for Aicala doctor s off re. Also assist doctor. To plop required phone experience preferred i 6-2151 Beauty operator As an assistant masseuse see manager Silhouette figure Fon _ by fast Volst 5-647 wondering to Call for that fix up Job 31-Call an expert-31 there Man in these columns can do it foreign v2is e. Colorado. Pasa. Car entering 6-2851 acre co porches. Cation fun Send. Heating air conditioning 401 n. Contracting Holiday elec repairs Calli by _6-24so_ i c elec. Contractor Small carpentry. By 5-7496 i do .11 or air work. By i ssi specialists Gravity forced air. Floor Wolt. Installation re Pnra. installed a serviced. repairs . Fife Cetl match no travel Lime chars. In minimum no service Charce. I kitchens plumbing heating 160 n. Craps by wanted in our windows i highest Cash i prices paid for Good used furniture Bric a Brac silverware. Single piece of. Complete for our appraiser Lyon Van storage co. I 51 s. Marengo Pasadena to rfcs table 2 lamps. All exc rond 1-s3is Reri entail Rue. n. Cost port. J30 Chine e 1 it. 540. Carpentry by 0-2610 specialize painting decorating Winter special 2-bedroom stucco. Ext. J93 Interior s20 room. material furn. Work Knar. By s-s221 honest. St in. f it ii Phoh erect . Ili. By Abr Bale or rent Jamo. To apply on Dur him. M97 by v-2745 a real s1 grand. Make offer. Elgon 5-180 j to i h to in your we. Brand new 21-Imch All Tor brands no Down payment free delivery installation budget appliance Corner Ilij n. Fair Oaks Cor. Union 5.i n. A air Oaks Tor. Holly ry_1 -0534 or by 2-7853 a emergency to service prompt dependable service on make within uie Bour. Home Calls Sun. Y 2-7137 Asphalt paving paving co. A can Obi before. Eik. This a Fuji a ervice. Work Truar. At 0-7450__ now1 painting 20 yet. 7-9765 Painter plumbing la2y Dot a i n s for i Iljan cleaning Only. Sheet Metal Woik repair. . By i pickup delivery Wous t rubbish Hai Lilor. Our Kutchei rubbish hauling any kind free Hond. I Cement 9-7524 Hull rub Bah Alum. Ceramic tile painting Low rates drainbds., Etc. A .9975 by 2-8990 by 2 to Horn. Tilo House. By 5-0271 Sycamore 6-0311 i Crest 6-4671 Pai Meti 1.ct.ijy lets 5 . Stand. . Excellent snip doors. A Fine piece of record Monet. Comb. At 7-9127. Radio. So 3-4m5 lir i to Jinn Rei rest. now j29 87 72i_n. Kii Ollil ave. So 2-m.11 ill . . K. Colorado. 17-ln. Conious a a Ltd note Djoi act organs with Bench. Sal traffics v tic cell. Cond. Jm5. Olm. If de b.7121 u re ski cod. G to Tiv 17"

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