California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1961, Page 25

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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 18, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaIndi Knitht Mondat dig Johnny Hart i Friend to Rev lock there a Biro pasted pm Trie Back. Ainaly Haw Selling luncheon j Wilh v j. O Molly Hla Nelll probably Wori at Bank. So at lunch o old to quit my bolter age by cart butt Johnson Arof of jumped of j. Malley s Figol worst. I m inner viewing applicants Al of Ecby of of miss Ptach Buo you 00 1wums ukr our scat r6 i school you see Schow. Is a place people come to get their education and that s Vvhs Vou spent four hours each Day miss Cutler i what do think of miss Cutler 7 the Wyatts Alliy Mommy How lok3 to Chris mus ghz week Yaw Low s trom Topay a week Abbie an slats by Van Burm now Tell Iff. Sll As i you Eer two let flows of Rwjr Xiiao 1. Girl How your be Ord smell of Moth will Yum by Dave Gerard vol know its Only seven cays till if they. Ever let we out o1 this Corner 12-15 Seamon on Bridge by i Vachael sea Ion life Jlas Tei Mon t Trust partner Siy so at dear or. Seamon there Are some hands where a slam can be made but it is very diff cult to bid. On the other hand there Are slams that Are easy to bid and just As easy to make. This hand seems easy to bid As far As i am concerned and yet we did not get to a to your opinion where docs the blame lie by ,7 6 z 0. 10 8 6 5 4 3 South aka 10 83 o 0 ak64 9 ak7 the bidding went As lol lows but we Are old Fash ii Edh South 2s 3-d Noah 2 it 3h pan . It is really too much Lormi to understand this bidding Only Thoni that looks ail Olgh Are the opening bid and lies with Rohold f the Ohe who appeared i atni6htwtheattic j Mot Vwg. Poctor and i Vul wet toi.0 you that Story if i the a flays by Corl Gruber wow Pereo if you did. _ w Ever had a Yew take to a Poctor Jomn a Psychia test Jeff Cobb in Peter Hoffman private Art collection robbery draw5near. Honey if diamonds appearing 1 right too. After that every Hing gets Black. When South rebid Diamond of tar opening Spades North Lould have Given South a reference in Spades and Lor gel about his solid heart suit it this is not nearly so Bat is South s jump Spade ver three hearts. Obviously South did not Trust North after opening a two bid soul should have been in no Hurr , to game. Had soul merely Rabid three Spade North certainly would have a our whereupon South Coul have bid six Spades blindfolds As far As i can Sec seven is Adown but we can argue tha seven is Tough 6 reach. Re Garding six i Bee Louth with a partner that i i not Trust i would have opine six Spades. It seems to me hat sout forgot that he had a Remar Able hand. As to who s to blam 1 per cent and South 69 per cent and i Hope that you arc North sir or i have made real Faux Pas. Seriously this bidding is a tragedy. To have More fun St the Bridge table Send a stamped self addressed on clop for the leaflet Basic principles of t o m 0 r r o is Bridge today. Address your request to Michael sea Mon in care of the Independent Star news. By till int till maybe he went picture shopping to the ones Keever 5wiped from him and i be a Hunch i know where meanwhile As the crowds begin to leave 7he museum far to. Well its Nice to see so Many Happy faces David cram Creig flesh l j m sort this Hap Krecl , because Mot y i m Sorsi but i must Hou one of get _ and. Sir vont let it merry Lou go much. Then ga1ch my cd i to school. To see Loo Ray next week. Is Christmas orphan Annie by Harold Grey Check for a Hundred dollars for v my airline your License was hot a eur for hot think Yout have Bee i ruled your Una is w03th a Hundred million Vou were King punished for being my one Don like wow t you re sure Man who puts his moneys where his. Mouth 70 see o or kind punished. Johnny you do the Ive been Maua Aduke by Brad Anderson lug to fuck of Vou i know All he Bov Ftp la who i have a prop Osmon to suggest i never we thou Cit of till. Recent Mutt and Jeff by Al Smilk Yoo Hoq Mutt i got i la be right. In to look your. Present i its Beautiful it took me All Dav to find it wait a my hot and Haw does know it s e Bone Freddy Chaet is always gets. Igod an th1 Boob has a hunnej5d sucks into Sank also that id1ctt was. Voted class pres dint you Bill Day by Stella monday december 18. Born today you Are quiet self Date Are George Stevens Fiorni director Christopher possessed and disinclined to Tell dramatist or. Samuel Parks others what you Are planning Cadman author and Church to Why. Fair and just in Man Gladys Cooper actress rivets by George Sixta hib he want mean 1t Homes he All your major decisions you nevertheless keep them to yourself until you Are quite ready to act upon them. When they come As a Surprise to any one Don t you be surprised if Lyman Abbott editor and theologian. To find what the stars Hava in store for you tomorrow Sev Lect your birthday Star and read the corresponding Para you Are considered close graph. Your birthday Star mouthed or even secretive r Dail Ide you Are fairly show to make friends but once someone has tuesday. December 19 been admitted into your Circle intimates it is for life. Your loyalties Are you can be influenced too easily by those whom love and in whom you Faith Confidence. Your friends As Well As your Kin can do no wrong. You have a magnetic personality but of the Many attracted to you you april 2n-c May select Only a few who work Como culturally Connie Tow tuned i is no litre Radir a Irr Hillon thai noon. Do your or Darla a the _ 1 March 21-Antll j. Rood Tobii Mon unit. Altir mob be in Sioui. But to loll since 1 mental Bers of the opposite sex will be most Content in Llic a. Joun you wed at a fairly Early age and Start Rall no a family of your own to become a Durier cheering Section for your tic and literary work. Since thrive on applause this i0tt. Become a Spur to your am i off by Kim born on f or com morn

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