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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 16, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaNato to seek Berlin pact keep buildup i i paths Trio Western Wace with the soviet Union through negotiation while continuing their buildup against possible communist aggression. The foreign defense and Linance ministers of the 15 North attn Nolc treaty Organ. A Patlon nations ended a three Day conference with a joint endorsement of new Conta Jii by . And British ambassadors Iii Moscow looking to a peaceful settlement Berlin crisis. The ministers thus approved nations resolved yesterday to a fresh diplomatic exploration to if a basis for formal negotiation can be found. The United states with British and West German sup port has been urging a new probe to determine whether the soviets Tup ready to con Fer about Berlin in. Good a communique said minis ters of the nations most directly concerned informed the Council of their intention to resume diplomatic contacts with the Kremlin on. This subject. Of the . Policy in Katanga attacked by Goldwater Phoenix Ariz. Barry g o 1 re w a t e a h-Ariz., charged yesterday the United slates a suicidal policy in Katanga which will pave the Way for a communist takeover in the Congo. The lawmaker called on the United states to bring pressure on the United nations to halt what he called . Aggression. He suggested the pres sure he applied by withdraw ing All financial support to the world organization. In supporting the United nations War against Katanga we Are condoning aggression by International machinery and paving the Way for a communist takeover in the Goldwater said. I Ron t care How it is explained in Washington or Lake Success tie fact remains that we arc being Mous trapped by Blind adherence to the United nations into a violent course of action which the communist can do nothing but the senator spoke to nearly members of the Phoenix rotary club at a luncheon. Goldwater disputed the United nations claim that ii was acting to protect itself in the Congo. He said on dec. 5, the . Admitted striking the first blow against Katanga. If this nation is to embark on a policy of destroying Jdc pendent states such Aska Tanga merely because the United nations believes consolidation is the Way to stability then we Are Well on our Way to destroying he said. Administration criticized for pro african policies Washington for treaty Alliance. Mer undersecretary of stale Robert d. Murphy has Erith i Zed bitterly the Kennedy administration for backing afro asian interests Over those of Europe. He said the policy had harmed the North Atlantic . Gis end w. Berlin move without incident Dpi United states yesterday completed the movement o troops across 110 Miles of East Ger Man territory. The communists made new threats against Berlin s life lines and five of their Border police fled to the West. The last in i nine Clay series of movements reached their destinations in West Berlin and West Ger Many without hindrance from soviet or East German authorities. Only routine Border checks were made by the Hus Siatis to the 500 vehicles in the convoys. The army had two purposes in sending the convoys Over the autobahn Highway connecting Berlin with the West to underline Allied rights to use Berlin s Access routes and to replace one of the Berlin Garrison s Man Battle groups with other troops from West Germany. There were new communist charges that the allies were in Berlin illegally and threats to get them out. Neues deutschland official newspaper of the East Ger Man communist party said american British and French Rule in West Berlin is illegal and must be East German authorities turned town suggestions . And Wesl Berlin. Officials to loosen Border restrict Lions to permit family visit Murphy gave his views in letter never before made Public to a d i a i Stevenson . Ambassador to the United nations last March 21. This was a few Days after the United states suddenly shifted Ong standing policy backed a . Resolution Call for investigation of Portu Juse Rule in Angola. Murphy now president of he american Council of expressed deep concern hat in that eagerness to accommodate african and asian the United states was overlooking its european allies. He charged the United states renting nato member Portu Lal in a Cavalier Gnor cd nato Consul Ablations and acted against our Valucci nato allies and with the soviet during Days. Radiation Hells not hazardous to space travel from a . Satellite launched last summer beliefs about the Earth s outer radiation Bell and shows i presents no Hazard to manner space travel the Fer Leral space Agency announced yesterday. The revolutionary inform lion was received from explorer Xii the most inform live satellite Ever launched it was fired from Cape canal Era aug. 15 and Stop pc transmitting dec. 6 after 112 Days in orbit. During orbits that ranged from 182 to Miles from Earth explorer Xii crossed 204 times the two radiation belts that ring the Earth like giant doughnuts. They were named after or. Iames a. Van Allen discovered them after studying information from an earlier satellite. The Christmas holi the outer Belt hat been con Sid Rcd the More dangerous to West German approaches had been made through the reel Cross but the communists insisted that any talks must be conducted on the government level. Future space travellers. Any space ship crossing this Belt it was believed would have to be protected by heavy shield ing that would greatly in crease a rocket s payload. For sportsman play goer scientist., give the Kilt appreciated for a lifetime. Bushnell binoculars world Fain mis Quality. A Model for every purpose and budget. To exciting Dos of nature or satellites. To microscopes finest selection for scientist or budding scientist. To exclusive 7x35 custom shown same full Field whether you Wear glasses or not. 10% fid. Phots optics Rill Scopis every bus Ruiell is offered on a 30 Day Exchange it Ivilene Stoke How Mon sat 8 . To 5 pan. Looking for a special gift. Real for the Home with a View Mountain desert Beach 20x80 extreme Range binocular. Their colleagues approved c resumption of diplomatic contacts and expressed the Ope that a negotiated Settle Crit could be it that France has opposed formal tills hich inks with the Kremlin on bar 11 at this time joined other Ato members in diplomatic probe with Tho Ope that this would eventual produce setting in negotiations .-Secretary of state Donn Usk and British teary lord Home had. In oried the Council that Wash Igloo and London intended o resume contacts with soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko on the Berlin Dis Pute. The nato ministers agreed they must increase their defensive capability to give their diplomats a Loti or voice in East West Parley to deter communist aggression and to protect their people in Case All efforts for peace Are fruitless. Only by an increased de sense capability can the Al pos Lilous including the commitment to the people of Wisl Berlin. The nations reaffirmed their determination to protect and defend the liberties of West insure to its people inc conditions for a free and prosperous has gave to the determination of the West Ern big three to hold fast to their rights in West Berlin dating Back to the Allied con communist _ the communique said. The nato ministers served notice on the Kremlin that their new diplomatic probe will not mean any abandon ment of essential Western a Lance Coli t in u c to deter quest of nazi Germany and to i hair rights to unrestricted Access to Berlin. The signature of a peace treaty by the so 9 children perish in House fires United Torii a nine children dec a in fires which swept their Homes yes Torday. One of the fires also claimed the Mother of four of the youngsters. Five children of. The Douglas Hoffman family perished in Blaze which struck their Home at Waterford Canada. Viet Union and the East Ger two other youngsters managed Man regime can not alter these rights in any the nato ministers said. Christmas in the sky Slee Olejack Bob Kessler of Seattle dressed in Santa Claus togs Waves greetings after Topping off the Seattle s world s fair space Needle with a Christmas tree 600 feet above Busy downtown. 5 graduate from . Space school Edwards air Force base the air Force esterday turned out its first Radu Atigh class from Aero space research Pilot s school a unit designed to train men for inter planetary flight n Man controlled vehicles. There were four Engineer in inc Pioneer class some of whom May one Day Fly to the Moon. Most Likely Prospect among he four Pilot graduates to be come a Lender in inter plane Ary travel was capt. James a. Mcd Ivill Jackson Mich. Mcdivitt 32, is the youngest of the group and to lids been assigned to further duties As a test Pilot Here. A , slim officer Mcdivitt served As a fighter Pilot in lie korean War and has a Bachelor s de Gree in aeronautical Engi Neering from the University of Michigan. Like the others lie was full fledged test Pilot and Engineer before he entered the aerospace re search school for r Post graduate course in inter planetary flight. The other Pilot graduates Are maj. Thomas u. Me Elmurry 39, 2ioh, maj Robert s. Buchannan 3ti, fill More Calif., and maj. Frank Borman Phoenix Ariz. The fifth graduate was civilian a Schwei Kard 29, los Angeles Aero nautical Engineer who Wil guide future aerospace classes from an academic standpoint Buchannan will become com mandant of the next pcs Sion of the aerospace school in May 1362, and Borman Wil be on the faculty. The nex school session will be la mite to eight men All candidate for various roles in putting a Man in space. O is Caius authorities said the Blaze be an while the parents of the Hildren who ranged in age rom 11 years to 18 months were away visiting relatives. A Mother and her four Chil area died in flames that destroyed their four room Frame lome at one Pine Lake so Miles South of Ely Minn. The bodies of mrs. John Larkin 22, and her children aged 1 to 6, were found in the smouldering ruins. The tragedy apparently passed unnoticed until the Fol her Flie Only family survivor Home from work shortly Dawn and found fhe Bullpl Nof levelled by fire. In Chicago a Man burned to death and three others were injured in a fire that flared in he lop floor of a four Story building. The body of Fred Slammer Gran go was found in fourth floor apartment where fire officials said the Blaze apparently began. Mudiman a Tuhoy. Pic. A Driver is charged c5 in school bus crash Gref Cley Colo. Up1 manslaughter charges e r c lied yesterday against Duane Jussell harms 23, Driver of school bus which carried 20 children to their deaths at a Railroad crossing. Bond was set at harms posted it and was re leased. The a passenger train carrying 37-elementary and High school students from the Auburn school District Many of them Brothers and Sisters ail of them friends. I badly about the the harms said after the Cli Argus were filed. Physic tiny i Don t feel Loo Only one of the 17 children who survived the crash 11 year old Alice Larson remained in critical condition at Weld county Hospital yester Day. There was no outcry against harms in Greeley. The itys of its citizens were too stunned think about the Driver who escaped serious injury. Many persons expressed Shock when him saying they thought judge dismisses juror for Lancaster a. O judge William Johnston .1r. Of Lancaster county Quarter sessions court dismissed a juror for deafness yesterday after the juror had been sit Ting for most of the week dismissed was Samuel shirk 71, a retired postmaster of Denver a. He was one of the members of a jury empanelled to sit for the december term of court and had participated in three trials already. Duane Russel harms charges filed harms had suffered enough already. Some thought there were extenuating circumstances. The train was two hours late be cause of heavy Christmas mail loadings. Harms had not met the train at the crossing Ori tragedy to previous occasions. The Side windows of the bus were frosted and harms said the noise of Heaters and fans in inc charges were filed Agai vist Side the bus drowned out Thi train s whistle. Her most treasured gift the electronic instrument for Bosic Beauty care Knesy. To use .110 by 5-0736 pc m see u today Folio lift 9749 blvd., Hill. Mommy Christmas always smells so Good Sant Clau arrive in person by helicopter in Alt Deno savings by the 10th Tun from tace 1st saturday december with at . Altadena Federal savings parking i everyone Welcome. Gilts Lor the children while they last Federal savings 2246 n. Like Calif. Or sikh Wjite Ortelon blvd., Calif. For real natural Christmas Trees Preble s it s 2828 e. Pasadena Murray 1-81421 i see the new i hawaiian from Hawaii never before sold in the there s nothing like h. Christmas tree Headquarters 1336 Lincoln ave. Pasadena open 24 hours a Day Many other locations throughout the for signs

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