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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 12, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaInifi Bint. Tue pay. Tic n. I overruled in sit in Case us the cd Mccormick. Sur crop court its Sec commissioner Stock Exchange president resigns i _ i. A. Y. A York Dpi York ill the american Stock Exchange Whoso trading practices have been under investigation by the securities Exchange com in Salon Lor seven i Day announced the Resigna Tion of its president Edward f. Ted Mccormick himself court decided its f i it a. Case yesterday by the announcement unanimously overruling the climaxed reports current since s the ase Board Nelly was pro Tern. Tho Board accepted the Resig nations of Mccormick and the ase general counsel Michael a Mooney. Both men said , a in they believed that because of element was involved in me recent publicity it would be in inc Best interests of so Var Connic i tinny if 3960 Louisiana slate conviction lunch counter demonstrators on charges of May of dissension within the Exchange Over various regulations Ami practices came from disturbing the peace at Baton Joseph f. Reilly Clairman of Rouge opinion Cliv a ered. By chief Justice carefully limited grounds for the reversal to lie dial of due process of Law be of Lack of evidence. Al did not go into broader Tut ional issues which May he presented by other con in Southern Rommuno ties. Core tie. Congress on racial Kun Aljy praised Lenny s ruling As in Vang historic importance who Ali May have Impact on Ilin conviction of Freedom riders As Well As sit in Jwrtic-1 pants who sought to enl a tial harriers ill restaurants. The 90 High court decision nullified the conviction of 1c Southern University negro students. They were found guilty of disturbing the peace under a state statute which makes it a crime to unreason ably disturb or alarm the pub they Hari been sentenced to 30 Days in jail and fined Warren s opinion said the undisputed evidence showed that the police who arrested the 16 students were left with nothing to support their own opinions that it was a breach of the peace for the students to sit peacefully in a place where custom decreed they should not j in the Baton Rouge Warren held such activity is not evidence of any crime and cannot he so considered either by the police or the soviet envoy boasts of no Calcai a Board spokesman Shuli Mccormick had signed a six year contract March 1, president at h year but the spokesman Sigil i when in. In minced Lily he Tohl Lilin. He contract was out the. The spokesman said no set during the month s which have elapsed since Tho Sec reported the suspension of n Cam of ase specialists be of alleged trading manipulation thease has Cormack s action. Second largest in the coun others might be in Prospect. A special was try the ase accounts to Sti Idy the operations about nine per cent of the to of the Exchange. Only last Tal Dollar volume on . Sex week the ase announced changes while the new York heightened minimum require Stock Exchange accounts for mints Lor the listing of new about 81 per cent. Stocks. Khrushchev hit says article a France sole yes larday. Quoted Wen informed sources assaying that soviet Premier apparently suffered a flight stroke recently. The article by Michel apr France sold s russian expert said observers rioted that Khrushchev eral times during a speech saturday seemed to lose the thread of his thoughts Stam mad difficulty n finishing sentences or pronouncing certain words correctly. The Story added thai at the end of. The 55-Mlnutcl speech the world i. Craton Trade in Khrushchev was covered perspiration and seem cd to be exhausted. F Mutual saying v automatic dishwasher might Wasi in Oton so Viet ambassador Mikhail Menshikov said yesterday rus Yia has More nuclear than the United Stales May ii think. In a 7 Are Public appearance. A Menshikov told a National press club luncheon that Esti mates of soviet military Power he has read in the u. S. Press j Are for you. I j to Marie these other slate merits wants Berlin negotiations but certain states men in the West Are prevent ing this by imposing unreason Able knows of in con j Crete plans for 1 Reiler Nikita s. Khrushchev to in Vite president Kennedy to Are no conflicts he to Wren Russia and red China and anyone who says Are is guilty of Wishful think Ling. Is building no. Homb shelters. It needs place j to build communism. Which rus Sia has broken relations has i an unfortunate kind of Lead j Reship hut. "1 think the Al Banian people will not tolerate that kind of leadership for very Richmond suburbs to vote on merger r i c h m 0 n a . Voters of Richmond and its suburban neighbor Henrico. County will decide today whether they want to live in one big sprawling City. Citizens will vote whether to merge Richmond and its suburbs into one City of residents with a 272 Square mile area that would rank fifth largest among cities in the United states. City and county voters must Hoth approve As must the Vir Ginian general Assembly which meets next month. The Mer Ger target Date is Jan. 1, Holiday Cash you May get Cash for your Holiday needs from Morris plan it takes Only a few minutes i to arrange a loan the Mott Pun c6mpany Ofuyu fora 410 Fott kit., Tau Itna Mill i Model sp402w Shing action. S Power Tower fire loses jets of water up Over dishes. Power Shower swirls a steady Stream of water Down Over every dish. Priwer Arm revolves powerful Wash solution All around dishes gets them cleaner brighter. Washes dishes Crystal. Cleaner brighter without spots. 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