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Independent, The (Newspaper) - December 11, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLyle w. Nash Bankers work hard looking at react sharply sometimes wit hostility to radio and to commercials that begin Here s an important message or friends the Steak in a Las vegas restaurant costs in chicag and in new York. Gamblers make up the differ ence in Price even mighty Are caught with a person who real cues Down. The late George no Cohan wrote Over there the greatest song hit of world banker s hours is a Foo ish phrase. Most Bankers i v War i. In 1918 virtually every j known work from 45 to 6 american from four to 94 knew the words but one night hours a week and never be came the legendary Rich me had to have Irving Berlin and Joe Laurie or. Help him with the lyrics in 1921 4000 american churches were showing names in order to keep the members from at tending the sinful film offer Ings of Hollywood. Great salaries. Most an plumber of 10 years expert enc jeans More than a minor ban Charles and Virginia per Lee for 17 years known a and wide in musical and liter Ary circles in Pasadena hav returned to the column bus what next Christmas Ness. They recently started shoppers who Are hard to column a place in the Sun please or have folks who have in the san Bernardino Pape everything might be interested in a 24 Karat Gold plated personalized diaper pin Mink trimmed clothespins or a whisky Flavoured tooth paste. If you have a Friend in Money Trou ble you can buy him a Cool Ous in this world than a if million in Cash for Only of course that s the civil War band and on the Loose with he Confederate currency for purse full of charge a plates another you can obtain a Complete ant farm or a life size full color pinup of Marilyn Monroe in a Plain wrapper. Don t say this department does not help the hurried and har ried shopper. In Case you care be very Happy if i never heard another program chairman use such phrases As and now the where Chuck went some in year ago after nearly two dec Ades with the Star news. Editorially yours is there anything More danger who is unhappy at her Hus i m sure that most folks know of a t. Barnum s Famou phrase about suckers. But Dii you know that he had another worthwhile slant on human Ity he said it this Way Mori persons on the whole an hum bugged by believing in i d nothing than by believing Toi i be read the etiquette columns in papers for years but never yet have club Ballyhoo takes great encountered any polite in in and on How to say Good words from the charming Bye gracefully promptly and chair lady of our program Only a few words. Robert s. Allen satellite switch Washington. A highly significant change in plans is being made regarding those 20-Inch satellites Vanguard will shortly begin orbiting in outer space. Two of the six Are being transformed into weather they Are the second John Hagen head of the fourth whose launching Are Vanguard project. The noted scientist stressed the military importance of this tentatively scheduled for Jan uary and March. Primary function of the of the instrument i a Laden satellites is to measure Hope i m not Boring you says you Thi Indik dint. Wednesday. December ii. Russ Leadabrand the big change keep pm Short Cut those Stamps i would like to know Why the Federal Post office enlarged the 3-cent stamp. As i see it we now have two kinds. Took a trip out to the High desert the other Day. One is regular size and the the High desert is different from the other deserts other is twice the size picture in that it lies up along the shoulder of the san Ber ing a couple of Birds drinking. Range at an Altitude that provides a fair i p at is the alien mod the weather is Fine the sky alien mood that can deep Blue and the living refreshing in itself. The East strange Joshua Trees the Chot this was a pretty cac Nis the Bushes slice of California until different smells and sights world War it. Since then and sensations. I bucket. God Only knows How lights roads water have the High desert is a change much More of our tax Money been added to the country. To it is different clean and is thrown Down the rat Hole. Day it is an sight. Be by Lucre Hudgins Beale . Inn i. Int i Pasadena e. A. Leslie strike solution if the need for extra Park ing space is so urgent for the duration of the bus strike Why not allow the use of the red bus zones for parking until the strike is Over would this be too obvious a solution this would allow from 8 to 12 More cars in each Block according to my figures. Cause it is desert and because therapeutic. Small wonder then that City the land is of questionable folks Are Content to drive the value the lots Are Large to three hour trek every weekend 5 acres most of them. And on every lot is a Struc Ture erected by what the Des Ert fraternity Calls the Jack Rabbit these Small two or three room Struc Tures Dot the landscape As far As you can see in the High just to spend the two Days in their Small desert Home. The majority of their week end is spent building fixing up their desert Annex but then that too can be fun. After the place is fixed up there Are Long exploratory desert. Only a few of the walks drives to old mining perhaps this would not cure places have piped water. In Stead they have a water tank erected on the roof or on a synopsis cruel Klyr Itnatz of the circus people to him or . They on Thor but cannot make he Klyr Lanith. Get top Strong Rilet or. Mum. But Rich Ard cannot be found. Chapter six the King is amused is this All there is to your demanded King in Atz. I have not been there is one More thing our m a j e s t said or. Maxim. Our Strong boy bring it on said the ing. But no one could find the Tong boy for Richard was Ding in a costume trunk in be Center of the ring. The get of King Ignatz waving sword and the sound of is fierce shouting had so tightened the boy that he had aped into the trunk and filled Down the lid. To hide himself even better there before the window was barred King stood Richard with a every other door led to plumed hat on his head a Dungeon cell. The ill. But it would bring some Structure in the rear. There is the customary outhouse too. Is o sewers in the High desert. Clown s mask on his face Anc a Ballerina s dress Draper from his shoulders. And who Pray is demanded the King at last. A your quavered or. Maxim this is the s strongest boy in the said King Ignatz Anc lie began to laugh. Hoho lie threw Back his head and laughed until the tears rolled Down his Cheeks. The strongest. Boy in the be cried. Of what a pointed at Richard whose Teeth were chattering so that the sound could be heard All Over the tent. That s the fun Niest sight i be Ever seen i in you May go said for that reason we Susti Ultra Violet radiation from their used a weather or meteor Sun. It will also provide Experiment for a Radi Viro mental such As action Experiment in our Sec temperatures pressures Hagen told the erosion of the satellites sat Euite will thrashed about there was wrapped himself round Andl King Ignatz grandly. Round with the costumes in the trunk. They la never find he whispered to himself. But he did not know his strength. The trunk was old live with me and amuse thank you your bowed or. Maxim. Said King Ygnatz. I shall keep your Strong boy. Now said King Ignatz. You Are to make me laugh whenever i say. I often need to be i m sure you said Rich Ard timidly. Why demanded the King in Surprise. Because your Palace is so said Richard. It s the finest Money can thundered the King. What would you know about palaces i have been in a murmured Richard. Ignatz guffawed. Of you do make me laugh. You be never been in a Palace except n 3 our All the said Rich ird a Palace should be Bright and splendid with gardens around it and Happy people what cried Ignatz. A King who treats his eople to happiness is a weak some of the Jackrabbit i he will be my Jester. He will King. I am the greatest King Llop with to Armce to i and weak and As Richard face by Micro meteorites. The third Vanguard satellite is being designed to Princi Pally measure the Earth s magnetic Field at from 300 to 500 Miles up. Such information has important military value. Still under consideration Are the major purposes of the other two basketballs 1 As these satellites Are called by the technicians working on them. Chief reasons for the Back stage decision to devote two Vanguard satellites for weath. Or information Are it is now definitely known that reporting such data to Russia is a primary objective of both sputnik i and ii. The development and effective employment of both Long Range ballistic missiles and outer space vehicles re quires a great Deal More knowledge about atmospheric conditions than is now available. Have instruments which will afford us the first Complete Cloud cover picture of the Earth at the equatorial Belt. That information will be of great value to us. Never before has it been possible to calculate the to Tal heat input into the atmosphere and to make a scientific study of the heat engine which is the Atmos phere and thereby arrive at precise predictions of the weather. We have every Confidence our second Satel Lite will make that sudden awful creaking and the for sides of the trunk burst open. Quotes ideas ideas Are As important to our National future As Are our other Security measures. Per haps they Are More important for throughout history ideas have been More powerful than and they May prove to be More powerful than Hydro in but your pro ested or. Maxim. He s Only a dim witted boy said the King. He vill not dare to match wits with me. Come now. Leave my kingdom but leave the boy he waved his sword and his cards surrounded Richard and marched him to the King s Lalace. It was a place of dread us gloom. It was surrounded by 20-foot Walls and a Moat. Because of these far-1 reaching factors. Defense see the other Weatherl we must not obscure the is i of fourth satellite will be Sencial uniqueness of the Indi equipped with unique radio Ivi Lual by permitting the com j Lse Are polite of the Many to become a Standard. There is evidence that we Are in danger of doing so. Too Many of our research establishments have a tend ency to measure their stature being made at the University of Wisconsin and will be in stalled at the ends of the satellite s antennas. The Radiometers will Meas ure the total radiation from in terms of staffs building exp Aind Hagen. In the mrs. . Pasadena. Cd. Note Pasadena s police dept. Has plans to do this if the parking problem becomes acute. So far How Ever they feel there is sufficient off Street parking space available. Here s patriotism i would like to Salute those sky watchers the Paul re Veres who Day and night scan the skylines for sight or sound of hostile planes giving their time and Energy Gratis for the Security of our country. You do not hear much about them but they Are always at their Post at the appointed the Aspermo know the chief Camps ghost towns Joshua forests. In the morning and evening there Are the sunrises and sunsets. From the High desert the massive bulk of san Gorgonio presents an impressive Back drop. An interesting setting for a spreads Are the product of the new Way of California living. Robert Ruark Lousy shots observer the Sothcott. Who it has always amazed me that hired gunmen Are such Lousy shots. The Guys who worked Over Uncle Albert Anastasia in a new York Barber shop blew the first four shots at a Range of about two feet. They had to reprise before one of them tagged the Over Idinie Albert in the sconce. Pos Der and a Linari gain wants Szaena Sibl the customers in inc bar quite a lot of practice. The takes his duties seriously and f. With efficiency. Here is i was the door which i believe was Pink. Now when the kids Wenli ism. 0 conquer All Hie world. Tomor a Row i am setting out to con i William o. Thompson Pasadena cabbages Kings Prat made them nervous next you know the conscientious objectors will be miss ing their feet. But Here is realty a wonder looking for Uncle Willie mor fully comfortable thing about Etti there was none of this gangster killings. Nobody gets wild shooting so dangerous to indignant except maybe the innocent bystanders. A wife or girl Friend. The Quer the kingdom of Mitzen the i listen and read of boys came to Call bowed cops really Don t care we i the More convinced i am that Ard. Gasped Rich Jour both political economic and military Are Liv ing in an Alice in wonder land world. Especially where it says the time has come the yes. By Christmas Day the King of Mitze poo will be at my Richard s face turned White and his heart pounded Walrus said to speak of Many suddenly he himself fell in a i things of shoes and ships and faint at Ignatz feet. In the restaurant save Money on electric cur where Uncle Willie was Abo frent there Are generally no to consume something with clues even if you wanted to garlic in it and blew him Down just As Calm As roasted tomorrow Richard s plan equipment and budgets. Too Earth and the Earth s heat radiation. This Experiment in rotary Neil Mcelroy has Wilh the second theorized the air Force s three satellite will give us a far specially equipped b-50 storm More Complete picture of Hunters to resume joint on the Earth than we actions with the weather by now have or could otherwise they will also measure the much of our legislation a reflected radiation from the cars to discriminate against pit lit. Jin it. Al jul 1.11. Mailkl1 Perval the Navy m Overall charge in the Assumption that Quan girls also preparing Tity will Ever beget Quality in rim the other weather experiments Thlu Reau. Budget director Brundage forced their Sion last fall by barring the Olner weather experiments think use of for that Pur Wilh the use of High level Bai pose. He imposed this widely loons and Low Altitude rockets criticized Cut for Economy Ria t1 e purpose of these Active sons. That has now been or Hagen said is to As versed by Mcelroy in a whether Man is upset and to discourage individual achievement. Too Many of our schools seem to be teaching us that Man s highest Pedestal can be reached through harmonious conformity rather than original person achieve ment. There is a lot of danger ceiling Wax of cabbages and what the leaders seem to be saying makes about that much sense. Pasadena . There is dignity you know in the business of hoodlums killing other hoodlums when political Protection runs out. Knocked off one rival he gave a testimonial dinner for him before he beat his brains out with a baseball Bat. Even after look for pm. Some character like the late and a lamented Alberto Anastasia Calls Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Calls Detroit. De. Troit Calls Evansville ind. Some former sicilian with a hairline Mustache picks up a when Uncle Alfonso Capone couple of Yards and takes a bus to the big Apple where upon he knocks off the Pigeon first then he let him make and goes Back to collect the the Barest Start of a speech other half. This is so simple it s pretty. Little Albie caused to have Frozen launching pictures of those Torkels Ai knocked off Hie Jim Colo disappear four key indicate they Are very heavy Simo. Personal he had when he was caught must fake a i rom o Nous Cood taste la eschew Catsup la murder rap. Amount of Energy to he Drc some time. Unpleasant it least five personal them and Start them on their Orris. Murders involving upward journey. One would think that they would Send them up by first sending them Down Grade on a Frozen or wheeled Way built on the Side of a Mountain. . Pasadena. I his suppose somebody Hill Nils Cut off and his conduct medal taken away for merely creasing Frank oos Lello not so far Hack. We Ain t shooting As Good is we used to. of practice i should t won George m. Adams on letters unannounced directive. In Ting the easy motions of the he cited particularly the fall investigating committee by in dependent publisher Bernard j. Riddei general u Nutt editor m. Merriman associate editor a. G. Sumner managing editor Arnold Hub business Mana Rich a. K. Williams wire services United Preu. Inter National news service. In lax photos. Associated press. A wire photo. City news service. National representative bidder Johns. Inc., Loi an Palm. Run Cusco. New York. Cal cafe Detroit Minneapolis St. Note Russia does t begin to have As Many to sets As the u.s., but those of the so Viet Are first class machines. That is what intelligence director Allen Dulles informed the president s committee of engineers and scientists. He told them recent Examina Tion of a number of russian to sols surprisingly disclosed hat their tubes and Compo. Nunt parts Are of a High qual Ity. In a number of cases the russian to sets gave a clearer picture than the King roared at Richard s strange attire. Bitter health muscular balance Good posture consists of muscular bal Ance which causes least damage to the we baht bearing structures Bones joints tendons and Muscles. This applies not Only to the standing position but also to sitting and sleeping. In standing and walk ing we should have our Chin drawn in head erect and shoulders thrown Hack slightly. The Chest should not be protruded in the familiar military position our arms should be turned out so the Little fingers touch the Side of the thighs. The adorn in Ivl and buttock Muscles should be taut. Our feet and Kneecaps should Point straight ahead. This should produce a slight curve or Sway Hack in the Lumbar area. Any exam. In ration of this Normal Iway Back curve will by of. C. A. Dean cause undue stress on the Hack. In sitting the head shoulders and trunk should be in the same position As when standing. Our Knees should be slightly higher than our hips. If we remember this sitting will be no problem. Sleeping or the lying position should face one of flexion. This is assumed by lying on the Side with the legs drawn up. Sleeping face Down May be comfortable but it places too much stress on the lower Back. Adapting to Ideal positions re quires constant practice and awareness. However As they develop into a habit Pat Tern they Are easier to maintain. At first though full time Effort is needed. Question i think it should be Law to take the eyes of condemned felons before execution. Do you agree a s. Answer donating eyes is strictly Volun tary on the part of anyone. From guns to icepick he heat the chair through political connections. He had a firm hand in 30-Odd knockoffs that Are known and possibly engineered twice that Many. This Guy killed More peo ple through murder. Inc., than the asian flu. And just before the misbegotten Marks Meji gave him a works in the Barber shop he said in was Cril and in body was looking for him. Of course this killing would letters Are the most intimate of All personal express have nothing do with the Sion. I like to read the letters of authors for they Are not on to castors Union or the next Parade in such communications. Amon the great jetty a a killings to come. We do not these sort of things in la Ininns. Ask. And ask again. People do not Alivn Otil of win idols before murder trials and Are not suddenly client Ord off to the land of their birth before they spill the True stuff. These Lico Are really a wonderful Breed like the mafia that generally bred them. Love to them is like a Cement Sac suit. Love if they can spell it. Is like an icepick in the ear. They have an air conditioned conscience writers with whom i have become acquainted arc w. Ii. In to Hudson the naturalist. T. E. Lawrence Bob Davis. Law Indio r Hearn Katherine Mansfield d. H. Law rence. Norman Douglas and a Host of others. I recently read that Somerset Maug Ham requested that All his letters held by anyone be destroyed and he was doing this with All the letters in his Possession. This would be very unfortunate however for maugham is a most interesting letter writer and a Fine writer of both letters and books. His Short stories Are most intriguing. We put ourselves in a letter to a greater extent than in any other form of writing. We Are intimate and free willed in our letters. There is a sincerity too that is most Jin the country and they Al pronounced. Letters from our Home or loved ones Are ways wind up dead in a bar eagerly awaited. We should always make such letters full of cheer and Good news. During this Christmas time our letters should he sent far and wide. How Happy they can make those whom we love no material gift i s so treas ured. Never should we put anything in a letter thai to might inter regret. Life is too Short at its hrs. M write anything Happy thoughts and Good news. We can spread so much Roll in the him fire club to Good will and so much Hope to others by some simple Mes Irani How to shoot bettor. The Sage of love and thoughtfulness. What n wonderful thine Ildna of wasting four rounds it is to inspire someone else with a letter that is composed lot ammo on Uncle Alberto Hor s chair or some place equally comfortable. As i re Call the late gangster Larry Kay Hadi cents in his pocket when they sent him off. But i must he firm on one a omit. These Hoys holler on in one s heart. It is the intent not the composition that counts in a letter. , before they got the Range is shocking

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