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Independent, The (Newspaper) - December 5, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaW. Nash handbags for men the things i Hope recently disclosed in a to application that his net Worth is Between and million Don Caye says a Glass of half butter milk and half Tomato juice is a refreshing afternoon pickup sign spotted in Altadena on a passing Volks Wagen Copper plaque with push Button gasoline sales Are in the experimental stage. A device now being tested per mits a station attendant to push one of eight buttons and thus deliver any specific amount of Gas 2, 5, 8 Gallons or merely Worth. Salesman can then attend to other duties. The average Pasadena or Al Tadena woman shopper does better than 11 Miles on a Good Day Long Christmas shopping spree. Random civic minded Pasadena citizen who comprehends with rare insight the Overall los Angeles county governmental Ope ration says that 25% of the county cars could be eliminated and efficiency improved. He told me that the Hall of records is far from a modern office Structure and not conducive to saving Money. My informant also said that county civil service had costly by Laws that were anything but just. Recently a minor Job was to he filled. Three civil service men were qualified. All lived 20 Miles from the work. The Man who lived the longest Dis Tance was chosen because of seniority and paid special mileage. A mild taxpayer inquiry brought Forth the retort that civil service regulation would not permit the hiring of a new Man for the if he lived closer to the spot and could save the county Money. Short nomination for the ugliest foot covering of the Day is the Sumer. Pointed toe spiked Heel italian Type shoes now the Vogue among the fuzzy brained Fash Ion slaves. I be seen some of the new tight pants being sold to men. Some Fellows not have the right contours for such trousers and besides such garments have no pockets. Italians Wear pockets attached to their belts when they jump into such Type pants or will the time come when men resort to handbags women who drive while applying their lipstick Are candidates for a vital statistic. Anothy Moi. For your inform for the impending crisis in the livestock Industry to flare up soon. It is another example of what Hap pens when the government in leavens in the Market forces of agriculture. Once Congress starts a program of intervention it is not Only difficult to Stop but makes further intervention necessary. Big danger now is that feed brain surpluses May cause an overproduction of livestock it Las some mostly hogs which would hit livestock rices like a sledgehammer. Livestock feed surpluses Are now about times As great As in 1952. If Farmers raise More livestock with this feed it la mean lower prices on not to the consumer. If a livestock producer gave us beef cattle to the producer and let the Normal turn of events follow in the Cost spiral o a Southland dinner table the Irice would not be much Low r. Too Many greedy handling ands Between Farmer and con promenade Down the main Boulevard by Lucrece Hudgins Beale says you the Independent. Thursday. Dec. S. Russ Leadabrand at last the truth Shortl Teller truths last or. Edward Tel Ler testified that our scientific advisers turned thumbs Down on icbms after world War ii this is the Story of How we took the Island of because we had t developed a j Damion in the Pacific. Nuclear warhead with which it can be told now since Admiral b. Has gone into to Arm it. In 1954 he testified these same scientists opposed his efforts to make a nuclear h bomb. The scientists seemed to think that both the Chicken and the egg should come last Low about some new scientific advisers Alfred Kohlberg new York City thanksgiving another year and another thanksgiving gone by. Thanks of for allowing the sound and Ury of your readers which is the Best possible detergent of Public awareness. Retirement and Commodore c. Has passed away. To the ship Well Call it the . Brow stain Here keep from opening old wounds was sunk at Bikini. It s Safe to Tell the yarn now. Brow stain thanks also for publishing quartermasters sometimes flip Robert s. Allen gop upheaval Washington. Another spectacular upheaval is brewing in California s kaleidoscopic Republican Prim Ary tangle. Mayor George Christopher will quit the Stormy Senate race. That s the inside word now emanating from Republican National Headquarters. According to these Back stage sources the san fran Cisco mayor milled by Christopher him self. In angry blasts at gop 11 soon announce that in the interest of party Harmony he has decided to withdraw As a senatorial candidate despite his continuing vehement disclaimers of any intention to that. I similar frequent and loud denials were made by Gover nor Knight right up to his sensational switcheroo As California newspapers have graphically labelled his abrupt shift from seeking a second term to being a sen ate aspirant. Knight s dramatic switcheroo has been attributed to various gop forces. Some politicos and analysts Are credit ing it mainly to senator Wil Liam Knowland and the Power Ful business and financial interests with which he has Long been Allied. Others Are Point he has avowed his determination 4e raise his own electioneering Chest by appealing to personal friends. They will have to be very open handed because it takes a lot of Money to wage a Vig Orous statewide Campaign in 7alifornia. Chapter one a Prince is born once upon a time Many years ago there lived three Little men named Noodle Tig Gle and Livingstone. They were Only six inches tall they lived in a House made of half a Watermelon Rind and they fed on fresh boiled buttercups and Acorn Stew. The Watermelon House was also a workshop for the three Little men were Good fairy wizards. They spent their entire lives making magic potions. Three of their potions were strength courage and wis Dom. Whenever a Prince was Horn in the kingdom of Mitze poo Noodle Tiggle and Livingstone would go in invisible cloaks to the Palace and before the Prince was nine hours old they would Sprinkle him with their magic potions of strength courage and Dom. No one Ever saw the three Little men but it never failed that the princes of Mitze poo grew up to he Kings of great columnists opinions like Elmer roessner and Robert with guts who Aren t afraid of the pressure groups who try to put them it of business or discredit hem. Thanks for having Lyle to remind the populace hat variety is still the spice of for Leadabrand who adds a few cloves of sheer Reading Delight for the Rock funds and space cadets. Thanks for having a paper Vith a classified and getting Hilling Power that is seventh n the nation according to " publisher s weekly. Thanks or Selling my camera three ears ago when my car needed a new engine. Thanks a Heap for the count less letters of the column was never torpedoed. Political the 1960 courage strength and Wisdom democratic presidential Candi Date is much More Likely to be a governor than a senator. That is the opinion of former democratic National chair Man James Farley who had quite a reputation As a Politi Cal prognosticator years ago. Big Jim is backing up this presidential claim with the Fol lowing statistics 13 of the 33 presidents were governors As against 5 who had been Sena tors. Also Between 1884 and 1956. A governor or former governor either won or lost the one sex this was the Way it had been for 300 years and As a result Mitze poo was the happiest and fairest kingdom in the land. Now by and by it happened that there was a King of Mit zen poo who had no sons. This made the King very sad for he was getting old and he needed a son to help him care for his people. The King wished and wished for a son and finally his wish came True a son was born. Which signifies that free speech in t quite dead. C. L. Skelley Pasadena Tail spin or Fin i get a big kick out of listen ing to this Hullabaloo about High taxes in state and fed feral governments and this minature Boston Tea party with a threat to recall our City and county officials. When you complain that taxes were never so High you will have to admit that wages were never so Good and that profits were never so great. Automobile Tail fins have soared to a new Peak but brother you never had it so Good. Our unprecedented Prosper Ity since the last War is directly due to a 72 billion Dol Lar annual Federal budget. Up a Bunch of recommendations which it. Stubblefield signed and shipped the stuff Damion is a Fly speck on a off to coms Opac medals and dirty map of the South a citations divisions. Somebody civic. It. Fullie Stubblefield skipper of the brow stain had such a map. The brow stain was a Small ship of the line. You could maybe Call it a on the Brownie wrote a letter Home. The papers ran the Story. Public morale was boosted. In a couple of weeks All the Stroyer escort s escort. It was Crew of the brow stain was that Small. Wearing Bright new medals. The brow stain was a Happy then someone in cos Opac ship. But contrary to Navy started checking up. Tradition it was not a taut ship. For instance instead of following accepted Navy Zig Zag patterns Ped coins to see whether they would Zig or Zag. It can be truthfully said As the Only recommendation for this pro the invasion of Damion was not authorized in any Battle plan. The Island of Damion was not even mentioned in any Battle plan. It was when the coms Opac people discovered from intelligence reports that Damion had never been occupied by the japanese that the Medure. That the brow stain fat was in the fire. It was too late to cancel the it might have been better if store of the invasion of a she had been. Ilion. That would make Corn they were making a night Isoac look bad. They could t run up past the Munda to punish it. Stubblefield. He was Supply some coast watch Liesja Public hero when the Boatswain mate on the brow stain got the idea. There was a Small Island off the port Bow. A very Small Island. It was called Damion on the soiled Chart. The Navy held a top level strategy meeting. Admiral b. And Commodore c. Were in on it. It was decided to promote it. Stubblefield and to assign let s take the the him As ice Cream officer to a by suggested. The Quarter jct layer in Greenland. The masters flipped a Coin was similarly promoted agreed. Somebody mentioned the quartermasters were sent the idea to the skipper it. Stubblefield. He was in his bunk listening to recordings of Oklahoma on the record player. He grunted. The land ing was on. That night the brew stain dropped the Hook off Damion. The Crew wearing ten Nis shoes faces blackened went ashore in a whaleboat for two hours they machine gunned the underbrush threw hand grenades at the treat yourself to a Small know Palm Trees. At Dawn they ran up old glory on a Palm trunk and declared Damion . Property. To the Limpopo River com Mand South Africa. The ship was decommissioned and promptly recommissioned the Excalibur. The matter was stricken from official rec ords. So if you Are glancing through old papers at the Library some Day and come across those glowing accounts of How the brow stain took the Island of Damion ing smile. You at last know the True Story behind those headlines. But Don t give me credit. If anyone asks i never brow stain s Yeoman typed heard of the affair. Bob Considine soviet superiority the fairy wizards rushed to Moke magic potions. Needy nations and a near two Russ Las defense minister believes the american billion state budget. Cut these Soldier is inferior to his soviet counterpart that rus tax expenditures and what will Sia s submarines could drown . Aircraft carriers in we must make some new thought Noodle had put it we have any War. And that soviet rockets could Knock out the if you Don t like to pay.. Air Force. Groaned Tiggle and quickly for the Prince is already four hours old and if a a wait past nine hours the magic will not dear of moaned Livingstone this Rushing makes me so nervous. If Only we had known a Prince Vas on the never said Noodle. We must the Best we can. I la read the recipe and you. Tiggle measure the ingredients and you Livingstone the so they worked and the the Watermelon House. Hours flew by one two three until the new Prince was eight hours old. While the whole kingdom noodles eyes were red from rejoiced. Noodle Tiggle and in Anc Perlt cookbooks. There for him. So he too took what a Prince this boy will cried Noodle. I gave him a truly whopping sprinkling of ing to vice president . In 1908. Neither fire in a was Cross Ppd pay High prices. Pasadena several drops from the bowl taxes holler of strength and raced away to the Palace. Then came Livingstone. He said they be left the last bowl on the floor for carefully he measured out several drops of strength before he too raced off to the Palace. Each Little Man stole into the Palace Nursery and sprinkled his magic potion on the sleeping Prince. Then their task done they met again in Al taxes holler loud and Long All those things and can defend american in enough and we will get said in the first while steaming through i m glad i have the Money to Ter View he has Given since c. E. Reagan quotes business As i watch women establish first one Bridgehead and then another in the world of Busi Ness i feel the Way a few Wise made these Points Indian chieftains Felt As they watched the Early american settlers. They knew that mass settlers. They knew that Mas and citing his fulsome Howard Taft nor ment of Knight for the Sena Liam Jennings Bryan had been Tio rial nomination. La governor mrs. Eugenie Anderson one time Ambas that endorsement is being made much of by National committee insiders As work ing strongly against mayor Christopher s remaining in the Senate scramble. These Republican leaders Are saying that Nixon is just As eager to effect party Unity on the senator ship As he was on the gubernatorial Issue and will undoubtedly his utmost to bring that about. They Point out that a key consideration in the vice president s political strategy is to make certain his Home state remains in the gop column in 1958. Another potent Adverse Lac Borough Law As follows if Tor that Christopher is in Jval of enough you Are countering according to these to get elected eventual Sador to Denmark is giving ail the indications of getting ready to run against senator Edward j. Thyer Minn also considering that Are governor Orville Freeman and representative Eugene Mccar thy. Former senator William Benton d., who is considering off Empting a political comeback next year is claiming discovery of a new political formula. He it had Tarn so Long since a now Prince was born that when their succeeded ousted marshal Georgi Zhukov As Russia s top Cominer o the military Man. The interview we build submarines. Was conducted saturday with William Randolph Hearst or this reporter and Frank con Niff National editor of the Hearst newspapers. Malinovsky announcing ready obsolete that the red army is once again the obedient instrument of communist party policy anti aircraft Rock ets will make bombers obsolete and he implied end the Power of America s strategic be steaming through c Mediterranean. We cannot exclude their a so they have become the most modern weapon with which to drown any american aircraft carriers that appear in our Waters. Your Navy does not seem to understand that they Are Al i am familiar with your interservice fights in that re Spect Between your Navy and your air the questioning turned to Malinovsky s Long limn membership in the communist party and to Zhukov. You potions of strength and Wisdom had completely dried up. Back and Livingstone was great wailed Liv from head to toes Kingstone. I did the aghast they stared at one in three separate bowls were another. Finally Noodle whispered. Hell be the strongest boy in the a Strong boy with no Cour the three potions strength courage Wisdom. While the others cleaned themselves Noodle measured air command. The american Soldier is uni know of later their wilderness would be info nor to red Malinov by the number be c a u so sky said mandly of his or pop. Richard Powell. A Myrica has no Ideal who was reportedly his which to die in Battle. Imon tar. What Vou read in the United nations pm from our out several drops from the groaned Tiggle. Bowl of strength. He moved that bowl to the floor to show in Stone. He had used it and then and the three Little to the Palace. Broke into sobs of grief. We Are not As successful in training people to understand Freedom As we Are in training them to build houses or per form surgical a Lam under which 16 nations fought against communist forces in Korea was but a badge disguising american military interests. And no cried Liv quotes. J wholly with the North to i sometimes a mans deeds reans in that Wal Jean be a worry to papers is Correct. Comrade Khrushchev was quite Correct in the action he took. As for the marshal he is resting. When he comes Back from his leave of absence he he said his sympathies were appropriate Post by the soviet govern 1937 dec. The source of bitter complaint from property owners in the Vicinity the Tiggle came next and seeing tomorrow the cowardly daily if they Are heavily Mort Calls if the cite has sent notice to the gov. Bowl on the floor a. Battista. Push Button War is an i Post this is a Pond mention of writers not of peo Mem o 1hp Dof Pusc pie who really know he Hearst asked no Ralph four times before Winnins. Who ran Jenc lease for the spa Yards health chronic cough on Windsor Avenue in the party sources is an increasingly discouraging Outlook for Campaign funds from big re publican contributors. The quiet Knotting of their purse strings had much to with governor Knight s Benton sums up the Section of the City Many infectious diseases have been Lent by Omlar Netto City since the discovery of sulfa drugs o of facials that the spa work and Pennie Illin. Advance in tuberculosis and he cites two other strik ing instance of John Carroll d., Colo and William Proxmire d., who also ran repeatedly be fore scoring senator Ever Ett Dirksen. 111., is certain to succeed senator William . C. A. Dean process have also come in for their share of the blame. Added no War can be without the font this reporter Assort Malinovsky Why Russia while speaking so often of peace was investing a vast Fortune in submarines an offensive i weapon. He said Yards Are a nuisance because other serious lung diseases have also been of the continual noise include. The submarine is not Only chronic bronchitis Doest always solve the offensive Papon. It is also problem for the chronic Cougher. Some fac Riefen Slevc a inn am As tolerable As it is in a residential zone. 1947 i dec. 5 fighting mad and1 and preparing to face City pub Luhn Birned 1. Al dried general manager a. L. Nutter Lee m. Mirelman w o. Sumner Arnold Hus editor associate editor manful Klup Kultur manager e. K Wii mini wire sir virus Una Fri Prem Nai Unal news scr let pm nuns Aasu cited Hross a1j wire Potito Clov news service. National advertising genre Yenta nicer tar Johns. Inc. Lot an Kelts. Til Reg Paul. Sin franc Tiro. New Yorko Detroit Minneapolis is. J it 11.1 a i renewed demands that their. In. Much up in the air is who will take Over Durksen s place As gop whip. Two leading candidates for that Are senators Clifford Case n.j., and Thom As Kuchel Calif. Craig 26-year-old n.y., Dairyman who install Iii in a to quiz Croach ment by Cal tech offi cers and members of the san pasqual property owners association Are sending a hot special delivery letter today to Harold and every director at his Hebron Jhoma urging the Board to deny will try his hand at ninth phew Plant kind of contest. He has announced he will run for con Gress next year. Laboratory on the old Bandini of the diseases which produced chronic cough in the past have been con trolled. Despite this i see More and More patients with the complaint of chronic cough. This experience is shared by other doctors throughout the country. Reasons for this in crease Are Many. No one single Factor is involved. Basically it is Felt that Many of these cases Are due to chronic bronchitis. Production of Chr Anir bronchitis is not a simple thins. Infection either by bacteria if virus is an important cause. Irritants in hip form of lusts. Fun Iris and smoke con tribute to licit part in i his respect air polluters Are not controllable As yet. However some help can be had. For example if an infection is present this can be cleared. Or if there is an exposure to irritant gasses or fumes these can often be avoided. Chronic cough seems to be due partly at least to advances both in Medicine and in Industry. It remains now to find a Satis the tank did to the further development of lip rocket makes action of lip plan Ftp bomber Ever weaker. It is a Sam pop thine a Harp we Arp concerned. If Yon want to bomb a apr Tail target you Send your bomb ers. We in find. There Are Isaac los for the Malinov sky said. Many bombers will suffer before they reach the target such Levels. J maybe Only a few will reach it is a Good weapon a the longer the weapon against the the maj apr Ine Mem. Long As we must keep our sense at a High level we Are forced to build submarines stats. Ailara you factory solution problem. To this Ever increasing Homestead at 1171 san Pas lion and cigarette smoking Arp significant. St. Weather changes allo Reies and the aging t question arc the White of eggs bad for arthritis i have heard Many of my friends say this and i just Don t believe it. Answer the Whites of eggs Are mainly composed of protein an essential food ele ment. Rather than have a had effect on arthritis the whiles of Puijs should he helpful. F of or. Donti s new 56-Puge mid incl Hank Scarl 2.5 a refs in Coin fun Stamps care of Liis newspaper. That get through. Mention submarines As an of the arc to cases when not pensive weapon. But How about the aircraft Carrier it destination is aggressive and aggressive Only. In order to provide for defense of fed american continent your Ronld jus As Well operate from Shore your air a Refl rur rips plainly arc i Mil in inc your air int or to fur a incr hip spin for in stance. A single bomber will reach its Early Start Al Reno. Okla. W Barber air planes r. D. Was a Little sur prised when mrs. Paul Dalton walked in and asked for a hair cd for Iipp a a ppm old baby. In Pardon fun re let top Michael Paul Dalton had a full head of hair. The infant lust yawned when started and was it is difficult to Sec before it was Over

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