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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 1, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaPat film reviews Ytol ii Oil Fatm la alms 111 Koa Kcal Jorrel an iwo d in sul total Sta Mouflon chs Rutn an fair i Counell o i Iron to in stir Lori. Fop Hli i Jet her Tai Pink Iirth. Man s Ana Elva ton Al Varylnr-kvils.-. Adilla is Lac ouvre. U-15 runs Western jut i rails. A ilex draw run and a font Hofts Wor w la ii 1lc Cadulli Milln iwo a rna Luis. Taull p a. Model Agency arid her aharp1 we Compaq Dulli maim or Lute 1s-u Anil 12-15 atari to. Duck Matiy had a to Marty conc Toni pair Arbo l owl with who Iliili i tit Cielec tuck Duck from big Jour Hiott by t Losnor of Ortr. O Lute in is Yean i a reverent of he lift of franc u of Asi Ixl from . As a to Luller. In Ood a for Marl Nril recur in orm tit nucleus Tilch lir car tie cat tall on mfr 1-Ltt years Aryl oui tand Nof. Soon rvs Al nov Ghoul n. l woman Ivrose have Las posadas v. A. Ferrer Yule play starting 30th year the 30th consecutive year of la s posit rats is in the third week of its current run of eight weeks. His year s company of mex lean players includes Rogelio Alfaro Isabel Garcia Belinda Alba Jose Alba Guadalupe Rubio Eligio men Era jus 1avo Altaro Cairn in Zamora Ana Ferrer Virginia Alvarez and Vicente Quintana. Las Story Christmas in Gold Mexico is presented six times weekly wednesday through saturday. It deals with Hie problems and Joys of a simple mexican family at yuletide. Pancella s dream of the nativity known As the Colo h.18 8-h Vears no. Orbat world War 1 adventure i of iwo ill in buddy i Mil the Gamut from old Faith kind Farci in Lenell mental War drama. Cadulli Vifor in 1.1 Vears Malure 12-16 yearn no runs of lion Teilo of Serour of hand Loica men who comr pinioned to Deit ror nazi run Haiton on Lerenn of Yavarone. Adults and 11-ls Yean excellent im4 Una Rotten a picture of he Fly the of a room shark to Itel u the top. And a Tieru to him and Whoie around Herr in the Procesa. He commended for adult at Art museum California color society 1st annual exhibit through cd. 31. Hours 10 .-5 ., n.m.-9 ., Sun. Closed us Ion Petticoat a Ink us Thi of onto Roku d Ai Thiv wander iwo s a Tomchi. Adult. 15 . 30 rues. 2-5 mondays. Free. Quite Lar jazz dec Tralor. In comic in Dolmant Al Hock Hudun. A write h4 Casanova. Adieu. Marj Viand old and 1s-16 mod Ilon inter International i mlle. N-16 the i crets of women Sulfri in Law. Tell of the Al Wei their marred lives. Adults Lair re a Oyent Clim Fror Ali or own. Adults Nurt 1.1 i malty Wolf in for War Inlo the h a t s of am flir her i aids Hywari to the Bottom of the Raja Walter Plaj Ieon. Inventor ant or to inn i the Wona meteor i adult Bdrm Klear a Unter the Arctic 1 lire fro the Edilh my hum 15-1h and 12-15 rears times of the shows Blun ail any ski North he lion t the a alters. Urn ii own i furl 4im. Thirn to cipro were. I1ntk then there were three. Of i mildly. . Monrovia iiw1 tin at non l Kat leu in Rte by or rows of Allan la the 20 s. Suomi Mirr i jul san other people of Hungary a color travel documentary film titled the people of Hun Gary will he shown at 8 Tonight and tomorrow at the Glendale civic auditorium. It was filmed in i960, and is the Only one its kind made by in american in it features the Story of the Revo Lution and the youth of the country As Well As Scenic and cultural views. This showing Marks the fifth anniversary of the hungarian revolution. Inn real local. Skint Kijka tar Callnn Rel Throat. Liiva talk. Tir Sorrl Warrior. Uku imn f to of Jub Shiocton . Pertl daily . Thurs ., Sun. . Last 5 Days Troy Donahue Connie stuns Dorothy Mcguire Lloyd no Fin Susan Slade Paul Newman Joanow Paris blues places to go today bibles exhibit civil War sex i bit drawings and sketches by John Constable. Permanent exhibits of 18th Century Brit so portraits French eng Lish decorative arts. Hours Dally except Mon Days. 1151 Oxford rd., san Marino. Customhouse Gill Ery paintings and drawings by Walter Askin. Dec. 2-16. Mon ., 39 3aylon St., Pasadena. Rasm Lenti society of a Llsms and landscape paint nos interpretive Board of equalization build no Pasadena 8-5, . Monrovia Public Library paintings by Betty a Duke dec 3-Jan. 4. .Mon.-frl., 10 . To Sat., 10 to Free. Pawlo original illustrations for Chil Dren s books. 9-9, free. Jack by Junius Martin through dec. 8 1128 fair Oaks ave., South Pasadena. San Marino it Lilic serigraphs by sister Mary co Rita him. Doc. 4-Jan. 31. Mon. Thurs., 9-9 frl.-., 9-g. Ramon ii pc g a 11 e r paintings and sculpture by Berg Bloodgood Delarios Gore Kushner and others. Dec. 1-31, 1 to 5 ., tiles. Sat. 7to 10 i Fri. Free. Man Hitun ican premiere of paintings by for Apdo for Lull. Through dec. 9. 540 s. Lake ave., Pasadena. Monday frl., is leery works by Slater Sarkisian and. Hafif 41 e. Montecito ave., Sierra Madre. Exhibit lectures . County fran 1900 to the present 10 to 5 Dally except Mon. Exposition Park . Alfred of works by the renowned photojournalist. Through dec. Lecture Hall Pasadena Public Library. Curl Symns decorations ice a lilt Descanso gardens Guild. Descanso gardens la Canada. Daily. Dec. 2-10. Free. County museum Holiday show modern play equipment for children through Jan. 7. Exposition Park . 10 . 5 Daily. The people of color film. 8 ., dec. 1-2. Glendale civic Aud. Bemons Fritton lectures computers How they prof. Gilbert Mccanna ., dec. 1. Cal tech. Pasadena Public list Orical rooms open 2 to 5, Wed. And Friday. Free. Entertainment Mel Olien a orchestra sch cd Green 50 e. Green St. Latin dunce combo frl., . Sun Elj jets Al Poche acc 233 w. Mission dr., san i Abrol. Dixieland Juiz the Jolly Coachman 9151 e. Las Tunas blvd., Temple City. Weekends Only Folk Milo in concert the ice House 24 n. Mentor ave. Theater Padua Christmas play. ., wed ., . Clare i Mont. Murder in the 8 ., dec. 1, 2 3. The Claremont Church Clar Monu Trio Jinn who came to dinner at through nov. 30 Glendale Cen Ter theater. Playhouse Finger nightly at except Mon Sat Bell Book Fri. And . At ., la can Faia Otha hippy of Etc Tada i la Canada or. High auditorium. Music concert College Community Orch. ., dec. Mlle Felt Dec. 2. Philharmonic Aud., 427 . Coriolan Filsno Dabney lounge Cal tech. ., dec 3. Free. Cd Lenin i Fri etto cd. 3. House. Alft 2 ., dec. 3 Doc 4. Pasadena civil auditorium. Lenin Grill kirov Swan dec. 2 p. Dec. 1 and 3. Shrine audio rim . Now playing. At it leu this Man was in a on. Mee Par kit the guns of Yavarone Guttery pick of old an Assn and f t Box of lift mail orders now Connie t Ste Vinyl no Rackos Wuyts Ems. Ind k the roaring 20 s tit Cokl it Tinei in a8tisis re pantages theatre h05-22u my hats Auk to pm fun. Mats wit a All life of. fico Jbv idol july 4 Jorty. So Tun . Oth. . 1 1 i ii to. Tel Furrh. Al 1? ii a t i _ Orch. M a it Muci bios. I ves Montand Anthony Perkins a tic. U. Hribb. 7311. M id Box office opens i showing Only tonight Alfred Hitchcock s Cary Grant m Mare suit a Shuson Northwest Boa Oil Friday at Midnight Back door Tunnel of horrors psycho of usher do you dare to he Here r1alto Musy 7-3h1 Pasadena playhouse mis. Esl. Now saying Judith Evelyn in five Finger exercise engr Tising Adolf dicta mul Xit St of Jusi _ mul Sll tall Len the Fellowship of reconciliation presents j an evening with John inti Odowd by Rosejr Van and colouring . Clip College a Capelia Chou december 12, Al Benefit Wirht Only it Pasadena civic auditorium Jeri its jm5. Pm 11 to Tsvili pin Rucj St bit i Pasadena symphony orchestra a gift of song Christmas opera Pec. 4, Mon. Night Carol singing led by Kenneth while Ladd Thomas organist opera cast Martin Bramlage Handzlik Riffel Hinshaw read Irving Gram pretends the first lady of jazz 1973 fair Oaks so. Pasadena smoking permitted in Balcony Box office opens Peter Ustinov Endrei off Romanoff Ond Juliet Toshiro Mfume Wjk thrilling co feature on same Bill Alex Nicol Frank Latimore then there were three Pacific drive in theatres Mac. Toil. Wll. Than. Al Monte drive in lower Azul ecu i Rel. Ilia . Lin us. Sil. T in. Eit Bow m Here von on dec. 7, 1911? i bombed Pearl Harbor toil pro Milune also Alex Nicol ill Mari three msn., tin. Wal. Thun big sky Durve in Al 9-Ihi 1011 Ell i Monrovia m. Sim a Bow , 6.r, Ipin if Csc a Rcd Hll chock s North by Northwest Cary Grant Eva Marie Saint Jami Mason plus Doris Hay David Given please Dott eat the daisies Tauri. Fri Sara show . Eun. Osil Al Monte Alfred Hitchcock s a tent it North by Northwest Cary Grant Marie Saint James Mason drive in Phis Roi Meid Doris Day Navid Nolven please Don t eat the daisies is Guniy go a ctr Ustinov Sondra Romanoff and Juliet to Raul Smith Trio Fri., dec. 8, Pasadena civic auditorium tort Ali . . In nil .1 Clyts Dine. 1h e. Knit Solieri by alls is Gal. Mill. 73? s. Hill Iii Sll Matsil Asinelli. Mall tilt it ten sect Ait Lic Horh Jan a Togo director David choral Pasadena civic auditorium tick Sti adult. 1.75 Chloc fran 75c Al Law and symphony Alie Dyllen 111 jew la Lei Kobti 2 h. Y. Times a Knock Down drag out Battle the most g moving and electrifying scenes Ever life Magazine i see x buy tickets now 6iltmore theatre 3 was. Moh., dec. Operation Petticoat operation Tony Petticoat Curtis Tony Randall Theima Ritter Art theatre 1m w. Hulln. Aids Karl. At run Tell International film festival secrets of women dreams Boltl dlr rth by i Opas Sisi color now at reduced prices no reserved seats original full length version 5th big week Winner of 11 Academy awards including picture of the cont. From 12 noon Ben Hur Attl Bulei t. Thous pin in. Vai Colorado .vtrk, 25is f

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