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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 31, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaSatu pay. August 31. Abbott Abc vend of ind act Wing Acme St attains sex air reduce Alasia Jua Aico prod do i x awns t Auer up of .3 Chi i do i i tit _ cop j.1, s a 1- a -4 35 u Laid a rih Atri Oao i t Silaron Sii in a Shell Oil i l snt-11 Trail _ a u 30 13 Amerada Cham airline am Brash am by Par am am can do j 2 ssi i 1164 121 -5-t 17 6 67 67 i. 111 in is 27 4v Ilo pm 12 do 4.1j of ,10 do 4 per i i i. Mi-1 4 Mani com l amur my fitly 2 co i a thu urn Smith Socony i solar Kun n 9 Sui Cra Iii 10 t std Coil pit i t v Stii Uil a Oil Liui a Stii Oil no i Iii Oil on n i Starr tit. Is i stauft til Laj Sterl dry Stevens h Stoke Van Isi i r Storff Brit 4 sum i uck sales Cine. Sid Oil by 2 slip . a u tech Tco the Loki cd Tish real. Told ship 1 trl conf i cub Oil in Nurr us foil b id Suk. Pet Webb Knapp a Wick r Oil. R i Roa p i. Ltd 5u t Plo Jud t Monarc do of .90 of am Zinc 31 13h i3h Oman eur Al 4 2s 2s Anaconda 6s 5 i 65 32 33h Anch h g Ander Cluny 2 and Pri 0 9 Arch Dan 5 Fla pm x. 4 flu pal food fair Argo Oil iry i _.-., Anu co so a 54h 54h 31r. Armour co. Is armst cd 21 Art loom 2 t Foott min Moi i in Forem Dalr do of ass dry g x Assoc inv Atchison do of All line All Keflon Atlas up Aust Midi autom cant 31 m -19 161, 5hj2 i Larch a 2 cd 4fi Imol u it 5 pm 2 a j Montec Tinl 2 4 m bin u. A slip 1 a Sii Juniur us u Sonthi r Pup shut i co Sylv Al i Ujj Talco air i a Tran of Rolft Orth 5s76 Peru 3s97 5. 62 Socall de Solc Neil s isto 49 4.1 markets at a glance of Hfrank str 2 us reent sul i 100 tra 47 Virili m do of x .70 no 97 Monter Oil 23 i Mont word 17 Sloor me s Borreli i t motor pm 2 motor we Fol 2 Mut Rolu 2 Mueller by i Murphy 2u 10 9 s ill mfg so 6% 1m 9 10 42 12 9vi 10 Babitt 1.1 23 Bald Lima 2s bait gae in .10 Ball of 67 Flo of 3 cd 6 Barber Oil 3 a .20 Piasio prod 2 Bath in we s beat ads 3 be unit m Bei i2s 335i 33 i 93 Gar Wood 6 Gardner Den s Garrett 7 Genai Nundus 6 g am to pcs k uen am Oil 1u Igena Tran 39 i Gen Bak 5 3? i Gen Cable 7 do 1 .40 i Igen Cigar 2 Igen 3 of controls 7 Dyna 112 10s 10 41u 371- 3655 i 32 h .12 u 37 i i _67 _ _ 4 4 ii 31-. A m 3014 20 i 19 ski 3.1 h 20isi Iii 1 1 Tex g a i Tex g pc Latex in her in up 10 2s t ii i 41i a 113 i Naico up 1 15 14 7i Nat airline 10 1st n fat Auto f b -12 12s disc 2 12 35u 7 .10 14iu 1 Ajaj Ilo of i nut 8 13 Nat Cush r 34 59 4 Nat Cyl g 13 4 i Nat dal Nat Hist 35 2o soil. 3 j i 34 is 2-1 f i 5 is 51 -4 vhf g 40 3 Jii of v Nat Gyps -4 40 3 jul 30u a Lead 33 u3ii Sulli. T-3 Nat Linen s i 13 Nat Mai Job 10 3tf% 3b re Nat hrs l is i is Nat steel Ujj 14 if20 s24 s2 2l 35% i by sch l Sav 5 30jt u Bell air 14 17% 37u 17% _ i Ken Dyna 4ui _ psf re Jig la 19 56 i 4 121.1 v s Beech air Milnw 2 Bendix a 24 beef Fin 5 do of _ 43 Gen Mills 5 Gen Iloilo 195 Hopf do of 5 Gen p Cem 5 Gen free s do of 5 Gen pubs 19 Gen pub util Bestwall 9 41 42bessteel 145 43 Black dec 9 52 Blaw Knox 9 h71 Bohn Alum 2 ish Eon Ami a .40 a do p s.4d Bond stars 5 Borden 2 60 i bore warn 3bos de is 47 u Bobann me b do or i bran air 9 bring brass 7 Boggs of 20 7-11 Brown by 2 334 Brun Balke 11 54 3j do Al is Buckeye pm 1 24v Buey Erie is Budd co 7 173. Ilu lard 22 int Kulova w Jurl ind u no juror Upha Bush term by 9 24 Jutte cop 4 ily prs of -20 102 Gen by Gen raft Ltd 50 u 4 s 36 m. 29 k Gen Kef Rac l Gen shoe 10 gun St cast 4 Gen Tel 2s Gen time 1 Gen tire 27 do of .60 a Cpl Gerber prod 2 Getty Oil Gillette Gimbel do i a Glidden Goebel by 35 13 37 50 m 82sec 50 31 i -14 65 06 14 Goebel j. Vil Goodrich 47va of Goodyear 2.7 16 u Gould Bat 2 41 a h Grace a co 36 Gran Paige is a Granby m 1 grand in 11 37 4 w Gran c us if 56% giant 8 h i Vigrass Roh 7 13v h it no Pap 2 61 i no by s 32 h a a Ligi West s 2 24 j a Green. He 4 is if a i ? i Grum air ids Grant sup 3 Gulf motto 22 Cert teed 2 Cessna air 6 Chad Goth 2 2 Champ Pap i 3iili Champ Oil s x Chance 4 32checker cab 4 us Chc Nway 14 9 Ches of 14 Chi t f. Ill 3 10h a Jet it West 4 37s 20 17-i do of 2 67 Chi n w in 27 do of 5 35 Chi Knetl t 18 21 i Chi Pip a 24 331, cd Krysl a 210 75 pm Gie 3 24 i Cir Mill it 7 Civ Finan 17 cities serv 3s 64 to Clov invest 2 City str l a do of x .60 in i Clevlie _36 i 9 63 i Ham it x .10 s6 so Hammond or 2 30u hard walk 1 36 i u do of s int 3 i i 12rij. 130 v 35-1 36 i toll to mar outlet .20 Owens cup 13 Owens 111 g 29 do of 1 Oil Oral Pap i do of -211 in w us lines us pipe if us play cd is a lewd is nub do of us shoe smelt steel us Tob do or in Isle 2 in Wall Pap do b of by 7s s 50i 50 u Pac Latch of x .10 have Heinz 9 of x .30 Heller 1 Hethe Pix 2.50 Hercul Mot i Here per do of x harsh Choc Herti no 1 15 Holland v Holly sus do of i Home St 10 Jho Tiolu Oil 5 Hooker Al 4s Houd ind 14 Househ Fin 31 Houst Lap Howe find Hull Man q i Hud Bay m to 33 i 107 5 54 14 351 s r 20 1 10 t 21h Page a 3 Par coast 9 h Pac of by 12 46j Pac tit 16.50 120 i do it i 58 3li Pac tin 4 pan Arran plot 6 a 23 Ark rust 3 Patino Man 11 33 loj 13 a 39 it 4bu Al i b3h 33 ass i in univ Cyc s of univ to if .30 139 .40 b9 7 25 in pm of Utah Pil 39% t h ji5 Iii Tsal s 20 10 i Day 30-% Hunt cd 2 a nip up 44 Vij 33 h Peabody c 46 Pesca p pc i pen Road 11 45 people Gas in Pferrer Pfizer run of 24 i 80. 38 " toy 14 a 4 k a a i is a Idaho per Ideal of 111 cent Indeli Pil Indus Liny line Ranil l i Inland St cop u inter chem i do of in .10 int big dec 62 31214 307 i 6 run m do or do of pitl a ref Whin up Mot 39v 3414 so 70s 2 3s re Max to Cluett pea do of 2 Yaj pc Cora cola a Cole Palm 9 46 do i x .20 4 ally _7 is i Coio col bad a rat b col col Pulci 4 col carb 22 Colas Ohel 2 comb enc in come credit to com solv combed do or tone Mills con Cipar con do of 1 con s con Al 7 Oon 66 con Gaa it 1 con n Gas 19 q 26 consume pm 12 do of x .30 do of i to Container 10 cont Bak 10 cont can 13 a of int my. U int Nick it. Tit int Park 2 c hit pane r t7 i int c a i i do of x 1.00 a int Salt 1 10 int shoe a. To i. Silver r t t 42 31 re int full to l r intent pm 13 1 Iowa 111 g 1 2 Iowa p x l a 1 r i in pm i s 4 Ite Cut re is -1 is s 107-j Poltl a do of ii Philip mor. 12 Phil vant ii Tel 107 Sty Mills 2 it Coke a s my con col 3 it fore 5 it Metellu 7 Jit pit g i steel 4 27 a Eva 2 25- co 21 dl1. Ii do of b 2s h Plouch i s61, Oil it i v poor i of 3 i in proct c 11 my i ssi. Pah so col 1 07u s 22 3s i do of 31 i ind to 33s 341 i co 22 .19 t Wilcox Oil -1 Wilson a co 22 Wilson John 1 Winn Pixie a Wise Al pm 12 Wise p so 4 Woodward in 2 24 Worth Neton 8 Vale Tow k Vonic 1 shit is angst s or Zenith in d Curnow it t am Oil cub All Silt sir dam Sll c Tinor univ Dumont lab dui mip h bowl a s ii up Erie Eureka up oils Tiger g fire pfc Vel me Glen Aid Ilia n am int petrol Index Oil Kaiser Lect Kaw Nerr like so m Corn was off to Ryc was up to t cent soybeans off to i lard was unchanged to off hogs steady top 2.1.75 cattle steady to 1.00 lower top 26.50 sheep steady to weak top 25.50. 17.20b 1b.300 1.1.ihk 14.100 14.300 Liim Lullin then Nynn mics new York. Api 9.33 10.22 trans 7.99 8.76 Annh by cd Abed cd Alil cd Ambus hrs am Mut cd soc cd Trato Dev Milt High inn cd a cd b St cd axe Sci Mut 1r.57 20.10 5.57 6.10 22.14 23.31 16.73 1s. 10.c1 cd 6.56 7.1s Price to amp cd 16.76 13.21 de Veen inv do Mut i d Dell cd Del inc cd div Grot St div inv cd divid hrs Dreyfus cd do Etc inv 10.39 11.4 s.46 9.3 6.67 7.31 s.39 9.19 2.66 2.92 s.82 9.59 21.47 22.96, 20.40 4.f4 s.29 paso natural Gas added 51. New. The american Exchange also co., Getty american can Jerage finished with a gain of Kus limn Kodak Johns Man 4 is 29 compared with a Rise of Ville and Goodyear. A -574, on tuesday which had utilities joined Only half. Is i been the biggest upward move heatedly in the move but Al "7 33 of 1957jo that time. Ujj j rails after posting a Low for the year thursday re ended higher with Woodley be bounded utilities added troneum. And internal s2 cents. Tonal Petroleum each up s3 trading narrowed to 1.091 is to new Jersey Zinc and sues of which a Large camera were up past 769 advanced and Only 144 a Dollar. I declined. Bonds ended mixed in lighter i volume waft a disappoint ing shares below the turnover in the wheat and j trading. In commodity trading Corn Copper were in previous session with tic proved Cotton Wool and Cocoa Long Holiday weekend generally i Only excuse offered for the Light dealings. Investment buying 1 i f t e d Ohlfs . Steel a Dupont Al-j1 hied chemical s3, Gesi Jersey Royal dutch land the normally slow moving. American Telephone marked up Chrysler Wasj Daft if Gross revenues of Hilton hols corporation Rose to a rec x months period i compared with impressive Oil list inferno i tonal paper Al Unce Coa was ahead 2, United in a report to Stock Coa Craft up wheat unchanged to cent among the carriers Louisville t0 Nashville sold 2% higher Western Maryland Atlantic coast line were each up about 32 and new York Cen trial Missouri Pacific a great Northern and Rock Island were among issues adding a Dollar higher or More. Prices were higher from the outset and gains generally spread and mounted until the final Bell. Fourteen of the 15 most Active stocks advanced and each of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial list was profits from operations for the first half of 1957 amounted to equal after preferred dividends to per share on the common shares outstanding on june 30, 1957. For the same period last year profits from operations were equal to 51.64 a share on shares after adjusting for the. Two for one Stock split effected in sep tember 1956. Consolidated net profit amounted to or a share for the first half of 1957. Of this figure or 20 cents a share was derived j from the Sale of properties. Ifor higher. The same period last year con Chrysler was followed on net profit was most Active list by general to or per share. Of tors up i Alleghany this total profit from the Sale Royal dutch and Bengue of property amounted to mining unchanged. Or a share. Elmer roessner More mergers Van Norm 3 7u up 7 30vert s Cus 26 Vick clime 5 so Vietch we 6 23-h Vach 6 21% 20-i Al p u 10 d .20 101 by 7 32 i Vulcan mat 1 lib a Wasner Al n Wal Storc sys 1 13- Wii Larcen n Walker h 1 75u Alworth 7 16 Ward Bak 6 j Ward ind 9 warn b Pic warn Lam Wash wat p 7 33 Wayne pump 1 Wel bilt up 3 West ind s 1 w by Coal i w Penn Al 13 do of t 30 w pulp 7 West air l 3 West Auto s 1 West Marv 23 to of i Pac w in 27 Rio of .1 us n u Here is another Assembly of predictions based on. Ysis of trends developing in the Market place a is gasoline prices will drop More than usual this fall. Annual seasonal Cut will be greater than in most because of High holdings by Oil companies. A cuts have already event for a ent. Many will be restyled to Stock Grilli. Ens Fri 21.17 up i by Capil can 10.45 1u3ince hrs a.93 rare i 70 10 five Peoples Sec 1 j so Moo s.19 9 27 gust 30.95 c.07 6.5fi 12.h 13.20 11.59 11.59 8.56 9.26 11.10 13.16 14.371 cd scud cd can Sel am shr b cd inv 11.25 i state St inv 39.375 11.875 Sun Raf cd 28.65 2s.63 Sterl inv cd 10.63 in 21.00 23.00 8.01 s.75 the tide of mergers will Rise higher. Tight Money is an added Factor. Companies in Nies Able to obtain additional i 12.30 in s 96 Ort 12197 Texas cd Sion cd in h.7, 7.02 Knock Frt 13.7s , Lex inc vent h.92 10.13 Lac ins inv 1.37 do St Fol cd 7.fi3 inv Mut t2.6r s i Fri c com ser Annaz Rotmil j. J do of ser 0.-12 7.03 Hen ind 3.fil inv Metal 3.10 Purol special a cum cd s.31 9.0? i cont cd 11.ii i2i inc Frt 5.s7 Sel cd ki.21 fund can vntlli1 line fi.22 do inc cd do sit inn Stratner 3.9s Wall St inv 3.12. Wash Mut in 3.s7 Well cd 3.5t White cd 3.011 Wise i d lo.f.9 11.61 1s.s2 2.73 Are ripening for take overs. Drug companies will figure in More mergers they Are favourites of merger minded companies seeking to diversify interests. One reason pharma Ceu is sales usually hold up Dur 5.12 moving declines. Another there s always a Chance that a Good drug subsidiary will come up with a new wonder drug Mak 2.01 2.s. 10.52 11.4c i.s7 7.51 Over the counter pow Jones closing do stocks tin toll Winit Dlo and used prices try from Obj National a oct Don of Snur Lylei Uez Leri. Inc. Bin Are Undorf Iclal. And Art not actual trans actions they Are intended a a to the approximate Range within in scr inept seen allies could Nave Deen told or Bount at the Elmr of compilation. and common store fix corp is Macmillan pet hid Alpha Beta am express am am Marietta Jam pipe a con Ampex Arden farms l do pad bid i6v. 37c Oil 63 i qua oat 5 in i a i 31 t t a Lek St Oil 2__27____27____27 induct. Jitich a a a. Iis3 ills 3j0.77 pad f us ser Market ban let is to Rockwell 101, l Maxson i "ii4 my Boron april 3 54 Morrison kind i a 23 .4 Natl propane 22 sub Natl St e Shin is 11v Natl Gas 6u new Kos a Ftp 137.49 67.81 t.4fi 1.17.67 71.61 66.8.1 161.71i in ii ju.8j.i r 3s pile intermit sex 12 Pac per a it 2s1. Packard Bel 10-v, Pendleton tool 15 i 2j1 Germante Cem 161 pc Rolane Gaj n-4 Kino Warren Bros 441 my u Aih Nat Gas 13 4 3 showcase 7% 17 West Oil Fields 1 21 i West Precept a h1 wizard boats i ,3" 2111 Aetna fire 36 u 171 Aetna life 1s9 Iam equitable 30 am ins a Fork 23t1 i so neral 2s3 Loiti casualty so 33v, founders ins 18 life 62 i a general re ins 47 ing the Parent firm Rich. Activity in pharmaceutical stocks will increase. Many investors believe that Best Hope for sensational profits lies in Stock of drug com panics on verge of new specifics for serious ailments. At flip moment Miliny investors Era off on an Oriental flu kick. A Rumor in that a company is about to give them lines More like yank cars although Small sizes and Economy will be maintained. In this Way manufacturers expect to win an even larger share of the . Market. The exotic food Boom will be larger Ilian previously predicted. When general foods announced a new ions line of gourmet foods it was forecast Here that others would broaden Linos of specially foods. This is True so fast that the earlier prediction seems too mild. At the specially food show in new York next week there will be 400 exhibitors up 100 from last year. And every week other firms Are disclose scud its Stock Ward a proven up sure fire cure could skyrocket prices of die discovering com do 2 Tob b 25 Rheem of 1 13 Ric Fin of j Kracy Hay Kern c m o i Kerr Moet 23 s 2 Hick e Seel Kim All food Mart service on Melcah do 5% Odd Loli Ati Cuil 33. Purr Hasari. 325.4711 salts wheat prices will Rise slowly. I Market analysts think supplies will slide below demand push the Price above the loan ing plans to bring out hew gourmet foods. Notes food merchants without gourmet sections May be Wise to con food tax cuts will be the big Issue in the next Congress. Washing ton observers report scores of proposals being readied for the 1958 session. Advertisement Lazy drains whether it s a stopped up Al Ane fares will Rise. Most sink tub toilet. Disposal Wash Szenger airlines Are feeling machine or sewer we can Pinch of higher operating Clear it in a hurry with our compounded by vastly modern electric equipment. Capital requirements newer planes. The adminis. Traction will prefer that airlines increase rates instead of ask of Crown Cork. Rown Kell u Ilo of x m psi1 33 Cut am Sun 4 l j cur Tohy do it v Tinen 1 Currun 11 do no 1 it Irtis or 73 do a 1 1. 2j1 i thu Flor Iii s it Inu ids it my i t u i Rifi if. Tell old Neil in i t 1 Monel ill Judd c my j 1.11 12 j Sis w. L rav arms 14 Soli Euini Schimil h irl Rott 11 i do or x a of Henri met Al h min bul. Cirlot i Ilhan Elfy pro Mph if Cwi. Knit i Loti 2.1 i Only Korl Trina 21n, Aline Kanrr Yijin Cendor by non on of Fly Nat 17 271 a inv m Ilik 1 seab Oil 17 7 i 71 116 i Zufle Acrivi 1 ill 13 ing for new subsidies. A levelling off in prices is at hand. It won t include wheat plane rides and quite h few other tilings but the average will go up very Little. At the moment prices Are meeting More resistance and Bot i Industrial buyers and Consumers Are sitting markets out to urn ii cd extent. Eventually the upward spiral will resume. New foreign cars will look More like american aulos. European exporters Art finding americans want cars that Are not too differ Romot reasonable service. Our specially i Lazy drains and sink reaming met firn it trn a Helnn. By at 1-5115 in or Trmal Linn unto in Mai it

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