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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 31, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaHawk Why daddy Zmek and world laughs with you. valuable print Send your question Iriaine address and to Why. Dait Liy of mils paper. Talk Bri Tanvik a Junior. 15-Vtiliinie in for Crool and Home will be awarded Tor the letter selected. In of duplicate questions the author of Why. Dad will select the Winner. Anyone who mountains be of Jackie be of Berry will Yum Fin have Pierard How ape nou6ett1ng along Wilum you Ini the what is an Iraj Avalanche lives i just swimmer the Fuu. Length in the or at the foot of Mountain slopes is a constant dread of an Avalanche. An Avalanche can descend so suddenly that there is no time to escape. Trees houses and whole villages can be destroyed in an instant an Avalanche is a sliding mass of Snow ice or wet Earth and stones. An Avalanche of Earth and stones is a kind of landslide. It can happen even in regions without Snow. A Steep Mountainside or Bluff becomes thoroughly soaked with water or is weakened in some other Way. The Earth can no longer stand in such a Steep slope without sliding Ami an Avalanche begins. This kind of Avalanche is most1 common in the Spring when Winter Snow and ice melt and soak the ground below. It also May occur where a River wears away its Banks or where Man digs a Roadway or mine along the base of a step Mountainside. This kind of landslide often has blocked Mountain Val Leys and thereby created Large lakes. I a Snow Avalanche occurs when Snow no longer will re main on the Mountain slope beneath without sliding. Old packed crusted Snow often will remain quite firm on even very Steep slopes but fresh Loose Powery Snow May slide very easily on even a gentle slope. When a Small slide begins it often dislodge other j larger masses below and As the Avalanche descends it grows in size and destructiveness. In places where the Snow is so situated that it will barely sup port itself without sliding even the sound of a voice will disturb it sufficiently to Start an Avalanche this is because the sound sets up vibrations and the vibrations the Snow sliding downward. In the Alps when Mountain climbing parties Are crossing dangerous slopes the guides often will insist that everyone remain absolutely silent in or Der not to set up the vibrations that May cause an Avalanche. Sometimes an Avalanche descends with Sulci great Speed that it creates terrific winds and these winds have been known to break Down Trees nearby fun time the quiz Box cities 3. What two cities Are known As the twin cities 2. Where is Yale University 3. Where is the Lincoln me Morial 4. What City is known As the City of brotherly x 5. What City is called the seven filled answers q o cd c Uoo u3abh z is Pue Sam Hill inve5ti6mc and bestow Idun nol. Ain t us Lucky Weil pick him up after we Dower the pm6en6cr1o 5am by the was who 14 she what s that a order was .a5amhilu a about in vestion 1 unusual in the we Init of Sam the Wyatts i just Scutt tid the to let thai lets Paddy Cam have his 3ath a Bath with All my it i Indium debt stars we clim9 mountains we climb Trees we watch birdies we watch bees. We pick berries we pick Flowers we spend Money we spent hour5. We take take naps we set set traps. We raise lettuce we raise Cain we use our muscle we use our brain but when we re finished Well Tell you Don t go to Kamp Kelly. There s no-thin6-6-6 to of the Day by William f. Bulow in Sarthe trick Box Here s a trick with numbers that will amaze your friends. 123456789 987654321 123456789 19876543 plus 2 222 2 2 22222 wilp the columns of figures As shown. Watch their Surprise when they add it up Send Vitier tricks re Diters or r. In to Why. Culvr Mir Annir Anil a of two part birr in Kilts Dlf in Norv or Selss. Will or Ait a riled fur Orlf Rord Rurh Why Al loss i Ati Milc Milburm. 8 control pile. 15 talk 16 std we of n by 18 hip Leauner 10 who comfy l 33 Church 35 Fth Rrita 27 39 Klyr Cote Muir. Nth Iii 4.1 Burcl let Lent 4h Iii limn uni Wirf 311 solar 13 Thrim rtt in nor Fullr nil or Lihi i in in Normany 61 111-lxlr.l in Iier 68 Akin i i 5 shr Lilllie i Mir a liar Lix 7 rom Nulen 3 to lamp 8 ascribe 3 italia 3 my Vivoni 4 Ridge i Rhet i be viols solution 10 men Nan Iril alter or. Len role 11 fellow a Renli Irons birr 13 female monster of1 14 dim Mobil Nellt Lenl Anast 30 it work 22 Friend i 23 Assam vol Lucle 31 Sloan Kasy task 35 1 maker 37 Lead Itterl 40 tar sol 41 . Or Lillior 17 dim Fonn m Man let fi.1 it Irr so Perm ulnar a7 1 Lori n tint Shiro in m Natal Leo 13 Ankur 01 dancer Char her Tiik color our popular Button Lilc Flower the. Carim lion was named by Tho romans for us Bereso the flow. Wax originally Pulc Pink or Fifish to bored it wits Nimni in from i m i Jill Corn carols for Flash i have shown that few step Robe weak a woman now to will a cow me to War a6ain5t the paints epee of die a5ojk chosen leap by and let the Many and directly in its path a Small Frisht Ted boy is ust a Fok his life caused by a careless camper s negligence an inferno of flags devours the tinder Oky Woodland with terrifying Speed. Yes sir i be just sighted Avert Large bua2e South East of Here or s spreading Btij j. Win slow Mortimer of 60qpho81ihg 6lckia. Be taking off Glorias bandages in a few minutes and Ife re going id try to see her right afterwards. Box has sure Penelopep lip a e Verv copy in the counter s waiting to see Inhat Gloria s Fiona tick like poor a curly. Sniff he thought he a was Headin for a vacation sniff we Why could t it be someone like a me. Instead of the Champ sat Mike he. So it 15. Yer hair s much i i can t figure Parker than 1 that out top it was when be came v Here some victims will never be accounted for the fire got to them before me pid Sean a Foch an this was wheat Field Over yonder was by Corn Field but this Turelle has ruins All us diet Fawner this year it was an it s the y How could you x your Northis he just turned big guv kicked truth i kick him inthe this Little Guy your stomach by you Klc Edthis in the stomach Honor Jav Accident and knocked him by Sta Wei saturday for everyone proceed on a practical basis steer o ear of tangents possible losses especially where realty or other fixed assets Are Eon Cernea. Shun Radical changes or upsets. Aries March 21 to april 19 a philosophical View of things recheck judgment plans avoid difficulties in ran Isit. 20 to May 20 what you have instead of buying something new avoid waste extravagance possible dangers. I 21 to june 20 Gat out mix with people but ado not neglect duties responsibilities. Do not make important changes. 21 to july adhere to regular tasks give thought to wardrobe necessities exert careful judgment. 23 to aug. Seek minor pleasures relaxation see loved ones denies to i moderation avoid Chance taking. 23 to be hospitable entertain care for Home family interests changes upsets Inhar Mony. 23 to oct circulate freely keep Busy get things accomplished be Dis Creet in matters involving what you say sign or write. 23 to nov. Attend to Money matters minor purchases but be guarded against extravagance involve ments possible loss. 22 to dec average personal interests be sociable attractive. Place things on a practical basis however. 22 to Jan. 19 to Odds and tasks get plenty of rest limit gadding about and Don t get involved. Aquarius Jan. 20 to feb. 18 your friends but be economical in spending protect financial interests Don t loan or borrow. 19 to March be conscientious about duties responsibilities impersonal in dealings tactful with eiders. Planning ahead Good Foren Etc sept. 2, 6, 17, 21, 23, to the Point it s the children s night out and i have to stay Home with the nurse. Lardner 1885-1913, american humorist and Short Story writer. Wisdom William Mou Asj word quiz English is the language spoken by both britons and so we usually think but there Are Many words used every Day by native englishmen which Are either unknown to americans it have an entirely different meaning to us. Here Are 10. Such common British expressions. See if you can guess their american equivalents. Answers below of course. Treacle floor 9-plate bean j answers 1, floor 2, five and ten cent store 3, ele Ivator operator 4, hardware j5, molasses 6, phonograph 7, roast 8. Second floor 5, Silver Ware 10, string bean. Are you turning with the do you feel out of the picture when you hear the Island of today s teen agers Vivell help is at in the real gone lexicon Are collected More than 400 terms from the idiom of today s teen agers. Recommended by parents youth group leaders Ami youngsters themselves a copy Jis yours if you Send a self addressed stamped envelope plus 10 cents to cover handling to William Morris the real in care of this j paper. Lone Star Bard Stratford Conn. Shakespeare s a u c h ado about nothing is a Texas Sagebrush drama now. For the american Simkns rare Festi Val s production of comedy starring in Tharine Hepburn and Alfred Drake the Settle Lias been moved to the Texas mexican Frontier and updated from Long ago to the Middle of the 19th Century

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