California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1957, Page 10

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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 31, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaMineral turns 19cfl0, thinner lit Arajj Ourele u Tain ii. Con i sandpaper Zvi j suits we. All s for Loc. 5l 1 Siors in Oil Celarc. Me 23c Oil in our Container. 55c vol. Gal 29c Black enamel screen 90c vol. Now. ,79 everything sold with select from huge Stock of finest Quality nationally Fai j you. You always save on every one of our thousands one coat covers Fine ovum vat Fini 100% f Piffie bristle brushes i "a-1" washable Flat Wall paint excellent coverage most Madern decorating idea in be Oral alkyd Flat enamel Wollon of want room serum Boult Oil Flat. Flows lib Moalc. Compute select Colon including Brink a Raller. 4.50 value odourless pain Art texture completely but Mohei. Icon and crocks. Equiv to apply won t add off. Just like blustering. White Blue often Ivory yellow Etc. 20c Valu ii Hub. B. Climb anti Nirene brie in with Tfelt limn Duril lira it t flit will lint. 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