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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 29, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaP 2-z 1-2-3 we. Tyml. Am. A 1997 cute kids no draw dimple faced kid movie Star Long gone from american films Temple to break into movies Jable son of judge Hardy or the child stars of today. Imagine in 1957, a Margaret o Brien length film built around a nine i squeeze a single sniffle out of filled a movie Star has vanished girl wreathed in a Jane they flooded the movies now they play som their me american scene and ringlets doing would cause no Stampede screen with cuteness it was Ber character roles. By William k. Zinsser . Herald pm scrum new York. The child in a biblical sacrifice. Son but without a Mother he Little Richard runs away irom school and has hounded by an arduous time of it. In Bing parents errors. Young schoolmates because la Crosby s new movie Man on Brandon Patty Mccormack. Who killed ther s past was exposed child stars of yesterday of Debbie and Eddie Tony Andl movies of the past year have boy in a biblical All talented and they Janet or Elvis Presley. Been either psychologically j in a deep need in the ameril what do children do in up or the victims of Eyer was Hou _ Row l j i Wuhu ii n Lii 11 w of of iu1c5________ Melpy Little tap dances the nor would Only because the people wanted de Wilde Lor instance who if Tathree people in the bad smear Magazine. This societies been Lormela her out of sume dire Jackie Cooper. In a Malcolm Brodrick plays gave a boy who is caught in a Cus save the Buffalo the Indian. Cuteness. Such a Wistful stamp on cd Iklo jims. Lutc Jiayou Wuu Valuer air us Tuiai count Rooney Enchant wizard of of and Deanna Shirley Temple dolls. Today James Stewart has a hard time Rte in v few Filpi y Wouita enc Nani wizard 01 us Ana Leannais Nirie Temple dolls. Today James Stewart has a hard time Mason who suffered at the in pc a the current movie fan in a Durbin in a succession of vocal they look up the age ladder to winning around to the from taking too Napper Ana yes no of films or even in one orgies like a Hundred men Marilyn Monroe or read fan of virtue. I much cortisone and came with life s i i circa acids Stone Smer As 1me rascally hut a magazines about the Home life almost All children in an Inch of slaughtering the Happy it it was t on Nej _ _ the narrow Guage Railroad and lads As Many other threatened land Marks no voice has been raised in defense of the Hollywood moppet. There was a time when movie fans escape laced Ned their screen. Temple one week if was Mic key Rooney in a new Andy Hardy episode the next. If you missed Margaret o Brien there was always Jane Withers. All of this conies to mind because some of Shirley Temple s old movies Are to be released on television in the fall. Rebecca of sunny Brook Captain Jan wee Willie Winkle and Heidi will be shown on to and the curly headed Tot who dominated the movie Industry a generation ago will be Back in the Public Eye. J these movies once had the entire nation bubbling with Joy and chocking Back an occasional tear. Now they must surely look like relics from another age. It is that the Are technically old fashioned it is just that the idea is out of is no Market for cute kiddies in the present scheme of things. It would probably he almost impossible Lor a new Shirley calamity and singing such bal i there is even a Star to sociologists can probably and the member of animal crackers in Day in that Middle ground be Plain this As a hunger for Sun the can be seen y and on the Condi tween and Arin ant Lan Optat of Tat a liver the classic line of the parents. My soup and on the Good tween moppet Dom and ado a Shine and laughter after the ship the pictures Lescener where so Many girls great depression or it May be would be in the jargon of once Eliza that every generation is More Beth Taylor in National Vel-1 sophisticated than the last one. Judy Garland in the Little girls once played with show business a bomb. It also seems unlikely that these Days in a Western called night he plays an orphan who tags along with a gang of outlaws and values arc so murky that seed and was Busy lining up Richard the Opportunity to alight of divorced new targets was a far cry from Shirley Temple singing an ode to animal crackers. In bigger than Little Christopher Olsen had quite an troubled boy while tears rolled Down freckled Cheeks i Don t care what they say about you you re the Best daddy anybody Ever these Are the children who fill the current screen appear ing and morosely be tween their elder s quarrels. Nobody wants the cute moppets but perhaps Hollywood unusual Brush with Little Bobby Clark Mason who suffered at the last moment from kid can find one Well adjusted child too nappers in the next 12 month. Some sorrows again in must be having a Happy As Gene Kelly sly Outh in America these Days. Cop i search for adventure Thun . Channel join the i Jim skylights Chase off dark Days today i improved skylights have opened new planning and living possibilities never enjoyed before in Homes. Skylights pour Daylight into shut in rooms into dark proc its of space that have Little or no outside exposure. But they make All sorts of other things possible says better Homes gardens Magazine. Now available Are ready made skylights Complete with Frame flashing and fasteners. They Are Down in Cost More i Ciet and easier to install. These new skylights Are made of various materials plastic and insulating Glass. Host Are Slitter did weather resistant mine open and close for Centiu Tiofio and one Type permits Winter Sun to enter Bat injects the heat and Glare of the summer Sun. With them you can Plin on the gos saving Shipe of a Square House and still Jet Day Light into every room rooms on inside Walls. By reducing outside Wall area you la reduce the length of a House. Thus you get lower building costs. You ran take advantage of the savings in a service Core plan where the Kitchen Bath and laundry Are centralized Lor the most efficient and economical layout of later connections vents and drains. Sky lighted Core rooms have mechanical ventilators that Are More efficient than the usual Small windows. With this service Core plan it is possible to overborne the hide bound planning restrictions of having every room on outside Walls especially the bathroom and laundry where outside ex-1 posture is important but privacy is. I exterior Walls can be Given Over entirely to living sleep ing and working space. I sky lighting makes rooms of wasted space too. You can sky Light a Large inside closet or pantry for a half Bath when re i doing or adding to an old House or you May find space in Somei otherwise wasted Nook that can be put to use. Skylights can also substitute for costly attic dormers. I to when the first labor Day was celebrated Back in 1882, Ralphs was already nine years old and today As for 84 years you la find the finest of picnic foods and supplies Barbecue meats tempting salads cheeses cold cuts and other wonderful Delicatessen treats ready prepared and easy to fix foods soft drinks and ice Cream to take the labor out of labor Day and everything is minimum priced. But hurry it s a to no weekend so Stock up Nowat All stores closed monday september 2, labor Day open again 9 am tuesday. These prices effective through september 4thjj no. 1 Black Rizier fancy grapes swat tender Large ears Corn 4 19 Crisp celery Frish . Grade a fresh Chicken parts breasts or legs and thighs 69 super Quality Lamb chops Small rib Small size Eastern Small loin hi., la. Doc spareribs 93 1 to 3-lb. La. Thick sliced c Bacon extra Henry smoke la. Sherbet boys Hwy lenten Lime Orup w pineapple 2 int in for pfc v catering Pistachio ice Cream pint 249 Towne Pride toppings try this French Toast wich always a Good team Chicken and Cranberry sauce Star in a hew Sandwich role. Make Chicken Cranberry French Toast Wiches this easy Way beat together 1 egg cup Hillk and a dash of Savory. Dip -.4 slices of bread in mixture Drain set aside. Open 1 can ounces Oon cd Chicken remove pieces thicken from fricassee arrange on 2 slices of the bread. Season Chicken with Salt top with k cup jellied Cranberry sauce and Condl slices of bread. Cook Sand a Wiches in 2 Tablespoons butter in Skillet Over medium heal about 3 minutes on each Side or until browned. Meanwhile heat fricassee Gravy serve sauce Over Toast aches. Go Nish with additional Crane in sauce and Parsley in desire makes 2 French Toast Wiches. Butterscotch chocolate fudge pineapple or Strawberry 8-oz. Con. Fresh dressed frying rabbits t 53 fresh fillet of Rockfish Wilson s tender made Boneless fully cooked slice n serve la. 39c Ham to 3-lb. La. 49 69 All meat Franks my pkg. 49 Plum Rose Ham la. Can 09 fanning s bread butter pickles 19 Tillamook cheese snack bar 53c Sunshine Kristy Saltine crackers my. 27 Fisher s cheese spread 2-lb. Gorton 69 Martin s new York Sharp Cheddar cheese bulk la. 69 sliced cheese american i Munro or swim 8-or. Miss Wisconsin sliced Sharp aged Cheddar cheese 6-tt., regularly 39e, marked "5e off Price 34c leu to sole Price Laura Scudder Plain or nutty Peanut butter Good at any Market this Coupon Worth 15 on Purchase of one quart Laura Scudder farm fresh Mayonnaise thursday Friday saturday sunday tuesday and wednesday Only August september 1, 3 fobs limit one Coupon per customer 7-oz. Con. 54c circus mixed nuts 49 pkg. Of 80 Poutt drop. My. Marshmallows i Brown Gravy like Brown Gravy dec Sui. In Brown the flour before to used Lor thickening the sauce. Chocolate syrup pork Beans Kellogg s special a hawaiian punch base Zee Kraft lunch Stort hours s . Mon. Thru set. 9 . A sunday. In n. At Walnut Sun Priutt in .11 Stern thvn., Fri., set Sun., Tun. I wed. 1, 3 it pm rat tit right to limit quantities and Santa an tar Leo. West main. fool Iii. Foothill open Fri. Sun. Ill Zee paper napkins toasted it s a. Breakfast treat Orange Rolls delicious Coffee cake Rolls with Orange marmalade and nuts pkg. Of 33 Stokely s Golden Cream Corn style lab. Can. 2 27 Lindsay Large pitted Ripe olives Duncan Hines salad dressings 25 italian 6-01. W natural of Amie of lemonade 6-01. Can tree Sweet Frozen Pink or regular 215 c Kern s Pancake Waffle syrup 2-lb. 29 Beech strained baby food gloss Jar. Citrus granulated soap 25 detergent surf giant pkg. Marked lie off Price 70c Lew lie Sale puke

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