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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 26, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLong term a tests a y endanger world solons find re father variable cloudiness today. Chance of scattered this afternoon. No smog burning permitted. High to Day near 90. More weather Page 2. Home def ton Nixon sees increase in risk of War unless sufficient funds Are voted for foreign Aid. Page 3. Vol. 160 22 pages Pasadena by 5-6311 los Angeles by 1-8188 Valley i 6-4671 Zenith 2330 Pasadena Cal monday August 26. 1957 cd Cirard pleads innocent trial in Japan opens Maebashi Japan. Of specialist William s. Girad pleaded innocent today to charges he deliberately shot and killed a 47-year-old japanese woman on a u. S. Army firing Range. His attorney immediately moved to have the Case thrown out of court. Girard took the stand to answer the indictment after the court told him whether you answer or not is entirely up to you. In other words does not impose upon you the Respo Sibili Keno. It was eight o clock in the morning and there she stood hair in curlers feeding four half dollars at a time into a quartet of Slot machines activated by two handles. If one of the four happened to hit a payoff she would leave the Money in the tray rather than break her rhythm. And that was something to see. Sound off one two three four pull one two three four pull. Feed ing four bit pieces with hand and pulling with both the woman looked and sounded like a machine. Middle aged no make up sour expression. But i asked. She turned a Stony Glare on me but did t break her cadence. What she was doing to her old Man was probably something else again. For any single Man or even a singularly Curi Ous married one i recommend hooking one s safety Belt to the bar at the Riverside hotel in the late afternoon. Through to Pirn to Page to of answering any or All of of the questions put to Girard took the witness stand at the opening opening session of his trial on Man Slaughter charges and denied that he meant to kill mrs. Naka Sakai who was gather ing Shell casings on the Camp Weir firing Range. Judge Yuzo Zawachi asked if he had anything to say. I do Girard replied. Did he the judge persisted have anything to say in re action to the indictment charging him with responsibility for the slaying Girard then said the facts of the indictment Are not the judge asked if he had anything else to say and Gir Ard replied first i did not throw cartridges. I fired Over their Heads. I did t fire at no when you said their Heads who did you Girard the group of peo Kawachi have you any thing else to Girard it was an Accident to Page Russ air base1 yarn irks India new Delhi. Ins an in Dian government spokesman yesterday branded As a com plete fabrication a pakistani claim that russian planes have been Landing in Kashmir. Pakistani foreign minister Firoz noon charged saturday that soviet aircraft were land ing in the disputed province adding that he considered the whole of India As a russian by Eddly Norford. Turtle s trip ends in trap How do i get out of this is the question Goliath a male Turtle probably would like to ask officer Al Brune at the Pasadena humane society. Goliath believed to be about 75, owes his present Captivity to a tattle tale cat. Residents of s. Marengo St. Called police yesterday to report a huge Turtle was strolling Down the sidewalk and scaring children. When officers j. J. Doyle and r. H. Dyrhsen arrived Goliath was t visible but the cat was prancing on the Lawn like a Ballet dancer. Policemen investigated found Goliath hiding in the shrubbery and placed him under . A Telephone number inked on his Back brought that he belongs to Paul 10, of 248 a Bellevue or. On quiz Model Sells packet lies actress Corinne Calvet wailed off stage today for ble Call to join the growing cast at libel trial of confidential Magazine. The French born film Siar name was near the top of a Lis of witnesses expected to b called in the fourth week o court testimony about alleged spicy goings on in film land re sorted by the Magazine. Meanwhile a London news Aper yesterday quoted a Retty blonde Model As saying she sold confidential Magazini publishers a pack of lies Debra cuddles a White giant Debra reach 7, snuggles up to a year old White flemish giant Rabbit to help Call Atten Tion to the los Angeles county fair s Small Stock show held tha first nine Days of the 17-Day fair at Pomona sept. 13-29. Debra is the granddaughter of Voy reach Baldwin Park exhibitor for 23 Yean in 19.34, he won his first trophy As an outstanding in he Rabbit divison. He has Beon bringing horns trophies Ever since about a famous Hollywood pro Ducer and his Secretary who actually had done nothing in the newspaper the peo ple said Model put Steele had volunteered to Fly to Hollywood to put her session on record at the trial of the Magazine for criminal libel. The people said miss Steele contacted it because she conscience stricken about the monstrous fabrication she said she sold to confidential for she was quoted As saying she was brought to my senses by the current libel trial. As told in the miss Steele said she was Down on her Luck earlier this year and needed Money. At that time she told a Friend about a Brief meeting with the producer and the Friend told her she could earn 100 pounds s280 by pass ing the Story with elaboration to confidential. The paper said the affidavit she signed shortly thereafter was the basis for an article in whisper sister publication of confidential. But after she signed the false she said the Price was dropped to 40 pounds. Defense atty. Arthur j. Rowley indicated he might Call miss Calvet to the stand to testify about the truth of an a icle in confidential titled you be heard about the Birds and bees but have you heard about Corinne but he refused to say when. Crew key claimed he had a transcript of a television show aired May 17, 1957, which showed the actress admitted having an exaggerated appetite for amour. Miss Calvet declared there s not any truth in the article. Miss Calvet s was just one of a Long list of names of celebrities mentioned in the trial either As subjects of racy con Scie tial stories or As being involved in purported Esca Pacsi in the courtroom today Deputy District atty. William is scheduled to take up where in left off Friday in the Cross examination of Fred Mcade. Meade and his wife mar Orie operate Hollywood re Earch inc., an organization which the prosecution claims set up by confidential Magazine publisher Robert Harrison to gather gossip in Hollywood. The Meads Are on trial on charges of conspiracy to commit criminal libel. Youths shoot Deputy f a do m sheriff station blast colourful artist wins . Exhibit plaudits the Rajah Chandra who paints in loud colors has caused Squirrel and a Squirrel Monkey an even louder uproar in los Angeles Art circles. It was Learned yesterday that the Rajah whose painting Drew miss Poweris is an Illustrator considerable comment in the just closed los Angeles Munir Cipal Art exhibit is a one eyed Parrot. The Bird s owner Chandra Poweris a commercial Illustrator and author of children s books from Beverly Hills and our shop. She also has a and a Gibbon Cape. Maybe she is having some fun with those Art people huh you maybe she gave tha Parrot som help. But parrots Are very smart i have a Parrot that eats Cerea with a spoon. I would t be sur prised it could learn to paint a picture that would sell. Wha i be seen some people paint would t give.2 cents a pet shop proprietor in e Sereno seemed to agree. I have a Scarlet Macaw named said Shirley Robertson who whistles ant greets people at the door. Anc when it comes 6 o clock that door fitted he s a 4-year-old asian Dwarf Parrot. Has Only one Eye. Has been painting for three years in colors. Cafe Laos his painting at the his first Oil or he probably would have won a informed of the hoax Ken Parrot Calls lock the Neth Ross director of the sex clock the Libit of which Art critic Jarvis Barlow of the Independent Star news was a judge said Well i la be Jig gered. But it was a non restrictive exhibit so i suppose it was t restricted to people. I la say one thing the artist has a real feeling for miss Poweris who said her Bird attends All the Artex Hibits with her and loves col or he paints with his a on the slightly "_._. Works with Small pots of color with a Brush in each usually he holds Brush in claw but of switches Brush to Casio Nally taking some of the steam out of miss Poweris claim however was a pet shop owner located last night by this newspaper. Of my said Mary Doughty of Glendale miss Poweris often comes into heat wave fells elderly couple on City streets unusual High temperature weather with rain yesterday brought heat prostration to two elderly persons in Pasadena. Robert e. Grogan 64, of la Juna Beach Cotla used in fran of a Royce Frances 8, of los an Geles fell to the. Pavement in front of the Pasadena Myca mrs. Filson was treated a emergency Hospital and late transferred to Huntington hos Pital where she was reported in satisfactory condition Las night. Grogan was treated a emergency Hospital and then moved to California Hospital los Angeles where he was re ported doing Well. Covina Mother of 3 Dies As Auto leaps freeway a 50-year-old Covina Mother of three children died in los angles general Hospital at 3 . Yesterday less than an hour after her car plunged off the san Bernardino freeway in male was hurled partly through the window on the Driver s Side and the car rolled on her. Her Home was at 910 w. Michelle St., West Covina. The boy Charles said they were leaded for his grandmother s lome in Inglewood. The Day produced three spectacular accidents on Pasadena streets one involving injuries to seven persons. This one at a.m., left three cars battered at Cypress turn to Page two Alhambra and rolled Over several times. Physicians said Doris Mac female a los Angeles City employee apparently died of Chest and internal injuries. She was one of four who died in los Angeles county traffic yester Day. Her three Small children in the car with her came through with Only minor in juries. They were Charles 8, Patsy 5, and Molly 4. Highway patrolman Richard Hagene said the car evidently drifted from the extreme left Ane to the shoulder off the right Lane near the Garvey ave. Cut off while she was try no to switch Eye glasses. There was evidence mrs. Maclemale hit the brakes and a re tried to turn Back on the free Adams .9 Vay Lane. The car skidded 37 feet then rolled for classified .17 another 54 feet. A comics .21 Hugene said mrs. Macc icon Oliy a bullets peril women in Firestone attack a Deputy sheriff was shot in the Back and. Eight other persons endangered last night when three shots were fired into the Firestone sheriff s station from a passing car. Jack s. Fitzgibbon who was releasing prisoners in the station was shot in the Back by a .45-caliber revolver about 40 feet beyond the windows where the bullets entered shattering Glass. Women stenographers dropped to the floor some in a faint. Another officer Edward thin was Cut by flying Glass from a pierced window. Happens a sheriff s spokesman said it All happened so fast we re Shil groping for de tails. We can t say for sure whether teen agers or older people were in the gunfire witnesses said the shots May have been fired by teen agers who sped by the station in a 1953 Poritia Sedan pointing the revolver through a car win Dow and taking aim. Hit by Bullet Fitzgibbon whose Back was creased by , was treated at St. Francis Hospital. He was reported in satisfactory Condi Tion at Midnight. Police sent out a general alarm for the car and per sons involved in the shoot the shooting came on the heels of another attack on Law mexican team played hard for Victory a California Little league baseball team was beaten Friday in the world s championship game but International relations fared better than the West coast kids. The la Mesa team was soundly a no i i 11 e a team of scrawny underfed mexican boys who played hungry baseball. They wanted to win More than their Yankee counterparts. For the inside scoop of this heart warming spec Tacle read Bob Considine on Page 9. Bob captures every bit of warmth the Story possesses. Chinese refuse . Newsmen ask visits too Hong Kong. Ins r e 3 China s official propaganda voices today All but closed the door on chances of american newsmen to visit the co Mimi nist Mainland piping radio broadcast a blistering article from the official newspaper piping people s daily saying that the u. S. let 24 newsmen visit red China is completely unacceptable to to the chinese the communist organs accuse the u. S. State depart ment of insufferable arro Gance in refusing to permit the reciprocal visit of communist chinese newsmen to the United states. The state department reacted quickly to red chinese demand coupling the visit of american correspondents to the Mainland with admitting to the muted ment spokesman Lincoln White declared there would be enforcement officers recently in Rocity ii the piping regime citizens were enraged when two police officers in Al Segundo were slain in the line of duty. The gunman involved who had been stopped for a traffic Vio lation is still at Large. Admits the american correspondents the newspaper inferred that the state lift ing the eight year ban on travel into to make spies out of the reporters say ing the u. S. State depart ment with its. Illusions about current conditions a within China thinks this is an Opportunity to use american correspondents As its tools to collect intelligence and activities on its inside today s Independent climber brought to injured Mountain climber has been rescued after 17 hours on lofty Mountain Page 2. Dulles says red warning Secretary of state says nato Lack system to warn Western Europe of russian attack. Page 7. Page Considine 9 Kay 6 Leadabrand 9 Nash .9 obituaries 16 fuse opinion sports .11, 12, theater site radio 141 women 6 2 firemen woman Hurt in Home fire Monterey Park. A Roar ing Blaze which apparently tarted with a smouldering cigarette destroyed much of the inside of a House at 828 e. Hershey ave. Yesterday and injured the owner and. Two fire men mrs. Dougherty suffered second degree Burns re both . But she treatment. The to firemen were both in White memorial Hospital in East los Angeles last night. Capt. Roy Teague who lost Lis footing on a ladder and suf ered a wrenched Back was Dong Well attendants said. They predicted he will be released in to or three Days. But Engineer Clyde Taylor who fell through the roof was in serious condition and physicians said they could not Tell How Long he would be out of action. No clean weapon congressmen Tell a test danger Washington. Up the sen ate House atomic Energy com Mittee cautiously _ suggested yesterday that Long time continuance of nuclear testing might endanger the population. This opinion hedged with scientific reservations was expressed in a summary Analy Sis by thee committee of Testi Mony it received last May and june at hearings on fallout the radioactive particles which that much can be done to control the amount of radioactivity produced in a nuclear explosion. Whether a clean weapon world s one without could be produced was a topic of brisk controversy during the hear Ings. Administration spoke s m e n have said the United states now has a nearly clean weapon and that a perfectly clean one May it would appear that the con sequences of further testing Over the next several generations at the level of the past five years could constitute a Hazard to the world s Popula Tion if the level of future testing rises then the Hazard could be greater and could arrive among the uncertainties cited gradually fall to Earth after be no thrown into the air greater atomic explosions. The committee said is ii Mich thin As an absolutely clean weapon but by the committee was the ques Tion of How much radiation the be developed in four or five human body could receive without harm. It said for example that it the comm tree said the Testi Mony it received pointed up Many uncertainties and Dlf ferr on cos not yet resolved but that a population to absorb. But the committee said this amount some four times the maximum estimated to result from continuing tests at the present rate is subject to serious ques tits and limitations As an acceptable figure. And it said witnesses had strongly questioned no flick accepted slumlords that human reproductive or pins could acceptably to exposed to double the natural uni out or radial inn. The committee urged that been assumed 100 Stron Imore Public and private. Hum onus of the Bone seek ing element strontium 90 is an acceptable average amount Tor he made available for research in sciences yielding information fallout problems

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