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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 24, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaIn Munnt sat Umay Aust mar Dpi mar by Mike Mckibben major league fever has now spread to Canada Ottawa. Ipi Canadian base Niove to Angeles which will see major Ball fans expressed Hope yes set the stage Lor the Linal move league baseball expand from gaining considerable attention saturday aug. 24, 1957 Clear and fast. First Post . Ter Day that the move a three club one its present new York giants to san fran finding disco was he first of a series taking that the Cincinnati Redle Slone Quarter of the United states authority than commissioner Over the the . And into Ford Friek feels a third Cir Canada. From i new one and has been is rated a certain Choice along with Large seating capacity in recent months. No less an Cuit is a sure bet in the not too would eventually spol in new York. Furlongs. 3 year Olds. Cloy. Purse league baseball on an if these two moves Goi however most canadians do Distant future. International basis. J through they would extend to not picture a big league club in if and when Vij i i the giants shift announce six the number of major league this country under the present leagues become a with Montreal when it a suitable stadium. Both titles Are regarded As Good geographical locations for a franchise. Already constructed before they will consider a the sex giant manager said. A Promise to build a stadium in t much Leo Durocher the Cal s worker St act fair to in Camji j am snello 3 n Tom no Vii. 4 solid Edge 9 the major major league player and Man i 47m 1013 six spot i Pumo purse Yiew monday was expected to franchise switches in the last two league setup Foremost in fair followed within a month by five years. This Canadian fans their plans is the creation of try Dun similar move on the part of contend hopefully is evidence a third major league. 1" can t Rrt Zarceno .10-1 Haft Hussle 6 -111 Shew pore .12.1 Admiral Hally Peterson s 111 lad idle.12-1 Folles Market 7 114. Rested april .12-1 the Brooklyn dodgers. Their of a major upheaval now under Foremost in fair most people in this coun try Are confident at least and possibly two Canadian i 24-Ciub of Ajer Drew attention to the Secgnd-6 furlongs. 3 year Olds. Cimfl. Purse 65t3j l Jonts kit Jutt 11 119 10s 117 116 Lufi 1h .3-1 v the idea of course is far cities will be included. Toronto Ontario capital thai Spring. Club owners want a do Mai race jesuits Majori eague boxes main problem facing Toronto i and Many other cities desiring i a a visit to the Clark top works 37 1m to to Sam Mutai sym7u Lii it he ik., firm n i Viiu. Ilk ca14f., Al lil it 53. National league giants 3, cubs 2 american Iea Oue third-6 furlongs. 2-yr-Olds Cal bred. Clog. 656 6551 Lap Ciai Talent 6535 Nell Cado cosm 6561 flav s boy Skutel int Admiral vib Iuli 6521 6524 a emt s 71 pull 62.05 Schofield. 2 3 6 7 i s York 16.48 du11i.e Daleb univ was in Liand Early took command when ready held Pine is met sife. Latter moved into a con Oxidine Jos lion alter 4100 4 i s 0 ii Lic 303 425 b ii o a Levi and a h 0 a i 1 u u Aviu Lulf 4124 4 1 b 0 5420 4020 a 0 7 1 3171 0000 liatnner.2b 1 1 l 0 u o 0 q 1211 7 1 1 5 0 nines 0 Al 0 0 0000 All Belll n _ _ 4010 3 3 Liaf . Wan Nimitr spoil he final Quarter and Green lion was in in-lit1, Early saved Groton l and held o Mil Iii d finish made Uji Tho Tell unable to menace the q " t " san jag Siverd prom through Eaily shed namely. The on Well. Lost gloves Leaden. Sandy s dream and gave Way in the drive. Bad debt was 6616 year old 2 us Frakson 1.95 3" 3 31 Vara 6.75 s 6 51 4" Hrmel 3s.65 6685 Miller 23.30 Skuse s.95 final eighth latter readily gave Way to the and held on Well. Krinkel Rob saved ground was roused in the stretch ant could not menace the leaders. Chou Seifr Arvn cell ency i ill. I or threatened. Apply cart had no mishaps. His exl i usim eighth-6 Fiir Long. 3 , up. Crosby a dip. F6522 it str ruler i 7 arme Naggo o 6579 it dior serial 1 How now Rork 9 Las Saratt 2 Royal Academy Moren 1 head Man tank Suruchi 10 bold a Zinika. S bred jul Shuse g Crich dive Valenzuela a 3 Philpot trained entry 657 6531 6579 6514 c4s2 61s3 Mav win i. 3-1 Back in top form j-1 Post no. 1 Acain. 3-1 draws top Welsh 7-2 slight improvement 4-1 lad not True beat one route was Dull Lack. I furlongs. 2 Olds. Track faint hip hip hurray 3.20. Of 10.30 Abbey str. Fin. Ockey Olds so 51x80 18.00 Lilly to horse owner it. Up St 6551 hip hip hurray ,11r 5 1 1 York 6516 Elsins fast b 4 s 2 21 2 Ai Tachl 5m9 Captain Abbey Mchoward 11312 3 91 8 6 Fresn 6519 More Circle Silva Kranch ,118 4 of 4 Hamu 0317 native Indian e ii 111 6 5" 5-1 Faljan t Johnson .1181110 74 31 in 6221 n it shift Jones 0 2 11" h 7 1 6333 pins p Powell 1 so j 10" s 6447 an Arctic i a j .118 1 7 3w 9" 101 St Iafe Deal 115 8 8 u1 Caesar r s Lesage .118 6 9 4" 6" 9i pulp Tyson 9.70 con Jan pcs Fin 212 10 7 12 1? 22.40 hip hip hurray took command Wotli Carlm out came in Belory join a Quarter and Drew out at will a the stretch. Rising fast was put to a drive Afler r. Half mile and could. Keep pact with the Winner. Captain i. 4000 3025 3100 5031 b 4324 Llee. 3 u 2 2 Nara 4 1 i 2 a totals 31 7 24 h Philadelphia 000 c Clinn Lasham totals 3 10 27 s 100 010 Spulski .1. 0010 1 ii i 0 o o 1 1 to _ 2b Cunningham. Kosko. Boyer. _ 0 u 0 0 r totals 39 10 2s 14 161 boo-1 s woo link. 2. Me Mizell 7. _. S. 6, bucs 0 Rinc null a h o a abhor temple.2b 4022 4030 or re pulsars Hadd Xref Crinini Iam. 7, St. Louis 5. Hams 2. 2. Mizell 2. 7. La Jourald. . My pour Ald lob new York 10. Clev Elsid l. Or m 2. In Rush 4. Nanek 1. 2. Byrn. L. Trim 1. Narlesky 6. Garcia 1. Inane 2-11. Trim 10-41. Tigers j 3, nats 4 Iwuh inn a of o a Detroit a h 0 a 4002 bolllns.2b 4 3 5 4222 samford.2b 0000 3 1 4 4110 5211 302 4341 0000 3 u 7 4120 5 0 10 1 4 0 12 1 4220 4213 2002 1000 0000 1-1 1000 -1320 kreese.3b Hob 5250 2151 i 5.1 1 0 1150 Maz hoalt.3b 1031 1200 1.3 1 3 Baker k totals 13 27 7 totals 30 4 27 11 Cincinnati 101 01 6.73 Pittsburgh. 001 000 01 Bell. 202 101 61 Louza Post 1 Reno 23.25 Burkess. Bell. Thomas. A Mircse 6j.s5 lob pm can Nati 10 plots Birsh 5. 1. 9 o Brien 2, Smith 2. Xing 1. Hall 5. Purkey 1. O Brien 1. R. Smith 2 Kinc 2. Pur key 3032 s j 7 0 200 0000 1000 Bri Deess 0000 Becquer re Here Abbey made up Pound while racing a trifle wide. Mere Circle even performance. Native Indian could hot i move his position. T1ca gave Vay to. tilted after three event Lis gave an dodgers braves 2 s 1 i 0000 4140 5310 b 3 5 t Al a 1 2011 offers Wash Nguoi Detroit totals 36112411 total 40 18 000 3do 3 022 500 ridges. Rib Courtney 4? Oroth 2. Finigan 2. Kallipe 5. Maxwell 3, Momine. Courtney 2 Maxwell. Kaline. 9. 51 Detroit 7. Ramon 2. 2. Black 1, mans 4. A Maas 9-9 Ramos orioles 2, a s 1 ninth the i. 3 year Climina hand icon. 6532 up North 65s1 an Lorfel Skuse 6 6581 Flash York 8 6544 the Green 4 6532 Minuni 2 6551 ormolu Harr Natz .3 c599 Elcho jog 6556 Java repast -----1 105 "121 108 105 116 109 111 after third Stral Btl in Reni no Butler in cuss Istance suits could Yake up Best Good Enouen nid not impress looks homeless fi-1 so .19-1 selected in 7th. Spot Hay Jedgar ruler in 8th. Lon shots drop n turn in 1st Bright n in 2nd Hoover regards in 3rd i Dee in 4th Alfar in 5th Cherry Malotte in 6th six in 7th Lasi about in 8th mint ing in 9th._____________ Lonkart Racks up lop sided win Davy j c a ill lairs ill 1 Baccarat w p Bowel -----112 7 Nat Dah l b Britt nine .112 5 6510 055t 6557 _ the final an never far Back raced wide rallied the retch and stoutly. Able bound was in a Early saved Groenil and closed Well. Jacki a less had Speed was put to drive after a half mile Ami fairly from he Start got to the Lead inside sixth Rake. C s Olds and lip. Alliv Nirri. The of Fulle inn elks. I urse a 45 cd car track fast. Paid Len Bibo 6.40, 4.40, 3.30 Agamenon Al 23.20, 5.30 Kunn Luff i notch 2.70. Indk horse owner it. Up St. 4 0041 Tobobo Tei Cal .114 24 i1 0545 Aea Monon ii Circle t Stubl 119 15 4 6570 Kun Notni Patch 109 73 2 6567 Zevator r c Thatcher -----114 6 1 6 g545 ool Rien Oscar w Wessman 119 5 6 8534 Golden Andy Crossas Odrig 112 4 2 31 6234 Quinoa l b Mayer .114 37 7 Bonobo wok command Early saved stretch and increased. He advantage. 4 str. Fly. Jockey Odds Al i1 1-1 Neves 2.2c 31 Costa 28.55 21 Val la 1.05 0s ii 4 Tsuchi 6.9c i 5hu it 5 York 10.80 5" 6 1 Mizke 13.75 7 7 7 Skuse 23.s5 ground and raced a tril Detroit. In Walter 1he cuban Logart weigh right hand leads weren t Ling 146 pounds took ski in h Hack. Mrio in. Allow against the from the stickier Chaiter. Purse sawn. To attack of second ranked welter Jobu on the card of weight contender Isaac Aspery. Saved ground was roused entering the or Tzaeu no Auu urine. Aoa1iekon ii was never far Hack saved a with Toad courage. Rinino Patch was in hand Early w lie held on Sallly Well. Zevator made up some around nees. The do Foo Bermuda i flinch 8.00. 5.40. 4.09 1 it Asli Clear track h inner 8.10. who punched out a lop sided j to round decision last night. With less than persons Index watching the nationally Vised bout at Olympia Tele Star continued from pase Kenel Macher on the Canvas four times. Paterson played it real referee Jackie Swartz Iliad it Alibi for log Atit and judge Bill Appleton scored it 49-36, cacti giving Byars Only one round. Logart s White trunks were Hoise owner it. Up St. Bermuda punch up Sicklr 111 3 4 flashy Winner j 7 1 6496 Bessie Qucen h l Armstro 112 o 6519 grand web r l Cameroni 108 4 s Bai pest 3.8 Naboo l 0 Howard 109 3 2 liw Reu 1 5 8526 3 1m 1" 6m t i str. Fin. To Cutey Odds so 5" 65s1 id sickle w l Bermuda i Nch stretch and smeared with blood from Byars nose from the sixth round on and Byars had Ai mouse under his left Eye from the fifth. I the fighters both 34, on even terms Only for the Falls first Throe rounds As Byars of cagey after he was knocked scored a Lef Hook repeated sneak righthand leads. But Logart kept working to open Byars up with left hand shots to the body. Not menace 3n 51 s 8 was put to poll do Osmah _ Harmitz 5.3 Furgson 10.35 10.93 1 Rison a 71 it fun 35.15 Safreno 30.30 drive in the a Koch 117 6 wac Well placed flashy Winner had Speed responded to u Rvin a half and held on stubbornly. Bessie was Early. Allied entering of stretch and stoutly. Grand web made up ground in the drive. Kill ill Koacr. Miles. Olds. Claiming tune Doivan in the second said referee Tommy Lough ran. He found out that bade Macher packed a healthy punch and he knew that he could outbox the challenger. So he just set out to methodically chop him Down to size. He did t go into any slugging matches with Pete. He just sided his time and landed Clear shot blows that accomplished the the fact the bout was fought with eight ounce gloves under a state athletic com Mission ruins instead of six ounce mitts used in most states May have delayed the knockout of the challenger. In fact it May have even saved Patterson from losing his Crown. It is Loughran s opinion that Rademacher Ridin t Wade in after the second round Knock Down of the Champion because he was trying to Pace him an Amateur who Lias never gone More than three rounds just does t know How to Pace Bald Tommy. I think to was try ing to Pace himself for full 15 rounds Radmacher agreed with him. I was thinking about going the said Pete. I had. Marie a my mind to Pace my self. Maybe i should have gone All out after i had him on the 6534 second Flash hopeful Stohs us 2 wish u Well r 1 go sign j f Banken .113 4 Valjean Rose m l Smith Moo 6 Tejas Nalder 112 6 1 3i 3 1 21 Val la 3 3" Pulido l 5.1 41 50 5" Domz prison 8.10 a Tran 1c.oo the second responded to Ursine then Texas Raider . The leaders. Valjean Rose never threatened. Totals 32 3 26 i n n i v l 3 n n i 4002 totals 42 9 30 17 totals 35 8 27 too inn totals is Sasin inn 000 000 pm 000 000 Oslo . Buck 3. A Lima Hon Alhambra heavy favorite today Chicago. In Fred w. Hooper s Alhambra and e. P. Taylor s Grey Monarch both technically undefeated were the top choices yesterday in a once Fjeld of nine horses entered for today s Washington Park futurity. Alhambra Winner of All six of his starts but Dis i qualified and placed third in the Arlington futurity of a foul by a stablemate was the Early 4-5 favorite. Venturi leading n Miller open Milwaukee wis. Of Young Ken Venturi who finish it of the Money since turning pro Only nine months ago shot a four under Par 66 yesterday to take the Lead at the Halfway Point of the Miller open Golf tournament. Ken Vintura Brand new 1957 de Soto Plymouth at la county s lowest delivered Price de Soto v8 4-dr. Sedan 86 plus Ace. Plymouth v8 2-dr. Hardtop 26 plus Ace. Dedicate Choice in Saratoga Cap Saratoga Springs . In dedicate a hard Luck horse Sis who failed to take the Winner Sam Snead Howie Johnson Mike Souchak to wll near Cary Lold Duscoff Jones Paul Nous Cut in his last Star although he broke a track Roc Ord concedes from nine to pounds to Cali of 11 rivals in Loday s added Saratoga Handicap. A Samna Ernie Porter 2977 new Oldsmobile rocket "88" Holiday coupes and sedans with Hydro tic drive safety deluxe steering wheel heavy duty air cleaner directional signals Whitewall tires dual Range Power Heater and ventilating system no gimmicks no Tricky you get 1. Lowest prices Bank or Mac terms 2. 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