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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 23, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLyle w. Nash friends not important for your the sept. 3 Issue of look Magazine is a startlingly simple but Clear look at sex education in the author says that Sweden enjoys the highest living Standard in Europe. He further says rare is the youth who Ever sees the inside of a Church except for i marriages or the civic now sheeting in Hawaii swedes according to this Well Short we Ameri Worth Reading article look at cans were permitted to keep the world As it As it should be. James Jackson Kilpatrick is a Brilliant Young american editorial writer. He in the Treasury the to billion in Cash now Promisee to foreign nations who hat us for being stupid fool strongly favors state sover giving away our wealth eighty. He has written a titled the Sovereign states regnery that is excellent we could each have a tax cd of sometimes i think the Way my grandmother took Reading. If you Are against care of 11 children prepared our Drift towards socialism the meals maintained a Garden jump. Karl Mill r. To i _ _ w this Book will be a Joy to read. M skip it quote Foster Dulles appearing before a congressional group said not for a minute do i think the aim of the state depart ment is to make friends whether we make friends i do not recently Ike said that foreign Aid Morley is for our Mutual Protection and to win friends around the world apparently the Secretary of state does not see Check to Cheek with the sudden sad thought More peo ple Are literate in America to Day than Ever before yet there is less serious Reading per person than in any other great nation or any time in history. Town very big Pasadena realtor was not do ing so Well at Del mar. Finally he Laid own a a note at the and did without electric lights running water Telephone radio to or nearby gossipy neigh Bors was positively Una Haj Tony Dimilo says the Rea son there is no fool like an Pic fool is because that too takes practice since 1939 the average Pasadena worker has almost doubled his buying and at the same time gained More Leisure time to enjoy it. But i wonder if the same worker has doubled his peace of mind in Hie last 18 years Good news the Civi service commission now says that on nearly All competitive Federal jobs there Are few i any age limits. Able bul elderly men and women wit Welcome this new hiring pol icy. A general electric executive predicts too that the time window on , is coming when men in their the horse came in and the seller of land and buildings col around rumble the other night elected heard that some Law enforcement officers in the vast san Gabriel Valley think the courts Are much too lenient on Law break ers Mike Vincent of Pasa Dena is reported to have been signed for a film part in the movie version of South palate 40s, 50s and even 60s will be badly needed by american purely our foreign policy reminds me of my kid Days. I used to try to grab a handful of smoke from our summer campfire we used to Ward off big North Dakota mosquitoes when i d open my hand there was Noth ing there. Robert s. Allen demo for Tva ".Washington. President Eisenhower s next appointee to the Tva Board will be a Democrat. Foremost among the five names under consideration Are Ralph Gardner Shelby n. C., attorney son of the late governor Max the elder Gardner appointed ambassador to Britain by president Truman a close Friend died suddenly shortly before departing for London. Neville Miller 1933-37 mayor of Louisville ky., former head of thet National association of broadcasters now practising Law in Washington. Two reasons Are. Behind the inner White House decision to select a Democrat three member Tva Board now has Only one Mem her left. This is due to the death Early this month of director Raymond paty a tru Man appointee and the sen ate Public works committee s Stym Ying of Arnold Jones former Kansas corporation commissioner whom presi Dent Eisenhower named to fill another vacancy several months ago. Opposition to this Republican selection is so pronounced it appears doomed for this session if not for Good. That an acceptable Democrat will readily win Senate approval. This View was strongly corroborated last week when the Only two major appointments confirmed quickly and. Without difficulty were one time Truman office Floberg Chi Cage and John Graham n.c., As members of the atomic Energy still under consideration is whether the new demo cratic Tva appointment should be submitted to the Spenato this week in the Hope it will to approved be fore the impending adjourn ment. Backstage soundings Are underway on that. If this in t done the presi Dent will have to make one or several appointments before Congress reconvenes As the Tva Board cannot function legally with one member. Two arc required for a quorum. These interim selections will serve without and have to take their chances on get Ting it later if the Senate con firms them. A delicate personal mat Ter is the biggest immediate problem facing newly named defense Secretary Niel me Elroy. When Mcelroy appeared be fore the Senate armed serv ices committee for interrogation regarding his Cabinet appointment to frankly admitted he is counting heavily on Quarles extensive Pentagon know How to Backstop Moun ill i learn this Complex and difficult under questioning by Sena Tor Richard Russell d ga., chairman Mcelroy disclosed he does t even know Elemen tary military terms and nomenclature. Striking indicative of the ohioan s eagerness to re Tain Qurles Are the four highly laudatory references o him during this commit tee repeatedly me Elroy went out of his Way to acclaim Quarles ability and experience. But Wii at Quarles will do is still conjectural. Some friends Are saying he will continue As Deputy Secre tary if expressly asked to do so by president Eisenhower. Otherwise they hint Quarles will quit in a few months. It was Long an open secret that he was Secretary Charles Wilson s personal Choice to succeed him. It was on this understand ing that Quarles shifted from Secretary of the air Force to Wilson s Deputy. But this air background was the principal obstacle that kept Quarles from getting the top Pentagon Post. Army and Navy authorities vehemently protested his on Hie ground that combined with general Nathan Twining s Elevation to head of the joint chiefs of staff the air Force would have a predominant voice among the armed services. The casualty rate among de Ense secretaries is double hat of chairmen of the join chiefs. Since world War ii Here have been three joint chiefs Heads and six defense secretaries. Secretary Wilson s the Only one of the six to ill out a full four year term. The first of them James for is t a 1, committed suicide shortly after resigning in 1949. Not out of the Woods yet says you quid est Pagan Thi inn mint. Sipat Aust 21. Russ Leadabrand this is Lassen in org m. Adams go the route there Are Many starters in a race but fewer finishers. This is a fact that applies to Many of us in Many another phase of life. For an example we have our Multi divorces where people decided not to go tiie route. All of us have experienced set backs discouragements and even Many a failure and have been tempted to give up the to go the route. But those who store away Cour age to meet All emergencies and who have patience usually turn out All right. They go the route and Are glad of it once you have settled upon a plan of life go the route and make it a notable achievement regardless of the material losses. You always win when you have integrity loyalty to your friends and follow out your ideals to the very end of your life. The great of this Earth have been those who have not hesitated nor lost Faith but who went ahead and deviated not one step from their purpose. X the world admires the one who goes the route and does t give up though the Odds May be greatly against him. To strive is often better than to have won. Go the route and take Pride in the fact. Be a proud Soldier All the Way god will bless you and that is quite enough. How full of Beauty and High example is that one who stays by his friends throughout life. Goes the route with them knows their faults and Virtues but knows the High values of loyalty and Honor. So deeply Akin we Are to such friends that a Little when they in death. But if we have gone the route with them there is nothing to regret. Go the route. Never turn around and go when senator Theodore Green d r.i., chairman of the. Foreign relations com Mittee and oldest member Ever to sit in Congress is get Ting ready for another Exten Sive foreign tour. He is taking a number of preparation for visiting All the nato countries to study their Mili tary and economic conditions prior to attending the annual meeting of the nato Council in Paris in november. As usual senator Green will travel without a staff assistant. Senator Allen Ellender s trip to Russia will be his third in As Many years. This time the Louisiana chairman of the influential scat c agriculture i committee has permission to visit soviet farms and related installations is far cast As the mongolian Border. Ellender lao travels by himself unil voluminous notes and photos. From our 1937 aug. Wag protesting lie use of Chicken wire on the Colorado St. Bridge to thwart suicides has posted a sign drive slowly chickens Cross no everybody cackled merrily motorists told the in dependent. Aug. Led the Southland aside from los an Geles in building permits for the month of july racking up a total of political gossip Charleston w. A. To Cecil h. Underwood in his search for a mental health director interviewed a psychiatrist at his office because thei doctor was too Busy to come to the Capitol. And pretty under Wood said the word was al Over town that the governor had gone to a service smiles news note if the armed forces arc Cut any More major you la be on the garbage detail bugs Baer you design a missile hat s faster than anything we have Robbins you get Busy on one that la catch Hamlet s speech to Yorick s Noggin was not a filibuster. That s because the subject was already cancelled. But the Skull figures in Polios. One was spaced Forth when digging the foundations Rome on Mons Tarpe ius. They slapped a High hat on the or Skull. And called it Capitol. That s today s Story except there s More of them. The romans had plenty Trou ble with the Chariot garage dedicated to Jupiter Capitoli Nus. It was Wallop used by lightning in 183 b.c., a soned in ,83 b.c., torched by Vitellius in 69 ja.d., sacked by Genseric in 455. Instead of seeding 10 tons of Gold under Folium Knox us the emperor Augustus made it into a roof. The goths ran another sex Jcu Risoji and used the roof tiles for poker chips. A filibuster is a torrent of equivocation overflowing its oratorical Banks it touches the subject As delicately As Moth wings on your Winter overcoat. At the finish you have All your buttons. And no place to use pm. Wish Alex Degraw would be More specific when he what it May Lassen volcanic National Park California be is code of he St of a11 the National Parks in this enormous state this one to it Caroun Lupe us us called Pagan religions is probably the least known to Southern Cal formans. What does he mean by but to my Way of thinking it is neatest Best Organ what does he mean by confused most enjoyable Park i be yet visited. I believe he would and i Tomk the new Road be closer to the truth if adopted by up from Ike emn started his sentence my re-1we National Parks has a lot see the snowy Cone of Ligion Etc Degraw would infer that paganism like christianity had Many mysteries miracles apparitions and this is a perfect example of supers i he believes they were wrought through a belief in idols and false gods. We have plenty of evidence to show that Many Pagan priests of Antiquity were skilled in magic sorcery and even ventriloquism and tha they used these arts of Ducep Tion to Awe their following. The words mystery Anc Dogma seem to be Bug bears for Alex. He thinks mystery is some sort of Ai opaque Riddle that is Force Down someone s Throat blindly in religion a mystery is a truth which we can know something about but we can not know All about it. Simply defined a Dogma Means an idea a principle a concept which Means that in Alex wants a religion free of dogmas he wants one free of ideas. Howard Van Brunt East Pasadena. Is this Equality read in the paper the other Day an article entitled Pope supports integration wherein the Pope supports archbishop Joseph Rummel of new or leans in the fight against racial segregation in the Church. This May All sound very Wel coming from the Church at a time when we. Need so much to have a better understanding o our friends of other races Bui i doubt if Many persons reach into the next paragraph or got the full meaning of the article. According to the Church s first encyclical of the Pope s reign which was issued oct 20 1939, entitled Summa por Tifi Catus the Pope declared al men equal sons in the House of the father once they have been baptized and enter the Church. It would appear that All other persons of minority races that were not members of the Cath Olic Church could not consider equal in the. Eyes of some Equality and we Call ourselves christians j to do with it. This is How it works. When you drive into the Park you can Purchase the steaming bubbling Sulphur Road guide for 25 cents. It foot it. Shasta 75 airline Miles to the North. There Are a number of j. R. Pasadena Beautiful stamp recently a four cent postage stamp was issued with the United state s Flag printed in color. It is a Beautiful stamp featuring a technical process in printing. However when we looked at he Flag stamp on an envelope be realized that the stripes in color would soon be the smear of can filiation. We could t go through with it. The Flag stamp Vas removed and a substitution Ivas used. We decided not to use it for postage. Could it be that others feel the same Wallace Bratton Pasadena is Worth the Best volcanic activity from then on As you the Park is at Bumpass the Park even the tiny a 1.3 Miles hike Over an of interest Are marked Trail from the Road. Numbered Roadside plaques hell is an area of the guide Book explains cauldrons full of each numbered Points of sounds and Vapours. Terest Emerald Lake right hence each Mountain the Road was one of the Lake each close at hand impressive sights of the Cano and each Distant Vista to our youngsters. This explained historically and a half High glacial Cally and in is planted with native of fish. No fishing is al we entered the in the Lake and As a from the South. At an the visitor can see Tive Little Valley called Rainbow Trout swim Meadow we stopped Lor lazily just beneath the there was a big Motel of this Clear Green beside the station and visitors Are invited to a dozen people frolicked in the fish Salmon eggs. It giant swimming obvious that the big but the Motel was Only Are completely spoiled. Matter of foundations they Are about the Only pipes sticking out of in Lassen that Are. Ground. Next season it will the fact that Lassen finished and a Gold mine under a Blanket of Snow the owners for it is the deep As 20 feet deep and is modern hostelry near the Milch of the year con Entrance of the to its looking clean Lassen is filled with fresh. Volcanic Cones Glacier the reason it is lakes Sulphur Springs pleasant change from bubbling mud pots. Of the National Parks the scent of volcanic suffer from bad roads pour hangs Over the facilities antique handsome wooded and invade it Lassen itself is interpreted Scenic Steep rubble Peak with a few hemlocks we re going to return to White bark Pine Trees. Volcanic National Park its Summit a two hour and again. It Greeley goes new York. Ins Horace Greeley Stoneham gone West and we in new York Are a bit the poorer. Is a Good thing for san Francisco to get the giants vice versa. Only a couple of the players lived in York or. Wanted any part of it which is the Rule with league players and the they represent. But those fan. The of did will find much about is that a whole Genera Francisco that will or two grew up to look hem of the old Days. John Mcgraw and his Francisco is an Antiseptic As the last word in skill dash it seems right too that accomplishment. The Yan coast town should Start were a Notley Organiza a modest Little second which some remembered Sion team like the giants who have Good intentions and one Good player. In the highlanders and others As a team without a Ballpark of its own. A bought team rather As in Many another Field anticipation is 75% of the a developed one a team with a few roots and fewer full Many a san breast will swell at the giants lost a customer pet of an eventual time an elderly new Winner and even a world series Champion. But to have such a team delivered Here and now on a Platter died. With two pennants in the past 20 years they gained few replacements in the grandstand. Please Only the superficial t create no bed Rock fan the or so who have been a Lapwing the giants in new York through thick and thin mainly thin rendering unto them a. Small annual profit which alas has not been Able to support Stoneham in the manner to which he became an it in Willie Mays san Francisco gets a Ball player who is so Good that he has lived up to some of the most extravagant Praise that Ever handicapped a Young Guy. He is Many times up to the uppermost super la Ive. In the Day of let some Jody drive me Home baseball word a Day Lineament of Fri. O in owe of the outlines features or contours of a body or figure especially the face Why Don t you get a larger they have made it unconstitutional. But like bigamy they will never make it unpopular. Yourself it takes courage to face yourself and place the responsibility for your your Success and your health Marc Antony s shill at the squarely upon yourself. When Bier stube of Caesar was the Twain 1835-1810, pen name perfect filibuster. He conceded of Samuel Langl Hornc Clem nothing claimed everything ens american humorous to the Point Villup has never been As re you Are courageous enough to do this you will begin to find the solution to your difficult Filmore. A smart wife usually knows a lot More about her husband than she Ever reveals to him. Unfortunately she often re Veals it to her Best hire Fraudin a Man who thinks marriage is a 50-50 proposition does t be steals takes the extra base wings from first to Home on Milwaukee would not a Given Type of roller through have become the baseball Gold he infield. His wind blown is if the braves had in the course of any tin Pennant the first time in sizeable run his wholehearted and demanded a recount. Writer and wit. That costume. They have kept their fans in a state of frustrated ecstacy since there. We have heard people close to the team Hope aloud that the braves could narrowly avoid winning for Many profitable years to come. This year those Odd Hopes would seem to be doomed. One advantage in Stone Ham s going to san fran Cisco aside from the Money is that or Nan attract a whole new coterie of fans. I be noticed through the years in new York that if a fan is past 60 he is a giants fan rather than a Yankee or dodger. It is hard to find a Young detergent bars soon to appear on the Market if it has by or. A. Otan when the bar is available it will look like i swing his cheerful Good humor his Way of playing a Fly Ball As Gaylord Ravenal played cards close to the Vest and his almost. Wanton zest for the game make him one of the rare ballplayers of my time in sports. Only Joe Dimaggio comes to mind As a Man who could go farther and surer for a line drive and that s strictly debatable. New York had the giants More than 70 years. It s hard to believe they won t be Here next year. They be Given he town some great in fact Bobby Thomson s Home run. That climaxed lilo 1951 season is generally re regarded As the greatest thrill baseball or maybe any other sport Ever produced. It s a pity the biggest town in the country could t sup port them. But it was in the cards. They were doomed when Jackie Robinson would have no soon 10 appear on me Marker 11 it Nas Vonen uie oar is Avana Oie it win look Biko of to Yaj not already done so in your locality will be a bar of soap but have several advantages h of a ,1 a bar of detergent. Until recently All deter Over soap. Since about 78 per cent of the gents have been in liquid and powder form Ive Ekly. Understand one of two things and used mostly for cleaning clothes dishes women or i Etc. Now detergents will be used to clean skin. There Are advantages and disadvantages to deter gents As cleaning agents All of which Are not yet known. It May take several years to determine this. Are actually chemicals which Are Capa ble of cutting dirt and grease and at the same Elmo arc reasonably Safe for the skin. One reason of the delay in producing detergent bars has been the technical difficulty of making a bar that would to acceptable to the average person. Theof Bernard j. Hid fact general l a. Nuttal motor in Hiltl f o Hun Vun Setlur w g Sumnr business Mann car e r Verc so Vicos frilled t Russ inter National news service Phot i Auvil Flim a Wurr photo. C Fly news service. National Art Vermac Ive re dds Johns. Inc. Ism an Cleft san Francuck new York. A Lingo Detroit Mann Cazolli St. Paul. Soap about 7s per country is afflicted with hard water the ability of a detergent to lather far better than soap in hard water is a definite advantage. Also detergents do not leave As much Deposit behind in sinks and tubs As soaps do so there will be less Bathtub rings to scour away. Another advantage is that detergents arc not alkyl inc and thus May not irritate some persons skin a much As soap docs. Some believe detergent bars will eventually replace toilet Sony Only time will Tell. Jii Callon is Honey less fattening limn answer Honey and song air in pc essentially twin same amount of calories per weight and volume and thus arc equally fattening. Had accepted the Job and flopped. Horace Greeley once spoke of the benefits of Westward travel for Young men. Thyl opportunities still Are Golden in baseball. We wish Horace Stoneham and his Young men god d and Happy Hunting in a City that has no equal save the City that was not equal to the task of keeping the giants. Who needs wafer the Small Koala Benr of Australia does not drink Wontor but rets moisture from the eucalyptus leaves on. Which it feeds

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