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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 22, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaW. Nash stuff about things the Hall of tautological Fame j nominate All radio announcers who give us the figure for the current temperature right i enjoyed the announcer some weeks Back who was plugging an airline thusly non Stop to new change of no where trouble strikes around Ages. Revised definition the world it seems to hit the i the Guy who s late american taxpayer right in when you re Early and Early pocketbook. Last week they Hen you re late. Nation was shown the first trill lion Dollar adding machine. The 14-Colnmn machine is to be used by Banks and insurance firms who toss billions around in their books. Random Caye thinks it would be a Good idea for the people to have a lobby in Washington. This would give the forgotten tax payer a Chance to Cope with the Rich corporation lobby machines. I believe that inflation is As dangerous an enemy As any we face that s what Ike said in october 1952. Since that time nearly fire ago the Cost of living has gone up up and is still climbing. Many a husband will Tell you that the More you Wash dishes the More you dislike it. Paragraph Parade according to the department of defense men from North Dakota were the Healthiest of any in the nation. Rodaks had the lowest rejection rate of any. State while Minnesota Young men were smartest according to the qualification test. Naturally the South had Short shorts liked this want and line in a Midwest Ern newspaper if you the itch to buy a new Home have the scratch for All goo qualified Quick now can you name the thre largest cities West of the Missi Sippi River naturally you name san Francisco and to Angeles but what you Nam for the third one it s St. Loui. I to. City is on the Wes Bank of the famed River. I wonder if my fair lady will return to the Southland for another run it sure woul reap another Dollar Harvest. A visitor from India says that in India it is. Not so unusual to see a woman and a Donkey hitched together. No doubt some wag in the Audi ence will say that you can see the same thing in the u. S. A., too. Or. Information an electrolysis parlor in new York has this sign on its window warts my i Wonde if Pasadena move any some or All of its Corner Mai boxes to the Center of the Block Many cities already have Fri easier pickup by trucks. The highest rejection rate. Gis will smile when Sis Sippi and North Carolina had rejection rate of More than 459o each. The who s who of France tells All details of noted women except their they learn that some u. S army posts in Europe Are discouraging the use of autos ant jeeps and requiring the use o bikes for minor transportation Robert s. Allen Law agin lightning Washington. The . Forest service is trying to something about those often deadly and destructive bolts from the a series of experiments is in Progress in the. Exten sively forested Pacific Northwest to ascertain if practical measures can be devised t o suppress o r Contro storms that produce lightning official designation of the unique undertaking is pro act Forest service planes a seeding storm Clouds in Effort to disintegrate them an thus Avert or curb lightning which takes a. Heavy toll i for e St and other fires. The results of these expert Mentis Are still incomplete. Should they prove of Feo Jive they will 1m applied to Hail suppression operations that Are being planned in agricultural areas. The meteorological conditions produce Hail and lightning Are believed to be similar. Meanwhile weather burea1 chief f. W. Reichelderfe i bluntly sceptical of the Valu of artificial rain making. Its Worth still has to be proved he told the senat subcommittee on w e a t h e modification headed by Sena tors Alan Bible d., Ralph Yarborough d., Tex although Many thousand of rain making experiments have been conducted in the past 10 said the Vel eran weather Bureau chief and millions of dollars spen i this research the results an still inconclusive. It has be to be shown that Artificia rain making is the Only conclusions so far drawn from these experiments Reichelderfe asserted Are three negative ones As follows Cloud seeding is not a cure for general drought. Under drought conditions Clouds Are usually absent and when Clouds Are present the precis liable moisture in the air i practically always too Little for Cloud seeding to produce rain that reaches the in Flat country like the Middle West the effects if any of Cloud seeding in terms of rain or Snow to reach the ground Are too Small to be detected by evaluation methods so far the Many hit or miss rain making operations have Only confused and delayed research Progress. This Seri Ous confusion is causing us very much More than Reich elder Fer reported has been publisher Bernard a hinder general . L. Nutter t. O. Runyon . A Sumner business r Williams wire services United Preu inter National Newi service in Lynx photos associated presi a wire photo. City news service. National advert los Rcpt Cionta live bidder Johns inc., Tot an Ajola. San Francisco new York Chicago Trout Minneapolis St. Paul spent by the government for rain making research in the last five years. The Rush is already on. Queen Elizabeth does t come to Washington until late october but already the British embassy is under heavy siege for invitations to the big Garden party for her. The pleas for these much sought prizes Are running into the hundreds. A special staff had to be set up to handle them. A sort of preparatory trial run for the British Queen s visit will be afforded washing ton socialites by the appear Ance next month of Belgium s former King Leopold and his beauteous non Royal wife Princess Rethy. They Are coming individuals nit will receive official Atten tion1 both from . Authorities and the belgian ambassador re will entertain elaborately for Leopold and his wife and assistant Secretary of state Walter Robertson will give a i just came Olon a for the ride says you pm Short Thi Indik dint. Thursday a Aust 22, 1k7-1t Russ Leadabrand bumper fun George m. Adams in affair for them at Blair Louse. Pc rec Mcstea the with the is words come Back words Are Busy travellers. You Send them away and they take a Good report or one that is in either Case they example the Power of the uttered word. Kind words and considerate ones stay in the world forever but that word spoken in anger or hate keeps coming Back to give us unhappy Days and nights. It is amazing to tote the influence of words that Are sent away and return to bless multitudes. The words of Jesus keep coming Back to us for meditation and prayer there was in the inspired words of Lincoln. The words of Churchill keep Corning Back to a world that is full of feat1and confusion. Take that word How it has stirred Neil lips of have known Only slavery. I Law Cadiz heart. Studied the sound silent Power and the Beauty of words. Few writers have left a finer display of words in All that he wrote. He often gave hours to research ing for one word that he wanted to Complete a sentence of Power and Beauty his writings Are models of Clear and wonderful prose. Simple words live longest. Study the plays of shakes icare or the meditations of Marcus and note the authors words mesh with their sincerity of thought. Great kind words keep coming Back to their author to Tell him of their Good Mission. Words of our be oved ones that have slipped away from us keep coming Back to bless and warm our hearts giving us new courage patience and humility. Words like Carrier pigeons keep coming Back to get new orders and messages to spread among the faint hearted and Little in Faith. The right word spoken at the right Rno ment has Many times performed a Miracle memory keeps returning words from our friends and then we return them through the Means of our hearts. That s Why he s never quite reached the top conflict of bugs Boer it s our Pigeon holed opinion hat Moscow is turning the Back from our Row service smiles mrs. Hostess causing a lot of buzzing by her request appearance at capital arties. She has done that re heatedly this summer after in imaging to friends they would a t see her until Cool Veather. But since then has popped up at least once a week at some reception or dinner usually diplomatic. Her latest appearance was the big Independence Day Celebration of bolivian ambassador Andrade. It was news to Many washingtonians that mrs. Mesta Cross 1937 aug. Nay chair Man of the Board of City directors has issued a written Call to All water corporations and individuals tapping the water Supply of Pasadena to meet with the City to study preservation of the water Supply. 1947 aug. Curb Side Auto parking time limit in parts of the downtown business District May be reduced to 20 minutes result of a Survey made by the City and the Pasadena Auto parking Assn. Other Cheek in it. We figure with the Tongue they re no sincere than a Barking cat there Are Grade Crossings in unilateral agreements. It All Penis on whose of. Is being Side swiped. If you re regimen Ting Stock piles you also have to slap the thermometer on Siag leaps. Gold is where you find t. Uranium is where you hide new anything about Bolivia 3ut she warmly applauded the Active dances that featured the arty. She was quite a Fea ure herself being attired in Short White Satin embroil gown with an american Tea Uty red velvet coat. Doctor barrister Charlottesville a. In a doctor of Medicine or. Harles j. Frankel jr., re lived a Bachelor of Laws ree al the University of Vir inia this year. Or. Frankel associate pro lessor of orthopaedic surgery t the University has been orking five years for the Law degree. He said anybody Asso ated with the University ought to take advantage of the port unities offered. Further orc he is conducting a class r Law students in the Funda in Las of Medicine so they ill have n better background r litigation involving per Mal injury. Total disagreement Cincinnati m a local couple John f. Leblang 39, and his wife Emma 39, have filed court complaints in Here divorce among other things they could not Man overboard Man Over Board this is not a quotes cigarettes there s a Low ceiling in the open skies tournament. There has t been a real inspection of working details since Cornell University put a window in a cow s stomach. After the Jungle peace con Ference the Fox tried to coax the Hen out of the tree. Just other. There is Only one living Matador who is retired. All the rest have proved their moment of the Cost of their wasted and worthies lives for a few pesos. C. A Shellei Pasadena a filthy trial i think it is positively shame Ful the Way the independen is playing up the trial of confidential Magazine. Some o the headlines have1 made it appear As though the Independent is in sympathy with tin Magazine As though it were worried about confidential be ing found guilty. Perhaps the Independent is afraid that if confidential is found guilty it would then by subject to trial for some of the filthy stories and Nasty Pic Tures that it prints. I Hope they find confidential guilty put it out of business and then Start cleaning u newspapers like the Independent the Mirror news and some of the others that Cater to the filth elements. Mrs. Sarah Mulloy Pasadena. What paper you read tha1 in t detailing the Story of the confidential Utah s Lee praised i noted with great satisfaction the Story in the Independent headlined income tax blasted by Utah s Lee is quoted in los Angeles As saying if we re going to get the government Back in tin hands of the people we be go to get rid of income and the last sentence of Thi fighting governor As saying that he has declined to return to business because there s no fun working just to pay in conic amen governor Lee. Most people in the United states not know that the income tax bite can be so High that their property could be confiscated. Then goodbye free enter prise and hello socialism t a. Glomson Pasadena. Conclusions hit mrs. Lamonte Higbee is cer mainly Frank in expressing her opinion of our Good newspaper shoot pm. Put them the Independent. I Admire her Rayne solution frankness but i cannot agree Vith her conclusions. It is a newspaper s Job to Ather and disseminate the and bad. I la admit Here is too much bad news but surely we can t blame the Ress for it. And if the Independent were o play Down such stories As the confidential trial then people would ask what is it trying o cover up and As Abraham Lincoln observed you can t please All the people All the time. Then the warping and Woof hound dogs furnished what s a Snake i asked. That s where they be came the answer. Do you figure i went on. Bumper sign. Lots of cars have bumper signs. Tells where they be i was told. I never noticed confessed. That s what you get from watching All the scenery and not paying attention to on coming a Small voice reminded me. That s How the game got started. A few Miles further i was admiring the tall Trees when a voice exploded. There s i slammed on the brakes. One what did i hit no the missus told me. Another bumper i started the car up again. What did it moment of truth thanks very much for pub Lishing the picture of the in i comfortable too bad the poor and beleaguered Bull Lassen volcanic National Park califor did t finish the Job started by Njma. Ifs difficult travelling on Long vacation trips with the blood lusting insatiable Chi Wren unless you invent games t the who Somes to the Arena a just for the sport of i we tend inventing games to amuse our children. Down South of the Border they were not what you would Call successful. They be got some sort of twisted we ended up playing the philosophy that bullfighting game ourselves the children represents the chief example being quite Content Reading of Man s fight against evil. So funny magazines. Whenever they kill a Bull in it All started when we were their moment of truth an whooping Down the Highway other widespread fallacy they and met another station Wagon have a moral As Well As phys with Luggage rack on top Sim Cal Victory. I a to ours. All this insane Slaughter of Ai to n e r where they be defenceless animal proves is. I asked idly. That one Man is maybe quicker Snake said a voice with a sword thrust then an from the rear. Uncanny i was told. Snake pit uncanny Cra Ter. Sound like Happy i said. The rest of our vacation a ignored the. Scenery and watched for bumper signs. We were handsomely re warded. Outside of Weaverville we spotted prehistoric gardens on a mud splattered Dodge. Near Scotia the smoke cleared away Long enough for us to see Oregon vortex on a pickup truck. Then there was Trees of mystery near Arcata on a Pale Blue thunderbird. Confusion Hill shot past on a Lemon coloured Oldsmobile in or around Blue Lake. Between dry Lagoon and Patrick s Point i tallied sea lion Cave and sea wonders somewhere near Trinidad we shared the Highway with Santa s and that night As we sought our evening lodging and Din Ner we passed the bumper sign to end All bumper signs. It whizzed past us on a Dusty Buick. Follow the Birds to Victoria it said. We declined the offer and had dinner instead. Robert Ruark shoot them thank the Good lord i Don t in new York but spend the majority of my time in civilized Jungles such As Tanganyika or Kenya. For if i lived in new York i should apply for. A. Pistol permit and indulge myself in shooting for sport a great Many people who Are described As teen agers. In times past i have pre scribed for the Young who terrorize the town thugs such Story quoted Utah s former things As putting them in stocks whipping them through the. Streets shaving their Heads and i m p o s ing curfew. I see that Magis tract Hyman Korn has jus proposed a curfew for al youths under 18. But i think that the recent reign of terror that the City has suffered Calls for sterner measures. These kids of the gangs and the kids of. The Street who kill and maim aimlessly who sabotage everything thai comes under their eyes Are plainly misunderstood. Their the Church and the soy scouts have failed them. So i propose a Swift and he on License of so Many to a customer. Pay a Bounty of so much a you would with any other deliver to the Duck Tail Hairdo bearer and a of Black Eather jacket such a sum Asay too Bucks. This will save he courts a lot of parole rouble and in time if we practice enough we May rid of background music. The Fox slanted his Eustach an antennae and loped off. The Len inquired about the Jungle treaty. Aid Comrade Fox there s alway some bum who never heard of we Don t know whether this Fontaine Aesop or Early Iran a of sorry for Degraw visiting in your fair City sat Day we of course purchased tile Independent. Noting the letter by Alex Graw in says you protesting the use of Money for care and feeding of animals was Shock ing. I am indeed sorry for any one whose heart is Only Large enough for their own species of As seems to be the Case of Durante. It indicates amicable a sex Degraw. Symptoms last As Long As a All life created by god cer Golf Ball on a tee. I mainly should be respected by Man. I am sending a donation i to the humane society of Pasa compared to the agree on what television pro Grams to watch. Word a Day inscrutable in so Roo incapable of being searched into and understood publicized hazards from atomic radiation fallout Are negligible perhaps we should be devoting More of our efforts to producing a clean cigarette rather than a clean Wallace. F. Bennett. Some people Are so interact ably vain that when they admit they Are wrong they want As much credit for admitting it As if they were j. Harris. Some people grow old Grace fully others attempt the new Lazaro. Watered Tea Tea s. D. Residents of Tea arc going to have water. Voters in this Small Community gave overwhelming sup port to a Bond Issue for a water system in a recent Eloc lion. Individual Wells and Cis terns Aro the present source of the town s water Supply. You can t Stop gambling on Dona. Hoss races by stopping the the Noble Metropolis of vermin which infests it. This of course the rental responsibility and. The Parent in jail with put the. Kid arid charge the Parent Board and room crates for the term of the sentence. This might encourage the Parent to Start Early with the razor strap to indoctrinate the Little bum with some Awe for authority. In the absence of any easy solution there is one thing that can be done to make the City of new York reasonably Safe for decent people. You can quit handling these jerks As misunderstood kids and throw the Book at them when you catch pm. The. Tendency up to. Now has . Weep Over them and reason with them and parole them in the custody of the nearest marijuana when they ought to get shoved into the gently. A decent cop shoots one and they Pillory the cop. Some judge lets one thug Oose with a reprimand and. Is. Thug s a big Guy the next big he has to go beat up an old lady or stick up a Candy store. On juvenile thugs age should be of no consideration. A 14-year-old, who is big enough to tote a switch Blade or manufacture a zip gun is we got a lot of in rocks around. And if population for the youths would take the weapons away from the Meek and the youths would inherit the Earth plus guns. But. Something has to be done about them and damned if i know what possibly the Best thing would be to triple the police Force and bring Back we can support the world we can subsidize Rock breaking. We have encouraged this scum to a Point where it really thinks it s important. It in t it is scum vermin and should be treated As such. Trying to reason with it is a the old cop on the beat of time because it just would crack a Skull from takes another charge to time and infuse a Little re and fares out to kick the head Spect for Law and order these lice who beat up murder strangers for fun. Into i off an innocent and laughs. Stranger for i have had some experience morning work outs. Park. Mrs. O. Donald possibly you could the youth of new York Beher health away Back to the Par land i was never More deadly serious than when i said up top that if i had to live in that Jungle i carry a gun. And use it. Curable cancer it is a fact that the signs and symptoms of a localized cancer Are often noticed by patients Many months before they go to a physician. Why cancer patients delay one of the main reasons is fear of the thought of cancer. The majority of patients still feel cancer is never cured. This is untrue since Over one third of All cancer patients Are permanently cured and Many More have their life prolonged 5 to Dean years. Many patients toll me daily that if they had an Early cancer they would t anything about it. If Howo Vor everyone Camo in Early for cancer treatment i would guess that the cure rate would jump to 75 per cent. This fear Many have about cancer fro or. C. A. Dean Quentlyn is deeply rooted and much Educa Tion is needed to remove it. I Hope today s column will impress upon you just one fact Many kinds of cancer Are curable and think ing about cancer and discussing it does not need to result in phobias. Question would you please explain what a Spiroch aeta Myelon Hethora organism is it a to of the answer Spiroch aeta Myelon Hethora is not a commonly used term a simple Defini Tion would be a germ that causes a wasting disease of the spinal Cord. It is not tuberculosis. Question is it True that bananas Are difficult to answer no ills is false. Bananas Are very easy to digest. They Arn frequently Given to babies during periods of intestinal irregularities. To the Point is flip Only adventure open to the cowardly enl Thirn 1891-1778, pen mime of Mario Arrouet French political philosopher Hosl Brinn satirist Flynn fist essayist and novel 1x1

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