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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 21, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaVeather. Some cloudiness today but mostly sunny. Little change in temperatures. High today about 88. No smog. Burning permitted. Weather Mje 1l the Home edition Bob hurled a to hotter last night As the Chi Cago White sox Defeated Washington m. See Page is. Vol. 156 24 pages classified sy6-q311 Pasadena by 5-6811 los Angele. By 1-8188 Valley i 6-4671 2330 Pasadena cal., wednesday aug. 21, 1957. Public inquiry urged in school politicking a Firemon pours water into the still smouldering wreckage of what was Simpsn s Garden town san Francisco. Al ways in the throes of something this City is currently in the grips of an electronics convention which has filled every hotel hospice and Ham mock in town. Innkeepers say they have never been so overloaded since the in organizational con Clave in 1945. This is significant in that it indicates the wide spread development of the forces of automation under which we seem Des tined delighted if not downright doomed to live. Much of the business at hand seems to Border on the super secret. All which reminds us of those lines from Tom Lehrer s satirical Western record ing Neath the Cactus and the thistles i will watch the guided missile while the old Fri watches me if unlike the Good old Days when a reporter could pick up a passel of scandal by overhearing lobby conversation All gathers Here is the conversation of one elec tronic expert trying to convince a Friend he should join him in room 2002 because another Fel Low from Glendale is scheduled to discuss dielectric absorption test methods for capacitors to be used in differentiation turn to Page five search party finds body of Hollywood flier the air Force last night confirmed that a search party has found the body of it. Kenneth Bacon of Holly Wood whose Jet aircraft Dis appeared nearly a month ago on a flight from Texas to Victorville. An air Force spokesman said the body was found in the wreckage of the plane in mountainous country near Cherry Creek Utah by a search party of the wend Over air Force base near the Utah Nevada line. Last monday the Pilot s father or. Samuel k. Bacon Well known physician and an official in the mormon Church restated his offer of a Reward for the location and Rescue of his missing son in a press con Ference at the Biltmore hotel to the warehouse Burns the fire prevention sign in t even scorched. Santa Claus n Reindeer up in flames on the. Roof of the Burn ing warehouse yesterday stood a billboard that said help prevent Forest smoke was Black above Sim Sovi s Garden town be cause a big rubberized Santa Glaus and All his Reindeer perished in the flames. The building was closed and said owner Hal Simpson who talked about the Santa Glaus More than anything else As he watched the smoke from his big new store across the Street. All my Christmas decorations up in he said. I started business in that building in 1929. Started on borrowed Money. Only a dirt Road along Here somebody said that Chil Dren playing out in Back May have started the fire. Children by the thousands swarmed around it now watching it Burn. They scooted in and out among the firemen and they fought for seats on the Brick Wall out in Back. Police had closed traffic for several blocks but Many a bicycle slipped through. A county smog enforcement car stopped nearby apparently attracted by the Ille Gal morning burning. Inside the charred and smouldering wreckage a Little faucet was running wildly. Water was so deep All round the building that a neighbouring housewife started to scratch up dirt for a dam around her garage. Firemen with Long wooden slippers Cut electric wires in two. Look at said a bystander. They enjoy a Hose Man shot a powerful Stream of water at a Little Metal Man inside the blazing build ing an old fashioned rustic hitching Post who stayed on his feet through it a blackened Metal con Tainer in the flames still Bald handle with at the Southern California Edi son co s Garvey ave. Substation in South san Gabriel but chopped through the roof. Bat Talion chief Parker Haraden a locked out Power yesterday in a four Square mile area for 35 minutes. It also extinguished traffic at its source signals along Garvey in san firemen 2 hours to quell Blaze county and City firemen struggled two hours yesterday before extinguishing a roaring Blaze that burned out some Worth of the Interior of an East Pasa Dena warehouse and another building. So enormous were the flames that although they were at Simpson s Garden Blaze halts area Power at town 3422 e. Colorado St. They could be seen for nearly two Miles. The c h sales co. Of 2176 e. Colorado St., con Taining electronics equipment a fire did negligible damage also was damaged. The fire was not brought under control until a Hole was Gabriel and South san Gabriel and along some other streets n those and neighbouring com said that Only in this Way was it possible to get at the base of the Blaze and choke it off Board told 23 ready to testify Public hearings to deter mine definitely whether ome Pasadena teachers Anc administrators were guilty of violating the education ode in the recent schoo Board election were urge esterday by Board member Edgar Barratt. Also at the school Board meeting the Board voted 4-to 1 to set up a citizens commit tee to study construction and rehabilitation needs prior to a Bond election and delayed a adopting its formal pol icy prohibiting teacher electioneering in the schools. Barrates move to repeat the controversial teacher politicking probe came As the Board approved assignment of Pasadena s teachers and principals to their school posts for 1957-58. Barratt objected to including those teachers and principals who he said admitted Violat ing the education code Dur ing the secret meetings unti their status has been clearer up. Pair object this brought Strong objection from new Board members or. Robert Freeman and mrs Luverne la Motte especially who said they had not read o. Anyone who admitted violating the code in the transcripts o testimony from the Secre meetings released to the pub Lic. No Point in further disrupting our school said mrs. Lamotte. The Testi Mony indicates these things have been going on in our schools for Many Freeman commented that the teachers May be guilty of Vio lating Small parts of the code but that it was t Worth hold ing up the assignments. He Felt the matter should he postponed until after sept. 15. Barratt later told the Board he Felt they should decide whether the teachers had Vio lated the code then take the matter to the grand jury if the new Board decided As did the old Board that there is guilt involved. The Spunky Barrat who said be had 23. New witnesses who would testify added that he would be glad to go Down to the grand jury with them if the Board should decide on that course. Preparing for a school Bond election in february the Board decided yesterday to set up a citizens study committee Simi Lar to the Messer committee which recommended school building needs leading to the Bond election in 1954. Would serve Robert Etienne boned Secre tary reported that six Mem ers of the Messer committee have agreed to serve on the new committee. They include Roger m. Bone John a. Dewar 3reo Freeman Donald r. Stewart Arthur d. Welsh and Earl s. Messer. In addition to other Messer turn to Page eleven officially last night the fire was of undetermined Ori Gin. But police were seeking several neighbourhood Chil Dren who had been playing unities. Edison officials said the fire blew out a transformer at pirn., and Power was not re stored until there were no automobile accidents reported during to the warehouse Short Pend. I turn to Page eleven nearby. Witnesses said the children ran shortly after the fire broke. Equipment from four county inside today s Independent balloon spaceman Back to Earlh a South Dakota House wife reported last night that stratosphere balloonist Mai Edward Simonds landed late yesterday near her farm Page 3. County tax Rise two Valley cities lower tax rates the county moves to raise its rate 114 5. Refugees spurn u. Of Arab refugees prefer life in desert tents to u. S. Or 9. Rage adams.13 allen.13 business .10, comics.23 Connolly 8 cons Dine 13 Page features .23 health .13 Kay. 7 leadabrand.13 Nash .13 obituaries.17 Page shafcr.15 sports .15 theater .8 to radio .12 women g your stars.23 it _. Press Gloria Wellman Deputy furnishes a drink. Director s daughter airs nude swimming orgy an adopted daughter of movie director William Wellman testified in los Angeles yesterday that a confidential Magazine Story about an alleged wild party at actor John Carroll s Home in 1947 was True. The into the record at the scandal Maga hit 17 the Southern California service station Assn. Said general s office yesterday 7 violations of the unfair practices act in the current gasoline Price War. The association s executive Secretary John Touhey accused the 17 dealers of pro longing the 3-Wcek-old Price slashing contest by offering both regular and Premium grades of fuel at prices be Low Cost. Touhey said the association tends to file additional Harges unless dealers comply Vith the attorney general s or or for an end to Dos Crimona Ory and illegal denials filed three major companies exas co., Standard Oil co. And Richfield have Tele raped atty. Gen. Edmund a Pat Brown their denials of Brave deputies 18 inches Long Rosemead. What with Black panthers and other non indigenous beasts re ported in the san Gabriel Valley Thomas j. Huyler of 8816 Mission or. Should t have been surprised to see an Alligator on the Street. But he was also concerned. So Huyler called the Sher Iff s Temple City station and told deputies he had seen a crocodiles look much like alligators but Are Man eaters. This Man eater turned out to be inches in length and peaceful. The deputies turned it Over to the humane society. Driver 66, killed in collision la Puente. A 66-year-old Motorist William a. Gibson of Whittier died at the wheel of Lis ear yesterday in a head on collision with another vehicle. The automobiles crashed on Hacienda Anel Len or. Shortly before 3 p.m., the California Highway 1 a tool reported. Gibson apparently killed in tartly was pronounced dead n arrival at inter Community Hospital in Covina. The Driver of the other car Frank Marquez of Norwalk not injured. A cancer probed Washington. To the de Ense department said yester a it would investigate As Zine s trial on criminal Libe charges said female guests swam in the nude at the affair and one found Host Carrol sharing a bed with a blonde. Gloria Wellman Talt Thor Tyrish with Long dark hair said she has Long been estranged from her father one of Hollywood s leading directors. Testifying for the defense she said she attended the party and that other guests include actor Forrest Tucker and the late bandleader Jimmy Dorsey asked Fob Carroll she said that when another woman guest asked to see Carroll she took the. Woman to his bedroom. I sat on the Edge of the she said. Carroll was in the bed and a blonde was in it miss Wellman described her self As a housewife but did no reveal her husband s name. She testified that a Mutual Friend advised her to see free and Marjorie Meade operators of Hollywood research inc., which the prosecution contends s confidential s film land Story gathering Arm. They Are co defendants in the trial. She said she was paid for her Story of the party and later was paid "s300 and for two other stories. Miss Wellman s testimony turn to Page eleven service aia Uon Assn. As t reported to the attorney possible the can general s office Vestor Lav Eer of three sex service who a congressman said Ere exposed to atomic tests n Nevada. Three Southland papers honoured three Southland newspapers received awards from the Vestern classified advertising Assn. As the group closed a free Day convention last night it. The Huntington Sheraton Hoel. Papers honoured for Typo graphical excellence and Classi red promotion were the re Dondo Beach daily Breeze gop Enigma Glendale news press and san both Tho Silks a Monica Outlook victims had been raped. Knight problem1 the conflict Between gov. To Odwin j. Knight and sen. William f. Knowland for the nomination for governor of California in next year s Pri Mary election poses fantastic problems for the Republican party members of the Pasa Dena Young Republican club were told last night. Robert h. Finch chairman of the los Angeles county re publican Central committee addressed the Pasadena republicans at the Huntington 3heraton hotel. What happens in this election Ivyll Mold the party for the next 10 he said. Finch said that the announcement of Knight s Candi Dacy for re election places a great new responsibility on re publicans in los Angeles and throughout loyalty stressed it now becomes More important than he said that republicans work to build a loyalty to our party which transcends individual he said the. Contest be tween Knight and Knowland would. Be much closer than various polls had indicated. Knight has been a Good Finch he has. Done a Good Job of mending his. Fences and i see a close extra police in area of la. Los Angeles. Police chief William h. Parker reported esterday he. Has reinforced Parol units in a residential area where a woman was found tangled in what police said Vas a crime without rhyme or mrs. Esther Greenwald 53 ear old housewife was slain monday night in her los Feliz District apartment. She was he third woman to be Mur dered in the area within five months. Hereld w. Elliott 63, was Aken into custody but police Aid his Alibi checked out per he was later released. The police department added 12 patrol units to cover the District in response to hundreds f Calls from nervous residents n the area. Deputy medical examiner Gerald k. Ridge said there was no evidence that mrs. Greenwald had been raped. He said the cause of her death was asphyxia due to strangulation. The Greenwald Home is Only Short distance from the apart ment House where Marjorie i person a nurse was Stran led with a silk stocking Une 10. On april 5, mrs. Ruth Gold Mith 45, was similarly Stran led with a silk stocking in an ther apartment some distance Way. Both of the silk stocking a Monica Outlook. In the circulation and Iver class the Santa of franc 655 san Jose Mer and the Spokane Wash spokesman a e v i e w and chronicle were honoured. A that by illegal endures marketing pro secret screening Legal says Marsee county it will counsel opinion be Legal for a screening committee designed to find a superintendent of schools for Pasadena to hold secret meetings was indicated yesterday by or. Siart mar see acting superintendent. Marsee informed the school Board the county counsel told him that since the committee was appointed by the Board to consider a personnel matter it should have the some secrecy privilege Tho Board enjoys under the Brown act. The five member screening committee proposed last week by or. C. C. Trillingham county superintendent of schools is to meet at a Public session with the local Board which will indicate the qualifications for a superintendent. Three of tic five proposed Ivo indicated they will serve on Tho committee according o Bob Etienne Board so arc iary. Two men proposed Aro on vacation no Date has been set Tor. Hie tongs. Unconscious actress Gail Russeli was found unconscious in her West los Angeles Home last night by sheriff s deputies who had orders to arrest her for failure to appear in court to be sentenced on a drunk driving charge. Miss Russell 32, was taken to the prison Ward of general Hospital where she regained consciousness. She was held for a thorough examination. Pilot dropping seen Washington. Of the air Torce acknowledged yesterday that nearly 50% of the men now starting Pilot training May drop out of a two year increase in the Terra of service

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