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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 14, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaIs inc in Kennt. Win Ebay. Rademacherk s friends put up for title bout 14 us Mchodd of four articles Elv Taf the Storr Behzod met Ian Tulc a lilt Flint of our Ttoe Columbus a. Of he s going in the fight an Amateur and he May come out one too. For win lose or draw Pete Rademacher May not make a Nickel in his attempt to win the world s heavyweight championship from poker faced Floyd Patterson. He s the last Guy on the payroll payroll with a minimum of that Quarter of a million is what his friends had to put up to give him a shot at boxing s i did t make this match with an Eye toward making a Rademacher explains. Til be Lucky to come out even. If there is anything left for me it will be divided 50-50 with youth unlimited inc., at it s this youth unlimited that makes this title Light at Seattle Wash., on the night of aug. 22, possible. The Story goes Back to May 1956. Rademacher was a lieutenant in the army stationed at fort Benning a. Because he was interested in working with youth to try to get the kids off the he became acquainted with m. C. Mike Jennings a Youthful looking Mari at 45. Jennings came Here after world War ii from Pitts Burgh where he is reported to have made a Small Fortune in the Oil business. Here on the Banks of the Chattahoochee River Jennings married the daughter of Curtis Jordan jr., a big construction and real estate Man in this City of and opened a sporting goods business. He enjoys tremendous respect in Columbus because he has been on radio and to for some time with outdoor programs accenting youth getting them off the streets and into the streams and Woods. His youth work took him to fort Benning one Day and he met Rademacher. Pete and i talked a venture like youth unlimited from the Jennings says. The plan evolved and finally Pete said when he was training Here for the olympics i Hope i do All right in the olympics and meet a russian in the finals so i can Knock his head off. Then 1 want to try for the world s heavyweight at the time he made the statement i thought Well that s a pretty ambitious program and sort of dismissed the idea. When Pete got Back from the olympics with the he still had that in mind and we talked some More. I told him Pete you Don t want to go into this professional boxing if you want to continue this youth work. You re valuable to people now but if you go into that you la gradually get All shaken up " but we kept on talking and about May 17 we decided to try it. I started moving around. I went to new York City and met Cus d Amato Patterson s he said he wanted a guarantee for the fight from Rade Macher and gave me two weeks to raise the Money. Jennings flew Back to Georgia the next Day and decided to try i started moving he explains in about two weeks by the first of june we had what we the Money is on Deposit at a Columbus Bank and will be forwarded to Seattle some time before the fight. Jennings admits he is one of 22 backers who rated the Quarter of a million. He said he was not at Liberty to identify the because they asked that their names be withheld. But it s no secret Here that his father in Law Jordan up with a healthy sum. Jennings did reveal that the largest contributor put up and the smallest he admitted too that among them were doctors lawyers Stock brokers and automobile salesmen. All Are georgians except three for Louisville ky., one for some place in North Carolina and one for new York. None of Jennings reveals especially Caret about but he adds they Are interested in youth work and some of them donated As stockholders in youth unlimited. Others Are interested Only in the Light As speculative and for those who know boxing Best speculative is a conservative description of this unusual venture in the world of boxing. Tomorrow the Story from a Ademacher l training Camp located jul hand a dance halt Del mar race results youth move a Joki copyright 1957 by Trlik j Del mar turf cd a. Luciy Kae lbt form. Club Del mar Calif. Tuesday August 13, eighteenth Day of 41-Day summer meeting. Complete finishes ill races confirmed by official photo court camera. First race. Rur lome. 3-Yruxiui. Cal mini. Purse s350o. Clear Timoti Fui. Muteli wild Bun Jojo 11.70. 5.10, 4.5h line 3.80, or. R. 7.311.________ Index 6519 old net men still tops Bun Jojo j party line a g Vanderbilt 317 or. H. ___114 Rich it. Up St 3 7 6443 regally yours Conejo Rich s 6393 Des Tilar Ross 4 Kip san ___120 4 _ Nesh Mcmake up r Camp .11410 1 6503 shape Burner m Chuchua 114 i 2 6502 Penumbra Al Peco Rich ill 511 6444 Tommy Man Row stable 114 1 9 Prince Laloux a peppers -.33011 4 Koyal Tryxie f Casalicchio 113 2 us to id new York. In the old Gat fers Are 2-i 2.i5 out of the vast youth move wig. Mint in american the accent emphatically is the kids but the Best 5" Foi 2m 4hd 6" Neves Law 3i 7i Al Nola ski 7m s s Skuse 6" 11 n 11 Amirson 3.60 s.05 4.60 32.05 52.70 64.55 Young r Sis far in the this year Are _ Bun Jojo was rated Early within str Lkins distance came out for drive and Klup party Linoi n sixteenth away out finished latter to win narrowly. Party line was sent into Contention at far turn took a Short Lead through Sqq a Zoiva stretch and held on stubbornly or. R. B., outrun Early finished fast but did not threaten first Moilov. 43. Second rack 6 furlongs. 3-year-Olds tired in Calif. Claiming i 1 urse in 45 Clear track fast. Mon cos paid buddy m boy 8.80. 4.3u choose in 15.60, 3.70 ked Kush. 3.70. Ing 3d years they probably Dally double Bun Jojo and buddy m boy. Sil.10. R j 6542 As a Davis cup team average Index horse owner it. Up St. 6427 buddy m boy in Crk Rich p 3 to it it 11 Gause 3.40 6143 choose up glad Flo Stubl .110 4 5 3m Al Ella 6520 red ruse h Coppe 2 7 9w is 6 a for him 6509 Quick exit j d in chunk .109 511 10 9i 7 4" Harnitz 3s. 6176 special demand j h Seley 11412 5 5 54 5j Tungchi 13. 6161 Downey doll w co 11131 1 2" 31 it Moreno 2. 646s Merrick c .112 1 i i 71 Dancz 13. 6510 my Mandy Csc Dayton 3 s 10 s1 Kergan i 6525 Greentop Elk River Rich 114 69 is she Pelrin 30, 6102 sports Arena Kinsey ranch 334 s 4 6j 6" 6168 chief Sealey owls Lavello 116 10 30 11 11 i 31 60u with blessings p Sheldon -.309 7 32 12 32 32 32 York buddy m boy was hustled from rate Drew into a Clear Lead on urn b had to be urged in final sixteenth to stall off choose up. Latter was Sharp fro beginning rallied when roused an closed fast. Red ruse worked Way in Contention on turn and Al with courage Dominio Belle 95.90, g Maiden 3-Vear-Fltds and up. Pure i25 Clear track fast. Mutu Els a 0 11.m travelling Man 4.40, 3.50 first Peter 4.00. Index horse owner tvs. Up us 6509 Domingo Belle cd Crone 4 9 6469 travel inc Man is Mcd lit .117 2 2, u k str. Fin. Jockey Odds 311 old sch 46. 4" 1 2 1 Al Nola. 10 51 3 in run so 9j 74 4 Volzka 14. 7u 61 pm Ford 76. M in 2" 6 Glasson 9. 6 a s 7 a Mhz 1s7j a 211 4m s l Moreno 20. 12 ill 10 9m Hrytz 13s.i 4kd 9 to Neves 13 12 Vork 106.2 .________._113 94 31 7" 12 32 Skuse 5g1 Domingo Belle worked Way into Contention on turn while Raclyn slightly wide came fast through stretch to Wear Down leaders and was drawing car. Travelling Man was Sharp Factor from beginning. Raced a hoist scout into defeat entering stretch and while unable to resist Winner Staye to be Best of others. 6447 first Peter a Mcmahan 64s8 Kun Wal Kinay farm statue j Mcelroy .332 643s Pronto scout j w Padjan .133 6463 Hybels be m Goemans Blue spender j j Elmore 5753 Nevada so Loper Dowd fro Force 112 10 1 .112 3 10 s s i 5 .117 12 3 .117 8 6 113 6 12 .113, 7 7 6295 Bond cml Eoy .11211 11 Rhodesia. P m Strub .113 fourth race. I Miles 3-Yrar-Olds and up. Claiming. Purse m20 paid the Green let n 5.2o cinder boy 4.00. "3.60 Elcho St. Sir Fin. Jockey Odds 3. 1 4 1 i 11 for him 5 7j 2 Dong a 3. 5 7 61, 41" 6 3 31.7 Ford 41 Annas a 5 Van Ali 12.5 2 4 1" 3 4m i Skuse 1.7 7 so 7 7 j Liebre 66.3 10 10 10 8 s l Miller 33.2 9 Neves 12.7 in 21 10 10 Petrson 6545 Index owne 6500 the Green lion j Grubach 6500 cinder boy m l Smith .i32 2340 Elcho t 6500 Bertrand w c Tompkins .332 3 Bernstam Frost blogs Stubl 132. S 6328 triple rate .13230 6474 bad debt r k polimer .305 1 61s3 lost gloves j Mcmahan .132 4 6431 court risk f Hardeman .112 7 r it d Stubl 112 2 _ _. The Green Luton Nied Early just off Early Pace moved up wit Rush from far turn and Tak in a Clear Lead was never in dancer although nude hustling tactics near to maintain margin. Cinder boy badly outrun Gariy. Came out for drive and Flag in no Well gradually was getting to Winner. Fifth hafe. C furl Fri. And up. Adou and. 4.i Clear. Urark fast. J2 Mauril pal Apo or Stii 4.60. 3.zo. 3.40 Jones 6.70 a gamekeeper 3.40. Index horse owner it Power site Fth Lessen Stubl 10 3 c n Jones a sons .31fi s 4 r126 Agam keeper Al Rowan .112 12 Bov a farm 3 6497 Robyn Lah Chanan in 1 6 6266 Rongful f a j Crevolin 4 Scircle t Stubl i o Fleet ii f Alberta Rich 112 6295 Bra Juer Circle or ranch 112 f Matador Kerr stables 307 Vincen r s Les acc .312 6290 Golden Oscar w Wessman Power site was in hand is 9 11 6 10 5 5 2 7 Early str. Fin. Jockey 3 i i1 of Frau in Harmitz 5. 7 Neves Tocchi 35.4 gals soil 17.3 Kenny 12 12 12 _ while a conc within striking Tance. Came fast thro urn St eth to Tak come and a sixteenth out and draw any Clear. Jot Esy Hart Spert. Raced sorta of. Inn defeat in Lurn i easily Best of others could not stave off Winner s bid. Fast through stretch. 6546 ? to 00 4 re alb m73 horse owner it miss Patty f Kerr Styls 111" Fine Dearie f w f. Ritti or having Rita or Mil eternal Pere Warner stable 114 649s Tela Fela c l Hirschl ii of Ijean Rose or l Smithl "104 Kecer Sion c h Mcbrayer .11t Little folks 4 4 6520 fixed Boh f d St pm 117 7 Duttwe. Outraged Leld to first turn to de stretch and a a never in made a Muth around from half mile and Ork d Way to turn and trouble shots Stranahan discovers position in putting the 1i another store by famous pros on trouble shots written exclusively for a news features. By Bank Stranahan i be had a lot of trouble the last few years on Short putts. When i say Short putts i mean the kind any golfer should Hole. They Are the ones that Are three feet and less from the Hole. I changed my Way of think ing on those putts and now i m doing better. I began concentrating less on the line of the putt and More on position of the Ball in relation to the Hole. I find that i now hit the Ball properly and get the right Speed. Editor s note Frank Stranahan of Toledo one of the Best Long putters in the pro ranks won the British Amateur championship in 1948 and 1950. He won the world Amateur Crown at Chicago five straight years 1950-54, and the All american Amateur there six straight times 1948-53. Could win Back the shiny old bowl from the aussies without undue Strain next december but they la never get the Chance. Only Seixas is a cup pro s pet. Savitt wants to be alone and the brass hats apparently Don t want Patty and Mulloy even though those polished vet Erans won the Wimbledon doubles Crown with ridiculous ease Only last month. Both Savitt and Seixas in sin files. He is Only now begin Ning to recover his touch after a year of Rhodes schol Aring in England. But the other phenoms have been duds to Date and cup Cap i Tain Billy Talbert is far less Talent does t count when i optimistic than he should be they re picking the Davis cup with both of last year s aus snorted Mulloy when he Ralian wonders and his sidekick became the first unseeded duo in history to bag the Wimbledon Crown. By year s perennial Star to be Ham Richardson 24, May come but k to master major league boxes National league giants 4, bums 2 Vilo lodges. La a it a h q a american league yanks 3, botox 2 4145 3114 v. 3003 4200 Baur 1000 3010 jail 4102 3 1 11 0 brts.ioud.3b Ohio 3010 3100 2110 0010 Campa 3 0 i 0 Spencer 3101 1000 1000 4035 3 0131 to totals 2s 4 24 Maya 2. 416 3102 stun Liv shants totals 31 s 27 15 Oil 000 002 020 Neal Mueller 2, new York 7 Brooklyn 0. 1. And Ken in the Roebuck 4. _4. Roebuck a. Pro ranks. Del mar Handicap by Mike Mckibben wednesday August 14, 1957 Clear and fast. First Post . Naturally i m disappointed in the play of some of the younger said Bill. Sev eral have had All the advantages of International but they Haven t shown me a thing to be encouraged one disappointment is Sam my Giammalva of the univer sity of Texas and others like Mike Green Mike Franks Barry Mae Kay and Ronnie hoi i 13-9.1. Pirates 6, phils 0 a h o a Roll Phil a h 0 a of s 1 1 0 3 Al 2 0 Abhi a Boston a h 0 311-1 Mau club 412 a 4122 402 3340 to 1 1 40110 2 0 13 4152 311 4124 403 4110 2102 1000 Klaus 1 0 1 0 3203 Vernon 0000 Zauchin 322 3 1 3 1 0 0 3 1 0 000 100 totals u 27 14 totals 30 7 27 new York 000 Boston .002 000 3. While Jensen. 2b Maich. Berra. Consulo. Or Whit Mantle. To 7, Boston 7. 6. Sullivin 1. 5. Sullivan 2. W stir Davant 10-7 a--35.617. Chi sox 10, tribe 5 a h q a a ii 0 502 2 raines.88 514 first-6 furlongs. 2 year old fillies. All entered for Index. 6524 6187 6412 hone. Jockey. . Mua California Rose p. Skuse sugar fund Grisson 119 gems Joy Valenzuela g046 6291 6503 6187 Lila Belle Harmatz 119 .119 119 Delpheny for. Lidberg 119 speedy music Dominguez ,.119 it sodas Brook r. York 114 Rose Jarl b. Pul do 11. Closed Wen had Early Speed picks up b pounds Long rested furlongs. 3 year old fillies. Clog. Purse 6461 impertinent Tun Iguchi ,6468 skua Oney maker Skuse 6461 6461 6468 Loon Hawk far Holm aces count Valenzuela Illus Lerrow Fol Ossont Jamar i Narma 8435 Jet Feenst of. Mickey bamm 6468 Fly reverie 6510 6302 6500 lost Comet Fairholm Torrone speedy York Tress Reward Pul do Illus Omen Domin Kinez Alibi witness Pul do .116 closes Well .116 beat similar .116 Down in class last hardly True _ .111 bore out in last four. 6-1 .108 Seldom scores 8-1 better boy today so raced at alien la. Raced _ Dull race at Caliente .10-1 not can t recommend .1 beaten by same i still a Maiden .1 never Heen close i. Needs easier spot.20-1 .113 ill third-6 furlongs. Maiden 2 year Olds. Purse 6467 0319 g451 6472 hip hip hurray York a. Us worked in 3-1 Royal Zaca Peterson us was fractious in 7-2 lift. Could be beat 4-1 Llyl heal threat Here 9-2 is closes Well. 9-2 110 of eve Moreno Amarillo Speed Kusel sesters Prince fat Leuchi Peppy blink Haralz Royal azure Dominguez Faljan Guinea souvenir Glisson sunday punch Ferruso 6502 Betty s Best Noctor . X Volzke 6493 6493 6493 6193 Chalex Valenzuela hindu sky Volz Kcal Ash Iskaros Moreno Brouch rider Harmatz .118 is .115 us .113 is .115 is fourth-6 furlongs. 3 year Olds. Claiming. Purse Harmatz .119 better at this distance 6501 Amarillo lass Tani nuchal l09 6463 Joe s pleasure York "-1h fwwon1 109 64l_ 6292 6501 1505 j501 6520 6463 6161 second Chall caper Tom Dum Leruez 119 turbulent gals Sony till solid Zilfie Valenzuela .109 Halta Jackpot Pulido .114 pop Jones Costa la Ike Forrill Shes grand Skuse .106 3002 hemus kor they Bowman totals 33827 13 Pittsburgh. Philadelphia is Lopata cubs 6, cards 2 St. Louly a h 0 a Chucalo a h 0 a 5110 5312 4211 4121 4010 4160 , 4130 3170 of 4112 sch 2020 Schofield 1000 Little i 0 0 i dead last with better 4-1 fits Here. 3-2 Back at right distance 5-1 showed improvement 6-1 closed some Irro und recent All Dull .12-1 make if gave up Early showed nothing 20-. Berg Haven t exactly had Tal Bert on his feet cheering. Giammalva recently lost in important match on grass to Chris Crawford of pied Mont Calif., 18-year-old Mem ber of the u. S. Junior Davis cup team. Under Talbert however the . Lawn Tennis association s youth movement is beginning j to bring some order out chaos and the Hope for the future is brightening. Bill personally has pitched in cunning am i i o o o assist the Junior chamber of Commerce Tennis program involving talented kids in every state. He also is in Persona charge of the Junior cup squad. Crawford 17-year-old Earl Buchholz of St. Louis and 18 year old Eddie Sledge of Dallas Are among the top hands in hat group. Others also 18 or Der Are Bob Bowditch o Worcester mass., Allen Fox and Bob Delgado of los an Eles and Lawrence Nagler of Roslyn Heights n. Y. I said Talbert they la learn enough Good habits in the next few weeks to last until we Sec them Astrain next there s always a o p a Al though the old gaffers continue totals 26 2 27 b 020 000 .000 000 Hamner. Opal Amner. Ski 4, Kolles. Mazer Oil. Or l o Burgh 6. Philadelphia 1. 3. Farrell 2, Friend 2. 4, Friend ,1. Farrell 1. Hacker 4301 3013 raffle 0000 Daley p 0000 Williams to Manek a Antobelli 424 100 000 000 000 100 totals 3s 11 27 Al totals 33 6 21 Chicago 020 330 Cleveland 000 000 Lollar 3. S Aracen. Raines. Avila 3. Or Rivera _2 _ Oilar. Dropo. 1.0 5. Pierce 4010 4 3 4 413 4132 4141 4 2 s 0 3021 3210 Staley 2. Earle ski 2, Walcy i. Toma n 1. 16-8j. 9-2 orioles 5, nats 3 Aeb s 3 8 2 Plew s.2b 5400 5320 0000 4 0 10 1 i x robinson.3b 2001 u Francona 100 furlongs. 3 year Elds Ond up. Purse Ellis Bee Goldsmith mob Span 6459 curs 6301 6512 i52t 1478 j47s b512 525 s319 5481 m 505 505 1s2 Oby Dick doll Nuez Spanish Sherry Ferguson cursory ugh soon York i. Tamadon f Pullom Sweet As pie Good reading109 .118 .116 .116 .116 .116 j14 10r Fairholm Uncle Baldwin Costa ill. Flying venture Harmatz .119 do Seoul Tanta can .114 Zac a dash going we now won at 15-1. In new stable raced evenly did t repeat Pood race could Wake in gets in la the has Early Speed May want Lonker Best puts close .10-1 .10-1 .10-1 e to with Ixth-1 i. 3 year aids Ond up. Purse Eventh-1 i. 3 year Olds and up. Purse 458 comls York 19 1h 6338 Prince Cort Auld f 330 Chino red Valenzuela in scotch Harmatz -131 wonder Bov Puli Rio jumped up in last after 4th straight Altarina Jbv be too far .114 better at this it stance did t beat k horse was far Back trailed throughout___., Ghth-1 i. 3 year Olds and up. Purse sunday paper tank Chi 3 111 fancy Dresser York r 114 Brown Bam f Steed 4 112 first watch Harmatz .1 117 camper Creek f Skuse it 109 Rook Ferguson .-2 m04 Katy a Khal Leon ___7 117 local form Cood .2-1 can ret sprint was Soori. 7-2 has fair Chance better at this distance gets in Light. A i won at Caliente .10-1 Boudreau still Hunting for Job Kansas City to. In de posed Kansas City. Athletics manager Lou Boudreau said last night he was still undecided about his professional future. A club spokesman said Bou Dreau yesterday conferred athletics vice president Parke Carroll for the first t i m since his ouster. Boudreau said no decisions were reached. The athletics offered Bou Dreau an unannounced front office Job for the remainder of his contract which expires Flat the of the season. ass netters May be disciplined Melbourne. In the australian Lawn Tennis Assn. Said yesterday that three aussie players May be called on the selected horse sunday paper in 8th. Spot play miss California in 1st european tour. Secretary John Andrew said Lon shots gems Joy in 1st Moon Hawk in 2nd Sis ters Prince in 3rd speedy kiss in 4th cursory in St Ambiel in 6th China red in 7th first watch in 8th. British racer rips 53 Marks Bonneville Salt Flats Utah. In a tiny Brit ish racer powered with a 60 horsepower motor broke 50 Stoneham cancels san Francisco trip san Francisco. In mayor George Christopher said yester Frank Stranahan american and three world rec ords for class g sports cars yesterday during a 12-hour endurance run on the Salt Flats. David Ash Veteran Driver from new York rolled the sex 179 British motors machine during eight hours of the run. British Driver Tom Wisdom was at the wheel the rest of he Lime. The car averaged 118.13 Miles per hour for one of the new International rec word. This broke the old Mark of 105.89 set by an italian-1 made Fiat Barth. Totals 36 9 24 4 totals 35 13 57 6 i. Louis. 000 000 Chicago. 002 001 Tanner Lone 1, Adams Banks. Cunningham 2. 2b--Rush Tanner. Cunningham. Lob Louis 10. Chicago 7. 1, Rush 3. So Wehmeier 4, Rush 4. Schmidt 2, Wilhelm 1. W Rush 3-12. L Wehmeier 5-6. A braves 12, reds 4 Mthr ice a h o a to Crin at a h o a 531 3242 ch.2b 1001 Bailey 1000 h t 16 1 4 0 5 hews.3b 4 t 1 3 -1 0 1 of 50-2 0 crowe.11 411 406 3 2 1 4 2 11 422 301 1000 200 4030 acc Nufer 100 000 322_____ 3010 Berberet 100 4 Blai kell.3b totals 3s 14 27 12 totals 33 10 27 Baltimore 000 001 Washington Nieman 2, Gardner Yost. Schult. Sievers h 2, Kieman. So Nie Bridges Johnson. Alt More 8. Washington 6. Femme re 1, Johnson 1. 10 Kemmerer i. Black 1. Tigers 3, a s 1 0 6 0 of. Dry Brit Flat. A it 0 a Kansas. A h 0 1 0 0 5104 3 3 .1 0 Hoak.3b 4322 2110 3134 4230 2000 rertia.3b 431 Lynch Acker p Slusze a House c o 8wrt 0000 totals 33 7 27 8 5020 Power in 4313 3000 4100 3230 martin.2b 4013 4060 2151 5 1 3 401 3-2 1 4 1 s 402 403 424 302 1000 totals 41 16 2t Milwaukee 13 020 020 4 j _ _ _ 3001 101 1000 000 Keren 100 Elotari. Crowe. 3 Jones 2. Logan. Hazle 2, Burdette 4, Crowe 2, Hoak. Mcmillan. Mathews. Hoak. Burdette. 2. Crowe. Cincinnati 6. 2, Xuy Shalli 2, Acker 1. 2 or scan 1. Amor i Acker 1. W Bur Dettt j new Orleans 9 j Region champs Carlsbad n. M. Ipi the Classy Maison Blanche Nord team of. Reigns As totals 33 6 27 010 001. It 000 000 Toia. Kallum Skizas 7. An Aas City 9. -1. Portocarrero " Woytack 5. Portocarrero 3. W 3-7 4. Foytack a s 3, tigers 2 it 000 100 000 000 00 2 8 Detroit Kan. City Rorri 14 and Wilson Gorman Morgan 13 and Smith. Y .200 000 000 000 9 Barri. 33. Snaw 34. Bun ninja Vilson Gorman trucks 33 new the. Regional babe Orleans la southwestern Ruth league baseball champions following 7-3 Victory Over Austin Tex. Monday night in the tourney finals. By virtue of their Victory he Louisiana boys will nov Ove on to the babe Ruth ague world series which opens aug. 19 at Ann Arbor Mich. Tulsa okla., had been Champion from this Region for he past two years but was de throned in first by Austin 1-0. Round action Gilliam s wife found unconscious Rahway n. J. Estranged wife of in the Brooklyn carpet because of an extended dodger Star Junior Gilliam was admitted to Rahway Hospital yesterday Lor treatment of of the Amateur status of Mervyn facts of an overdose of sleeping Don Candy and mrs. Pills. Thelma Long will be in Dan authorities said mrs. Gilliam or if they have accepted sex was found unconscious at her senses for playing in any tou lament after the wimbleton championships last june an july. Scoff Frost Well Columbus Ohio. Topi Scot Day that giant owner Horace year 1 and Stoneham had cancelled a trip to san Francisco and that any announcement about the major league club s move will not be forthcoming for 10 Days. Christopher an Active Force in the Effort to persuade the Hants to move to san fran said that he got the word on the cancellation in a Tele phone Call from Stoneham. Frost harness horse of the has re covered from a left Hind leg injury and will see action of the first time at do Quoin 111 us. 28. Since 1922 Clay Che role 7605 e Colorado St. So 62605 Home shortly before noon and was rushed to the Hospital by ambulance. Physicians said her condition was unchanged since her admission to the hos Pital. Floyd Pete spar Seattle Wash. In heavy weight Champion Floyd Pat Terson and Amateur King Pete Rademacher each took on two sparring partners and concentrated on Road work yesterday at their training Camps near Here. Braves sold out Milwaukee. Of the Mil Waukee yesterday hat All reserved tickets had 5een sold for the four game series with the St. Louis Cardi nals Here Friday saturday and sunday. I got it Best Defoi from Ernie Porter 245 w Colorado Joe Louis terms heavy go worst mismatch Milwaukee wis. To former heavyweight Cham Pion Joe Louis said yester. Day the scheduled heavy weight Light Between the present titleholder Floyd Patterson and challenger Pete Rademacher is the worst mismatch in boxing Louis Here to plug Mer Cury records said every boxing commission and Light fan in the country ought to protest its Back. After move Long years straight Cream of Kentucky Oftle Fml j. _ my Loumon _ _ new Cion if Mim anything goes the Way we re trading whatever you re driving it s Worth More when you Trade for o Ford i nobody a Ford dealer Golf club closeout Walter Hagen if57 Haig Ultra set if i Reg. Walter Haften Woods of 4 Ultra Brookside Golf shop Gorfi Hmay try Jutt North of rom Lew by 3-0210 state farm Auto insurance in 2 Small instalments not big yearly kill there s nothing like a big once a year Premium to Kramble a budget yet it s so with , you Only pay Small premiums every tix month without extra carrying Cli Arges let me Tell you More about and the Many other budget saving features pioneered by state farm. Call or Stop in today. Earl e. Martin n. Lake Avi. 5y 5-4347

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