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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 14, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaVariable do Uttmi hat Tom the tatty. Little Modeste m. More weather o Page s. Independent Home win after carte com to boost Milwaukee s National league Lead to an imposing Fate 11. 42 pages cd ossified by 6-0311 Paw Curxie by 5-6311 lot Angelery 1-8188 Valley i 6-4671 Zenith 2330 Pasadena Cal wednesday aug. In 1957 150 hams to track satellite school Board sets vote on million in Bonds confidential affair Desi denies Call girl Romance i i _ Independent photos by Don flt Jeweld. Robert f. Legg Tift and or. Henry Richter jr., Check adjustments. By Don Fitzgerald when the first Earth satellite is shot into the skies sometime this fall a hand Ful of san Gabriel Valley radio Hanis probably will be the f first to track its course Over the southwestern United states. Having spent Only for equipment in realizing their ideas these Amateur radio operators have set up a Semi official tracking station which will parallel basically the functions of the u. S. Government s million Dollar plus satellite tracking installations. They also May be the first to spot any russian satellite for the equipment is convert Ible to any foreign data Broad cast frequencies. Is a dream come True for members of the san Gabriel Valley Kadio club inc., which under the direction of member Henry l. Richter turn to Page three we calf do anything better than they can Taree Hose rot 16, of Arcodia it Ltd build Trockur f. G. Runyon s readers Tjien Ash that one of his old columns be repeated. Staff members have picked out a Jem and. We re giving them to you now while the Boss is on vacation August 26, 1951 people keep asking How Are and. I keep answering not too bad. Not too. they seem sur prised because a Man s wife goes away for a couple of months he can t take care of himself and his Castle. I have news for you women. Don t go away too far and Don t stay away too Long. Time is not Only a great healer but is a great teacher. When yes dear first left for Europe the dump was a shambles in less than a week. Ivy ceased to climb pitted plants died dust accumulated and smiled laundry assumed mountainous proportions. Never was a wife so bitterly missed As in those Early Days. Today the picture is entirely different. The Hacienda is a Model of neatness and operational efficiency. Under the management the House which once looked less tidy than the Alamo on capitulation Day now is pressing Frank Lloyd Wright creations for the cover spot in House Beautiful. Once a Man discovers How to Hook a Hose to a vacuum defrost a refrigerator drop a Pillow into a slip and Hama As my Nephew says on Silver to make it Shine he no longer needs a woman around the House. The functional value of the female to put it another Way is grossly Over rated. The License for such spelt creatures is a Mere but the care and feeding Dur u ski twi Pasadena planners drop opening of san pasqual one of Pasadena s main residential thoroughfares was dropped from the City s major Street plan yesterday by the City planning commission. Unanimously voted to maintain san pasqual St As residential. It had been proposed in the master plan for further Deve Ozment into a major East Wes thoroughfare. Yesterday s decision marked another Victory by san Pas Siml residents who Defeated a City plan last year to Widen arid extend it. Final verdict on the cominis sigh s proposal to drop the Street from the master p 1 a must be approved by the boar of City directors. The commission s Public land use committee under the chairmanship of Raymond. A Dorn initiated the move serve san pasqual As a residential Street. The major reason Conteh Dei the committee report was tha it was More important to maintain the residential charac ter of the Lovely residence than create a through Channe for in and out also the commission Pointe out that recent o Cordova Blanche St. And de mar St. Should be Able to handle the East vast Tragg flow. Another Point brought out was that if Cal tech expands its Campus northward As pro posed san pasqual would slice he school into an undesirable situation according to the planners. 46 to Brave Dulles ire Moscow. 59 a Sharp warn ing from the . State depart ment against a junket to red China prompted anxious talk among american youths Here overnight and today. But it led to Only slight re vision in the travel list forty six plan to be aboard the trans siberian express when it pulls out of Moscow at . Lor the 4000-mile journey to piping. 200 flu victims arrive in . New York. To the first ship to arrive in new York with influenza sufferers since he outbreak of a global Asia in flu epidemic docked yester Day with 50 patients and 150 other persons who were strike in route from Europe. Syria ousts 3 . Diplomats Damascus. To Syria yesterday demanded the recall of three embassy officials on charges they were involved in an american conspiracy to overthrow the syrian govern ment. The foreign ministry Declar led the officials Persona n on Hollywood party girl an admitted prostitute Ronn Quillan yesterday testified at the criminal libel trial confidential that she submitted details for a 10-year-o affair with actor Desi Arnaz the Magazine for publication. But the red haired witness said she was surprised Whf the Story appeared in 1955 Wii the time element altered t House out four cent letter rate Washington. Of the House last night passed Multi million Dollar Posta rate increase Bill which would raise the Cost of first class letter from three t four cents and airmail from six o seven cents. The Roll Call vote was 256 to 129. The Bill also would increase from three cents and provide for raises in second and third class rates on papers magazines aril it now goes to the Senate where it was Given almost no Chance of passage this year. The measure was designed to deduce an estimated 360 i of dollars in additional pasta revenues during the rest of the current fiscal year and an Esti mated 527 million dollars Annu ally by 1961, when the last of series of second class hikes take effect. Supporters said the measure help whittle Down the chronic Post office department deficit which is expected to each 615 million dollars this ear not counting a postal pay a roved earlier by the House and now awaiting Senate a on. With republicans standing most solidly in support of the ill and some democrats sup porting it the House beat Down attempts to Knock out the grata and asked them to various rate increases recon Eye the country within hours the three accused americans Are Howard Sone of the embassy a political Section Iii Ary attache it. Col. Robert of ploy and vice Consul Francis f. Seton. Mended by its Post office com Mittee. The House upheld the pro posed four cent letter by a standing vote of 106 to 58, de spite protests that such mail already was paying its own Way. Make it appear that she and the cuban musician actor had just ports that the movie Industry engaged in the Romance. Arnaz vacationing at Del mar denied that he and the party girl whose escapades had been making headlines for More than a decade had an affair. He denied knowing miss Quillan. As Arnaz s name followed that of film Star Clark Gable in lurid testimony at the trial r was seeking to Call off to court Case were answered b dist. Atty. William b. Mcke son. The county s chief prosecutor bluntly answered the re mors with the statement Hollywood does not Contro Justice in California the District attorney at to Frew Ronnie says it happened Desi says no. Defense Cut perils jobs of labor claims Southern California Antici ated that up to jobs in aircraft and Allied Indus Ries Are jeopardized by the new defense department order to keep expenditures within its billion budget there was Little indication. That mass layoffs would result from the cutbacks 1 contracts planned by the d use department. A spokesman for the Ai raft industries association Aid that action already take by the Industry Are expected reduce employment to the necessary degree with i however Roy m. Brown be president of the internal onal association of a a insists expected an economic Impact unless plans Are mad rubies drip from Ruby s miss Korea loves us by Jim galbka1th Yuan of Park who Friendship More than he Glamor Hollywood eally has two other names to millions of. Americans e will be remembered As miss a representative the recent miss universe agent in Long Beach. To fewer people she Nown As yesterday lounging in the Atio of a Pasadena Yard she Aid i like Ruby saturday she is going Back i Korea and her family in soul. But i would like to come she said. To live the thing she will remember most about the United states is the people. They Are most she id just the friendliest Cople i have Ever her deep dark eyes spared. You knew she meant it iss Korea does t say any ing she does t believe. And e makes up her mind Jim Lily. She did it recently when a Ood of glamorous offers from Las vegas and Hollywood came turn to pit thru it Polci bar Clit Lei paddock Mill Korta with .-Typt Hobby. For a Quick smooth transition out of the present defense1 Brown insisted that the cutbacks must mean that some parts of a disarmament agreement had been reached Between the . And Russia. City delays naming of zone chief a suggestion to appoint a City zoning administrator to Cope with routine zoning cases was again shoved into the study briefcase yesterday by the Board of City directors. Lee b. Kline president of the american Institute of architects Pasadena chapter re Quested in a letter a reply to his organization s july 2 pro Osal. Aim of the proposal is to relieve City planning com missioners from the task of doubling As City zoning officials. Close of the session issued h statement that the courts Alor would determine the status the trial. Mckesson took con Zance of rumours that a Secor Effort was being made by t film Industry to keep Holl Wood celebrities from Bein placed on the witness stand the sensational trial. The relevancy of stars t to Page divers find Pasadena s body in sea two skin divers found the Dody of a wealthy Youn Pasadena businessman be erday lashed to a hug 3oulder at the Bottom of wave battered Ocean Cliff. Sheriff s deputies said lloy Robinson jr., 30, of 3755 fair Meade rd., apparently had Shi himself to death. His bathing suit Clad body was found. Abalone Cove in the Pali Verdes area Early yesterday morning v he had been shot Hea with a which was Lynn nearby encased in a plastic a swim fins and a diving Nias were also found. No notes Wei found. A 60-foot Parachute Cord was tied around the victim s Waist with the other pm lashed about the Large Rock. Deputies theorized Robinso had weighted himself with Thock and with the gun Kep by by the plastic bag Sho itself while submerged. The Jec cd Shell was found in thag arid scorch Marks wer found on the plastic. Det sgt Norman Peterson Aid . Was Trace through car registration Foum a a 1957 automobile not a rom where the divers came Pon the body. Eft monday Robinson West coast Manu a Turing representative for Sta onery supplies left his Homi londay morning telling friends he was going to a meet no of his camera club in Long he also told neighbors o take care of his dog. He had been living alone in he Pasadena Home since May Hen his wife and two Daugh is went to visit relatives in new Jersey. Robinson whose Hobby was lot Graphy had recently Pur used skin diving equipment e had planned to take a series underwater photographs he Pasadena reportedly had gun collection. His car was spotted parked Jong the Road above the Cliffs Early As 4 . Monday. The body was taken to Niland mortuary in Redondo Beach. Speed boosted on 2 streets Speed limits on two major Pasadena thoroughfares were hiked yesterday. The Board of City directors raised the Speed limit to 35 Miles per hour on san Gabriel blvd. From Colorado St. To the City s Southern City limits and on Allen ave. From Villa to Washington streets. Chief s pay jacked up to by Bob Davenport Pasadena s school Board yesterday prepared for a Bond election in. February to be based on studies of school construction arid rehabilitation needs by a citizens re search group. The Board also decided unanimously to boost the superintendent s salary from per year Board member Edgar. Barratt indicated a new bomb May Mush room on the horizon when he charged that there May be political Fina gling in using a screening to find a superintendent for Dena. Slip Foril told the Board he Felt the first tuesday in february would be a Good time for an election decided upon last january. The amount to be raised is yet to be decided. Preliminary estimates place construction and rehabilitation needs in the High school and elementary districts at about remaining bonding capacity in those districts How Ever is Only a Little More than Shatford s p Fari however Calls for four Bond issues one for elementary rehabilitation one for High school rehab Ilita Ion one for new. High school construction for Junior College District payments to thei Ilgah a school District for Ings at pc which the High sch Poi will bonding a 000 in tie Junior College District is for this purpose and will be used for the new High school building construction. Shatford and Board members Lars. Luverne la Motle or. Robert Freeman and Steve Salisian agreed lie it Fesser which studied the o ending needs of the school system in 1954, should be read. Iva Ted or that group e formed to study the needs. Vote Shatford said he Felt the pub c would be More inclined to ote the Bonds if they were foe rejects recommended by a Cit Zens group but Barratt yogic d vigorous protest to using Cit Zens committee. To do the card s the Board Over Barratt s objection voted to ask the torn to a sign four army enters pole strike London. Ins a heavily red Force of 3000 polish soldiers stormed Lodz s three ajor trolley depots Early yes Day firing Over the Heads striking workers. They moved in on the depots gathering place of the strikers after Back to work Neotia on broke Down and the work s flaunted a 3 get Back on the Job. The soldiers took Over the alleys and buses and in a few minutes had partial service of rating throughout Poland s cond largest City. City directors referred the suggestion to City manager Don c. Mcmillan and also studying the plan. No decision Las been reached the Board though the City directors have written their thanks for yesterday California will architects suggestion and in provide 425 of the 7000 men to 425 in october draft Sacramento. Of state Erest in City government. Be drafted during october. Inside today s Independent i German atom arms ban Khrushchev urges East and West Germany to agree on Banning nuclear 22. Dams.9 Lien .9 lasslfiod.16 omlcs.21 Onnolly 6 Pago consldine.9 features.21 health.9 lcadabrand.9 nash.9 obituaries.15 Page opinion.9 sports.11 theater.6 tv-radio.81 women. 7l your stars .211 Lert Driver hits As skips death As tree crashes a reflex hard on an automobile accelerator at the sound of a cracking tree Day prevented what Proba Bly would have been a serious Accident. Robert w. Griffith 17, of 945 n. Chester ave., was at the wheel when he heard the noise and saw a Shadow of a falling Branch at Chester ave., near Orange ave. Without thinking i ducked and hit the accelerator and the thing just barely brushed the rear of the his Mother Elsie m. Griffith 49, of the same address confirmed his Story. It would have crushed the top of the car and prob ably both of she told officer r. T. Orman

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