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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 6, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaThe he tvs laugh and tint world Loit Goci of tic Yov. Carl please make two trips Peter dont try Tocarra All those dishes at once see t Only wasted half a Why do we get tired will Yum therard when the Little v of is if hands at two i when th1 the Bis Toj Ofsa big hands at ten two x gotta work this out. Fifth be minds at ten then its s tem two if the i Little 15 to Little Tell me not it upside tomorrow i m Busy rivets George Sixta to stay on our Side of the Fence Why daddy Sam Hill Jig Jerk Somr Lomg win s valuable prize. Send your question name address and age to Why. Rare of the in dependent. The Junior. 15-Volmiie encyclopedia for school and lion will be awarded for the letter selected. Today s Winner is Wally Steiman 8, it. Thomas Ivy. Fatigue can actually be considered a kind of poisoning when a muscle in our body works it produces lactic acid if we remove the lactic act rom a tired muscle it s liable to Start Svor King again at once in the course of a Day w Poison ourselves with lactic acid. There Are other sub stances the body produces in the course of muscular activity which Are known As fatigue toxins. The blood carries these through the body so that no Only the muscle itself feel tired but the entire body especially the brain. Scientists have made an in Ert sting Experiment about j fatigue. If a dog is made to work until it is exhausted and Falls asleep and its Boort is Hen transfused into the body of another dog the second dog will instantly become and fall asleep if the blood of i wide awake dog is transfused nto a tired sleeping dog the latter will Wake up at once no longer tired but fatigue is not just a chemical process it is also a biological process. We can t just remove fatigue we must allow the cells of the body to rest. Damages must be re paired nerve cells of the brain must be the joints of the body must replace used up lubricants. Sleep will Al ways be necessary As a Way of restoring our body s Energy after fatigue. However there is an interest ing thing to remember about the process of resting. For example a person who has been working hard at his desk for hours May not want to lie Down at All when he s tired. He would rather take a walk or when children come Home from school they want to run out to play not to lie Down and rest. The reason is that if Only a certain part of the body is tired say the brain the eyes the hands or the legs Way to make that part fee fresh again is to make other parts of the body Active we can actually rest by Means of activity. Activity increases the respiration the blood circulates glands live and the waste products Are eliminated. From the Tiric part of the. Body. But if you Are totally exhausted the Best thing to do is to go to sleep Why do people carry walk inf at present of course a walk ing Mick or Cane is carried As a fashionable accessory. But actually the walking stick goes Back to biblical times the ancient hebrew carried Long crutches Sticks when they walked about and they adopted this custom from the Shep herds who tended the flocks the idea was picked up by the Early greeks and Many of the Young dandies of Athens walked about with tall walking Sticks. Yoio it tar read up on m not Booke but to name it Lupus me above suswc1on at i m to care Sam f or.b065hack5 wife Sac he s to be the Independent a Tel t. 1m7 -23 your stars Rita Delmar miss peach by Mell Puzzle of the Day by Nicki Fqy Movell 53 across 1 City in a Lar Len. Mar Lisman. Id Black Uri i 1 Liny Nln Ienir. Inheritor. 16 Brink. 17 a i kill Len. Ii stink riot inn. Como Inlo View. 23 Cut null soul skill. In nor Row a in 29 More dlr Rrt route 2 n Llyl. 3.1 Elm liar. To i . M Llanil Limuli. W sur Rorn k. Annil. T7 i Uhline nil. Ii null in Ilni i. Portrait ill Ali Rij . Ii i ulnar in lion no. 4.1 up. 41 he Irrl. 47 in ii. I Tran or. M Muly. nmn is Fml Ukini like Lollo to univ Millelr. 61 ital Lucr. 112 in Plarr Down 1 Cpl Tirol. 2 knit llah come Orr. 3 s of and apr Diirr for Snoop prs. A or. Italia. I Man in try. 7 Tendil Fetn of Snulli. 1 Kavious solution h intr Ali us. I ii seen. 2 tubs Lailur. -4 have Ikinio. I t newest nation. A vhf non. 27 can try Plant. 29 firms 19 Irver Fry height. I . K can cml Home Wanish. Mimi limit. Ill . Ii Amer loan and. Iii i r. Lionnil. 41 thin layer of Nln. Ill Ryllun Din nil. 17 Stair. 19 to in or or ill i Rivosh Innelli n t unlock. A . A in enl Mallion family. At ,11 in Europe when the sword began to disappear As part of what a Man carried about the walking stick took its place. During the time of Queen Elizabeth the custom of carrying a walking stick became so Gen eral that everyone did it. Louis Xiv introduced the custom into the French court and it became so fashionable that not Only men but women too carried Long slender Sticks wherever they went kind rim trl rat. Dlr Tolm or Puz to Wii. Iii Ivr live Imir name Ati and a example of Why madness at least irritation lies in these Pesky Little punctuation Marks the style manual of the Ern ment printing office says flatly that All three of words should be written is without hyphens. Yet the equally highly regarded Merriam Webster dictionaries decree that both and re adjust should be hyphenated. I vote with Merriam Webster in this Case. When the prefix re is followed by a Consol Nant no confusion can result if the word is . Solid. For example however when the prefix is followed by a Vowel there is a Strong temptation to misread the resulting blend. For exam ple the first two syllables of re adjustment make the com Mon word read when written solid. My recommendation in the Case of the prefix "re1" is to omit the Hyphen before a consonant but use it before a Vowel. For guidance in other problems of hyphenation i Sug Gest you Settle on a Good dictionary or style manual that comes As close As possible to agreeing with the prejudices you already have in regard to hyphenation and then follow its dictates. Any of the leading College dictionaries will answer most of your questions hut for a More detailed treatment you May want to consult the Admir Able go style manual already mentioned or the equally Fine manual of style put out by the University of Chicago. Bui above All Don t take hyphens too seriously Compesi fion Olda. To till in cily lines buses which Cany Adver Tising posters on their sides appeared on the streets with the following sign Why wait on a bus next time. Call a

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