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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 6, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaIt Kuhoh. Tui at. Aust to radio a n channels and stations knit 5 Stu 8 .kfm8 11 a Tiv Krca 7 Kab 9 Khz to 13 cop note c indicates color program. Us Jim Kujau daytime4 us this Day farm report Pacific lady tac dough of life for rom Brrow could be you ight to reduce Calmer. And Jinx cartoons up and be counted the world runs 60 color Dennis James miss Brooks woman s diary shoppers Linkletter s House party Groom mysteries John payoff theater Goodwin show Crosby show Cooks Day for a Day. Wheeler show Gardiner show movie storm . Of night matinee romances Waring show Phoebe police Calls i Gardiner i Zabach. I Godfrey time i truth or consequences i Laine show. wanted s Arlene Francis Gardiner . Martin it Rich Warren Hull treats corns Guy Frandsen. Musical is right Carousel Harry sings the popular Ballad Singer will appear on the King Cole show tonight at 10, Over Krca this the first time Belafonte and Cole have been together on a show. To today pm 5 Tony draws a Ann Crawford Derek fair Mervyn Johns eng pm 7 vote for Jack Warner Susan show eng 9 Riff Pat o Brien Ann Jeffreys 19471 pm 2 that night in Alice Faye Don Ameche Carmen Miranda s. Z. Sakall pm 41 terror by Basil Rathbone Nigel Bruce pm 5 submarine Pat o Brien George Brent Wayne Morris. Pm 13 once a Cesar Romero june havoc Marie Macdonald pm 9 Back to John Wayne Anthony Quinn pm 5 voodoo Bela Lugosi John Carradine pm 11 the last Edw. G. Robinson James Stewart pm 2 Bette Davis Franchot tone Margaret Lindsay Nat j pm 7 tuna Roddy Mcdowell i 12 mid. 11 last gangster 2nd show am 5 woman Stewart Granger Bug am 2 Ginaj Lollobrigida Tito Gobi radio late afternoon5 Frandsen Jarvis Whittingham serials j. Benneti movie mouse club movie theater a magic of atom Ted Meyers Frandsen c a Brundige Fidler show networks Abc Kab lbs Knox mss Khz Abc Kif 570 Khz 930 Kef a 1230 Knelt 1393 Kif 1411 a feb 980 Al pc 1240 Kali 1430 710 pop 1020 kg1l 14kn big 740 Knox Ioto Fox 1280 Kab Iso Kola 1110 Kwiw 1300 Al urls Kiev 870 Erkd 1150 fac 1330 Kowl 1j8u civil defense notice to be informed when sirens sound tune the radio dial to 640 or 1240 kilo cycles. Newly revised bkoa1iu1sts Kfac-32..c.-24 hours . To 9 to my Niehl saturday and 93.1 m.c--3 . To 9 . hours . To s . Kcbh-ss.7 ? to lion Echt Dally to 10s.9 hours hours Khz hours Kab 11 . To . S inks a ." monday Satur to 10 . . Tuesday . Hugh Mccoy Knox Bishop Kif Fred Beck Kab f. Hemingway Khz d. Whittinghil Kmic Catalina bandstand big . Business Knox . News Kab breakfast gang Khz hit the Road Kif Bob Crane show Knox . Fred Beck so. Frank Goss . Pat Bishop Harry Babbitt. Bob Greene . Bulletin Board Geo. Dvorak Kab Knox Kif Knox Khz Kif news Kif news Kab Bob Crane show Knox Khz fac Kali nighttime report Roberts Stout Stratton Latham c Gordon express news news c c Edwards news the swamp desk c that tune review Chick hear i c 5 Jil Martyr news a isl of Moh rans 11 Willy the Woll show Rifle Latham news c baiter sports Putnam silvers show in the Pacific stepping stones to the Philippines cartoons lady dance no More 9 Little Kas rals 3 revolt on the freeway Story the world beyond review Secretary. Ann Sothern Valli show pattern for violence 9 Victory at sea Pacific boils Over service cargo for Revalie Cantor theater Tell the truth of stars Road Al Martin Kane 13 Hoart of the. City Fror i Ftp. Playhouse broken Macdon Aid Carey Elisabeth Dos Don Dirk Foran Marguerite Chapman the embezzler 7_wyatt Earp called a John Payne once a Cesar Romero question Mcgraw Frank Lovejoy at night Arrow married Joan Davis Jones theater time Churchill club Cochise with father King Cole i tomorrow Putnam mews Duggan Roberts Jean Pierre Aumoth Finley time big news i Stout Stratton. Green p. Sports weather pendulum. Hit movie Latham Amsterdam. Daly news Ward news Hearn sports and drama Duggan America dark Cliff Engle Stock Market or. S. Balles hit the Road Rcd Heck Gold Norton . Business news Kmic Helen Markham Kali sports fac news. Dave Vaile Knox Kif Kab a feb news . Sport utes i i . Sport Lites so . Khz Khz fac Khz Kmic Bob Crane news Kab Kif Pat Bishop Haven of rest Khz d. Whittinghil Kmic . Garden Kab . An Rev Virginia Kkt Unity View Point fac Howard Miller Knox Orval Anderson Kab . Wendy Warren Knox breakfast club Kab news Khz Khz a feb . Music Khz Andy in Virginia Kif . Basil Rathbone Khz . Khz Knox a feb Kif Knox backstage wife George Crowell . Norma Young Helen Trent Ai Jarvis ladles Day . Gal sunday . Food Mart . News Kif. Khz my tic Story Kab Nora Drake a. Is. Bandstand . Tello test a Perkins . Bandstand when a girl marries George Crowell or. Malone . Whispering streets Road of life Khz Knox Kab Khz Knox Kab Knox . Eight to Happi Ness Knox news Khz Kif mows. Real the record Kab . Rah Riell Heatter. Truth or oco Crowell Khz consequences Kif . Queen Lor a Day Khz second mrs. Burton Knox . Art Baker strike it Rich Cliffe Stoni . News Kif Kif vacation cruise Knox 12 noon news Kab. Khz. Knox brother Welsh farm reporter in is pm Calif. Agric. N Mclynch Cedric Foster Paul Harvey . News Finley Hart Art Unk letter Mildred Kif Kif Knox Khz Kab Kif a feb Khz Knox younger . Records de Hart . News Kab . News Mai or league Warmup Godfrey news Hank sir Urru . Matinee baseball Larry Finley George Crowell p.5i. Woman in my House . Of Kmic Knox Khz Kab Kif Kmic a feb Khz Kif enjoy sports car styling and performance in the economical Silver Hawk v-8 no need to wait until 58 for a family sports car. Today the economical v-8 Silver Hawk companion to the supercharged Golden Hawk combines All the enjoyment of True sports car appearance and performance with the Roomy Interior of a luxury Sedan for this is the one american automobile that gives you sports car readability Continental styling and Power to spare yet actually costs far less than Many Low priced conventional automobiles. So for a new experience in motoring in a family car that s a sports car too be sure to test drive a 1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk at your Studebaker Packard dealer the Silver Hawk six. Combines Low initial Cost with unsurpassed motoring Economy. The supercharged Golden Hawk the car that sets the Pace in sports car enjoyment. For the Best car values Ever. I Studebaker Packard corporation coma by 6-5391 work Pepper Young Kif . Music Kef a Calalina bandstand big Bob freed Khz news Kif . Feminine touch Kif George crowed Khz i . Quick what s the answer Khz Ruth Ashton Knox one Man s family Kif . Weather Knox . Affairs of or. Gentry ski pin my orman Knox Vohen you Are tired or have Kreb it Khz slaying Over a hot Bridge vocal group Kab . Hank Weaver Kab news j. Grant Kmic Lloyd Pearson open evenings 2025 e. Colorado Pasadena by Nat Zatkin Gabriel Heatter 3-05 . Khz George Crowell Khz Larry Finley Kfir Dick Sinclair so. Kif Knox Khz in . Nexus diet Sinclair Beardsley de Murrow news. Sports j. Grant Bill Brundige . Bill Ballance . News weather . Newsreel Rollie Thomas c. Hermann c. Alcott Paul Harvey . Hank Weaver. Sports . Cliff Engle feature wire Pat Bishop squeaking Deacon Tom Harmon Sid Fuller b. Ballance . Orval Anderson Kab Dave Shaw news Sam baiter Frank Goss music race results Kab Knox Lac Kmic Khz a feb Khz Kif Khz Kif a feb Knox Kab Kmic Khz Kif Kab in my . J baseball pm. Sam Hayes an Baker . Weather . News Kab Khz . J. Vandercook Kab news Kif Knox civil rights debate Kif intermezzo fac Gabriel Heatter Khz Southland Kab Khz Kif Kola Knox Karc a feb Kif Lac Knox Khz Erkd i . Aftel i Edw. Woman. . Movie Roundup 2nd show a. Movie Tito Gobbi shift theater girl of my Jeff Donnil . Us this Day Kab pm pl1 Kukac Khz news sports. Kelley news concert news Bill journal musical comedy Chick Hearn sports . Bui Brundige b. Ballance . Sports report of Lowell Thomas Knox behind Story Khz news Kauc Kmic . Music Khz Kif pol Knox Khz a feb Salute . Bob rav record rack Panici s Den big k n x Kab a feb . Behind the Story Khz . Robert q. Lewis Knox treas. Agent echoes and encores . Life i world Mary Burke Kinc Khz fac Kif sports . Jack Wagner Tom Hanlon people in news Kab Philip Norman say with music Kab 7 p.a1. . Matinee . Lynn Hollywood Khz . Here s answer Khz . News. Dave Shaw Kif Kulton Lewis or Khz Catalina bandstand big . Burritt Wheeler Kif . F. Hemingway Khz . Tello test Kiiji Knox Knox Khz Kif . One Man s Fame v Kif baseball Kmic . Eric Sevareid Knox this is Fiadino Knox . Nightlife news Kif. Khz thru the Bible pol Knox Nightwine Kif meet the band Kab Rosary hour a feb . Fulton Lewis or. Khz senator knowl Ancl Kwiw . Or. Poi Gil Henry Knox Herr s 10 vets Khz . News Khz traffic quiz Kwiw . News Kif string shift pol news Kif Knox Jack Wagner Khz music x roads fac . News Kab Joy forever Howard Culver Kif Knox table All afternoon it some times becomes a bother to even think of food. When this happens defrost your appetite with some unusual Frozen food. Here Are a few you will find in our Gro Cery department Kosher potato Klishes tastefully sea soned mashed potatoes wrap Ped in a thin Flaky crust Chicken Kreilach meaty chopped Chicken just drop them into a Clear Broth canned of course Blintzes in three delicious Fla Vors cheese Cherry Anc cheese with strawberries serve with sour Cream. It s less work for Mother Anc fee family never had it so Good read Independent Star news classified the happiest puce on Earth Kosher Delicatessen restaurant 1770 e. Colorado St., Pasadena Kal it Jim or take it with you free parking in rear by 6-4373 thrills. Fun. Music. Dancing now open. 9 am till Midnight Fladiy ind so lordly Dill kill open til 1 . . News Kif Knox Scarlet Pimpernel Khz pm win. A incr Kaht. Mihic Kcal Man on hip to i Alex Uncil Phil rlz7llto, sports Knox v in lev Khz dugout dope a pc races Day . Ami n Andy Knox concert everybody s hour baseball baseball pre View . Rusty Draper show great glider sleeve Gene Norm in . Baseball i baseball . News of world fac Poi Kmic Kab Knox Kif Lac Kmic kai3c Khz Knox Knix Khz Kif youth news the world tool she hits k Ali . Army hour Kwiw Khz Knox Kmic Khz music . Al Poska show . Dance time Kmic news Kif Khz a feb Max Zofay Knox . Merry go round Knox . Sports. K. Thomas Kif . Music till Dawn Knox Al Poska show Kif . Rourke s in Rev i line til 2a.m. Kahn Hen la Tinori Olgui Side of d.1v kk1 music Tim ii fac Jsck Morris. Music 670 club to . . Milch Rcd show t1u i in of Wal the Churchill club during world Wor ii a Secrel club of danish schoolboys sabotaged the nazi occupation and triggered their Homeland s resistance. A John Nesbitt True Story tonight at Channel after twelve Long years m49 at Smi Ehi Bourion Ink 010. K poor Kim or mii0r i discounts anal inti All . In. I i Phon Tiron re Riim Xaiv modern radio i our nth protect your life with our Complete physical and a Ray examination sick and suffering Stop wasting time i Money no questions no guessing _ most organs now visible we can see your Neiert lungs Bronchi spine stomach Large Ana Small me tunes. Etc. Vic note defects deformities or faulty functioning then prescribe the Correct treatment to restore your health. Other mechanical and electrical devices Register your blood pressure pulse heart and other functional or organic it. Precision instruments that Are the very latest in scientific diagnosis what i. Ii Worth to my i. Ino. In. Infin your ill mint no Mir Erk tick bin to Tulili. Who. Vou Are Elul my in head to toe Condi i of sinus. Ears. Nose and Throat iral i e spinal Veri Ebrat and Bone Sirull Urt i lust and hear Aglion blood pressure Szumach p Munetsi Gui on e prostate female organs a glands nervous Susiem live and Gall bladder. Before Yon take treatments anywhere you should have this examination for nut san by Bra mini and our Complete examination for our of ice my my Hafl no extras make your appointment now our stiff ii Tju Amishi Tor it trulm.r.1 Basic diagnostic offices or r. L. Cozad . So. Rosemad Sycamore 6-7107 in Pasadena since 1936 hours 9.00 to 5 . Mon. Wet. Fri. Til i . Sat. 9-1 shelter. For privacy. Fence it with California Redwood Pasadena s Complete building supplies monday to Friday to s . Saturday to 4 . We give St Green Stamps artists materials picture frames Art framin6 everything for the a Fiji for professional and student "292 e. Colorado St., Pasa. Artists of owners St 2-4284 f 1-4517 funerals at the Price you choose to electronics Day lil asses now s1artinb train Joti in Clute Nulu sou1 Ilsc Tomc school Iii of w. Huntin Fiton

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