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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaP a6-z 1-z 2 pa4-z3 july it aug. I. F David i. questions answered once again i would like to use this column to Chis cuss some of the questions sent in by you readers. I am sure thai the questions 1 have chosen to discuss will be of interest to All of you. Incidentally i want of take this to thank All you readers who have written into say How much you enjoy this column. Those letters now is irrigation and spraying make the Job worthwhile. I fertilized my roses two weeks a Reader from South Pasa ago and they won t be foil Oena wrote in to say he until sept. 10. I Don t be was Vorva much disappointed Lieve in forcing my roses Dur a with his Rosos. He informs me ing the latter part of july or that Many of Tho loaves Are during August. The september turning yellow and that the feeding will bring the roses Flowers Are not As Good As they into their fail Moom. Wore earlier in the season. He where Tho foliage on Rosos would to know exactly seers to to smaller than usual what roses should and not too healthy looking Orivivo upon they Are in Tho the pro Babi i t v is that the wilted Trees not always dry i favorite gardeners everywhere the i. Hit Uii i icii1uvlu no trunks May be injured by dts o trunk water r r i lease and unable to absorb away hmm he Wmk colourful i move water up to the tree top.1 these Trees will not Benefit from More water and Mav Bev have water applied to the our most col Oriel summon in in the Root zone when this and Vine is w the approaches dryness. It is out doubt the bougainvillea Fui incr injured of fungal Iii. Ohp surf he the plants Are available at All a Orario Trees affected by needs water before irrigate nurseries in containers and can the Root rot fungus often Wilt when they Are in wet soil if More water is applied the i fungus kills More roots and soon this tree and adjoining1 Trees die. For this reason Avo Cado growers should always Check to see that soil under the Trees is nearly dry before irrigating. To apply an irrigation just because the Avocado Wilts is not always a Safe practice. Some Citrus Trees May Wilt or Jose their leaves but arc eng. Be planted now. New Cereal Delight for baby 1 touched on this subject thrips and Rod spider in Addi about three weeks Ngo but i Tion to different fungus Dis furl in is Worth a Little More eases. Spraying Iho shrubs a ii discussion this time. A combination Spray tone con must kor a in mind thac our Taining Shoih inset Milide and ropes have Boon through quite fungicide once every two or a trying period during the past three works will usually Koep months and they will no the shrubs free from doubt be subjected to this same and disease. Adverse treatment until the whatever you do. Don t Ever weather begins to Cool off a lit tie about the Norl her. Glamour zing the tool shed every Gardener yearns for a spot where he con revel in his gardening without interference from family or friends. Here it a sleek lined affair on the lower end of a lot which it Home it it Ideal for storage of All Lawn furniture and Garden tools has room for potting gum Moses of the trunk or one Bench. Trellis roof Section on two sides gives it appearance of added size. Of the Hytho Phthoon fungi has injured Many of the feeder Plant now roots. If the cambium and i Tow the cd in us ily 5 hubs Dwarf acacia. Should i to inc streets Little land an Evergreen Pear Dwarf which can be planted now scape Appal when towering eucalyptus and Magnolia omens is. If you Foci that an a Evergreen rather than a Cleoid r1 is More in keeping for effective irrigation Small try is or Large. Insects trimmed shrubs such As Privet Are valuable Garden assets in of ago of rambling ranch the allow your roses to dry out and Homos. Large Trees. Its the of so Tom occasional overhead irrigation though valuable for Shade or is quite Enofk Ial he be done during the Early morn once we to it ally in ing hours. If you Aro having Over a one Story House Rio stand our roses we find trouble with mildew on your j hat is one reason Why that they arc perhaps the , take your Hose like the japanese11011" in anxious g to u p of flowering the roses a Good hosing off in Maple acer Palma Tumi is shrubs anxious to produce the morning. There is some Irr owing in popularity advises both flowering Wood and flow thing in the moisture that be California Assn., of Nur ers. Inasmuch As the Rose Actu forms on the foliage Over night ser men. This handsome Maple j ally docs not have any Dor j which if loft to dry off in Tho normally grows to about j0 Mant season Here in this area i Sun will induce mildew. Byi fact but May to trained to we find that the Only Way to washing off this moisture 2ri Oppl this Graceful can control the habits of control most of your Tow likes Shade and Isi Rose is by intelligent try works. Lideal for use on lawns in pruning fertilizing irrigating j Tarot my patios or at a Pond s and spraying. Another question came i because of this continuous to me from a Reader in Covina. J silk tree jul Ibris urge to produce growth someone has told her that he resin derives its name from thei Rien ced gardeners know that deciduous fruit Trees appearance of its they have to set up a regular i peaches and nectarines should heaves and Pale Pink blossoms schedule of proper care in be watered after the fruit it is an extremely Hardy tree i Dor to have their Rosos in top j has been harvested. She wants which grows Well in Liot Cli condition. You should been to know if this information is mates or even in Zero tempera bark on the trunk at and below roses throughout the san he soil line is Brown or dead. I i a Ahly fill the role Are will has attacked the the through into late no a Runk digging away the u vember. If you Are a now out the trunk and re Tig you can Purchase the diseased bark is Pittos Porum most any desired variety to the further pyrus in five gallon containers decline of the tree. Where the bark on the trunk is healthy and the tree is Wilt ing some of the feeder roots i May be rotted by theophy thoth fungi. Drying out thei with your Garden plans Check Large Trees use a Root irrigator Oil cutting Back the top i and no holes in the ground is plus careful irrigation will be Genuo help _ p Llie it the tree is to Structure. The High protein Content is a new flavorful Cereal with unusual nutritional value. Gerber High pro Rived from a combination of Oats wheat soy Beans and yeast. Care fully blended for easy digestibility. Like All Gerber cereals it s ready to serve with milk formula or other liquids. For new appetite interest rotate with other Gerber cereals. Department stores courage to know that no it is not. Is o int turns. This asian native May program of Rose care is very Ter what kind of fruit tree you be easily pruned to a Graceful about two hours once every three weeks simple and can be carried out most successfully even by the beginner. The fact that some of the leaves on your Rose Bushes Are turning yellow at this time of Tho year is really no cause for alarm. Because of the terrific hot spells we have recently experienced it is to be expected that our roses will mature some of their leaves. It is also True that it is impossible to in condition for fall planting have As High Quality Flowers during july August and sep tember As we have during april and May. This does not mean thai there is nothing we can do for our roses during the hot sum have in your Garden it should i umbrella shape because of its never be allowed to suffer from wide spread Lack of water. On established fruit Trees four years or older. Avn i non in non Tho to another popular and advantageously grown in Cali fornia is the Lavally or Carriere Thorn crate Gus Laval this Troe which bears masses of White Flowers and Orange red berries in the fall normally attains a height of 15 j feet. Proper pruning will in crease its growth to a Maxi mum of 30 feet. Your local Don t forget depart ment Don t forget to get those Flower Beds and Borders Don t forget to fend your poinsettias and Wistaria Don t forget to dig up clean off and store your Gladiolus bulbs the foliage has died Down Don t forget to fond your Lawn if you Haven t done so Mer months. Given proper at-1 during the past six weeks Tention your roses can be kept in Good condition the entire season. Throughout Don t forget the Garden Section j sunday and Don t forget that St Langeane 1 this slender tree for particular areas for it is rather More selective than the japanese the silk tree. Saucer Magnolia Magnolia a Small tree with the Man who goes to Church b s Pastet tinted sauce like on sunday will enjoy his Gar its natural tendency most important right Den better on monday ils toward compactness. This Magnolia prefers mild humid areas but is also grown successfully at High altitudes. Here again your local Nursery Man should be consulted. Bougainvillea rates High As Strong colourful Vine Brilliant colouring and and featuring Bright red growth Are the two Best recon bracts on pendulous sprays emendations for planting and a recent introduction in tin All these attractive Trees May now be purchased in Nan Jay five gallon containers. Your he nurseryman will gladly Slit Evergreen bougainvillea Vine in Vine form Texas Dawn has it 16 containers to avoid injury your Garden or next to your Rose coloured bracts to ten House says the Long arching sprays. Tex i Jinny evergreens Are also Assn. Of nurserymen. Jas Dawn is outstanding for itsjusesf11 landscaping subjects in i a Strong tunning climber color fast growth and its Abii the Small tree category. Among the bougainvillea has to maintain symmetry. Many which will very size medium Green leaves with demands Little care. J insignificant Flowers set in thei bougainvillea can be Ivow Middle of three bracts or outer fully grown locally if planted petals. From these bracts it will get full Sun and if you Are a new Home owner bougainvillea gets its generously. Its color show and intend having a Beautiful colouring of Rich red. Purple Orris Well Worth any extra Offort Flower Garden take time during Orange which literally Blanket it May require for the sight of the next three months to pre the Vine from tip to trunk. Brilliant Orange or Crimson we the soil for fall planting. This area the bougainvillea Vine against trellis a it really pays to do so. Steer pcs showing its brilliance or your House can scarce manure org anic fertilizer and Date Spring and by the be matched by any other Bon Emeal will produce Excel Vine. Lent results. Of summer time it is Blooming Flo Crin profusely in every area in to film it thrives. Women s Sheen gabardine i Capri pants outstanding value. Assorted stripes and solids in the newest in summer shades. I Rise Waist narrow cuffs. Buy several at this tremendous savings sizes 10-18. Extra special for fhe men Argyle socks combed Cotton genuine Hemphill hand framed in a variety erf patterns and colors. Sizes 10-13. Special handkerchiefs Large size White hemmed edges. An Rem a Man never has enough of. Special work socks genuine postman and policeman Brand. Pm White and random colors. Strong elastic pm fops. Special a 991 leather belts 2 Large selection of styles and colors genuine Feather. Sizes 30-42. Regular 1.00. Special _.5i because Bright Sun is the Best Friend of this Evergreen Vine it i an outstanding Plant for san Gabriel Valley i gardens. Plant Vine against a warm Wall or in a Corner to give it the ii Nat it wherever planned always keep in mind the profuse Rich and Brilliant colouring of the Dougain Villa and he sure not to Plant near it other shrubs which will suffer or detract from this Beauty. In addition to the Vine form which grows to 20 feet the Boug Arvillea is also available m a compact and Bushy Shrub. The Shrub form is newly introduced and is Narn Cri Temple fire or red hush Bugai Miloa. Among the most popular varieties in the Vine form of bougainvillea ate Bambara karst which has Brilliant red Flowers borne on the Plant at an Early age and Orange King which features bracts on Graceful sprays. Other varieties arc Bouga in Brasilia Sis or Spectra bilis with purple bracts con vent with enormous purple bracts for several months each year California Gold with Long Blooming Golden bracts. Still another Poloso Queen blooms in delicate Rose Carmine bracts most of the year grow ing rapidly while requiring Lii rare. Scarlet o Hara also known As san Diego is per haps the most vigorous and growing of All aluminium Lawn edging v stops spread of grass weeds and roots 3.50 value 30 it. Roll 4 in. Wide edges walks Trees shrubs Flower Beds and fences. Easily installed. Rutt Elj Lvpl a. Reed fencing 6 it. High by 18 it. Long regular 9.98 Jug i 50% density g sheol for use in Patio find Pool areas. Excellent for Sun shelters. 100% density 6x18 .10.98 100% density 6 it. 4 in. High by 25 long___15.98 100% density polished 6 it. High by 18 it. Long 19.98 tank sprayer-2 gallon opacity peat Moss Slon Dord , 5.49. All pea Moss-2 cubic feet regular 1.89 1 58 potting mix-120 cubic inches. Regular 29c j4e women s and Rayon petticoats Nylon Tricot fabrics with Nylon lace front panel. Large assortment of colors. For sizes my. Special. My women s blouses Large selection of summer styled blouses. Solids end prints. An outstanding value. Regular 1.98. Sizes 32 to 38. Special 80 so. Muslin Quality bleached and bleached Cotton. 39" wide. I yes. 00 00 girls summer dresses entire Stock of girls summer dresses must sizes 3 to 6x and 7 to 14. Go. Women s summer jewelry jewelry special. My entire Stock of costume reduced Vij. Includes earrings neck laces bracelets. Buy two for the Price of one. Reg. 2.98 clearance special 00 Reg. 3.98 clearance special Tea towels extra Large size. Hemmed. Birdseye Quality. Special. Cannon Towel ensemble Fluffy Terry towels at a Low Low Price. First Quality guaranteed. Popular colors. 2 or plaster pouring pail Hondy lightweight plastic paid with folded hand grip easy pouring lip and non slip handle. Reg. 2.98. Special plaster ice bucket fibreglass insulated rust proof unbreakable Beauty. Reg. 6.95. Special swim ring Jolly Roger spirt Tail swim ring ads any age child. Special dear plastic window to see wafer below. 1.25 value. M special Cei season opens sat., aug. 3rd. We. Jell Hunting licenses 4 tags. J 30x30 cartridges Box of 20 3.60 30x06 cartridges Box of 24 4.55 Bath Towel 20x-10. Specia l Towel i. Special Wash cloths 12x72. Is Ciai j for o for 00 use our Lay away buy now and save special prices effective thursday Friday saturday sunday August 2 3 4 open evenings open sundays Altadena Burbank Covina Fontana Fullerton Garden Grove la Crescenta Lancaster Monterey Park Palmdale Ico Pomona Puente Rivera Sierra Madre Sunland Upland West Covina Whittier next in Sylmar

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