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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaP 2-z 1-z 2-z 3 july 31 ant. I. 155? outdoors this week even parents like new children s zoo in san Diego s Balboa Park the san Diego children s innovation zoo built especially for Small Ilion and de children opened to the Public enclosures seating 200. All of the structures will be lir. On View this month areas have Money for their construction the heard nothing but enthusiasm for the new san Diego Joan of Down on your haunches to see ego is built from the children through to treat children s zoo end think anyone with youngsters should ithe new zoo. She said the the elaborated As a permanent Wayne Walker to a visit and birthday other str visit the place. One word of advice. San Diego is holding Nursery themes and Are scaled exhibit area or. Charles r director of the Arizona Sonera party at the children s and a Ietti Eal just now and the Community especially the i gimmicks present in Many oth restroom Are scaled sex Mir Aiea. I cares museum Merom a three cozy areas have been Money for Nark area is bound to be crowded on week ends a i Ier children s zoos were accommodate the Small Schroeder managing director Juron have instructed aside for these from a wide Cross Section _ in. The main zoo said this Eniy so unique exhibit. In the farm with All favors of the City s population Inelus concerns. The nearly two acre Chil Dren s zoo was Laid out by Lloyd Ruocco architect and recently on the grounds of the diced Here for the first time famed san Diego zoo in bal i everything has been de rated in the designs Here so jury with door headers and the main zoo said tins Cay Junique exhibit. In the farm with All favors refreshments is in the construe that the children can so arranged As to Permil mild climate will permit Section there will be and paraphernalia provided by design of the animal a ate on the animals. Only children of ascertain size of the animals Mare and and the zoo at nominal fee. Are being the zoo is built to the scale Sci errand calf sow construction of _ the pm Jne is cum u me Bluc a ainu it Pic a he of four year old children but it to nto designated areas. Doors in mid Winter. And calf zoo followed nearly lot the structures have stalls Are built so three planning and de actually will provide Comfort-1 Boa Park. The new Little zoo is signed for maximum Safet Jable viewing for children the Small children for whom Radiant heating systems in the Ionly the baby animals can signing which was climaxed a group of Volunteer artists described As the most modern Jand maximum Opportunity for Jaity age. However if zoo is bum can lean com floors to keep the animals come Forward to be touched Biby a fund Raisin a and imaginative exhibit of children to see the animals much Over ten years old you la rails Kvarum at during the children led by Howard i Mals in the world numerous first hand according to or. I have to stoop Duck or get i .1, i it even will be possible for chairman of the cd i serve themselves at the lunch months. I committee of the Campaign Chernoff and designers. Some of the original designs As Well As All of a zoo where kids can hold the animals my Turtle crows Little Melissa Martin at the unique new san Diego children s zoo. With this desert Tortoise tucked under her Arm Melissa plays with other kids and Ani Mals in the novel direct Contact areas of this tiny zoo within a zoo. Here tots come nose to nose Wirf baby Llamas Lions alpacas ostriches or other Small animals and ride huge Galapagos tortoises. Gas keeps you hot water Happy meal after meal after meal y 1. Choose Gas 98 out of 10u have because Gas heats water three times faster easily keeps ahead of washing machines dish washers and growing families. Gas costs i less too 2. Small a Heater gets last As Long nor serve you at Well. Your plumber s approved sizing Chart shows the proper size Heater for your family. 3. Choose Quality one Good Way to Tell a Quality Gas water hearer that i t rust is to look for the verified Long life shown insist on a ten year warranty when you order. You May buy on convenient terms even arrange credit and financing Over the Telephone with your plumber. 10uthcrn California company counter or go into various Dij x i reel Contact areas to get nose a although Light and artistic Sqq to nose with tortoises appearance structures Are cubs monkeys seals and steel and unite Cem emed other Young and Small animals j construction designed to hold paint starting from the ticket win Jup under years of heavy Trail Dow s 25-Inch-Higli counter or. Kelly said she expects your fences children s zoo the finished working designs zoo s models were the work of of directors. The zoo will have Charles Faust designer on the Cost More than with zoo staff. All construction was the construction next year of supervised by Robert Jarboe the final unit a i of the zoo staff. San Diego children s zoo Willa booming business from the entice the enthralled Young first Day. We expect about visitors from one exhibit visitors a year or about another along a one Way wind a third of the main zoo s at ing Maze like path. Exhibits she said. Admission ire so placed that Only one or will he fifteen cents for every two Are visible at one . Access to the children s until the children get to will be through the in largest direct Contact Gate of the main zoo. Here they will find Many half children will be encouraged grown animals such As to feed and pet the animals in Deer Llamas lambs and kids the children s zoo All they like available for petting. A 1 so special carts will circulate car Loose on the grounds will be wild and Domestic waterfowl and Monkey food. They will emus and Rhea cousins of the have fish for the seals too. Ostrich and huge the Seal Pool children tortoises that youngsters throw fish to sea Lions and ride. Altogether the zoo will j Harbor seals. Through port feature 30 exhibits with in a Tunnel below the than 200 animals of More than visitors can watch the seals 50 species. Swimming underwater. An unlike most other zoos for Lother Tunnel farther on in the children which operate will feature seven types of during the warmer months the burrowing rodents living their new children s zoo in san underground on View to trying milk sliced vegetables now when it s too hot for hard work in the Garden is the time to repair and paint fences. Look for Loose nails and weak joints. When Ordinary nails Are used on Garden structures they often work Loose. If the Heads pop off pull the nails wild replace with rust resistant nails. Tighten up bolts and lag screws in benches and Gates at the same time. Before you paint the Fence scrub off Loose pow Dery flakes with a wire Brush so the paint will stick better. Remove rain splashed dirt and dust with a whisk Broom or dry Brush. For renewal painting thin the paint Only enough to get smooth brushing qualities. New idea fresh from a Foremost Dairy Foremost new kind of evaporated milk doubles a pint of sherbet for Only new sherbet whip two easy Steps and r i sherbet i 3a cup chilled Foremost evaporated milk into peaks. Sec How Foremost whips higher easier than other i i beat in 1 pint of your favorite and s ready i or pack in Freezer tray for later use. J takes just no freezing High Light n luscious that s sherbet whip the creamy new dessert that takes a pint of sherbet. And turns it into a quart of soft and shimmering whip the secret Foremost s new kind of evaporated milk. It s the one Brand that blends perfectly with the delicate flavor of sherbet. The Only Brand that has a fresher waste All its own. Whip it up and see heats water 3 times less too your family gets the most from Foremost

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